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Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets

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  • Effectively cleans dishes

  • Easy to use

  • No chemical fragrance


  • Tablet doesn't always completely dissolve


  • Value for Money
    5.0 (2)
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What a joke


How did these even get past the product testing stage? Sadly it's products like these and the fake 5-star posts that give the good green brands a bad name. Shame on woolies for stocking this rubbish and ripping consumers off


GPHobart, TAS

  • 26 reviews

Cheap and very effective



  • 11 reviews

Great results


I love these dishwashing tablets -i get a great clean (I don't even pre-rinse) & have never had an issue with them not dissolving as others have commented. I've used them for years now, and never an issue. Being environmentally conscious is a huge plus, being phosphate free and biodegradeable. The seem to be a good option ecconomically too in comparison to other brands.

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Buyer beware!


I am a serviceman for a very large appliance company and have seen what this product does to machines. Earth choice may be good for the environment but terrible for the machine. It erodes and breaks down all rubber seals within the machine and plastic feeder tubes, costing alot to fix and in several cases writing the machine off. Use at own risk!!!


KiwiNZWA, 6125

  • 10 reviews

Good Intentions - Poor Results


I bought these tablets as a safe, eco friendly alternative that was good for my domectic septic system. I have a F&P Dishdraw, sadly these did not clean the dishes at all and the tablets also did not fully dissolve in the wash. Returned them for a refund. Sadly disappointed


BrionyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 14 reviews

Pleasantly surprised.


I thought I'd give these tablets a go, as they contain no phosphate, and are more environmentally friendly than some other leading brands and are less expensive too. Septic safe also.
The results were great. Everything comes out sparkling clean and there is no residue. I had no issues with the tablet or wrapper not dissolving. I will continue to buy these.


bzerk86Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 39 reviews

Love These Tablets


Never had an issue with these tablets and have been using them for over a year. From delicate wine glasses to the dirtiest pots, they work very well. No clouding of glasses and I believe the dishes are as clean, if not cleaner than when I used to use the big "F" brand. Not the cheapest but you of get 42 tablets per pack.


vaughan.elphickVictoria, Australia

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I've used this product in the past, yes the plastic didn't dissolve and powder was still left in there, but I just ran it through on the next load and worked, 2 for the price of 1!

IF for some reason it doesn't clean the dishes and you try it in your compartment AND your machine itself you can try Ecostore Auto Dishwasher Tablets instead. They are getting a slightly better rating on customer reviews (although slightly below this on choice maybe because of the price) but better cleaning and working results while still being Earth and health friendly.


AnnaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Love these


We have had our new dishwasher for a few months but the dishes weren't looking that great. After looking at the choice reviews I thought I would try these tablets and they are great. Everything comes out of the dishwasher looking so clean, I almost enjoy unloading the dishwasher, almost.
Clean dishes, environmentally sensitive

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  • 2 reviews

Didn't clean dishes at all


Really disappointed by these tablets, after running the same dishes through the machine twice, once with the tablet in the dispenser, once throwing it in the bottom of the machine, I have glass jars that are still as dirty as before I washed them. I love their dishwashing liquid, fabric softener and laundry liquid, but I'll be going back to environmentally unfriendly tablets from now on.
Nice smell
Doesn't clean dishes

Great product


I have an old Dishlex dishwasher and never have any problems with the tablets not disolving or leaving a residue. I do add some vinegar to the water once a fortnight and it seems to keep everything sparkling clean. We also have a worm composting toilet so am careful not to use too many harmful products. The local IGA at Woodrising NSW doesn't stock this product any more. Hopefully I will be able to find it locally. For those that have trouble with the tablets not disolving have you tried just puting them straight into the dishwasher and not into the holder for the tablet?


BrendanTuggeranong 2620, ACT

  • 6 reviews

Definately worth it


We always by Natures Organics products, excellent quality and Aussie made & owned. These tablets are cheaper than the Finish brand and work just as good. We like the dissolvable wrapper, no more opening those little plastic wrappers. Not sure about the environmental claims, but can thet be any worse than the other brands.

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Buy these!!


These tablets work just as well as the finish tablets but they are environmentally friendly an also 1/3 of the price!

tablets dont dissolve


The tablet in its dissovable wrapper is either found still in the door or at the bottom of the dishwaher as an undissolved mass at the end. I think the wrapper may be wedging it in the door.
environmentally friendly and that it did not require unwrapping or messy handling
seems to get stuck in door and ends up undissolved mass at end of cycle

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Questions & Answers



Where is EC dishwasher tablet made now? The package no longer shows the manufacture information any more and I have stopped buying them since.

2 answers

According to Choice website, country of origin is France


my box says france
its near the barcode

Lisa Cattarin

Lisa Cattarinasked

I currently use Earth Choice tablets for my dishwasher and was wondering if there is an Earth Choice for the rinse aid section. I currently am using the 'Rinse Aid Finish' product but shouldnt be because of my septic tank? Could you pls let me know if Earth Choice make a rinse aid for the dishwasher?

3 answers

I phoned the Earth Choice people this week as we've just bought a dishwasher and as we are on the septic system I asked about a rinse aid - apparently they don't sell one at the moment but are thinking about it! So at the moment we are doing without.....:)


No they don't but the Eco Store one is good!

Red Z.
Red Z.

I use white vinegar as a rinse aid - works brilliantly. Everything comes out gleaming clean and dry.

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  • Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets soaks and cuts through grease, helps rinse dishes, neutralises odour, removes tough stains (including tea stains), and removes crusty food remnants.
  • The dishwashing tablet is made of a plant and mineral-based formula, making it biodegradable and waterway-safe.
  • No harsh chemicals are used in the formula, and Earth Choice is accredited as cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free.
  • It’s also packaged in a fully recycled carton box, making it plastic free and even more eco-friendly.
  • Each tablet is wrapped in a 100% biodegradable, dissolvable wrapper, so they’re easy to use and convenient.

Points of praise:

  • The majority of reviewers found that the dishwashing tablets effectively cleaned all their dishes - from glasses and crockery to cutlery and pots and pans.
  • According to reviewers, this product was generally easy to use, particularly because they didn’t need to remove the wrapping around each tablet.
  • Reviewers also appreciated that the product didn’t have a chemical fragrance, and didn’t smell unpleasant.

A point of pain:

  • A number of reviewers said that the dishwashing tablet didn’t always dissolve in the machine, which sometimes left behind a powder residue on dishes.
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