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Great product

Today is my 4th day of having cold (sore throat, cough, congestion, body ache and headache) and I decided to try Ease a Cold Cough Cold & Flu Day& Night. I'm quite surprised with how quickly I feel better just after having this. Had it 2 during the day and 2 before sleep. I felt so much better already. Not completely well but much much better.

Saved me a lot of sick days.

These should be called "Stop a Cold" because so many times I have taken these at the first sign of a cold and within a few hours my symptoms have gone and no cold materialises. I think the important thing is taking it at the very first sign of a cold (for example a sore throat) and not waiting too long. The hit of the vitamins can sometimes be enough to kill off the cold virus before it takes hold.

Only cold and flu meds I take

These work well if taken at first sign of a cold. I use the purple packet. They are the only tablets I take as most others have codeine which I'm allergic too. Great product.

Very disappointed

Took your product at beginning of cold, both my husband and I had colds together, he being on medication took nothing, I chose ease a cold for the first time, cold got much worse no relief will never choose it again, as both of us got over our colds approx. the same time. I felt the price was a bit expensive but was keen to get rid of cold unfortunately not the case.

Must take at first sign of having a cold

I take this at the first sign of having a cold and have found that it shortens the duration and reduces the severity of the cold. I found that this works well in combination with ibuprofen tablets.

about average

I bought some ease a cold cold and flu tablets from Coles corrimal supermarket and few years ago and found that is was a good alternative to the chemicals though it didn't seem to help the coughing and sneezing though it did end up doing the job without any nasty side affects though it did take a bit longer to work / I totally recommend this product to someone who has the early stages of the flu though not if they have already have had complications from the flu such as pneumonia or bronchitis in that case I would suggest seeing a doctor / that reminds me I have to check the use by date of the ease and cold flu pack I have now and other cold and flu medications I have as I like to stock up on them and be ready as when I was younger I copped a heavy bout of bronchitis

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I will probably to end up buying a new pack

Works Wonders! But this is not a medication

This stuff really does work!
I took this at firsts ign of sore throat - 3 during the first day (every 3 or 4 hours) and one at night time. I have woken up feeling great! I still have a few symptoms but what I knew was going to turn into a dreaded cold now just feels like a mild bother.
People giving this product a bad review are expecting this to work like other cold and flu medication. This does not mask symptoms and it is not actually a medication - it's just a very high dose of vitamins. Taken at the first sign of cold and flu, instead this will help stop it developing into some thing worse. It's silly to expect to take it mid cold and expect it to work like Codral.
If you're not into taking horrible cold and flu meds that simply dry you out and mask the symptoms rather than making you better, give it a go!
I think the confusion is that it is marketed and sold as a medication where it should be amongst the health/vitamins section in the pharmacy.

Really effective when you follow the directions

I was so surprised just how effective the cough, cold and flu capsules were! I know the usual progression of my colds from painful sore throat, to runny blocked nose, headaches and finally blocked ears and sinus. These capsules reduced the severity of my symptoms and the length of the cold by probably 2/3. And some symptoms like runny nose were so mild, I scarcely noticed them. The capsules don't provide immediate relief from symptoms, but I don't think that's their purpose. Rather they seem to work on stopping the infection from progressing through it's normal course, so that the symptoms you normally experience are mild rather than full blown and you're only out of action for a few days, rather than a week. I followed the instructions and started the capsules as soon as I noticed a sore throat and that's probably why they worked so well. I still needed to take some paracetamol for headache, but none of the usual drying decongestants. There seems to be some ongoing research around the herbal ingredients (echinacea, zinc etc) and how they affect colds and flu, and I was skeptical at first, but given how well it worked for me I will definitely be using it again. I bought the capsules for half price at Woolworths; at full retail they probably seem a bit pricey, but do give them a try if like me you loathe being laid out with a heavy head cold!
Effectiveness, easy to swallow, no after taste
Doesn't contain paracetamol for headache relief

Really helps

I have been using Ease a Cold Cold & Flu capsules for several years now. I always have some on hand so that whenever I feel something developing - the usual sore throat, runny nose and temperature that mark the beginning of something worse - I can take a capsule. I agree with a commentator for the same company's cold treatment that it is wise to initially double the dose. All ingredients are natural and I have never had adverse side effects. What I have found is that if I take these capsules early and persist through the whole course I do not get a full-blown bout of whatever has hit me. They do not work as fast as treatments designed to reduce symptoms immediately and you may also want to take a pain reliever for headache or other aches and pains.
Reliable, really reduce severity and duration.
Not expensive for what they do.

Night time capsules work better than day time ones.

I have been using these capsule for the last week and while I find the day time ones largely non-effective the night time one appears to do ok. While I am still waking in coughing fits (terrible, terrible, cold) my fiancée assures me it's not as often. I do feel that I have been getting better sleep since taking them.
Night time capsules seem to work.
Day time ones don't work as well.


I did not find this product useful at all! If I had known it was made of natural products, I wouldn't have bothered. I needed it as I am a teacher so I expected some improvement but it made me feel worse, if anything. False advertising and I wouldn't mind my money back!

Waste of time and money.


A bit pricey for something that doesn't really work. I would expect relief from cold and flu, after 2 to 3 hours, it is still not working. I have to take a paracetamol to help me get through with my body aches and pain. The packaging is full of promises, it only contains herbal medicines which claims to give you relief from cold and flu, for me, it is not to be. So I read the labels next time
I love the convenience of getting a cold relief at the supermarket. Eye catching packaging.
It doesn't do much to me, I have to take an extra panadol since this one don't work on me

Brilliant product if you do as they recommend and start taking the capsules at the very first signs of a cold and within 24 hours of symptoms. Highly recommended.I have been using it for years, take it on the very first sign, don't even think about it or say let me wait alittle longer & see if I can get over it because by the time you relise you aren't going to get over it & it is going to be something big or much worse then original expected it is too late, take it at first sight & I promise you it should work! Worked for me every time day & night capsules. Always have a pack on hand, at work at home, in the car etc. act fast as those little critters are also fast so beat them to the game!

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Questions & Answers

Is it safe to drive daytime, does it show on drug / alcohol testing by police?
No answers

Can i take them if i have i am taking blood pressure tablets?
4 answers
Since the EaseaCold product does absolutely nothing, it's a fraudulent product that shouldn't even be on the shelves, and there's no point taking it. It will merely produce expensive urine. The evening capsule contains valerian, not in enough quantity to actually help sleep, but could interfere with medications.You have the option of asking a pharmacist at the chemist or you show the doctor the pack so the doctor can check the ingredients though, if you think it's not worth taking the risk then it's not worth worth having the tablets if you believe it's not worth your health and well being so your safety may be at risk so it might be better simply not to botherYou have the option of asking a pharmacist at the chemist or you show the doctor the pack so the doctor can check the ingredients though, if you think it's not worth taking the risk then it's not worth worth having the tablets if you believe it's not worth your health and well being so your safety may be at risk so it might be better simply not to bother

I came off these after using for 3 days I felt really well and went to work the next day. Five minutes into work I started getting pain in my lower back and left hip. It got so painful I couldn't work or drive I had to go to doctors whom put it down to muscular pain. Into third day I am still experiencing pain more so in morning when I wake up. Does anyone know Is this a Side affect to the tablets thanks.
2 answers
Possible though, if in doubt I'd highly recommend not to continue having the tablets and possibly go to the hospital or you could even try a chiropractor or try acupressureMy apologies I got a second opinion from another GP apparently first GP misdiagnosed muscular pain, tablets had nothing to do with pain I was experiencing. I was referred to a physiotherapist which was very worthwhile going to thanks.

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