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EcoStore Auto Dish Powder

EcoStore Auto Dish Powder

DM11, DM13 and DM14
4.8 from 9 reviews

Better than the major brands

I generally run my dishwasher on the short cycle and a number of the tablets are not suitable for this. I had been using the Finnish Liquid however was not really happy with the performance or the value for money.
I switched to eco store as I had used some of their other products and liked them so thought I would give it go. Hands down the best one out there!
Dishes come out clean and not smelling of chemical fragrance. Even on the short wash this gets my airfryer tray clean, which none of the others did.
Great performance, eco friendly and well priced given how little you need to use.
I only wish it was available at Coles as well as Woolies.

Great product

Been using it for months. Like all powders in my area u only need 1/2 a teaspoon ie Victoria . It has been working fine. Glad to get it in Woolworths.

Great product! Great brand!

I'm yet to try an ecostore product that I haven't loved. This product is no exception. Dishes are clean without the chemical residue!

The bottle lasts a lot longer than expected and is good value for money. I highly recommend this product as well as the ecostore rinse aid. I'm thankful that woolworths stock the ecostore brand.

Love Ecostore products.

This dish washing powder is fantastic. I used to use finish tablets before I started on my mission to reduce chemicals in our home and this powder is equally as good and actually works out cheaper. I use the Ecostore rinse aid and that too, is fantastic.

Great product that cares for the environment and works!

I switched to this after moving to a house with a biocycle septic system, before that I had always used finish. This works just as well, cares for my septic and is great value. Stock up when it's on sale at WW.

Simply the best

This powder is by far the best product I have used in a dishwasher. I had learned to accept that tablets only half melt and that you often have to put washes through twice prior to discovering this little gem. The powder cleans perfectly leaving sparkling dishes with no residue. I don't think it's expensive as I get it from Woolworths and you only need to use a small amount.
Reliable cleaning every time.
Can't get it at all supermarkets.

Won't use anything else!

I have used his dishwashing powder in my dishwasher for years. As with all EcoStore products this product is true to its word. It can be difficult to find organic or plant based cleaners that really do clean like they describe on the packaging. My dishes are clean, if not cleaner than when I used other products. There is no chemical smell or residue and I don't feel I need to rinse out drink bottles and containers that have been tainted by the chemicals and fragrances in other dishwashing powders. Yes it is a little more pricey, however as the shelf life is shorter it does come up on special at the supermarkets. Woolworths seems to stock EcoStore products. I also find I still get and excellent clean when using a little less than the recommended quantity so can get a little more value out of it that way.


Highly concentrated, uses a third as much as other detergents.
Gives exceptional clean.
Doesn't leave a horrible smell/ residue in the dishwasher and dishes (ever opened your dishwasher after a wash and gagged on the chemical smell that comes out? doesn't happen with this stuff)
Very impressed and goes to show that using a more environmentally friendly product does not mean sacrificing quality.
Everything, does just what it's meant to. Excellent value.

Good for dishes, the environment and out conscience

Cleans just as well as the major brands. More expansive than the major brands, but given the benefits of the product, I am more than happy to pay the extra price. The product guarantees 'X' amount of washes - not that I am counting, but it will more than make good on this promise.
It works and is good for our conscience and the environment

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