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Fraud! Stay away.

I think my ‘new’ camera isn’t new. It’s either stolen or used and refurbished. I’m trying to find out which. Serial number is from Japan, so not UK store as stated on the website.

Box was not sealed and looked used.
Contents inside looked ‘cheap’ (manual is a photocopy and no warranty given).
No serial number on the box.

I wish I had kept my money and save up for a genuine and honest new camera purchase.

Despite concerns, very happy

I had concerns originally about the good price and the to good to be true thought in my head. The original item never showed up, I did a have a tracking number but after a fortnight, during which time communication with e-infinity was good with very fast responses, they dispatched a 2nd item which arrived within 5 days.
I shall be happy to order further items in the future.

Excellent delivery and right price

After being frustrated by lack of competition in major U.K. camera retailers (They all have one price), I decided to try E-Infinity. I bought a Canon 6dii from them and it was delivered within a week, Thursday order and delivery the following Wed with even a bank holiday in between.

Perfect Service!

I just received my new Samyang 135mm. Perfect service and fast shipping to Austria.
2 thumbs up for the great support.

Best price anywhere on the Internet!!!

Lens was on my doorstep from Hong Kong 46 hours after I ordered it!!! That's service. There was a price drop the day the lens arrived and E-infinity honored it by refunding the difference to my PayPal account. The integrity and fairness of these folks has earned my business--I will always compare prices with E-infinity. Thank you.

Fast delivery. Item as expected. Good experience.

Very good price. Fast delivery (6 days from the order) and excellent tracking service. The item (a new camera kit) arrived well packaged. No warranty forms inside, as expected (the one-year warranty is offered by the store). I hope I won't need it (crossed fingers) but I already knew the risk. Otherwise, very satisfied with the purchase so far.


first purchase from e finity and it was a huge and expensive one. A Nikon D5 everything worked out perfectly. great communicatio, fast delivery. will buy more, they are the true deal.

All went well, amazing price!

The prices on this shop are unbelievable. I was hesitant at first because of low reviews online but my order came in perfect condition. People really don't leave good reviews when all things go well I think. That is why there are more negative reviews for this shop.

Bought all my Fuji Lenses in this shop and never had any problems!

I‘ve bought about the last half year about four Lenses for my Fuji X-T2 and never have any trouble with this website. Absolutely amazing service and quick delivery.

Absolute scam! Keep your money before they steal it!

Absolute scam! I received my lens that was broken on arrival. After contacting them via PayPal to return the item - they approved the refund and told me to send it back to the UK - not Hong Kong! After contacting PayPal - PayPal said because I sent it to the UK per the sellers request and not Hong Kong (even though the seller told me to send it to the UK in our documented chats )- and they never refunded my money! I am opening a fraudulent claim with chase bank now to get my money back! What a great way to scam people to get a lens and money out of the deal!
They said to send it to
E-star ES0012
Access self storage, access house
Manor road
United Kingdom
Don't be tricked! Send it back to Hong Kong other wise PayPal will deny your claim!

Faulty camera, difficult to replace/repair

From experience, I would be cautious buying a camera from E-Infinity. The price is tempting, and if nothing goes wrong then you're probably going to be fine. Two weeks delivery isn't amazing, but for the money you save it's worthwhile. However, I took for granted that all would be fine, yet my brand new Canon 5d Mk IV is faulty with a heavy magenta cast. Because I realised what was wrong with it outside of the two week 'Dead on Arrival' period (at first I thought perhaps the magenta was something to do with me/my shooting and I am new to Canon), it's a nightmare (near impossible as a small business owner) to try to get it repaired/replaced. I would have to send it back to Hong Kong and wait for them to try to repair it - probably at least a month but more likely two without a camera. My local camera shop wouldn't fix it, although if they had been able to E-Infinity would have reimbursed the repair fee.

I will admit the warranty is clearly stated on their website, so this is less a rail against E-Infinity's customer service, which has been professional and prompt, and more a warning to CAREFULLY consider the risk involved in buying gear you heavily depend on from an overseas company who's warranty offers no real or what I would consider 'customer-centric' protection to you as a buyer outside of the first two weeks. As the price is so low compared to in-store, it's so tempting and you will convince yourself nothing will go wrong, as I did. However, the consequences of spending $3,500 on a body that will now cost me in either business lost while I'm without a camera, or cost me in replacement camera hire fees (I am a new small business owner with a profit margin that is not high enough to warrant this at this stage), not to mention the cost of shipping back to Hong Kong, is extensive. I've learned the hard way that it's more worthwhile to pay full price from an Australian retailer who has a warranty that offers actual serious protection and would not buy from this company for my most relied-upon gear again.

Amazing as always

Second purchase from e infinity. Excellent communication. Arrived early via ups. Cannot fault them. Amazing company. Why pay more . Do not doubt this review, they truly are the real deal.

Everything PERFECT!

I got a Canon Eos 7d mark ii. Very fast shipping. Also the shop sent me the tracking number. Product was exactly as described had lots of languages, including Greek.
Also inside the box was the wifi adapter! Amazing experience with this store I will definitely buy again!


Bought a 6D Mark II in january and a 100mm f2.8L in march? Both arrived safely, decently packed. Shipping time is a bit longer than a regular store, but looking at the price that is not an issue.

Unbeatable Price, Unbeatable Service

Bought a Nikkor f1.8 prime lens, cheaper new than they are changing hands on eBay!! Ordered Friday, delivered Wed 9am. This company are unbeatable on price , they responded to my email enquiry about delivery times within an hour or so and delivery was well within the time that they stated. Only slight issue was ordering through Google Chrome on Android. having gone away and come back to the site a couple of times, I ended up with 3 lenses in the basket and couldn't see an easy way to clear it!! had to delete internet history/cookies to do so.

Perfect transaction

Unbeatable price, great handling. Ordered an Olympus Pro lens on Monday and received it exactly one week later (in Germany!). Great communication with photo from lens, ready to ship! Parcel tracking with DHL. I'm happy!

Great deals on camera and accessories

Bought a Sony a6500 from their ebay shop. Quick delivery and perfect condition. Happy with the price and quality of service.

Would have been 5 stars but your delivery times and process is less than average

Bought nikon p900 about 2 weeks ago (just received it this morning after a stressful week of not being able to track the tracking number provided. Took longer to arrive than stated on the website and i think 3 days is quite long to process an order as the funds where delivered immediately.
E-infinity where quick to reply to my email regarding tracking number and where pleasant stating there had been a issue with their courier due to bad weather, however i assumed once i was given the tracking number, royal mail where in posession of the camera. Seems not the case as a few days later it still was not recognised by royal mail. After speaking with e infinity they assured me i would have it this week, and the tracking number miraculously came valid that very same day. I do believe the camera had not actually been sent until i enquired as to where it was. pleased with the camera and the price.
Would order again if i wasnt in a hurry for it as price is good but if you need it by a certain date... pay a little more and get it from a different company that offer next day delivery. Would have been 5 stars if i didnt feel a bit messed about regarding the delivery time frame.

Perfect work!

Bought a 6d mk ii, perfect object, perfect service and communication! So i’m buying my new 2 lens here! Thanks

Very satisfied with my new lens

Bought a Nikkor lens at the best price I found. The lens arrived perfectly and shoots just fine.
The lens was packaged very quickly but took a while to get delivered. The price was worth the wait.

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Questions & Answers

Are the products sold by this shop grey imports? Wondering why it's so cheap.
1 answer
I've ordered a sony a7r iii for 10 days have not got yet

where in Sydney is your store location? Can I directly buy osmo pocket expansion kit there? I am in Hobart now.
1 answer
E infinity is a web site, check this site for item you require my location is Lichfield England, good luck

How long to deliver a Nikon D750 (Body only) to Brisbane Australia? Any international tax? Where do you send from- Hongkong?
1 answer
It varies. Initial order 3 working days. It was faulty and I sent it back. Now after they are happy it is faulty they said 7-10 working days. Longer the second time..we will see.

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