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Hi can you pls advise if the EasyCook and airfryers give much the same results? I have any EasyCook and don’t want to purchase an air fryer if EasyCook gives same end result- thanks
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Sorry Marilyn I have never used an air fryer so can't answer this. Good luck with it.I think they do, and friends who’ve owned airfryers tell me they are the same.

How do I cook silverside in easy cook 727 deluxe and for how long? 1.25kg meat
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Sorry Lyn, never tried it and wouldn't like to guess. Try youtube. Good luck.

Can you cook frozen chicken pieces in the oven?
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Never tried cooking them frozen Mary, so can't help you with that one, sorry.It works like any other oven. Adjust the temperature and time if you cook frozen foods

I have had my 727 easycook for many years I purchased it from myer but it takes so long to cook I even purchased the tray that goes on top level can you tell me what I can do better as it cooks not too good?
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If this has been happening from the time you bought it then I guess you can assume the cooker was faulty to start with. Howver if this is a recent thing and you have had it many years maybe it's on it's last legs. I think perhaps this is now a question for a technician. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

How do I use my EasyCook as a slow cooker?
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Where can I get operator manual for 727 easy cook oven
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Ive had an ezycook for years but have never used it to cook cakes or biscuits in it. My conventional oven stopped working at the weekend and i cooked some biscuits in the turbo cooker. The bottoms didnt cook properly. I also tried a zuchini slice in it the same result. Any advice? I sat it on the stand in the middle.
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Has anyone found a way to crisp up the pizza base when cooking a pizza within the Easy Cook - just thought I would see what the experts have to say - the one's who have been using the machine for awhile. Thank you.
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Pre heat to light out with air fry bowel max temp setting then set to 200 Celsius on lowest rack till crisp. The trick is to let the steel floor of the air fryer to do the cooking of the pizza base before burning the topping.

I have an easy cook deluxe 727 & have lost my book, I cannot remember how to do the self cleaning process. Can anyone help me ???
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Hello, page 19 of the book says: "to self clean bowl, fill with approx 60-80mm of hot water. Do not fill above the 100mm level. Add squeeze of mild dishwashing detergent. Replace lid and plug in. Push safety handle down. Set timer to 10-15 minutes. Select "WASH" on the temperature control panel. After cycle is completed, brush out with pot brush, rinse in warm water to remove all soap residue. Remove stubborn food spots with a nylon scourer and a creme or paste cleanser if necessary."

I just broke my wife's favourite cooking appliance the Easy Cook 727 Deluxe Model. Can I order a replacement bowl or do I have to buy the whole cooker again? Thank you - this is fairly urgent!
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Hi Most parts can be brought separately & can be found on their website - http://www.easycook.com.au/spare-parts CheersThankyou I have ordered a replacement bowl for our easy cook 727. On my account however I cannot find "View All Orders" Maybe you can advise - many thanks!

I've lost my book. I just tried ringing company to replace it but i had to leave a message. Any chance someone has the book, i just need to know how to cook chips in please?
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Hello, the instruction manual says on how to cook Classic potato chips, using 2-3 large potatoes: peel and slice potatoes into very thin slices, or use food processor. Rinse slices with water to remove starch and pat dry. Lightly grease baking tray or spray with non-stick cooking spray. Arrange chips on perforated tray, leaving space in the centre for air to flow through. Place tray on high wire rack in preheated Easycook and cook at 230 deg C for about 12 mins or until crisp, turning once. Salt to taste. Use perforated tray on medium/lid rack. Preheat time is 12 mins, temp is 230 deg C with Fan on high. There is a further instruction about setting the Timer for 15 mins with the same settings, which is conflicting instructions! In the end, we just ensure the Easycook is preheated (just get it going whilst you are preparing the food) then bake in the Easycook for the 12 mins or until the chips are brown and cooked through.Hi Dee. I have cooked chips in the EasyCook the same way that I do in a conventional over, with focus on minimal use of oils. A floury potato is better for chips as they crisp better. Whilst heating your EasyCook to 230, peel - or not, depends how healthy you want to be - and cut chips to desired shape and size. Dry with paper towel. Place in a plastic bag or liquid-proof container. Add just enough cooking oil for a light covering, and a little salt. Shake to cover all chips. Place into chip basket or perforated tray in a single layer. Cook until they look and smell just how you would like them to be, and enjoy. Don't be afraid to experiment with your EasyCook. I have used it in so many ways, just as I use my other oven when cooking larger quantities. The biggest challenge for me is to ensure quantities are appropriate to the size of the EasyCook. Oh, and I can't get a crisp bottom on pizza - yet. Bobbyjo

Is there an instruction manual for 737custom model please mike
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Hi Someone else has asked for the instruction manual for the 727 & I did a google search for a PDF version of it without any success so I guess you will have to find someone with an original to photocopy or try Easycook themselves for one. CheersWe received a cookbook/ instruction manual with our easycook, when we purchased it. The manual will be your box. You should contact easycook's customer service centre to enquirer about a replacement manual.Go to the website, it will cost you $22 AUD http://www.easycook.com.au/accessories/health-oven-accessories

I bought the Easy Cook Luminarc Health Oven a few years ago and have only used it a small number of times as although it cooks well it is always really noisy when in use. Is this normal? We are using it again this afternoon but have stuck it on the bench in the laundry with the door shut because 2 hours of that hum and rumble would drive me round the bend! End result always good, I just wonder about the noise...turning the lid round makes no difference. The glass lid sits on the glass bowl directly...there is no rubber ring or seal separating the glass.
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Noise? That doesn't sound good. Ours is soundless, aside from a very minor hum when the lid is plugged into the power point (similar to the noise of a four slice toaster in operation) and switched on. Ours also ticks like a clock as it's on timer to cook. Other than those two small operational noises, it's soundless. Our lid is rimmed with metal, and the metal sits on its ledge on the glass bowl.Thanks Belinda...we must have bought a dud! Too late to take it back now! We have no metal rim...just glass on glass and it hums but very loudly.

ive had the older model before but recently purchased the 727 model. I tried doing a roast pork and the its not letting me crackle it up. I think the heat is turning itself on and off and therefore not generating that consistent heat that it needs. Is this normal with all the new models?
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I cooked a beautiful roast pork in mine tonight, I still score the skin, rub it with butter & salt & turn it up as far as it goes (Grill) until the crackle is lovely & crisp & then turn it down to roast to finish it off.

Bought a easy cook oven yesterday the book had been stolen Harvey Norman reduced the price as was last oven on the shelf can I get a book 727 to see how it works I am in my 70s and think will be good no more bending down
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You could probably call Easy Cook and ask them to post you one out. 1300 360 300 Good luck.

Good morning I have misplaced my power cord for my easycook deluxe 727 .... Can you please tell me where I could purchase on as I am yet to use it.... ( has it been thrown out during house move .... who knows. I await your reply. Thank you Jan Azzaro
1 answer
The IEC female to 240 plug, the same as the original cord are available from Jaycar at around less than $10. If there is no Jaycar near you one of the electrical wholesalers LH, Haynes or Rexel etc should have them as well. Cheers

What is the easy cook like on crackle?
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Apologies but we haven't tried to roast pork and crackling in the Easycook. However roasted chicken (first coating the chicken skin with melted butter and herbs/spices) turns out wonderfully! The chicken skin is firm and crisp, yet the meat inside hasn't dried out and remains moist, due to roasting the chicken on an elevated tray and letting the hot air fully circulate around it. The tip is to place the roast in the middle of the Easycook, not touching the glass sides or bottom. This method also works well for salmon: cooked and sealed on all sides, leaving the fish inside moist and cooked through.My tip for roasting chicken is to place the chicken breast side down for 2/3 of the cooking time, then turn over to finish, the breast meat will be beautiful and moist and you will honestly, never go back to doing it the old way.. :)We have had our Easy Cook 747 for 9 years and love it. Have cooked everything in it. Pork ribs and pork roast and the crackle is the best. So easy to clean, getting a bit dodgy now and maybe on its way out but 9 years is a good life considering we use it at least 5 times a week for 9'yrs. will definitely be buying another one. Just hope we can get the same model. Marcia. Perth . WA

Is easycook deluxe 727 convection? And also is it halogen?
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Hello, whilst the www.easycook.com.au website doesn't seem to confirm that it is a convection halogen oven, Wikipedia's definition of "convection halogen oven" describes Easycook perfectly. Wikipedia says it is a glass bowl with the heating element in the lid, with hot air blowing around the food to cook it. When you're placing ingredients inside the glass bowl to cook, it's best to use a couple of cooking racks to space your raw food apart, to let the hot air circulate around everything.

how do i go about buying a new electric cord for this Easy Cook oven ? I have tried emailing from the Easy Cook website but it wont allow to message to go through
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We didn't email EasyCook but just phoned their customer service call centre and spoke to an operator when we needed a new lid top. They were able to provide us with the item, charged our credit card over the phone and delivered the top in 48 hours. It was well packed, being fragile glass too, which we appreciated. We assume they'll be able to sell you a new cord just as easily.

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