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Reliable & Professional

I have been with ESuper about 10 years. They provide excellent service & efficient systems. They are puntual with responses and allow me to do what I want - make investment & strategic decisions. Cost wise they are very efficient and much better than having a SMSF through any other alternatives that I know of. They also continue to innovate & expand the service. I'm very happy with ESuper.

Excellent service - love them

We’ve been with ESUPERFUND for 4 years and absolutely love the service they offer. In the things that matter they have never let us down.

We understood the limitations of their service model from the start so our expectations have been realistic. It’s a low fee business model - we swapped to it after 15 years of using accountants who offered high fee, high service models but always fell short on the service side. With ESUPERFUND’s business model we do all the organising and uploading of data, manage our own investments, communicate through email, and don’t try to hurry things. That’s all fine because it keeps us on top of our super and gives us an understanding we never had when accountants did it all - and they charge 70% less then the accountants accordingly.

I like that all their communication is by email because it gives me a paper trail I can look back over and reread. I also appreciate all the extra communication and resources they provide (such as monthly newsletters) that allow us to keep up an understanding of SMSFs.


An extremely polished operation. Everything just works as it should and on the odd occasion when I have to ask a question I get a prompt and full response. I don't understand why anybody running their own SMSF would use a traditional accounting service. In my view, after being with them for three years, Esuperfund provides a much better service than a personal accountant who would typically charge four or five times as much. My quite large fund pays less than $1,000 per year and I have almost nothing to do other than complete a checklist each year. No records to manage or keep!

The simplest way to take control of your SMSF

I have been using E-superfund for about 10 years. They make it very simple and affordable to manage your SMSF exactly the way YOU want it, for a fixed, low fee. Compliance only takes a couple of hours a year!

Hope the phone is back on soon

Have been with Esuperfund for a few years . Although they were helpful but it was always have to wait a long time for their action. The hardest things for me is I couldn't talk to them , I can only email them.
I also find it very hard to do everything with a computer ... doing annual checklist .... upload a documents and so on . I would prefer sending all me documents to them . I hope they will put the phone back on .

Removing as a Client has Consequences

As widely experienced and reported, clients who don’t conform to eSuper’s accounts, investment criteria or schedule requirements will be dropped as a client without prejudice or confirmation. That’s fine. It happened to me but was deserved although I discovered a number of elapsed FY later. What is very important to note and be aware is that once eSuper cease serving you they do not automatically cancel the data feed access to your accounts ie ANZ V2 or CommSec. They do not also inform the status or follow ups after end of engagement. Therefore you have to manually request the account providers to cancel eSuper access. Also eSuper will not disclose if they continued access after ceasing the relationship and which third parties received your data. Something to keep in mind.

Extremely happy with this service!

Was fed up with retail superfunds and was looking for a way to manage my own. Our Super had stood still for the past 10 years. When i started looking closer my anger only grew at how much i was getting rorted!

After some searching online and reading reviews i settled on Esuperfund and my only regret is not starting my own SMSF earlier. Esuperfund make it very simple to setup your own SMSF. There's forms to fill in and some reading to do but if you're happy to put in a bit of time (took me overall about 2 days work) you will never regret it.

Follow the ESuperFund recommendations of which banks, services, brokerage and insurance providers that electronically provide transaction statements and they do the rest. If there's anything you need to do ESuperFund are only an email away and will hold your hand.

It's my first year with ESuperfund and the difference is HUGE! I've grown our Super enormously by comparison to the retail superfunds with very little effort after setting it up and deciding which investments to buy into (mainly shares).

I would highly recommend ESuperFund to any person that can read and wants to take control of their investments. I've had a ball so far, learnt lots about investing and have made significant gains by taking control.

Don't believe what the so called experts say that you need $x amount to open your own SMSF. . . look at what you're getting charged in your Superfund (look for those hidden fees too), compare to the ESuperFund annual fee - if it's less and going to be less ongoing. . . you have your answer! I'm never looking back!

Efficient, cost effective and easy to use

Have been using Esuperfund for several years and very happy with the service. Annual tax return and audit usually completed within 3 months. Very cost effective with an easy to use web site. They always answer my questions within 48 hours. You need to understand the basic rules for running a SMSF and be able to scan and upload any documents they request such as managed fund investments and dividend reinvestments. You can only contact them through emails so don't expect to have telephone conversations re queries. Only disadvantage is they don't offer real time valuation of investments so you need to keep your own spreadsheet if you want this or use the brokers web site. Also they don't automatically update new managed fund investments on web site although this may be possible in the future. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a low cost administration service providing you are familiar with SMSF operating rules.

Unbelievable service still don’t know how they manage it!

Whenever I have query, I get a prompt answer explaining the facts. Been with them for almost 10 years. And no complaint, only praise for their service

Good guidance without fuss

Generally I've found the potentially complex procedure of managing my own superfund relatively trouble-free with the help of Esuperfund.

The tasks of setting up my SMSF, complying with the legislation and submitting annual tax statements, which I would have found baffling alone, have been facilitated in quite a streamlined fashion by the processes they have put in place. The yearly cost is light, compared with the savings I have made by setting up the fund with their help. The arms-length nature of electronic communication, submission of documents, and so forth, can be a bit frustrating if you allow yourself to become anxious in the face of the procedural requirements. I have given a four-star rather than a five-star rating because of the way Esuperfund structures the communication processes so that telephone calls are definitely a last resort. However, I suspect that this is partly a way of cutting down the cost of the service, and I have had no difficulties, during the many years I've been with Esuperfund, in quickly solving any problems or confusions on my part. Finally, a quite positive aspect of communication is the newsletter, which is highly informative and keeps clients up to date with the latest developments in policy and legislation.

It is an efficient, cost-effective and informative service.

Efficient, informative, customer focused

As Esuperfund customer since 2012, I have been extremelly satisfied with Esuperfund services, namely: low cost, efficiency, prompt responses to inquiries, educational newsletters and website. The website is easy to use, well designed and provides easy access to relevant informative content.
The services provided by Esuperfund enabled me to learn a lot about running SMSF and to grow my super portfolio far above my own expectations. Very empowering experience, thank you Esuperfund team!

So easy!

We have been with ESUPERFUND since 2013. So easy to set up and maintain and very inexpensive. They handle the majority of the tasks and let you know when they require something from you.

They don't give any investment advice though. All decisions on where to invest or what to buy is up to you. That's fine by us as we want the control.

Would highly recommend.

No support, terrible administration

We are giving esuper the flick. Would not recommend. You have to scan and upload documents online every year for tax purposes, which we did. They emailed (they don't do phone calls!!!) that one form was missing so we scanned and uploaded it. Then they said the three that we first scanned were missing. So we uploaded all 4 together. Then we get a warning email because we haven't uploaded the forms! So annoying. Then we call to sort it out and the phone message says email us. I hate not being able to have access to someone to talk to. If you are looking around, check with your bank. I'm going to Commonwealth today to see if they provide that service because all our super is with them anyway, esuper just provides the administration/compliance at tax time.

Absolutely EXCELLENT

We were tired of poor advice and high fees from our Financial Advisor that my wife said we should start our own SMSF. We reviewed the many options available and settled on E-Superfund as it offered just what we needed with very good fees and charges. It turned out to be one of the best financial moves we have made. Any time I have a query we get a same day helpful and friendly reply. It seems they are just happy to help and they have certainly made us novices at running a SMSF quite straight forward. We are certainly extremely happy and would recommend them.

Fantastic cost effective service for my SMSF

I established my SMSF with ESuperfund in 2014 and have nothing but praise for the very efficient and low cost service they provide. They are continually improving the quality of online information available which enables me to effectively manage my SMSF with the minimum of effort and cost on my part, as they do all the hard work for taxation and compliance reporting for you.

Superb Cost Effective Service

ESuper's service is outstanding with superb information back-up that has tremendously improved my knowledge of SMSF. A very cost effective service that has helped me save so much compared to what I was paying an accountant to do the same job previously.

Outstanding Support and Service

Esuperfund have been an outstanding service provider. It has been a pleasure to use the services and receive support when required. The speed of responses to inquiries has been excellent. I can recommend their service to anyone.

Excellent is not a strong enough description

I was very cautious about starting my own SMSF and when my Accountant mentioned E Super I researched it as thoroughly as I could before taking the plunge.
Absolutely First Class service & support from start to finish during the set up and it continues through to the present. Very professional, very attentive to queries and very prompt turnaround on everything that is requested of them.
There should be a sixth star for OUTSTANDING!

Outstanding professsional service and advice

The advice and response to issues raised are prompt and helpful. The computer system is user-friendly and extemely easy to follow, even to beginners.

Poor at Customer communication

I have been using Esuperfund for approximately 5 years.While they do a good job at administrating my SMSF it is becoming more difficult to communicate with them if you have a query. Esuperfund now require you to login to their website to communicate with them and frustratingly do not email you back a response but require you to login to their website to see if they have responded. It would not be difficult for them to email you to tell you that you have a message waiting but this is not what they do. Esuperfund have told me that this is now their communication process. This can be frustrating and can result in unnecessary delays however their overall SMSF admin services are good.

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Questions & Answers

How do you get out of esuperfund?
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I urgently need to contact eSuper regarding a fund that was managed for me by my Father who is very ill and returns have not been lodged. Is there ANY away to contact them???? I don’t know account details. Please help!!!
2 answers
Hi Lynne, Yes this is a problem for them, they do not have a contact number, if you would like to email me your details I can go into my portal on your behalf and ask them to call you. jmoloney@adam.com.auHi Lynne, You may contact us via our Contact Us page (https://www.esuperfund.com.au/why-us/contact-us). Please go to the "Help Centre" section, select "Prospective Client of ESUPERFUND" - "Other" and specify your query.

I am sending emails to esuperfund. No respond. I want to know we are about 15 people brought a property worth 1.5millons. Out of 15 people few are investing money from savings and topping up mortgage. Few are investing from there own self managed fund. If I establish SMSF from esuperfund, doese esuperfund allows me to invest on above said vacant land. Thanks
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