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Ecoriginals Nappies Toddler

Ecoriginals Nappies Toddler

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I highly recommend this product!

I love that they are biodegradable nappies delivered straight to your door. They were always on time & exactly what we ordered. They are a good fit, I like the larger weight range. The only down side for us was that we had to change them a bit more regularly to avoid nappy rash compared to normal disposables but this makes sense since they have less padding & are better for the environment. I would highly recommend this product.

Purchased in August 2019.

The best eco nappy I have used. But I am concerned ethically as they are manufactured in China

And I want to know if Ecoriginals have taken steps to ensure that these nappies aren't profiting off the back of the Uyhgur camps. Can you provide any information on this please?

Purchased in January 2018.

Hi Jessica, we can confirm that our manufacturers have nothing to do with Uyhgur camps. We visit our manufacturers/plants on a regular basis to ensure top environmental and ethical standards are met.Thank you, I am pleased you can confirm this :)Our absolute pleasure! Thank you so much for supporting us, we really appreciate it :)

Great nappies!

I signed up for the monthly box 3 months ago and won’t ever stop. Not only are they delivered to my door, the customer service is always helpful if I need to change my delivery date or box option. The benefits of the eco nappy is what made me trial these in the first place and I am very happy I did. I’m converted.

Purchased in March 2019 at ecoriginals.com.au for $72.95.

Great Product and Customer Service

After bringing my daughter home from NICU post birth, I was determined to find a safe and reliable nappy to use on her and her precious skin with no nasties. So glad I found Ecoriginals. They are soft on her skin and breathable so she doesn't get any nappy rash. I use both day and night as they have great absorbency. Firstly it was about the health of my daughter, but secondly I do love that they are also kind for the earth. Having a subscription also means I never run out of nappies and it's a big help having them delivered to my door. One less thing to think about in the crazy world of raising kids! I'm now using them on my infant son and they are great for him too.

Absolute essential

I love these nappies so much! They’re so good for the environment and my bub! Natural nappies means no nasties sitting on my sons skin! Love love love!!! Can’t recommend enough. I wish I found Ecoriginals sooner. A normal disposable nappy can take 500 years to decompose, natural plant based nappies, wipes & packaging (nappy bag only, wipes packet is recyclable) mean they break down easier and don’t harm the environment!!!

The BEST nappies and wipes!!

We love Ecoriginal Nappies and their wipes! We have 11month old twins so we use a lot of nappies and get ours on a subscription which is cheaper plus they are delivered straight to our door - a big help when you have 2 babies!
The nappies are great quality, super absorbent and so soft! We have been regular customers since the boys were newborns and not once had nappy rash or any problems with the nappies ( or wipes!) They fit great and I love that they have no nasties in them and are eco friendly - win win!!
Highly recommended!!

Unbelieveable product! There is no competition for this nappy.

We have been using these nappies for a year. When I told family I was using an environmentally friendly nappy as a first time Mum they said, oh well you'll learn soon! But this product has certainly debunked the theory that environmentally friendly nappies can't compete with others. This is a fantastic product. Environmentally friendly and it doesn't contain any nasties. Our son has never had nappy rash and we put it down to these nappies. They are also a terrific fit!

A surprise I wasn't expecting

Have you ever put a nappy in the wash? I have... a few times. One of the big brands and it not only nearly destroys your machine, but you get awful sticky gel cells that stick to every item of clothing and get into every single nook and cranny and you find them for months.

This weekend I accidentally put an Ecoriginals in the wash without even knowing and to my surprise and delight it stayed completely intact.

5 stars alone for the fact it isn’t an exploding gel snow machine when it goes through the wash. I also love how soft they are and my toddler seems to prefer them over the other big brands.

Best nappies I’ve ever tried

Decided to try these nappies after they were reccomended to me by a friend...haven’t looked back! They fit so well and are super soft and gentle on delicate skin. They even perform well overnight, which I wasn’t expecting. (I used to only ever use Huggies at night time.) The wipes are fantastic too. They feel extra soft and I find I don’t need to use as many.
I love that there’s a more environmentally friendly disposable nappy out there. I was never going to manage with cloth nappies, so this is a happy median for me :)

Highly recommend!!

We found these nappies incredibly absorbent, even overnight. Tried the free trial deal which gives us about a weeks worth of nappies & full pack of wipes- what a great incentive to try this Australian brand! Have now purchased a subscription. Wish i’d known about them earlier. Fantastic customer service too, they have live chat & answered my query immediately.

21 months strong and love all the way

Originally looking for a biodegradable option to reduce waste contribution and discovers they were amazing quality and perfect for our super sensitive tooshy.
Customer service has always been on point and we have used since birth with no complaints and minimal leakage- even in the face of warp five poop!
We recommend them to anyone pregnant or looking at options for nappies and will continue to use for this baby and any future babies.

You gotta buy these nappies and wipes

As a mother of 3 I’ve only been using Eco Originials for almost 8 years now. It’s the most safest nappies without any chemicals. Knowing that it’s also safe for our environment keeps my heart at ease. The company is soo lovely and they genuinely care about your baby’s well being.

Wonderful products!

An Australian small business who is producing amazing nappies and wipes. They are very low toxic products and gentle on our little ones', and leave very little environmental impact. The most important reason why we love these products is that they work, wonderfully. These products are way ahead of their field.

Only nappies to use!

We recently moved to Australia from The US. We loved our nappies back home that we got through a subscription service. We spent a lot of timing researching natural nappies for us here. We tested A LOT of different brands but loved these the most. Super absorbent, comfortable, great fit, don't smell after use, and the subscription service means you are never without. Thank you for making such a great product!

The only nappies I use for my kids.

I have been using these for my kids for 3 years now. I Have tried many eco nappies but they are not as soft and absorbent as ecoriginals. My kids have never had nappy rash either and one did when I ran out and bought huggies at the supermarket (never again!) I subscribed to the automatic monthly delivery and dont need to think about running out ever!

Best Nappies there is!!

These nappies and wipes are absolutely awesome, they are good for the environment and great for your baby, we totally love them to bits.
We also highly recommend the travel wipe 10 pack on each order so you can have a pack in your bag, purse, cars, pram, jogger pram, travel pram, wedged in the side of the car seat, coffee table, office or wherever you might find yourself needing some assistance in cleaning the little one up before fitting the next Ecoriginal nappy.

Love them! Love the environment!

I think we started using these nappies at the “crawler” stage but wish we started sooner. We use cloth nappies while at home but ecoriginals when we are out and overnight and they are just great! Although I am environmentally conscious I was initially hesitant to use them as I wasn’t sure I could trust them. But I was proven wrong the first night we used them! They definitely can last for up to 12 hours. Never had an issue with nappy rash either. I wish everyone used them!

The best Eco nappies around

Excellent eco nappies, great quality and performance. Possibly don't last quite as long as regular disposables, but it's only marginal, and I'm more than happy to deal with that to have less environmental impact. Automatic delivery is great, we never run out. Would love to use cloth nappies, but bub has gut issues, so this is the next best thing I could find. The packaging sort of gives the impression that the nappies are compostable, when it is just the packaging, so that could be a little clearer. But they are still far more eco than normal disposables. Very happy with them, and recommend them highly!

Highly Recommend

We are onto our 2nd child now and we won't consider any other brand. Before we discovered Ecoriginals my son had horrid nappy rash. Since using these nappies he has never had it since. The times we have been in a pickle and used another nappy he got it back again. I credit these nappies to his skin irritations disappearing. They are excellent overnight. I love that they are neutral in colour and therefore no hideous prints underneath clothing. Always delivered on time and packaged well. Customer service has been excellent. May helped me choose the correct size from start. Definitely recommend.

Love these Nappies

Love these nappies! Peace of mind, feel better about the impact on the environment and they also work really well. They hold through the night and even better that they are delivered to my door each month. The wipes are a good level of wet and are unfragranced and nasty free. Highly recommend.

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Ecoriginals Nappies Toddler
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