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Easiyo Yogurt Maker

Easiyo Yogurt Maker

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Easy peasy


Works. Easy to use unless you have Carple tunnel.

Maybe add a handle for opening.
Or an allen key type of lid.
I found a cheaper packet of yoghurt. I have tried.
Cheaper packet just as good as this brand. It'll save you over a $1 each packet. I'll be going with the Australian product I've lived in hot climate and cold climate. Never an issue. Never failed a batch.

Date PurchasedMar 2013
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Nice product.


It’s a very nice product. It’s easy to make yougurt with it in few hours and lt's making same yougurt likes store bought. We are making with natural pot set one as in it without using any yogurt making powder .good natural home made yogurt. Very happy with it.

Date PurchasedJuly 2015

Try this before giving up.


I used to make the greek yogurt sachets years ago with great success. Tried using the flavored varieties and they never seemed to set for me. Try warming up the water before mixing with the satchets. I think it might help retain the heat during the setting process. I now make my yogurt from scratch in the easiyo and have the temperature of the yougurt the same as the outside area.

Date PurchasedMar 1998



I purchased this last night from Coles . Impulse purchase. I started using it last night , this morning I opened to jar and was thrilled with the result . Tastes delicious and so easy to use . I will purchase more flavours tomorrow. Being made in New Zealand also make my purchasing decision easier.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

I’m still thrilled with my easi yo . I’ve added mango cheeks to the mix and it worked a treat .

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  • 8 reviews

Replaces my electric yoghurt maker


We had problems finding a replacement for our yoghurt maker that made 1 kg tubs of yoghurt. They all seem to come from overseas so need a different plug. We bought the Easiyo yoghurt maker from Woolworths on special which doesn't need power. . The first time we used it, it didn't work. Hubby thinks he filled the water up to the wrong line. But now he's figured it out it works well. I did try using the smaller containers (2) and making a smaller amount but it didn't work using half the packet in two of the Easyo containers following the directions. Not sure why. But for now we are happy with the 1 kg tub. Hubby only likes the honey Greek yoghurt so that's the one we always make.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
KelpluSydney, NSW
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The new red cannister


Better shape than the older style as it takes less storage room. Only updated as it was on special at Woolies. I mainly shop at Coles and they don't stock the packets which is a little inconvenient.
Really dislike the new internal jar, it leaks when shaking it, maybe I have a dud...? The old ones were good but do not fit this maker.
I only make the unsweetened greek, it's tasty probably not as thick as the brought version but no doubt less additives and I can put my fresh fruit or muesli with it as I wish.
The flavoured bags are a bit too strong.
All of our family eat this including the 9 month baby.
It's cheaper to buy than ready made and fresh just need to make in advance.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
KathyN22Metropolitan Adelaide, SA
  • 13 reviews

Great so far


Woolies have this at half price this week so I thought I'd give it a try. I used the full-fat Greek yoghurt mix, made it according to the instructions. I let the water sit for over an hour to get to room temperature. I made it at 6pm and opened the yoghurt maker at about 6.30 am next morning. The yoghurt was nicely set with a little bit of whey on the top. After using some I thawed out some frozen blueberries and mixed them into what I had left. That makes it less solid but it is very nice.

I found the whole process very simple and I am happy with the result.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Wendy Z.12 Nov 2019

Tips for the perfect yogurt


Use slightly warmer than tepid water to mix powder. Top with tepid to fill after mixing well. Re Boil water just before filling to just above red insert. I have my yoghurt maker in a insulated lunch bag and cover with t towel to keep warmer longer. If after 12 hrs it hasn't set I add more boiling water to just fill and let sit another 2 hrs. Works a treat.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Yogurt made easy

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Love my Easiyo


I love making my yoghurt up each week. Hubby and I have different tastes so I alternate with the flavours
I have had a few that have not set but I think I have it worked out the problem - I do not fill the container up to the top but leave about a 1cm gap. I also make sure the lid of the cannister is on properly. I find that just by screwing it on is not enough and I have to give it an extra push down on the lid to get it fully on. Since I have done this I have had perfect ones every time. Also it is very important that you have the temperature right (15 to 20 degrees) and you leave it on the container for the full 12 hours.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
BlondieCentral Queensland, QLD
  • 2 reviews

Mine says to use tepid water so how could a review using milk count


Been having trouble all of a sudden getting it to set noticed a review said could be quality of the milk used ? Mine says to use tepid water which I've done successfully up until last 3 times ver dissapointed as I love the product much nicer than other yogurts

Date PurchasedSept 2016

Have since contacted customer service and with there recommendation and advice my yogurt is perfect again using room temp water is the secret Thankyou much

  • 16 reviews

Delicious yogurt maker


I was given a red Easiflo as a present four monthsvago. I just love it but had a few disasters as I didn't follow the instructions to a "T". I contacted the company and reported my problems. Their customer service was great and supportive and I was able to make just delicious yogurt.

Date PurchasedJune 2016
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Grey Nomads in training
Grey Nomads in trainingPerth
  • 5 reviews

Works for me


I have had the older model 1L youghurt maker for a few years now and have found it very good. Easy to use and clean. I have had one or two times when the yoghurt has not set. I believe that the solution is to just close it up again for a few more hours but I did not know that at the time. I have since bought the smaller model as well. After initial problems with setting with that model I contacted Easiyo who kindly provided the advice above.
I would like to be able to buy more flavours and full strength Greek yoghurt but apart from that, it definitely works for me.

I found a way to make it set


I have been making my own yogurt for about 20 years, Easiyo has been a big part of this. That is until it stopped setting. After going without for months at a time only to try and then fail again I tried a new way. I make it up per instructions, leave it for 5 hours and then replace the boiling water, leave it for another 5 hours and change the water again, then I leave it for 10 hours. This has worked 3 times in a row.

  • 38 reviews

Decent yoghurt for a good price

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Questions & Answers

Ross S.
Ross S.asked

How many cups of liquid does easiyo jar hold when filled to the top?

1 answer

4 cups worth.


I have a Fresh Plant yoghurt maker. I cannot open the lid so have not been able to use. Any suggestions please.

3 answers

Tight initially, should open. Regards


I have tried everything to open it with a grip tool & cloth.


Cannot open !!!!

Julie F.
Julie F.asked

I have just purchased the EasiYo yoghurt maker and made my first batch of blueberry Greek yoghurt.
It came out thick which I expected but gloopy - not a pleasant texture.
Any comments?

1 answer

Not sure why that happened. Did you make sure you filled about half the jar with water from tap then pour in the powdered mix, with lid on shake it..up and down a few times..about 4 times..then continue to fill with water to the top and then shake again. Then into the larger container containing boiled water to the top of the red ring seal with its lid then sit for 12 hours so if you start it at 5pm you remove it at 5am and put in the fridge to cool down. If you did all of that..then you might have a bad batch or the packet itself might have been stored incorrectly by the shop etc before placement on shelf. Have had one to three packets over a period of ten years that wasn't ok..contacted Easiyo and they were helpful ie they sent out a replacement packet. Hope this helps. Regards, Sandra

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For $17.95, the Easiyo Yoghurt Maker is a creamy steal, and its overall 4.1-star rating doesn’t hurt, either.

This yoghurt maker takes a lot of the unpredictable aspects out of making homemade yoghurt. You mix a EasiYo yoghurt starter with water in the provided jar, add boiling water, leave the yoghurt to set for 8-12 hours, then pop it in the fridge to cool.

What reviewers liked about the Easiyo Yoghurt Maker:

  • It’s easy to use, which made the yoghurt-making process simple and enjoyable
  • A cost-effective alternative to store-bought yoghurts, as you only need 1 litre of milk and an Easiyo sachet, and these are cheap
  • Makes great sugar-free yoghurt, which is a good alternative to buying yoghurts containing sugar from the supermarket
  • One batch can last for about a week, which works well when packing school or work lunches

EasiYo hacks from reviewers:

  • Purchasing a thermometer really takes the guesswork out of preparing the yoghurt
  • Leaving the yoghurt to set in the jar for a longer period of time (e.g. 12-18 hours) will make the yoghurt firmer, thicker and also more tart
  • You can add extras that make the yoghurt taste even better, such as frozen fruit, nuts or even instant coffee, according to one adventurous reviewer.
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