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4.7 from 41 reviews

100% Satisfied

Don't know where to begin but I do know that answering that phone call from David @ Fox Symes was the best thing ever. He introduced me to Easy Bill Pay. I've only been with them for under 2 weeks and knowing that I am saving money and having my bills paid (and in credit) is fantastic. Yes I could've done it myself, but I needed this extra nudge. Didn't realize there was an organization like this, but am so happy with it so far and will be definitely spreading the word. Knowing that you have access to your account at your fingertips and seeing how your $$ is distributed is a bonus. I can visualize doing a lot of things now whenever I want too, knowing that I have extra money saved. I've dealt with both David @ Fox Symes and Ashley O @ Easy Bill Pay and wow they have the best customer service ever!!! Friendly Flexible service and always went out of their way to help me. Their customer service skills are second to none. Thank you for making this process so easy. 100% satisfied with my Easy Bill Pay!!

Best decision I have made!!

Thanks to the everyone at easy bill pay and Jesse from Fox Symes, I can see my way past debt and into a more relaxing life, I could not have done this on my own.

Vinson Saved My Christmas!

Vinson Wang completely saved my Christmas and took away all my stress and anxiety that was building up due to my finances becoming out of control. He listened, helped me without judging and let me explain my situation giving me several options moving forward. He advised me on the best steps to take and completely took control and proceeded to sort everything out for me. I cannot thank Vinson and Fox Symes enough. I highly recommend talking to Vinson for advice and solutions that are in your best interest. He saved me from making more mistakes and took the time to carefully explain everything. Perfect experience!


Thanks to Diane Soo and Fox and Symes I am now on the road to being debt free and being in control of my finances, best customer service, told me all the information and all the options I had before Anything was put in place, thank you thank you thank you!!!

Very helpful

Diane she is the one who pull me out with her consultation and now I am happy with a great work she and her company did for my family.i think they are the best in brisbane

Best thing we ever did!

I just wish I had heard of you guys before, totally changed the way I do banking and have money left over every week now. Thank you easy bill pay!!!

Not Great!

I don't know where all the 5 stars are coming from. I went on the website and left a message to be called back and that didn't happen so I called the next day only to be rushed off the phone by a representative because she was nearing the end of her shift. She advised would email me information which she did but never responded back to my email at all. I didn't have time to call so the web messaging service is meant to be there for that reason.
I think I'll save my 99c a day and pay bills myself, and this is only a bill paying service as they do not forecast your budget at all so if you don't have the funds in your account to cover the bills that are due your bank will charge a dishonour fee.
Sorry but it's a 1 star review from me, terrible service and would avoid at all costs!


Thanks so much to Diane Soo for helping me through this rough time in my life. I'm so grateful. This is such a great product that is easy to use and manage.

This is Awesome can't live without it

I just want to say a big Thank You to Diane Soo. I would not of got through financially if it wasn't for her guidance and friendly chats. She is truly an asset to any company.

Finally. Simply Amazing

Since getting my debt sorted through Fox Symes and having set up bill payments with Easy Bill Pay, I am at a better place financially. I can't say thank you enough and I am forever grateful.


wow wow wow , after all this time ive been unable to move forward and take control of my finances .since calling fox symes and having Kieron control my file and my financial debts and now have a easy bill pay plan in action I can now breath knowing my debts are being payed on time. and within a period of time they will be payed out in full .Kieron you are truly a legend so easy to deal with. nothing is a drama or to hard you make it happen and have clearly shown me there is hope . To all who read this review, and your finacual status may not be right and in a mess,, pick up the phone and give Kieron a call this guy rocks, a real mover, and a shaker, your a valuable asset to fox symes . once again thankyou Kieron I can now move forward in life kindest regards and best wishes one extremely happy client robert PS 10 stars for you my friend

Thankyou Charrad

Charrad was amazing he has been the most fantastic consultant,helped my son get his finances sorted.I will have no hesitation in recommending Fox Symes to any person with debt issues.Once again Charrad was professional in every respect of the word and 100%thorough.Thankyou thankyou thankyou Charrad.My son had his life back.

Amazing, easy service

Easy Bill Pay has saved me so much time and stress. I am so thankful to Diane Soo for recommending this product for me.. whenever I have any questions or any needs Diane and the team at Easy Bill Pay are always right there to assist. Thank you so much!!

It's the best thing u can do

It's so good they Diana soo took care of everything she is so helpful and friendly and she is always there for u if u got any enquiries I would really recommend it to everyone she is very easy to deal with and I could not of done it without her thank you Diana soo.

Best choice ever made

Our experiance with Diane Soo and the easy bill pay team has been more than outstanding! I was so stressed with my bills and what move to make next, but now I have spoken to Diane and she has organised my bills and set us a plan (goal) which I can easily view through the easy bill pay website. I would recommend any one having trouble with bills and depts to call easybillpay. Regards Ashleigh and Nic

Amazing Service!!

I was going through some severe financial problems and easy bill pay has taken care of it. I can see my account in detail and also what will be in my account further down the track, this is very exciting for me as i would never imagined i would have money in my account. They are prompt with my requests and the service is incredible.

A Big Thank You

I can not even begin to explain how fantastic this service is. I now have all my bills together in one easy repayment. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. A big thank you to Jodi Cortez who was so amazing!

All in good and helpful

A great service to have and will do all your payment so easy, accessible then you can add or delete bills details. Fast connection with the customer friendly service, I'm now ready to start my other plans and thank you so much for the wonderful help regarding my situation.

Many Thanks

With the help from Fox Symes staff Amber I feel better knowing I can manage my debts.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Thanks very much.

Amazing service

Customer service is second to none! I'm so pleased that I have this company assisting my financial situation! Very appreciative

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone tried to contact this company recently as I have been trying for the last 3weeks and have had no luck. So I called Fox Symes and they sent urgent email to the company asking them to contact me.I am still waiting. Starting tobecome very concerned as I need to make changes to my accountand have some payments stopped. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Hi Bev, were you able to get through to them in the end?

How does this service differentiate to my budget?
2 answers
It's a lot cheaper, more control then 'my budget'. They are there 24/7 and very easy going staffs. The staff takes your stress away and helped you to be in control with your own money and at the same time, they guide you.. They let you live your life freely!! 'My Budget' don't have that and they are very expensive with fees to start off with.Thanks i am already a member now

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