2Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

2Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

219 reviews

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219 reviews
219 reviews
PaulSydney, NSW3 posts

Let down by packaging

The cleaning power works perfect on my Miele oven however, every second can does not spray properly and the one that does stops once you empty about 70%. Seems a common problem for this product
TerrySydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts
Elizabeth F
Elizabeth F2 posts

Product is OK but the spray cans are poor

The liquid works well but the spray cans are very poor. 2 out of the 3 I bought stopped working before I could use all the contents. Also, it was the only brand available in either Coles or Woolies. Not happy about this at all
SylviaSydney, NSW

value for money questionable

Can only use about 1/2 the product as the spray trigger stops working. I noticed that other customers had the same complaint. I tried to ring the product complaint number provided on the can but I was either put on hold for a long time or asked to leave a contact number. No one has contacted. I bought two cans for future use and now with the new policy Woolworths will not take the unused cans back. What a waste of money. It is a very caustic product even though it is effective. The price should be halved as only half of the product can be used. It was very frustrating when I had taken the oven part apart and could not finish the cleaning job. A response from the company about the design of the product is required..
RebeccaSydney35 posts

Not very effective on a really dirty oven

My oven was absolutely filthy. I haven’t cleaned it for about 2 years. I’ve had to spray and clean the oven 5 times, I’ve used the whole can and while it’s getting clean it’s not as effective as the other oven cleaner sprays I’ve used over the years. It only dissolves a very thin layer of baked on grease and grime at a time. Woolies only seems to sell this one brand of oven cleaner so I’ll buy another can tomorrow but I’m sure it will probably take 3 cans all up to get the oven spotless.
Carmen Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

Fantastic product

1 of the best products I've used... cleans oven and racks extremely well, and now all I do is wipe it after use and stays clean
I used it on my roasting dish also, that has had baked on grease for years and I tried everything, used this product and it's come up brand new
JeffSydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts

disappointing container

A good cleaner but you only get 3/4 of the cleaner out of the can, even when the can is vertical. Very poorly designed container. Get some one to design a decent spray can and I will start using your product again
BomschellPerth, Western Australia2 posts

Cant get the smell out of my oven!! Its ruined

I used this product exactly according to the instructions and have now wiped, then virtually washed my oven out at least 7 times. It still reeks of the toxic fumes and I cant use it. While it gets rid of grease and grime, it lingers and I have no idea how many more times I am going to need to wipe my oven out before it is safe to use again. Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND!
Priscilla K.
Priscilla K.Sydney, NSW4 posts

Very effective for cleaning hard set in stains with little effort

This product works very effectively. After entertaining dozens and dozens of friends over several weeks, my 2. 5 Yr old 90cm smeg oven had had it. It was covered in grease and grime and a lot of it was hard set and could not be scrubbed off with a lot of effort. Bought this product from woolies, followed all of the instructions and got all covered up before applying it to a warmed up oven. Left it for 5mins and then wiped clean with a damp chux that I kept rinsing out with warm water. My oven was not perfectly clean - but this product got it 95% there in hardly any time and quite little effort.


This makes cleaning your oven so easy, I was amazing.
Wear a mask when spraying on, it’s strong.
All I had to do was wipe it off and my oven was clean.
PNBSouth East Queensland, QLD18 posts
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Katie M
Katie M6 posts

Ruined inside rim of oven door

This product ruined the inside of my oven door. It has scarred the inside metal rim of the oven door. I dont know how it can be restored to its original look. Any ideas?
DanutaVictoria4 posts

Great product but spray nozzle is very poorly it stops when 3/4 used

Every time I use this cleaner the spray stops when there is still at least three quarters left in cylinder.very frustrating as have tried to clear nozzle with hot water but to no avail.
GordonSydney, NSW6 posts

Very ordinary

The cleaner works okay but the sprayer is useless. Can must be held near vertical but still didn't spray properly. Cleaned nozzle but still didn't spray properly, spits and spirits only. Gave up, nothing easy about it.
Trinity H.
Trinity H.

Best product but be aware

Cleans like its a new oven. But be careful because of the toxins, wear a mask and gloves!! I can clean literally anything with this product. From grills, stove tops, and the oven
Daniel M.
Daniel M.Goulburn Valley, VIC

so bad on so manny levels

First off i shook that can for a good few minutes. it sprayed a little bit shake shake more a little squirt took me five aplacations to do a oven. it ran out of air alot of product was left and ouch you need a full on hazmat suit for breatheing that crap will burn your lungs. such a frustrating product. what a bad name they called it easy off bam. it should be burn your lungs out and product doesnt come out properly. nothing easy about that product easy off bam what a croc!!!
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Greg L
Greg LSydney26 posts

Very effective but wear a mask

I have used this oven cleaner for years with brilliant results. It smells terrible and you must wear gloves and a mask. I lay out oven shelves and bakeware on newspaper first.
GeneneSydney, NSW

Best product I have used for cleaning

I was looking for a way to clean my glass electrical stove top with burn rings from use and overflow. I sprayed it on and left for a while. Product lifted every bit of grime and marks. I tried it on a very stained metal tray that I was throwing out. Yep spotless ❤ will recommend to anyone.
Raheel Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC7 posts

Concentrated Acid. Unbelievable cleaning power but extremely toxic. Please take precaution

Dont take safety lightly. you must wear gloves, mask and safety glasses. it is concentrated acid. I think this product is not for regular use. use it once or twice in a year.
SandraRichmond-Tweed, NSW5 posts

Unbelievable! This stuff is BRILLIANT!

I bought this to clean my oven and wasn’t disappointed. It worked as stated and, more importantly, once I turned the oven on HIGH for 30 minutes afterwards, it left no toxic smells in my oven and I was able to cook (in my oven) almost immediately. I wouldn’t use anything else now. This is the bees knees of oven cleaners.


This oven cleaner is the best, I have tried everything to get rid of grease on all parts of the oven and the build up that happens, I use the oven a lot, this did the job amazingly. I used long gloves obviously and was careful to make sure I didn’t get any of it on my skin. Would 100percent recommend!!
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GazzaBrooms Head14 posts

The best oven cleaner I have used!

I have used many other oven cleaners and this is by far the best, even cleans baked on stains on enamel stove tops, just spray on and leave for 5 minutes, then clean off with paper towell, you will be amazed how good this is.
Kira A
Kira A3 posts

Toxic and Hazardous

Used this product following safety instructions on the label (long kitchen gloves, long sleeved clothing) I ended up with a chemical burn on my arm from where somehow a splash of the product seeped through my shirt and touched my skin. Instant red raw chemical burn.
The fumes that come from the product are horrendous and needed to open the whole house up to minimise the stench.
Approximately a quarter through cleaning the oven the spray nozzle begun to loose functionality and not spraying correctly.
Will not be buying this product again and do not recommend.

White marks all over my oven

This product has ruined my oven. We have been trying to get rid of the white marks but it is impossible. We have followed all the instructions on the label but it has failed. Very disappointed!
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Sally Scarone
Sally Scarone13 posts

burns every mark off your oven and your skin! Whats more, I wrote to the company and told them -NO RESPONSE!

This product absolutely cleans your oven no doubt, only problem was it burnt holes through washing up gloves I was wearing for protection and gave me full third degree chemical burns!!!! When I wrote to the company about this (I wasnt going to write a review but discuss this problem with them), I never even got acknowledged. Totally disgraceful. I now have a permanent reminder of easy off
KateMSydney, NSW2 posts

Where have you been all my life?

At the age of 40 I’ve discovered this gold- it is toxic so please be careful and wear gloves, it’s hard core, I sprayed liberally and it didn’t touch me luckily. The grease washed off the trays so easily- bam clean oven. So if it dissolves grease, please watch your skin eyes and lungs. I will use again with care as I’ve got hours back in my life now!
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GraceSydney, NSW

Oven cleaning made easy

This is supposedly the most popular buy from any Coles or Woolies stores.. But then , the spray stops while can is still half-full. The manufacturer must do something about this .
Debra D.
Debra D.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Worst most dangerous spray nozzle on the market!

This is the best oven cleaner I have found however the spray nozzle either does not work or stops working ver quickly. It is very very poor quality and other drips out or splashes back causing chemical burns.
It is a very toxic product although excellent and made all the more dangerous due to its poor design. The company have had many complaints about this but chosen never to fix it. I just bought another bottle and surprise surprise after two sprays it’s broken again!!
Matthew C.
Matthew C.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

The best domestic product available

I love this product. Yes it is toxic but it's a powerful cleaner and does exactly what it needs to do. Be careful when using it but your oven will look brand new every time you use it. It's great to clean any oil related stains in the kitchen. I clean the stove top too and everything I own looks brand new all the time.
A. Stone
A. StoneSydney, NSW

Extreamly toxic

Extreamly toxic.
Spray nozzle does not work properly which causes splashes on skin even while wearing gloves causing chemical burn. (Skin litteraly eating away at itself) not to mention the choking and gagging on toxic fumes.
Not buying again.
Do NOT reccomend.

Strong cleaner!

Cleaner does the trick!
Read the label as it's a serious chemical.

Agree with other posts. Only can use half the can as it no longer sprays and also the nozzle becomes clogged even if washed after use.

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Easy off oven cleaner
Easy off oven cleaner

Works well - but!!!

Love the product and it does work - mind you tough carbon on a really dirty oven, needs a couple of goes at it! My only bug bear with this product is that I have bought a couple of tins recently and the spray nozzle clogs easily, which is very wasteful and expensive
Buyer beware
Buyer bewareSydney, NSW6 posts

Best on the market!

Best oven cleaner I’ve ever used ! Must wear protection it’s pretty powerful stuff but cuts through grease effortlessly. I left it on for about 4hrs and wiped it off with warm water and a cloth. I love it!
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AliSydney, NSW16 posts


extremely toxic and unsafe!!
The spray nossle doesn’t work properly so even with gloves on it splashed my ankle and upper arm causing chemical burns almost immediately. Not to mention the horrid smell!! Do not think this should be used in an oven you ever intend to cook in again
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Extremely Hazardous product!!

This product should should carry a skull and crossbones as stated by below customer!! Do NOT buy this product. It is very, very toxic and unbearable to be around. It caused horrible burning on my arm. Stay right away from it.
JohnnyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts

Very toxic. If absorbed on skin or breathed can cause kidney failure or leukaemia

This is the most toxic oven cleaner I’ve ever use! Not once but twice. Well I’ve only used it once in a year before moving out to clean but throughout the year I rely on warm water and a gentle detergent and food scrub while gloves on! That will work, an try putting splashy food in the oven bag and avoid dirty oven cooking as much as possible!

Coming to this product. The fumes are so toxic that wil I’ll not only cause dermatitis or throat eye and respiratory irritation and eye injury immediately but the long term consequences of the toxin absorption is so dangerous that can cause renal failure and leukaemia!

Try alternative measure!

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Jenny2 posts


I wore long thick cleaning gloves as the label instructs. The cleaner was almost magic!! It just melts the brown coating on the oven and wipes away like a sludge! Obvious where you miss spots but I spot treated and got most of it. Don't breathe while you're spraying it and walk away to an area with clean air cause the immediate smell is definitely toxic and burnt my throat and made me cough. I wish I got a before photo, it was completely brown! Worth it! (if I don't get sick from using it!)
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Bought the product but doesn’t spray out of the can AUA9080 15:12 A

Bought the product and when I wanted to use it it was as if the van has not gas in it. can get my money back I know it’s a good product
oziekSydney, NSW12 posts

Hazardous product

This product should carry a skull and crossbones. It is the worst product I have ever used. The fumes were so overpowering I had to close the door and move away from the stove the during straying process so I could breath. After washing off this product the stove still smoked and I could still smell the product. It is recommended, not by the manufacturers of this product that your heat the oven to 300 degrees and leave it on for 15 minutes, my stove only goes to 250 degrees. It does not state this on the can. It is a cheap nasty product that should be avoided at all costs.
Nicole R.
Nicole R.

This product needs to have a red alert label

There needs to be an alert label bigger than any writing on it.

I had no clue it would injure me so badly I didnt even feel it when it splashed onto my skin and started eating away at my skin.

I noticed it looked like a bruise before I noticed what it was. I was thinking I didnt bang into anything still washing with soap and water wasnt working it had gotten into my skin and continued to eat away at it.

Do not get this stuff it is very dangerous!!!

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