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Hi Ecosa, had my first night on my mattress last night, slept 7 hrs straight for the first time in a very long time! I am a side sleeper and woke up to sore shoulders, what can I do to rectify that?
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Hi Rose, We appreciate your recent purchase. The Ecosa mattress is built to be firm enough for great back support, also soft on your shoulders and hips. It allows the mattress to shape to your body and release pressure. Your body will take 2-4 weeks to adjust and realign when switching to any new mattress. We suggest you use the mattress more and you may also flip the layers around if needed.Thank you, will do.

How on earth do I zip up the cover after taking it off for washing?
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Hi Dolly, You can fit the outer cover back to the foams of the mattress and zip it all the way through.I can’t get the zip to attach is there a trick to it?You can run a candle or rub a pencil tip on the zipper teeth. If you're still having issues after, please email us at support@ecosa.com.au for further assistance.

We received our Ecosa King size mattress today, and unpacked it according to instructions. However, despite the instructions indicating to allow a few minutes for the mattress to rise from the unpacking, it still has yet to come into shape after a few hours. We are reluctant to lie on it until it fully comes to shape. Has anyone else experienced this also? If so, what do you suggest we do?
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I don't think this is normal so I would contact Ecosa asap. They seem like a pretty good retailer and from what I have read they value their name and reputation and I do not doubt that they will exchange the mattress and cover all freight costs. Good luck and I think you will enjoy your mattress eventually.thanks Snoozles, so far it is almost 100% risen to shape. However, there is still a very slight buldge on one side of the mattress which has yet to take shape. Will wait for another day to check before finally using it.Hi Liz, Apologies for the delayed response. The mattress will continue to settle with continued use. Please email us at support@ecosa.com.au with your order details should the mattress still has not changed.

Would your double bed mattress fit a frame with measurements 120xH x 150cmWx 204cmD?
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Hi Jodie, Our double size mattress measures 138cm X 188cm X 25cm (W-L-H). I'm afraid that the measurements are a little off. :(

Is the 15 yr warranty still valid if you buy 2nd hand? I have the original owner's receipt (it's digital though)
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Hey Nic, Sorry, but the warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser only and is not transferable at resale. You may visit our website https://www.ecosa.com.au/warranty for reference.:(

Well it looks easy to put up but on my own at 66 it was close to heart attack material. So it's on the base. Pretty hard but instructions say it is set at medium. So do I leave it the way it is as do not want it harder. Do I need to unzip? Or just leave it zipped up? Have no more energy and now disappointed it's going to be too hard
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That was my first impression as well...thinking it was too hard but after laying on it for few nights soon realised that it cushions your body and doesn't feel hard after all . This is referring to Medium and yes, leave it all zipped upHi Liz, The mattress will soften over time with continued use. The longer you sleep on the mattress the more the gel memory foam will study and contour to your body shape and sleeping style. :)

We have had a tempur matress for the past 11 hrs so it's now time to change. Does ecosa compare?
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Hi Anja, Thank you for your interest in Ecosa. Honestly, it is difficult to make a direct comparison as there are so many options in the Tempur range but previous customers have suggested that our mattress sits partway between the Tempur Original and Tempur Cloud but closer to the original. Ecosa is built as a medium firm mattress. Ecosa also offers three levels of firmness which are adjustable at any time by simply flipping the layers, we also offer a waterproof inner cover and chemically free fireproof cover. Our mattress is built to be firm enough for great back support, also soft on your shoulder and hip. It allows the mattress to shape to your body and release pressure. :) - Amy

I bought ma mattress last week. I really like it, however the smell is so strong, felt like someone did wee on it. Its a week already and i could still smell it. What I should do?
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Hi Ella, Like with any new product, there may be a mild scent for a few days, but it should fade away quickly. We recommend you take off the bedding during the day and leave your door and window open to air it out. You can also wash the mattress cover to get rid of the new mattress smell faster. :) -Amy

When are you going to make a sofa?
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Hi Angela, Thank you for your interest. We don't have any plans of producing sofas yet but you can check our website from time to time for updates. :) -Amy

Im not happy with your spruiking prior to receiving the mattress, not happy with the messing around to receive it (payed 26 Dec 2018, arrived 5th Feb) you blamed courier, i reckon you didnt have stock in country. Next, if its set for medium, you must have had "Thing" from Fantastic Four as your product tester. Its horrid. We slept half a night on it and its ruined my already sore back. Ive got two slipped disks and never had a problem on our QS Tempur which is "firm". the Tempur is awesome, you sink into it nicely but it supports perfectly. Worst of all, we missed the sale to get $1000 of a KS Tempur because we believed your spruiking, and because it took so long to arrive, we now cant get that price. Im going to request it is refunded immediately. do your reviews get created by bots, people who ran afoul with a medusa, or Wombats? Ive no idea what sort of reasonable person would leave 5 stars for an experience akin to sleeping on a concrete slab.
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My son who is over 100kgs is looking for a mattress that definitely does not make him hot,he wants one that is cooler.Can ecosa guarantee this mattress to not make him hot.
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I don't like it, it's hot when you lie on.Its only hot if the matress protector it comes in is still on it. Take that off and you'll be good :D If your son is obese then yes this is a great bed for him. He needs a hard bed to support his weight. I am a ladies size 12 and usually sleep on a medium bed and its rock hard to me. Ive had mine for over 6m now and its never softened past being rock hard

Has anyone had a problem with getting reimbursed after your mattress did not work out...they say they have the Salvation Army to pick it up from you, but now I read that you must find a charitable org to pick it up and get the receipt before you can be reimbursed...problem is, no organizations want to take mattresses, so now I may not be able to be reimbursed. Anyone have that problem....I'm in the Phila area, and can't find a one who will accept a mattress so I can get my money back. It will be 2 weeks old only, but I had back surgery and it just is not working....
2 answers
I requested a pick up and refund on 15th Jan 2019, they said they organised one that salvos will call in 10 business days. I have been patiently waiting!nothing happening! on the 13th business day i contacted the customer service, they first advise me to look for a charity organisation myself! then they advise me to waiting for another week! otherwise they will look for another charity organisation to pick it up! their delivery is very quickly, but pick up is a pain!I can't believe Ecossa rely on charitable organisations to do their pick up work. They could actually be doing work to help out the needy and not people who have regrettable expensive purchaes. Extremely unethical.

Can I put an ecosa mattress on a standard king ensemble base (which is actually 2 bases)?
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Hi Simo, thank you for contacting Ecosa. The Ecosa mattress can be placed on an ensemble base. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

How much does the Ecosa king size mattress weigh and how much does a long single weigh? Anna
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Hey Anna! Our King size weighs 40kg and our Long Single is 25kg :)

Hi Ecosa Team, Can you please advise if the ecosa beds have no turn technology. What I mean is if 2 people are sleeping on the bed and one moves would the other person will the move on the bed. Please do let me know. best regards, Yash.
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Hey Yash, Our foams are designed to offer zero partner disturbance so you will sleep through all sorts bustle :)i can 2nd this, you really can't feel anything bar the top sheet moving :D

We just got our mattress delivered. What level of firmness would be on the top when we unpack it? Thanks :)
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Hey Steph, Thanks for your query! At delivery the mattress is configured to the medium setting (blue layer of gel memory foam on top) Please let us know if you have any further questions :)It will be set on either, "really hard" or " extra really hard"

I have received my super king mattress 2 weeks ago and its the latest Ecosa 2 mattress does this have the levels of firmness ie medium/medium to firm and firm or just medium firm to medium, also is it natural latex or is it synthetic latex, also even after 2 weeks of letting the mattress breath it still smells very strong. Cheers Derek
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Hi Derek, Thanks for your question ! The current mattress has three levels of firmness- medium, medium-firm and firm :) We no longer use latex, we now use our proprietary Eco-Tex Foam, made using open-Cell technology, this layer contours to your body shape and has the same bouncy feel as latex but is lighter and cooler than latex. It also has a longer lifespan and is safer for individuals with allergies to latex.. Sorry to hear you are noticing a scent with your mattress. Contrary to the above comment, this is NOT a common occurrence. Unlike most other competing brands, our foams are certified by CertiPUR as safe and non-toxic. This means our foams are free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates and are tested to be of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). Of course as with any new product, there may be a mild scent for a few days(although as mentioned above it is completely non-toxic), but it should fade away quickly. We recommend you take off the bedding during the day and leave your door and window open to air it out. You can also wash the mattress cover to get rid of the new mattress smell faster :) Hope this helps! If not, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team :)Right, the smell has now gone, was there Friday but Sunday has gone completely, found the firm side too firm so using the medium to firm side and already getting use to it after 4 days and now feels comfy, on the firm side had very bad back pain and was only sleeping 4 hours per night and now lower back pain has decreased by 75% using the medium to firm side, hopefully after a few more weeks of my body getting use to the new mattress it will be ZZZZZZZZZZ every night.

Is it true that Ecosa mattresses are mad in China?
2 answers
Yes, Anna, it is true that if an Ecosa Mattress crosses the border into mainland china, it becomes rabid and deranged - which is often a risk for local livestock (this is the preferred diet of a mad ecosa mattress). My suggestion would be to ensure that the Ecosa Mattresses' passport is kept under lock and key at all times.Hi Anna, All Ecosa products are manufactured in our very own factory in China from local and imported raw materials. Specifically for our mattress, our raw materials are sourced from Germany (90%), Japan (5%), and China (5%) :)

Is the Ecosa returns policy genuine? I have now spent three days waiting at home for a courier to arrive and each day Ecosa has promised a courier will come, no one has arrived.
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That's pretty bad. It was genuine for me but the pickup was done by the salvation army for donation so it wouldnt have been their fault if the salvation army failed to turn up.Can’t speak from personal experience, however I know of two people who returned theirs with no problem.Hi Lynzi, We do apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. As we have advised via email this is a case of the courier not following collection instructions and we do apologise that you have been impacted by this. I can see we have reached a resolution and escalated the concern to management within our warehouse(whom booked the courier) as well as the courier service. Here's hoping this will be resolved smoothly moving forward

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