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Proud Luxury Class 1860 owner

I have now owned my Elite caravan for just over a year. I am impressed and very satisfied with the build quality as well as the comfort. To date we have not had any problems with the caravan. I would recommend the Elite brand to buyers that are looking for quality and after market support

Floor PlanLuxury Class 1860

NO WAY. He is now Ballistic RV. Re-branded the same rubbish......

I have an Elite van that cost well over the 100 k mark. Nothing but issues. Will never deal with this guy again. Be aware he is re-branding as Ballistic caravans or Ballistic RV.

Not a good product. Lots of warranty issues and a back stabber to boot. Stay well away and enjoy your retirement with another brand.

April 5th 2018 Update: Elite. Never Again!

I can only say that Elite gives good customer service to some if the reviews are honest. And others Elite treats poorly. As already stated below, My van was purchased in 2016. We have had the van back on Numerous occasions for repairs. The last time the repairs were so poorly carried out that when I sent photos to Elite, they would not even respond.

Our van is so over the stated weight that it is not usable with a standard 3500 kg tow vehicle. The ball weight empty with nothing in it and no fluids is 340 Kg. Put gas in the bottles and I'm over the weight allowance of 350 KG to the ball.

The interior has fallen apart in parts and given that it is an "Off Road" van, the damage internally should never of happened. Using cheap plastic clips to hold a pantry in place allowed it to fail on the tar.

I understand that they are going through a hard time in relation to money missing, and alleged thefts, however I paid over $100,000 for the dream that they sold. A dream that I wish I never had.

My advice is to go to another product supplier and save the grief. Go see Lotus. Go see Retreat. Even Jayco. At least they stand behind their products.

I'm now stuck with a van that cannot be towed with a 3500 kg tow vehicle and have the bare essentials on board. How can I sell it? Maybe we will all go to RAMs or F Trucks and solve Elites problem.

My Advice is do your homework and if you ignore this post and proceed with them, at least have it checked over by a professional and weighed before you take it home.

Hello All, Sometimes you just can't logic with someone. We have tried to please this customer many times. The last time we sent his van to a repairer who we trust in Campbellfield. The minor repairs were attended to within the day and then this customer said he couldn't pick it up for 2 weeks as he was interstate. In regards to the weight issues we cannot find any emails at all from him stating his concerns, his weighbridges printouts nothing. When called yesterday again to try and settle his claims and sort this out once and for all he claimed he spoke to his rep (the one that was arrested for fraud offenses against elite) about it and he told me. I cannot locate one email form this customer in my inbox. If this customer is serious, calm and logical we can sort through his issues in a orderly manner. My staff don't need to be told " I'm a multi millionaire and own a multi million company with 24 staff and he has no problem spending money and he will not stop on product review but infact keep continuing to write reviews" and then when asked to send through proof of his weight claims he won't do it? Regards Adrian CappolaAdrian, Your comments are defamatory and need to be removed. Your quoting is incorrect and outrageous. The solicitors have made you aware of the weight issues as we have tried to meet with you on three occasions, all agreed times a week in advance and you pull out at the last minute. Your attempts at associating me with your alleged defrauder on this forum as some body that I'm associated with is further proof of your inability to accept, as the owner of the Elite, that you are responsible. It's called deflections disease! I purchased my van from you and Peter at the Melbourne Show. Michael was at that show. I met him at the sales yard. What part of that associates me with somebody that you have alleged has defrauded your company. Most Elite owners in the Melbourne Area have also Dealt with your above mentioned arrested sales person. Are they by association also in your sights. Maybe you can blame all of the problems on the fact that at some time we all had dealings with your sales man. Adrian, you have no bounds to the depth that you will go to to ensure that you duck and weave through the quagmire of a mess that you created with the poor product. You are aware of the weight issues as you and I have had conversations and the same with the legals. You also know that I went out and Purchased a F350 to tow the van as the compliance plate and the real weights did not match up. Leigh Clerland in TAS has a matter in the Federal Magistrates Court in relation to the weight issues and you and I have texted each other on the same issue. In relation to the "minor" repairs, I'm more than willing to put up the photos of the great work you did. I was not interstate as you stated. I was desperate to get my van back and on the day that your staff stated it was finished, I arrived to find a swarm of people working on it and had to wait in your reception for over an hour. One of these days facts may be a new start for you. Your treatment of us, and others that have made comments is appalling. I wish I had never met you or your company and had purchased off Jayco. As least then I would have a product that I could have repaired and it would have been the correct weight. DJL

Great van

We have our second elite van and thrilled with the quality of workmanship. We have just had an alteration to the interior (at our request) and the workmanship was excellent; the van returned to us was immaculate. Elite built the van to our design and the staff were exceedingly helpful with suggestions. After 1 year of towing the van ( which is 22ft excluding chassis) we have no complaints about the towability. This van meets all our requirements, and more, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend elite to anyone.

Floor PlanOur design but modified from one of their vans

Paid in full on top of deposit

Collected caravan after paying my deposit.
I then financed the full amount for tax purposes.
Paid in full 2 weeks early and [name removed] and [name removed]
Promised to return deposit on pick up.
3 months later still not paid and they both are
Not even a receptionist.

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Hi Jimbo12. We have asked you on the 24/3/18, 7/4/18 and the 18/4/18 for further particulars of your comments. You have yet to respond to any of the 3 messages. Please contact us at warranty@elitecaravans.com.au so we can get to the bottom of this scenario or you can call 03) 9357 9952 where your call will be answered by our customer service team. Regards Elite Caravans

Elite Balistic Armageddon

We bought our van in December 2014. The quality is 5star and the finish is excellent. We visited the factory twice throughout the manufacturing process. We custom designed several aspects of the fitout and are very pleased with the result. The caravan has been super reliable for 3 years now, easy and comfortable to use. We tow with a 200 series LC. The tow and the ride is a breeze. Admitedley we went top shelf and Elite delivered.

Elite by name only, we were blatantly lied to

We researched extensively for a second hand van and decided on Elite as one of 4 top quality manufacturers in our price range. At last years Caravan, Camping and Touring Super Show we were offered a traded 3 year old Elite Goulburn Diamond 2 Offroad van. Buying a traded second hand van from the "Industry multi award winning" manufacturer we were confident was a good option and whilst there is no warranty on second hand vans were assured by the Sales Manager that we would be getting a fully checked and recently serviced vehicle including new wheel bearings. We were looking forward to joining the Elite Owners Club.
Generally we are happy with the build of the van unfortunately its the best of a poor quality mid range field in an unregulated industry that in my experience employs people who are either unqualified or poorly trained or who are prepared to carry out poor quality work.
I'm an award winning qualified house builder from a regulated industry and I do top quality work. I've built my own campers, done my own research, I know how 12 volt sytems should be built and have built them, I know too how solar works and have built systems.
From the start there were issues, the "state of the art" instantaneous endless hot water service didn't work at all, the fridge only froze everything, the water pump constantly cycled (and couldn't easily be found!) one wheel was out of alignment scrubbing out the tyre, the tv remote didn't work, there was a missing boot seal, the water mains pressure connection only supplied a dribble and the tanks took an hour to fill.
Of the first 25 weeks we owned the van Elite had it back in their yard for 13.
There were numerous communications going back and forth, hollow promises to fix all the issues and sleepless nights on our part, after all $56K is a lot of money. We eventually agreed to pay the wholesale cost of a new hot water service, when I went to finally get our van back I discovered a damaged external door and the control box and wires fell out on my feet when I opened the cupboard under the sink.
A new fridge circuit board cost us $400, the water paump was incorrectly installed under the van exposed to rocks, dust and gravel so had to relocate it, the filter was clogged too, the tv was replaced but with no instructions to use it ( I can figure out most things but I'm not psychic). Despite promising to send the van back to the chassis manufacturer for a check and adjustment when I went to check on progress, the Elite Sales Manager went back on his word and refused to address the visibly out of alignment wheel. My wife and I appealed by email to the Elite owners and their commitment to quality and customer service that we had been sucked into on their website and youtube videos. We were never extended the courtesy of a reply and told by the Sales Manager that the response had been to basically leave.
The issue that shook me the most came after we got the van back after 3 months. When the wheels and brake drums were removed as part of the alignment and to remove what sounded like stones rattling around in the drums the brake shoes literally fell out on the ground. They were worn to the point they had delaminated. The bearings showed signs of over heating and were rusted to the stub axles, the grease was water and dust contaminated. We had done 1000kms on made roads since delivery of a serviced and fully checked van.
Elite is happy to send vans onto the road in a condition that poses a threat to the lives of the owners and other road users and they're prepared to lie about it. I have rarely experienced such unconscionable behaviour.
This industry needs regulation and stay away from Elite.

Floor PlanElite Goulburn Diamond Series 2 Offroad
Hi Matt, As discussed awhile back we need you to send, sales contract, invoice and all bank remittances of your payments, including details of any cash payments to us so we can investigate your claims. We have no details of your purchase in MYOB with your surname which is a real concern for us. The person you were dealing with at the yard has being charged with fraud since your dealings with him. I know you haven't been well which has affected you collating the information we urgently require however we are very keen to get to the bottom of your complaint and we can't do that if we don't get the information we requested. I believe you paid Northern RV for a new hot water. Any issues you have from their installation is to be directed to them. Regards Elite CaravansIMPORTANT UPDATE - I encourage readers of the above review to take into account that one of the Owners of Elite Caravans has contacted us and this matter is now in the process of being addressed. The Sales Manager we dealt has been identified as a person arrested for fraud against Elite. My wife and I look forward to having the identified issues resolved by Elite and being in a position to post a positive counter review. Dear Adrian, thank you for contacting us just before Easter and for offering to address our concerns. As you have acknowledged I do suffer from ill health, as a cancer survivor I have a permanent disability, which is why we bought the van to make life easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for now identifying the person in question and the importance and relevance of our information. I am collating the information and communication records of our contact with the arrested former Sales Manager as you have requested and as I am able. The new hot water service, which now leaks and has damaged our floor, referred to in my above review was indeed purchased and installed by NorthernRV. All of the work on our van was organised and paid for by the former Sales Manager under the banner of Elite and I thank you for your recent offer to assist with addressing and directing the problem to NorthernRV. Yours sincerely, Matt & Diana

Incompetent staff, no customer service and part owner and salesperson dishonest

Quality is average, drawers under sink have never been aligned properly, edging on melamine keeps coming off, sink rusting, 12volt fridge not insulated properly and overheats.
Reliability has been good.
Caravan is comfortable.
Van is easy and great to tow but we’ve since heard the people who built our chassis won’t deal with Elite anymore.
Asked to pay $10K in cash on pickup and then wanted to show as a discount. Had money problems for a long time now catching up with them.

Floor PlanElite Eden Series 3
Hello Julie, You purchased your caravan Monday 24th March 2014. Since this time we have attended to every warranty issue you have contacted us about. Including paying for specialised accommodation that allowed dogs which was a goodwill gesture of Elite Caravans. Looking at our records our Customer Service call backs were generally within 24 hours of you contacting us unless it was a weekend. We haven't had any contact from you since November 2015 when your TV stopped working. We also cannot locate any emails in relation to your 12volt fridge not insulated properly and overheats. We would have put you in touch with a authorised Dometic service agent in your area to get this rectified. In this instance we will forward your details to Dometic. Regards Elite CaravansDear Adrian I have waited until now to respond to your comment as my husband was away and I wanted his input to my reply. I can only assume that your response was in reply to my decision to not withdraw my review at your request. Firstly, we were only put up in accommodation due to the fact that Elite refused to have our warranty issues rectified by the repairer (recommended by Elite) in Newcastle where we could have dropped off the van for repairs and returned home until they were completed (no accommodation required). Elite insisted we take the van to Victoria to have the repairs done. This disrupted our travel plans as were going north but had to go south which put the timing of our travel out and we ended up in the Northern Territory at the end of the season and we missed out on seeing areas we wanted to see. Secondly, it wasn’t the length of time in being contacted that dismayed us but rather the fact that the repairs were authorised before we left home only to have some of them refused once we reached Victoria. My husband had to leave the repair area as he was so disgusted with the attitude and lies from Elite staff. The repairs were only done after further negations between Elite’s manufacturing manager and me. Thirdly, after dropping the TV to the manufacturer and much chasing up, we we advised they could find no fault with the TV so we purchased another one at our own expense. Fourthly, we didn’t contact Elite in relation to the fridge as the warranty had expired. My husband completed the repairs in consultation with Dometic. This also was at our expense but if it had been installed as per Dometic’s specifications in the first place, the repairs wouldn’t have been necessary. Lastly, under warranty one of our batteries was replaced after failing. We waited a week for a replacement which happened only after we followed up with Melissa who then sent us to your dealership in Morrisset who took a battery out of another van. On our last trip we again had battery problems and when we took our van to a battery place he advised we had odd batteries and this had contributed to the problems we were having. We replaced both batteries at our own expense. Every time we have had issues with the van either under warranty or not, it has been due to poor quality control during manufacture and Elite has NOT provided great customer service. Whilst we love our van we couldn’t in all honesty recommend to anyone to buy an Elite van due to the lack of integrity of the company.


I bought an Elite Atlantic Diamond over 3 years ago and it has been back for Warranty Issues many times its a Lemon !!!! Cracked Wall , Internal door fell off , Leaking Front Boot , Internal Linings falling off the list goes on and on These Idiots know how to play the game , Australian consumer laws state Repair , Replace or Refund they just keep repairing and repairing until you get sick of it , Yes they look nice Buyer BEWARE , Take the covers off drawers out and look at the SHODDY workmanship , KEEP AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS


Purchased a new 2017 2210 Balistic

Absolute fantastic Van and apart from a couple of minor issues that were addressed immediately by Elite we have covered many kms off road and would highly recommend to put Elite on your shopping list.

Floor Plan2210 Balistic

Elegant and robust. This 18 foot van is the perfect 2 person caravan!

This van is a surprise. It combines luxury and practicality. It has a large modern ensuite with a built in washing machine. The toilet and shower are separate with the modern vanity in the middle. There is a large fridge freezer and a queen sized bed. There are plenty of led lights and a marine quality sound system. There is also an air conditioner and a Kogan tv DVD combo. It has plenty of cupboards and there is also under the bed storage as well as a tunnel boot. There is a small dining area which is adequate as we eat outside mainly. This is probably the only feature of the van that I don't rave about but as I said before it is adequate! It is easy to pull. My husband originally wanted a van with tandem wheels but we fell in love with the van when we saw it and the single wheels are fine. It is strong with independent suspension. This an Elite Luxury Class 2015 model and despite it being second hand it is in excellent condition. This really works well and is a real home away from home! The van is comfortable and the quality workmanship is obvious!

Floor PlanLuxury class

We love our home on wheels! Quality, reliability, form and function

We have been living full time in our Elite Hume Series 1 family van for almost 5 months now as we travel around Australia with our family of 4. We have gotten to know the van quite well as you would expect and a have experienced extreme weather, blizzard conditions in the alps, -10 degree temps & 110km/h winds for days, as well as dragging it across sand, mud, dirt, corrugations, ice and even snow and we are only just getting started. We bush/free camp entirely off grid almost always and have done so since we left home.

We opted for the cruise master XT coil suspension to help off road and along with the strong and sturdy g&s chassis it makes the van a pleasure to tow given it weighs 3.4 tonne loaded with all of our worlds belongings.

I could go on about the van but will try and keep the feedback as short and simple as i can.

The build quality of the van is unbelievably good both inside and out. It is sturdy and strong, And the suspension truly compliments the van, things inside barely move over the rough stuff and what's more the van handles extremely well when towed behind our 4.2 patrol.

Inside it feels more like a home than a camping setup, which is nice when your're spending a long time travelling. All the creature comforts are there and we love our Webasto diesel heater (even more so after spending a month bush camped at the snow)

customer service was great throughout the purchase process and for a couple minor adjustments required shortly after. They say you get what you pay for and this is true. Our van has been a reliable and comfortable home on wheels.

[weblink removed]

Floor PlanTriple bunks

Love our Elite

This is our second Elite and we are very happy. Few warranty issues, but Mel fixed immediately. Tows beautifully, easy to keep clean inside and looks good. The only criticism I would make is the handover was not great. Took far longer than expected but he still didn't cover everything. Elite are a professional company

You get what you pay for

We have now had our van for 9 month, we have done 14000kms and the only issue is one of the small hub caps came off. The finish inside is goodbut we picked elite for the extrasas we will not comprimise on safety. Yes the van is big yes the van is heavy but it is definitely solid. I would recommend elite to anyone

Floor PlanHume series 2 bunk van

Great van!

We have an Elite Eildon Series 8 van and absolutely love it. We had changes made to suspension and tyres to make it semi off-road. It is very comfortable for 2 people and all the fittings are well designed. Tows beautifully. We had some small warranty issues which were fixed by Belmont branch no problems. Customer service at Campbellfield for pick up was very good and we were treated very well.

Floor PlanEildon Series 8

Good Vans

Found this site by accident, surprised by some of the comments, but can agree to some others re sales staff, but that shouldn't reflect on the vans themselves. Once we got past the sales bit we have been very happy with the van and the few warranty issues have been handled professionally. We have found the van to be very reliable and comfortable as far as touring goes, while a heavy van it tows well, on highway and rough roads.

Well made and comfortable

Our Elite has been a very comfortable tourer. Given the milege and time spent in the van we have been very happy. While we had some issues during the design and build stage, the van has lived up to its name. We have not had any issues with the minor warranty repairs we have had done, nor the modifications to the van since new. We certainly have not had the issues some of the other reviewers have put in.

July 28th 2017 Update: Got what we asked for

We had our Elite caravan built, and after some considerable research Elite were the only ones that tried to meet our requirements. We finished with a caravan that covered all our requirements and missed our required tare by 45kg, which in the end was not achievable. Cannot fault the warranty for the few minor issues we have had.

Perfect. Everything i need when away from home.

Just picked up my new Murray and i am absolutely blown away. It has everything i could ask for. These guys at elite really know what they are doing.
Quality 10/10. Tows like a dream and really well balanced. Love my generator, i don't even need to step out side to turn it on. I can still watch all my favorite foxtell shows with my Satellite dish and my diesel heater really helps with the cold mornings.

Floor PlanMurray series 2

Cheats..Buy another brand and save the pain!!

They price their vans like a Mercedes but you dont even get a Hyundai. Had the van back for warranty repair work on 6 occassions in 18 months and each time it came back with more and different issues. Everytime we went to pick it up after they told us the time to arrive, we waited on average 3 hours longer. The reason was the work was never done as requested and agreed. Quality Control and handover procedures dont exist here. Do yourself a favour and look at other brands as these guys are absolute crooks. Suggest if you have one, check that you have insulation installed as stated on their brochure....non existent!!!

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Dear DJ, We have asked you on the 25/3/18 and the 18/4/18 for further particulars of your comments. You have yet to respond to any message Please contact us at warranty@elitecaravans.com.au so we can get to the bottom of this scenario or you can call 03) 9357 9952 where your call will be answered by our customer service team. Regards Elite Caravans

stay clear of elite caravans

Dishonest salesmen, unresolved warranty issues, poor build quality of their caravans. Elite by name only. Do not have anything to do with elite caravans, campbellfield vic. False promises and when pushed, blatant lies. Be warned.

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Dear Rob, We have asked you on the 26/3/18 and the 18/4/18 for further particulars of your comments. You have yet to respond to any message. Please contact us at warranty@elitecaravans.com.au so we can get to the bottom of this scenario or you can call 03) 9357 9952 where your call will be answered by our customer service team. Regards Elite Caravans

Elite should be called Gunnadoo

Received our caravan late last year only to find items that were told we would receive were not in the van.
After numerous phone calls and emails to them saying yes a courier is sending the items up or oh sorry ran out of stock etc etc etc.
Now the emails are ignored.
Table is broken instead of replacing they want to screw a hunk of wood under it to bring it up level.
Tv cord faulty, key lock faulty, top of the van not painted properly.
DO NOT BUY ELITE you will not get what you're promised.
Only positive they stored the van for a few months until we could receive it.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Elite Owners, Has anyone purchased a Silk Road 1810 recently? I would be interested in your experiences, good and bad? If you are near Sydney where did you purchase it? Many thanks Robert1303
1 answer
Do yourself a huge favor and don’t by anything from elite or ballistic as they are called now

Hi, has anyone had a 100 series turbo diesel towing these vans please?
2 answers
We have a 200 series and tows very wellWe tow with a hundred series...perfect match!

Looking at the Ranger off road made by elite. Anyone have any thoughts on them? Cheers
1 answer
Hi Jeff, We don't make a RANGER model. Visit our website www.elitecaravans.com.au for all our models. Kind Regards Elite Caravans

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