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Trying to get a simple trading history statement from the platform for last FY, no avail , so called up and they promised is a few hour job to email through. Waited for whole day , nothing come through. How could one rely to fund a platform with such outdated technology ?

Chunky, terrible platform

Have to agree with all the comments - terrible platform. ETrade was so easy to use. If anyone can suggest a good alternative, please list so that we can all take a look!

Waste of money disgraceful ANZ Pro

I have used ANZ Pro prior to the change over last year without 1 dropout. Over the last 2 months the site has continually dropped out everyday without fail every 10 to 20 minutes or when I change screens.
I have made numerous phone calls, chat online sent screen shots and complained and I get told to do an F5 refresh and then login again. I am also told that I have to clear my cache and browsing history which I do over and over again. I have 2 laptops and change laptops when this happens and the problem still occurs on the 2nd laptop. Explain that ANZ. You have a nerve charging $44.45 for the third rate service you provide.
I am truly disgusted with the service because after all the complaints nothing is being resolved.
I am in the process of switching Brokers.

Such a poor experience since moving to the new platform

There are errors and bugs everywhere. The response from the support teams months ago was they know about them and its on their list to fix but they don't know when. These bugs make it unusable - stay away as the majority of reviewers state. For example, stocks I own are simply missing in the portfolio view. Such a basic issue and not being addressed. Another is they no longer show dividend re-investments / each parcel acquired - the answer from support would be I need to track that myself now, when I didn't have to before - so why use their platform? It's a huge backwards step. The rating would be a zero if that was possible. Amazing a large bank could accept something of such low quality and poor capability. From people I know who work there, this is where they are heading in general - very low quality product partly as a result of their recent transformation and trying to be a 'startup' but overlaid with the same old cost cutting approach and not investing in product. They clearly don't want / value this particular business and thus are happy to let it run down / die out. Possibly out of the deal they did with CMC Markets to move to their platform, it might be better for CMC Markets to let the customers leave and move to other platforms - such as CMC Markets itself as one of the alternatives? I am signing up for CommSec and moving everything across after being a loyal customer for around 20 years. It was actually a better system back then - 20 years ago when it first launched.

Etrade was excellent Etrade is now Terrible

Was such a great service. Now a zero. Lost so much information. All the cost basis and parcels gone.
Now they are charging and there will be no more shares purchased.

Incompetent and non-existent customer service

When I moved US shares into my ANZ (legacy etrade) account, it took several months. US brokers could not fathom what their problem was. Finally shares transferred to AU platform, but 1/3 of the securities have gone 'missing'. Do these guys get paid for this? As soon as this is sorted will move accounts. Any recommends?

Not impressed!

Where did all of my cost basis information go ANZ? Every time you (and other companies) gave me a small parcel of shares as a dividend reinvestment, I could enter the share price of the shares when they were issued. Now that cost basis information is gone and the only thing I can see is some meaningless average for all of my shares. Future tax returns will be far more time consuming. Whoever designed and signed off on this web page design clearly isn't a share investor. When are you going to fix this ANZ?

Terrible changes, I have lost my information!

I could not believe it when I logged in and looked through and realised I could not see my cost basis history on parcels of shares. This is disastrous for tax purposes. Who did this??! Also for any investor at ALL- this site no longer had yield visible!! (Yield is the value of the share based on the previous year's dividend against the current share price). Yield is really one of the most fundamental normal measures to decide the value of the share and whether it is cheap or expensive and worth buying! What sort of a JOKE brokerage website does not show yield?!!!! E Trade had many real value calculations and information clearly accessible and all my trading history. I will be contacting this current ANZ platform to complain. This site is a betrayal of exisiting customers and no new investor should use it. BIG FAIL on every aspect!!!

The worst!

I accidentally moved money into my eTrade account and have been battling to get it out! I have to provide details from 15 years ago and open a bank account with a uni friend to access the funds - absolutely terrible customer service - have been going around in circles for over a year now!

Would give it 0 stars if I could.

I joined this platform when it was ETrade. ETrade was fantastic and very user friendly. I could access a detailed history of my portfolio so its easy to work out the cost base of my shares.
Its now been revamped to ANZ Share Investing and I can no longer see how much I originally bought a parcel of shares for. Especially frustrating when you have a Dividend Reinvestment in place...all that history is now gone.
If you want to start investing in shares and looking for an online platform, go elsewhere.

This is a disaster - do not join ANZ in this platform

The ETrade platform was everything I needed - it was always up to date, always stable, and gave real and reliable information about not only the shares one owned but also comprehensive research about any share listed. I agree with other writers that the group/person who decided to change from ETrade platform to this disaster should be looking for a job - and also the people/the board who authorised this major change. The problem is the lack of up to date information, the lack of transparency and the difficulty is accessing the account itself and the question of trust being eroded by this obviously compromised platform and when raised with staff no helpful or even sympathetic response is elicited. I will be transferring my three accounts elsewhere asp. Accordingly I cannot even give this platform one star! - but one star only because the review software required it.

Bring back old etrade

Very frustrating to use about to switch to some other investing site, old site simple to use. Wouldn't recommend this version of etrade to anybody i know at least 5 other family member feel the same 0/5

A Dead platform

The old Etrade was alive, This new rubbish is dead. With the old Etrade you could experience what was happening at the moment in the market, but this new site is terrible Im leaving very soon

Absolute rubbish compared to previous platform !

This site is totally "User Un-friendly" compared to the previous "ANZ -E Trade" site. Who on earth in the ANZ Admin organisation implemented this change. It deserves its own internal "Royal Commission".

Big step backwards

Previously as Etrade I had all the information I needed on one page now it is scattered though all kinds of areas of the site. Even simple information like date purchased I am still yet to find, and really don't want to have to search through transaction history. Going to look into transferring to another platform. Only got 1 star because I couldn't give it less.


A huge backwards step to the previous ETrade system.
My Trading password does not work. The Re-set Trading password pages does not work. The email and phone comms does not work. I cant download banks statements. I will be moving my direct share trading elsewhere.

Etrade replacement

Absolutely useless and difficult to navigate
... not as useful as the previous ETrade system.. have complained several times but the staff there seems not to give a care at all.

It sucks

I agree with everyone else. The changes to the site (previously etrade), are hard to fathom. The site is no longer intuitive, user friendly or informative. It absolutely sucks. The old site was easy to use, had lots of useful information. Now, stay clear. I rate it a zero.

Terrible-Doesn’t Work

The new website used to work on my iPad, however, now after a few months, it does not work properly to the point it is unusable. I contacted ANZ about this and was told “we know it doesn’t work properly on iPads, it is something we may look at in the future, so in the meantime we suggest you use a Windows based laptop!”

Hopeless I cannot access any information Total crap

I cannot access any information. Previously with just one click and my password and user name I had all the information at my finger tips. The new experience is so frustrating and it is debilitating. I used to check everyday but now I can't be bothered because the experience is so traumatic. Why 'fix' something that wasn't broke IDIOTS would only make things more difficult! And as for your conditions of comment Note here I do not accept them nor your terms of use. Don't threaten me ! My honest comment is conditional only in that is is MY perception and experience of the truth.

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Questions & Answers

how to calculate P&L for a given period
1 answer
Use Tax Tools - report usually not available until about end of August

Does anyone know if we transfer our shares to another broker/platform, will all the historical costs/DRP prices etc be transferred as well, or do they just transfer 1 parcel? Looking at how to get out of this mess! Thanks.
2 answers
No the historical cost information will not transfer. I am having to do the maths from other sources (CHESS holding statements, previous ASX announcements and bank statements) to have the correct cost profile when I change to a new broker.Thanks, that’s what I suspected. Sigh.

Can we get rid of the new web page and go back to the old one?
1 answer
the ANZ would have to get rid the Directer in charge M/S Alexis George .

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