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305 reviews
305 reviews

Better off just eating healthy or buying raw greens powder

I took this for 3 days, each day I had had excruciating oesophagal cramps where I was basically paralised, extremely bad migraines and had no energy. All of which stopped when I stopped taking it. I spoke to my nutritionist who said it's the worst thing on the market and only pushed because its government funded (NZ).
She put me on to "Changing Habits Raw Greens" and "Changing Habits Colloidal Minerals", and said to take folic acid as well. I have never felt better, so much energy and new found motivation for daily tasks.
I hope this helps someone out there x
-R x Show details
Demi2 posts
MtaSydney, NSW8 posts
Laura T180458
Laura T180458Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC10 posts
PaolaMelbourne13 posts

Not for everybody. Warning signs of sickness

After reading the majority of reviews, it made me wonder why I feel so bloated, stomach cramps and dark stools. First time in my life and I had a period from regular and sharp 28 days to 40+ day. Best to talk to your GP if you see regularities. That's the reason why your body talks with pain....  Show details
Sarah L.
Sarah L.Wheatbelt, WA4 posts

Didnt work for me!

I started on this multivitamin once I was pregnant as it was recommended to be "the" multivitamin that targets all the correct levels needed for a pregnant woman. I had SEVERE morning sickness- couldn't keep anything down, couldnt work. Had to be medicated on Ondansetron wafers to control my nausea (which worked). The doctors diagnosed me with Hyperemesis Gravardum. I also had horrible constipation, hard black stools and headaches. I thought that was just pregnancy. It was until 19 weeks my midwife suggested maybe trialing not being on it. 2 days after going off of it and all symptoms subsided! Didnt realise how poorly I felt until after! I have now changed to Blackmores Gold Pregnancy & BF and have been great!  Show details
AnuGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts

Awful. Please dont use

Elevit has made me sick. Makes me heavy and tired and left me exhausted. My regular 28 day cycles are now 44 day cycles with no fixed ovulation. Very frustrating. How am i to get pregnant? Show details
Anonymous4 posts

I had high expectations but disappointed

Expensive for what you get. I was getting severe stomach pain, diarrhoea and nausea all day everyday, this was before I even got pregnant, I had to take time off work because I was in pain. I stopped the vitamins and 2 days later I felt so mucn better. The iron in this multivitamin is way too high. Be weary taking this brand, you don't want to risk overdosing.
Turtl3Perth, WA4 posts
  Fair Incentive

Swear by it, surprised how many don't like it!

I been taking elevit for over 7months now. I have found it great and just recently found out I'm pregnant. I forgot to take it for a day here and there, it made the morning sickness so much worse when I missed it! Everyone is different but I find myself less bloated, more energy and definitely feel better for taking it. Also helped me conceive which I was told I never would :) Show details
JemmaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

No issues

I’ve been taking elevit since before falling pregnant and haven’t seen any issues. I was taking it in the morning which tended to exacerbate the morning sickness but then I started taking it at night with dinner and have had no issues.
Originally I was taking vit D, folic acid and iron but doc recommended it as an all rounder. Still take vitamin D and iron as I was low before but find them all easy to take and no noticeable side effects. Surprised to read so many bad reviews, I guess like everyone is different with every pregnancy. Show details
Mck7 posts

I regret purchasing

I bought this around 3 weeks ago believing this was a must when starting to try. I only checked the reviews today to see that so many other woman are going through what I am currently, thinking it was normal. I am extremely bloated, I started menstruating a few days ago and haven’t had such a heavy flow or constant cramping and bloating as bad as this in the past. I now regret purchasing this product and will stop and look into other natural and organic alternatives. Show details
KaylaCentral Queensland, QLD

Severe cramping and bowel issues

Used it for almost a year while we were trying to conceive, no issues what so ever. As soon as I fell pregnant I began getting sever cramping which led me to believe I was going to lose the baby. Turns out it was the elevit making me even more constipated and have trapped gas etc on top of early pregnancy symptoms. As soon as I stopped taking it I became regular again and the cramping immediately stopped. I’m taking straight folic acid tablets now instead. Never again will I be taking elevit, it’s just not for me. Show details
GNKSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Caused me headaches

After evaluating my health changes past week, I'm convinced that Elevit is causing my headaches, just read the reviews and so shocked at the many side effects with this MV! Why is it even being sold! Show details
YellowmazGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC9 posts

Stomach pain, bloating, nausea and constipation and I’m not even pregnant yet!

I was wondering why I’ve been so ill the past few weeks... I have had issues in the past with dark stools so I was very worried. Until I read these reviews.

It all makes sense now... the horrible stomach pains, the nausea resulting in vomiting, the bloating to the point where I look 6 months pregnant and the inability to do anything but lay and take hot showers. The dark stools, the issues with this months ovulation ITS ALL BECAUSE OF THIS PRODUCT.

Not to mention I have Barrett’s oesophagus and chronic gerd (I’m only 27) and it seems as if though my medication for that isn’t working since taking elevit!!

I’m going to be eating rich vegan meals from now on instead of this crap- May try blackMores. Show details

Jess08Sydney, NSW9 posts


I’m 10 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing nausea. At first I thought it was a pregnancy symptom but Fur the past week I forgot to take my daily dose of elevit and the nausea went away. Took one yesterday when I realised I have been forgetting and the strong nausea feeling is back. What’s wrong with this stuff? Synthetic vitamins are just crap. Show details
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RachPerth10 posts

Horrible side effects

I have been taking Elevit for 4 months now from the moment we started trying to concieve, from the moment I started using it, my periods became irregular, going from 27 day cycles to 42+ , i came out with every pregnancy symptom under the moon, from lower backache, to soar breath and nipples for weeks on end, nausea etc, Elevit really messed with me. I will not be purchasing this product any longer. Additionally i was then unable to track any ovulation patterns which has hindered chances of falling pregnant.
Butternut pumpkin
Butternut pumpkin

Made my cycles irregular

I started taking Elevit 5 months ago When I first starting TTC. Since taking it, it made my cycles go from 33 to 40+ days, dried up my CF and I could not pinpoint Ovulation. I also had bloating and cramps and have not stopped using it. Have just changed to another brand. I feel like this may have hindered my chances to get pregnant the last couple of months Show details
Jordan C.
Jordan C.2 posts

Wish I could leave no stars !!!

Taken elevit as a pre pregnancy vitamin. Have been having so many side affects the past 3 weeks thinking I was pregnant. Constipation, nausea, diarrhoea, change in appetite, bloating, tiredness.... 5 days late for my period doing. A test everyday thinking I must be pregnant ?!? Nope.. blood test confirmed I am not. Then I read this page!!!! Elevit has just messed my body up, my cycle! And made me very ill!!! Do yourself a favour stay away from this overpriced crap and get standard iron or folic acid tablets!!!!! Show details
alorac11 posts

Nausea and dizziness

Just started on those tablets after my doctor recommended them to me.
Just half and hour after taking them I got really nauseas but didnt think anything of it . Then the next day the same . Today I got the nausea + dizziness and I am not even pregnant yet. Then I started looking into it and found a lot of people with the same symptoms . I was absolutely fine before I started taking them. I just wasted $70 . Show details
nicoelGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

Didn't help q

Caused me stomach ache. Gas and bloating. Constipation as well. I was so uncomfortable thinking it was pregnancy hormones. It affected my sleep and made work harder. Used it for 9 weeks and realised it after reading reviews
Trang K
Trang KAU2 posts

Used for 4 pregnancy and feel fantastic always

I'm surprised to see many bad reviews here. I've been using Elevit for all of my 4 pregnancies. It helps a lot. I don't use it before conceived. Just started the moment I found out. I'm now pregnant at 43. The moment I take it, feel so much normal. I can function throughout the day. Really highly recommend, especially for deficiency women. Show details
Ourfirstolinda D.
Ourfirstolinda D.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Stopped my menstruation

I started taking elevit as a pre-conception vitamins as recommended by mostly everyone, but it stopped my menstruation, i thought i was pregnant but it is negative results, and im 7 days delayed now. I have to stop taking it for 2 days and now spotting is starting and hopefully I'll get my period.

Besides screwing up my cycle, it gives me black tarry stool, bloatedness and im constantly tired. Show details

KendallGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC11 posts


I was given Elevit from a pregnant gf half way through my pregnancy (it had messed with her tummy). Once my Blackmores ran out, I thought I'd just switch. Within 20mins of taking the tablet I felt so sick I threw up! I'm 28 weeks and have not thrown up once this pregnancy despite battling nausea for first 16 weeks! This sent me over the edge though. I am now bound up/constipated and very uncomfortable. Cannot recommend.
angielrstSouth East Queensland, QLD

Not for me

Works for some, but not for me. Elevit made me feel very nauseous each and everyday. Also experienced constipation which is highly uncomfortable. Elevit then threw my cycle out 5 days and had me feeling worse again! Super frustrated, I will be moving to another brand as of tomorrow. I can’t stand another day feeling like this! Show details
SkcFar North Queensland, QLD2 posts

This is perfect! Helped me to conceive

I have been trying to conceive from 4 years. After so many failed attempts I have been sad and discouraged.I started taking elevit and finally i Got a positive result. Show details
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Sally Black
Sally Black3 posts

Terrible constipation and screwed around with my digestive system. Never again

I started taking Elevit around 13 weeks pregnant, and immediately had indigestion everyday. I thought it was just pregnancy changes and was taking Mylanta, Metamucil and other prescribed pills to assist, but it slowly got worse. At 15 weeks I had a week of hell with constipation, gas, bloating and diarrhoea, staying in bed a lot and tired. As soon as I read other reviews I stopped and immediately felt so much better!! What’s annoying is how expensive and recommend Elevit is, but many others have had the same bad experience. I’m now on Blackmore's and it feels like the best thing that ever happened to me after bloody Elevit! Show details
Ma Lizette R.
Ma Lizette R.Perth, WA5 posts

Not for me

I have been using this for a month and finally became pregnant. But on the 6th week I started to have morning sickness.. And then it get worse.. when i stopped using elevit i feel so much better.. my friends took elevit and they were all fine. I guess its not everyone.. Show details
lisaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC5 posts

Dizzy and sick soon after taken the pill

Agree with all the comments here, makes me sick and constipated, the big pill makes taking it so difficult.
plus it's way more expensive than other alternatives, what a waster of money Show details
KerrySydney, NSW

Makes morning sickness Exreamely worse!!!!!

Please do you research in the best pregnancy vitamins. I do not recommend this product if you are suffering from extreme morning sickness. The Iron in this product will make you ill if your iron levels are normal.
There are other vitamins out there that one make you feel is ill. I stopped taking it and with in 48 hours i felt so much better to the point where i still left sick but i could go about my normal day and not have to stay in bed. I Horrible Product. Show details
JuliethSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Elevit is making me really sick

I am eight weeks pregnant and I have been using Elevit for six weeks and every time I get more nauseous, I feel that my stomach is heavy pretty much all day, I have a constant sensation of metal in my mouth and I am experiencing constipation, tried to take them at night and made it worst. Does anyone recommends other vitamins? Show details
TTCfor2yearsGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

Try another product

Prior to taking elevit my cycle was 28 days with a 'peak' ovulation test on day 14. Once I started taking elevit, my cycle stretched out to 30 days and didn't get a positive ovulation result. Stop taking elevit, my cycle returned to 28 days & back to 'peak' ovulation on day 14. Then my doctor recommended I go back on Elevit & the same thing happened again, cycle went out to 32 days this time. So I stopped using them. Other than screwing up my cycle, I had constipation but no other side effect. This may not happen to everyone, but if you are reading this because you're period is late (and you've got a negative pregnancy test) & you've been taking elevit, its just the elevit screwing up your cycle. Try another product.... Show details
Emily H.
Emily H.Sydney, NSW

Extremely sick!!

I wish I had done my research before purchasing Elevit. Since taking Elevit I have been extremely sick with nausea, vomiting and the worst constipation. I have been stuck in bed for weeks thinking it was really bad morning sickness until I started researching Elevit. Elevit contains a lethal amount of Iron which was way too toxic for my body. The normal amount of iron to take during pregnancy is UPTO 30mg. Elevit contains 60mg!!!.. that is double the recommended dose for a pregnant woman!! Elevit states they use the highest doses including folic acid using 800mcg instead of the recommended dose of 600mcg. As soon as I stopped taking Elevit I was back to normal within a day with mild pregnancy symptoms.
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Maryam Yara
Maryam YaraGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC8 posts

I hate it

Every time I start having it I felt infection of my urine I felt burning as soon as I stop taking it feel find and start again and same thing happened! Show details
Lot-LotMurrumbidgee Region, NSW

Don't waste your money!

I really wish I did my research before taking these tablets, it was referred to me by my doctor. Withen a couple of days of taking them I had bad constipation, my stomach bloated so much that my belly size tripled withen weeks. I was so nauseous, lacked energy and slept most of my days off. Show details
Rebecca R.
Rebecca R.Gippsland, VIC

Can elevit cause early period?

Started taking elevit this month , had a period then started spotting/bleeding 2weeks later. Going onto 3days now of spotting/bleeding.. first started brown then went pinkish now it's going bright red. Show details
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AngelaSydney, NSW


Can you take nutracare pregma 2nd &3rd trimester protein supplement along with taking elevit pregnancy multivitamin. Is it safe to take together.
I dont want to be taking too much vitamins if i dont need them. Show details
Chelsea K.
Chelsea K.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Irregular cycles

I’ve taken elevit months before trying to conceive and have noticed that it made my cycles irregular causing it to be extremely difficult to track when I am ovulating or where I am in my cycle. After having regular periods for years they’ve become irregular once again after starting evevit just over a month ago. This month I spotted for 3-4 days and it stopped. Currently the only thing I’ve changed to my diet. Wouldn’t recommend even though it’s recommended by a number of doctors. Also makes you feel sick.
AdinSydney Surrounds, NSW3 posts

Caused diarrhea

Elevit caused diarrhea and nausea for me. Used it for a week and gave up, was feeling better the next day. Wasted $60 because bought a 100tab pack.
I have used other prenatal vitamins before and have been fine so was not expecting this. Show details
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GSavDougSydney, NSW3 posts

My body loves Elevit

I honestly never write reviews, but before buying elevit I read so many negative reviews, but the nutritional stats of elevit made me want to try it anyway. To be on the safe side I bought a small pack. Regret not buying the large now. My body loves elevit. Show details
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