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Electrolux EWF12853 / EWF12753

Electrolux EWF12853 / EWF12753

EWF12753 (7.5kg) and EWF12853 (8.5kg)
4.2 from 141 reviews

Great for small apartments

Highly recommend Electrolux EWF12753 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine. Great for small apartments. My washing machine is in my bathroom, so a compact machine was a priority. When I was looking this was one of the smaller front loading machines, with a depth of 585mm. Looks great, stylish. Very use to use. Simple manual dial to select wash cycles. Good energy and water ratings. Uses cold water tap only. Very quiet. I like the quick 18 minute wash, vapour refresh (to steam items) and wool options. Good capacity at 7.5kg (able to wash a queen doona). Washes well. Very happy with my choice, no complaints. I purchased for $588 through Appliances online, who price matched, including fast delivery, installation and removal of old machine, great customer service (no waiting on hold for an operator), very impressed.

Purchased in November 2018 at Appliances Online for $588.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Dryer TypeSimpson SDV Series

Ruins clothes

Washes OK, but snaggs synthetic clothes every now and then. Individual threads get pulled. We have had 5 shirts and one dress ruined by this machine. Recommend finding another brand

Purchased in January 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Shocking the door Broke and the displays got water and you can see anything on them.

I was for 4 people and my husbands work clothes . The wash cycles were great until the machine got water in display now it’s still works but is painful.
It still works but it is painful.

Purchased in February 2016 for $799.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Beware shreds clothes

After working well and being very happy with the machine after just 1.5 years the machine has started to shred and tear our clothes. This has happened on more than one occasion and to three different clothes in the one wash so jamming one in the door by mistake would have been impossible.

An electrolux technician came out did not see a fault and told me a supervisor would contact us to arrange a time to call out. After two days no one had contacted us so I called for a 25 minute wait and conversation to electrolux I found out we were booked in for Friday afternoon but no one had bothered to contact us. No one arrived to fix the machine or bothered to contact us again.

Poor machine with poor service and what must be a design fault in the machine which catches the clothes between the drum and the rubber around the door shredding the clothes.

More annoyed with the service than being without a machine for two weeks to be honest. I believe the technician did a runner and told me a supervisor would contact me so he could get going. I also believe the staff had no intention of coming back with a part to fix the machine.

Purchased in May 2017 at Harvey Norman Appliances Physical Store for $679.00.

Energy efficient and water efficient

Both energy and water save will support financially and environmentally. One thing want to improve is quick 18. Quick 18 is too short compare to normal cycle takes 60 min. If this machine has 30 min quick cycle, it would be perfect. It is stout and feel durable. The front door is strong and feel can use for long years. 5 year warranty also great to mention.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great little helper

We purchased this washing machine about 6 months ago. No problems so far. It's very quiet. I wash everything from evening dresses, bath mats, underwear, bedding to kids clothes. Even some sporty shoes, kids toys. I noticed that our electricity bills are not so extreme now. We pay about 30% less than before with our top loader machine. The cycle times are quiet long, I really recommend the Electrolux washing machine. I think its a good choice for the money. 7.5 kg is enought for family of 3-4.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


Fully featured machine with lots of promise but the design holds moisture in the door seals that don’t air or self clean.

The result is an ongoing build up of black slime requiring you to get on your hands and knees every few weeks to clean the seals. Never had this with another machine.

Only discovered this when my white shirts kept on coming out covered in black flecks, some of which became permanent stains and ruined them.

Rang Electrolux support and they told us that getting on hands and knees in washer woman style is part of the design. For a full featured machine like this with all the bells and whistles this is absurd.

Very happy with Electrolux products and service otherwise. Still scratching our heads at this. If we could get a refund and buy a different machine we would.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great Family Washing Machine

While living overseas we had stayed in an apartment which had a similar Electrolux washer and after using it we knew that we needed one for ourselves. So, when our trusty old washer packed up, we bought one without hesitation.

My wife and I use the washer almost equally, and find that not only does it clean our clothes much better than our previous top loader, but it is way more efficient. Our water bill has halved since buying this washer and we have seen a significant decrease in our electricity bill also.

Finally, as a washer, it is very good at handling delicates as well as highly soiled clothing. We also find that it doesn't vibrate nearly as much as other brands seem to, which means it has less disturbance on the family during quiet activities.

The cycle times are very adjustable depending on what you're washing, so we can have clothes washed in under an hour if we need them in a hurry. We also use the timed wash quite often so we can have the washing start while still in bed and be ready to hang up when we wake up in the morning.

Although it doesn't have all the smart-phone integration that other washers on the market seem to be pushing these days, I don't particularly find that I am in need of it, since I have to put the clothes in the washer manually anyway and turning a knob then pressing a button doesn't take any more than 3 seconds to start a load.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

So Far So Good

Upgraded to this front loader from a Fisher & Paykal top loader ( which is still going strong after 10 years )
The big difference between the two is, the clothes come out from the Electrolux relatively untangled as compared to the old machine.
The Electrolux is quiet and does have a quick wash 18m cycle.
I found it odd not having a hot water tap connection, however heating the water direct from the cold tap is very quick.
The machine has loads of features and from a male point of view, simple to operate.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

So quiet, easy to use, excellent results

Very quiet front loading washing machine, easy to install and use, great results, lots of cycle options which you can then customise further (water temperature, spin speed) and also has 5 star water rating and 4.5 star energy saver rating. Excellent extra features over other brands including delay start, add clothes after start, 10 year warranty, and the ability to use either liquid or powder detergent, Overall, better than expected in value and results!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Very happy so far

Spins, well, clothes not creased, so many wash options, can pause and add more clothes if needed. Vapor cycle great for refreshing clothes, did hubbies suit, refreshed, cleaned but did need light pressing after Can use from cold to 90 degrees options, 18 min cycle for smaller quantity. A daily cycle 60 mins, plenty of options. Very happy so far.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Waste of money

Bought our 3rd Electrolux washing machine 3 months ago, most expensive waste of money ever. A $2.00 coin made a hole in the drum, not only is it not covered by warranty, have been told by rude demeaning repair man that it is not worth repairing, dump it and start again. Surely a washing machine drum should be able withstand a $2.00 coin occasionally. $2.00 coins have gone through our previous washing machines, and it has been fine. Please don’t waste your money people’s. Went back to Good Guys and the guy was more interested in selling me a new washing machine than discussing my issue.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Raz, Linda from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your washer. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Linda Thanks

Not as good as I hoped

I wash a range of lights, darks, work clothes ect in our machine and honestly our older Aldi top loader worked better than this machine. Unless you use a LONG wash cycle it leaves clothes a little smelly. And my biggest complaint is the lint that is left on clothes. We clean the pump regularly ect and does not seem to help one bit. A shame on an otherwise pretty good machine.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Britt, Julie from Electrolux here. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about the washing machine. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Julie. Thanks, Julie

Love how quiet it is

My partner is a truck driver and his clothes are always greasy. I just throw them in and set and forget. Such varied settings and high water temperatures. I love the refresh cycle i can freshen up my woollen jumpers, jackets and blazers. It's even good for throw cushions. It has a quick wash of 18 minutes for a quick wash if you have slughtly souled clothes

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Easy to use and very quiet

Our first front loader and very happy with it. Easy to install and use, clothes very clean and the regular cycle time is not as long as I expected. Ability to add clothes after start is very handy and the vapour refresh feature is an added bonus. Our laundry is very small but the compact size is perfect. Can do a bigger load than our old top loader. Dont use too much powder!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Problems with model that I fear extend the range

So, the good points:
-The variety of programs
-Size of load capacity
-Seemingly low running costs

The bad:
-Stops intermittently during a wash, that I then have to reset that wastes time
-Stops and unable to open door
-Some washes complete with the clothes still dry in the middle. Clearly not washing properly
-Exorbitant running costs as you have to re-run the cycle or do another cycle to either wash properly or to unlock the door
-Customer service is woefully inadequate

I tried Electrolux for the first time; I have just emailed Customer Services and will see how they respond and manage the issue.


Its been three days since I sent in a request for a warranty appointment. What communication did I receive? An email saying if I left a review I might be in for a chance to win a dual zone wine cabinet....well, I'm leaving this review to say that while I thought the machine was good, your customer service is woefully inadequate.

Oh, and before you leave me a message to call you....how about you call me....you've had my messages for a while now.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Dear 747800, Zaida of Electrolux here. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Would you mind Private Messaging your number please and once received I'll give you a call? Thank you and kind regards, Zaida.Thank you Zaida for your message. Unfortunately I've tried to resolve this through your customer care service but they have been woefully inadequate. I'm returning the washing machine to the store in the morning and will be adding to this review and publishing the telephone calls and video footage of my experience attempting to work with Electrolux. As for my review? I'll edit it with all the evidence once the matter has been listed at NCAT.Thankfully NCAT were not required as the store accepted the return.

various options

The washing machine is simple to use but still comes with an array of washing choices. It has various programs to help save time, clean different materials or even use only cold water. Despite all these options, it has a simple interface and the buttons are well labelled. It cleans the clothes as expected. There is a total of 7 people's worth of washing done a week and this machine handles it perfectly.

October 4th 2018 Update: Very quiet washing machine

This is a very good brand, the first one last for 9 years and still good, I bought this new one for my other unit.
The clothes seem to come out extremely well rinsed on the 1400rpm wash cycles.
It pre mixes washing detergent with a small amount of water in a separate chamber to activate detergent enzymes before mixing it into the wash tub giving the best wash results.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Excellent Wasing Machine!

This is my second Electrolux, they are a fantastic washing machine.

I love the features with this machine and the simplicity of use.
It is quite and cleans the clothes well. It has a range of different setting appropriate for all needs.

We have 2 Airbnb’s so wash A LOT of clothing, this machine has never skipped a bit!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


You can put any different types of your clothes. In regards to it’s features and controls, it’s very easy to understand especially when my mom came from overseas and not familiar with this type of washing machine, she finds it straight forward and easy to use. It can wash all of our clothes very well but we’re only using cold water and liquid detergent because we noticed if we use powder, it stains our black clothes. There’s a lot cycle times for appropriate garments. Very affordable as well.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


I really love my washing machine. When I began to use it my things became cleaner, the fabric does not wear out. I advise everyone to use this washing machine, you will not regret it. There are many programs that help save time, especially for working people. Thank you for everything.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

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Questions & Answers

Hi I just purchased the ewf12853 8.5kg front loader. My wife put our first wash on energy saver and it’s been washing for 4hours. What’s the normal wash time for this mode and how can I change it. It gives me 2 options 4.00 or 2.45. Seems a long time to wash clothes. Any help would be appreciated thanks Jamie
No answers

There's a square flashing with what Lola like a key hole shape in middle. Wont start a wash cycle?
No answers

Anyone had troubles with it shaking really really bad. Just purchased today and havnt be able to let it finish any cycle? No matter what rpm it’s on. Got the level out, all looks fine.
3 answers
You need to contact shop you purchased and replace it to new one as soon as possible.Hi Al, Tania from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux front loader washing machine. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Tania. Thanks, TaniaTania thanks. Bloody transport bolts! Havnt had to buy a machine for 12 years. Didn’t know about the bolts. All good now. Beautiful, quiet, easy to use machine. I would have swapped for the exact same machine if it actually was something wrong.


EWF12753 (7.5kg)EWF12853 (8.5kg)
Price (RRP) $999$1,149
Capacity7.5 kg8.5 kg
FeaturesAuto Balancing, Auto Dispense, Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof) and Reload/Add WashAuto Balancing, Auto Dispense, Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof) and Reload/Add Wash
Energy Rating4 star(s)4.5 star(s)
Water Rating4.5 star(s)4.5 star(s)
Household Size 2-3 people3-4 people
Drum MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Colour / Finish WhiteWhite
Dimensions 850 x 600 x 585 mm850 x 600 x 665 mm
Max Spin Speed 1,200 rpm1,200 rpm
Maximum Noise Level52 db52 db
Number of Spin Speeds44
Number of Wash Cycles1111
Weight69 kg73 kg
Country of ManufactureThailandThailand
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)

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