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better than gas

Purchased at 2017 Mildura outdoor expo, only used it a few times so far, but is fast and very easy to control, only problem we had was we found our S/steel cookware that we have had for a long time was top quality and had no ferrous steel in the base so they didn't work. The pots in the ecopot we purchased at the same time, works great so we plan to take the cook top caravanning as well. From a cold start it will boil water faster than most gas stoves.

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Is the ecoheat induction cooker compatible with 304 grade stainless steel?
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Simple way to tell if it will work, place a magnet against the stainless and see if it is magnetic, if it is, induction cooking should work, induction cooking works with a magnetic field so it requires an amount of iron in the pan! We have some pans that I thought would have worked and didn't and others I thought are aluminium but they must have iron in the base as they work! Hope this helps.Thank you Ken. The weird thing is that that magnet did not actually stick, even though the on-line company said that it would, yet the pot worked anyhow. I bought this item on-line, and even though they claimed it would work on 'all' induction cookers, there was one review which said that it hadn't worked. On the Ecoheat it worked, so I am happy.

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