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Elf Cosmetics

Elf Cosmetics

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Elf Under Eye Powder

I love letting everyone know about products that are affordable and actually work, and this is one of those products.
Elf Under Eye Powder can be applied very lightly and it lasts for hours. I just dab a bit under each eye area with my fingertip and it has a great effect. Don`t need much... good for helping hide my dark circles too.


i use the foundation and i am pleasantly surprised! the cost factor is great and the application is great even the coverage is awesome!

Perfect. .

My product got lost in transit, I emailed Elf about it and they responded so quickly. They also reshipped me the items, and I very please with Elf Cosmetics and forever will be a customer. Thank you Elf for aswesome service.

I love finding an excellent product at affordable prices

I have had a jumbo lip balm for a while now, and decided to investigate the brand. I am not a brand snob, because we all have different needs, so what ever works, works. This is a gem of a find. The lippy crayons are great. They blend smoothly and they do soften lips. No taste ,so that is a bonus...no wax taste like some. the price allows you to buy a couple of colours and who doesn’t love that. I will investigate the rest of the range..

A must have, I love it!

I’m impressed with the skincare, I bought it with the idea to use as a backup when I ran out of my high end skincare that I couldn’t afford to replenish. The hydration and the beauty shield line are great. I went to an elf store in Austin Texas the girls were great and the store has a clean and fresh look, great lighting and they also have a selfie wall to take a pic. It’s a fun experience! We need one In Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Cheap and Effective

I love that Elf is so cheap and affordable. The primer leaves a little to be desired, as it makes my concealer look strange and doesn't let it apply properly. But for the price, I'm so happy!


I bought ELF brow pomade and its affordable and worth it i would like to purchase and try some more product from this company.

Affordable brand but amazing quality

I always always love ELF,the quality is sooo impressive. I love my elf make up bushes theyre so cheap but so soft and I love using it when applying my make up on

Very good products and an even better price!

I ordered several makeup products from elf when they had a 50% off sale. When the products arrived everything was packaged well and was good quality. The products are very good for their price. I got a primer, concealer, brush and mascara - all of which are good quality for the price you pay. Also this company does not test on animals.
I did have one issue that was resolved very well. My package got lost in the mail (not elfs fault) so I emailed them after waiting about 2 weeks and the customer service team happily sent me out a new package which arrived 2 days later.
Overall I would recommend buying from this company.

Great quality at a very affordable price

ELF Products are a real hidden gem! After much research online I purchased a number of different products and have put my thoughts below...
- ELF Flawless Finish Foundation. Excellent for mature/combination skin with a medium to full coverage that does not settle into fine lines or pores. Long-wearing (I do use a primer) and smooth on the skin. Apply with a beauty blender for best results. The only con is the fragrance which smells a bit plastic-y when you first apply. Nice glass bottle with a handy pump. Definitely try this Foundation! Beats many of the more expensive formulations.
- ELF Contour Palate. Perfect matte colours for creating subtle highlights and shadows. White for highlighting cheek bones and other high points, yellow for setting under eye concealer, lighter brown for a subtle bronzing effect and a darker, ash brown that is a great shade for shadowing under the cheek bones. All colours blend extremely well and are very long wearing. Nice packaging that also contains a large mirror. Great palate! Use it every day.
- ELF Perfect Finish HD Powder. This is a great mattifying finishing powder that blurs and creates a soft focus effect. Very finely milled and soft - I find it best to just apply to the t-zone by patting with the sponge (provided) to keep shine at bay then use a setting spray over the entire face. Great finishing powder for combination skin.

Worst online shopping experience ever

Even though the site says that they ship worldwide, I never received my order nor a refund. Why wasn't there information on the site from the beginning that they don't ship to Greece so that I won't place an order and lose my money?

Amazing quality for the unbeatable price

I used the flawless finish foundation (and the finishing powder to set it), and I can't speak highly enough about it. I normally buy Clinique or Estee Lauder at $50 a bottle. This was $12 and it actually out-performed Clinique over the course of the day, only requiring a minor touch-up on my oily nose (normally I'd need to powder the hell out of my nose by lunchtime). I love it.

So cheap and the products are so worth buying for the price!

I have purchased many products from elf, their mineral primer in clear is fantastic, just as good as the other primers and for under half the price! Their make up brushes are top quality and the bristles don't fall out and lasts and are under $10 - what a bargain! They have the best photo ready face powder for $12! This is exactly the same as a similar high end product except its triple the size of the other brand and a quarter of the price! The mascara primer is great and so are so many of their products, for the prices its worth trying them!

Pretty good for a cheapie

I am fussy about cosmetics and ingredients (majority of my stash is natural or organic). I shop mostly on iHerb and discovered this range there. Super cheap there especially on their extra discount days. I bought the following from iHerb: Shimmer highlighter (i like it but dont use too much as it can make dry skin worse, you need just a hint of it), volume mascara (the very best mascara I have ever used, it is WOW. It makes my lashes thicker and longer but natural looking and easy to wash off without makeup remover, I just use bit of plain water). I cant believe what a great buy that was at a bargain price. Will buy this again and again. Its not organic or 100% natural but way less chemicals than Loreal etc. Couple days ago walked into Kmart and was surprised to see they sell this brand! I bought 3 items straight away as its still cheap there (it is cheaper on iHerb but convenient to buy then and there). I got the High Definition powder in shimmer and translucent (love love them both especially shimmer). I just dab the smallest amount on cheeks and forehead and other areas of face and looks great. dont use too much tho. I also bought the eyeliner pencil in midnight but did not like this as it was to hard. Anyways will buy the high definition powder and mascara again and again but I did not see that volume mascara in kmart but they had the mineral version (which sounds better in ingredients so will give that a go perhaps next time).

Neutral undertone

I have a very warm yellow undertone and this product was just off off off in colour. It's not pink like most foundations it's just a grey neutral once it goes on the skin. And I know I didn't buy the wrong shade bexause I got 2 of them. Apart from the colour this is actually a really good product. I still get use out of mine because I use the light one to lighten foundations that are too dark or simply use it as a highlight. And I use the darker one as a contour which looks just beautiful. I love the texture and the way it blends on the skin. I avoid it around the eyes because creams crease and I moisturise heavily because it clings to dry patches. Even though I don't use this product as intended it really is wonderful.

Amazing make-up for the budget conscious

I don't wear make-up regularly but when I do, I want it to look great, be easy to apply, not irritate my skin and especially not break the bank!

Not only are the prices affordable, the delivery is amazing. I paid a little extra for the Express Post option and everything arrived within on the 2nd business day after finalising the transaction.

I simply cannot live without the following:
- Kabuki face brush (super soft bristles that don't scratch)
- Studio High Definition Powder. I almost didn't buy this because on screen the powder looked white but it seems to be more of a 'dusting' which seems to have softened the way the light hits my skin without making me look washed out or overly made up. I actually feel like I have been airbrushed!
- Tone correcting powder: Complexion Perfection. I actually used this as my base and it really seems to even out my skin tone without feeling heavy.

Amazing Service
Great prices
Great range

I was almost put off by the low prices and 'took a punt'
Difficulty in knowing what the right colour options are online, again I 'took a punt'

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