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Dishonesty & Scam

I have ordered from their website twice. The first time was fine, all the skincare products i ordered arrived within a reasonable timeframe (7 days), and I have received everything I have ordered. Hence, I purchased from them again for the second time. There was a problem regarding the delivery, the parcel was shown 'Delivered' on AusPost website, and I have never received it, so I have tried contacting their order service via their website and also emailed them a few times about it. I have noticed that they listed on their website that they are not liable for any item being lost, and that is totally understandable. but they have not put any effort into making it a better experience for their customers, not even an email response, they have showed ZERO interest after the online transaction has been processed. I have emailed them about 5 times about it, and 2 weeks later, I still havent got any response. Their service is terrible and they do not care about customers at all, as long as they got their money. So after investigating with AusPost myself, I have finally received my products, turns out they didnt even finished packing , HALF of the items are missing. Is it hard to double check?

A total scam

I pre paid for several packages skin gym Fraxel and Fat Cavatation and RF. The Fat CAV machine was not working for 4 weeks and staff lied to me and continued to pretend the equipment worked. Management changed 3 times in three months now I have a 22 year old treating me badly and head office ignoring me. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and the staff aren’t even qualified or skilled in the services. Shocking service and non existent professional standards. A disgrace.

Old out dated equipment and unfriendly staff

Laser hair removal equipment is very old and outdated.
Staff are only concerned with pushing selling products to you that you don’t really need and are just rude when you don’t purchase.

the pretty young nurse

It was last year in November(?) so I do not remember the young nurses name. She was well mannered but I believe was not enough experienced with muscle relaxing(!) injections. Had it done again (after one month) for half the price at another clinic which seemed more effective.

Skin needling

I had skin needling done today. I have had skin needling done previously at another clinic 6 times.
Every time a numbing solution was applied but at Elle Rouge Kotara no numbing cream was applied. I had to sit through horrible painful needling. The whole experience was absolutely horrible. Barbaric really, not using numbing face cream. The whole procedure took 25 minutes max.

Do not go here!!

This company is an absolute joke! The store in Wynyard closed without warning or indication of when it will re-open. Ella Rouge don't seem to have any information on the prepaid packages causing people to lose hundreds of dollars!! I have been attempting to resolve my issue for TWO MONTHS and all I keep getting told is that they dont have any information of my pre-purchased packages. It takes them about two weeks to respond to my emails and initially three emails and over a month before my first query was responded to. Overall a total lack of professionalism and care. I will never be using their services again.

Would give zero stars

Rude, judgemental, nasty women! Why I bothered going here in the first place is beyond me!
Take your money and try to sell you anything.... Putting the hard sell on, when it should be a pleasant experience.
Awful people/awful service.... save your money and go elsewhere, where you the loyal customer, are appreciated because at this place your not!!

No result pay for $1000+

It was long time ago I went to Ella rouge, I just give review because I notice I haven't put the review here. I have lots of acne and acne scar on my face 5 years ago. They told me my acne will disappear after 5 treatments. (Fyi : I paid $1000+ for 17 treatments including acne scar treatment exlude product). I've asked them after 5 treatments about the improvement until 17 treatments finish, the manager just told me this "we have done our best you know that" (they do not want to responsible at all). I did not want to argue but I am totally disappointed until now. I was expecting at least they can prove they can help me reduce my acne. I just do not want others like me spending the money for no result.

My acne is disappear now because I use Benzac. It was really funny. $1000+ for no result, $16 for very good result.

Staff was nice but too much crap. They kept asking me to buy their product and I was too naive to buy expecting I get a good result.

Ella Rouge Parramatta Westfeild - Excellent service!

I called in to the Ella Rouge store in Parramatta Westfield. I had a gift card to do a facial , I asked if I can get Skin Needling. Its was all good, they had 40% treatments, which worked really well because skin needing is quite expensive.
I was really impressed by the beautician Diala, she was professional and has many years of experience and despite being a little anxious about the procedure it was over before i knew it. You might feel a little sting after the treatment and your face may look sun burnt but the next day you can really see the difference in your skin, i recommend the skin needling, I feel i got a deep cleanse and my face feels plump and rejuvenated.
I applied Aloe vera to help with the sting, it really helped.
Thank you guys!

Erina Salon BEWARE!!

Wanted to see my mum in the treatment room and the girls at the front desk refused me entering. I told her '[name removed]' that she was rude and then she started going off at me!! Refusing to go and let me own mother know i was there. She eventually called security to remove me from the salon. The security nicely asked me to go and have a coffee as they had to go along with the shops policy. 1.5 hours later i finally got to speak to my mother!!! Disgusting customer service!!!

Service was not provided to what was said to me when it was sold to me

I bought 6 prepaid omnilux and oxygen masks and had treatments in time even bought 250 dollar worth of creams from them, but when the change over happened i had 2 more treatments and was not happy with it as they only put me under the machine and slabed on sunscreen cream afterwards!
When i complained was told its new companty policies how pathetic is that?
Dont ever go to this new skinclinics co now

The upsell has put me off for good!

I've been going to the Westfield's Sydney clinic for about a year and I had prepaid for about ten sessions (eyebrow wax). The first few times were good but it just quickly deteriorated with new faces and service went downhill. The real turn off for me recently is when they really started to amp up the "selling", making up end dates for specials (it ends today!). I came in for my eyebrow wax, not anything skin related, but they somehow just like to push it. The last time I was there, the girl pointed out that I had pigmentation on my face and kept suggesting treatments even after I told her I wasn't interested. I have pretty good skin so that nit picking was just petty. To make things worse she still went on about the treatments after the treatment at the desk, almost to the point of bullying, which was just really annoying. She had been late for starters (I think they forgot about me being in the room) and I was on my lunch break, so bad experience overall. They may have rebranded themselves and they look the part, with their blue scrubs but seriously they are just glorified sales people. Stay away!

Infected eye

Purchased 6 facials for $360 without doing any research of the salon and also wanted an eyelash tint, Burwood Westfield . As soon as the tint was on I felt it stinging and dye went into my eye it was taken off immediately . This caused a badly infected red eye and a visit to the doctor and the optometrist . The facial was mediocre and rushed.I returned today to show my red eye and was told by the manager it wasn't that bad. My coworkers yesterday were concerned and the optometrist had to do a thorough check that my vision wasn't impaired . I was offered a refund for my future facials .Why risk another infection?So I was expecting to pay for my facial which $360 divided by 6 is $60. No the considerate manager charged me $120 for my worst facial ever,not $60 for any sort of compensation for my ordeal. Stay away people !!!

No star at all if I can! The worst ever !

ELLA ROUGE HURSTVILLE - Unprofessional customer services - I had a scratch on my face after I did Microdermabrasion Treatments at the first time, I contacted the staff in the clinic and she told me its never happen before and I contacted her too late (I did the treatment at 4:00pm at the day and found out at the day after at morning, and only email them at that day night as I am working on that day. ) and there is A LOT CAN HAPPEN WITHIN THAT TIME - as a member with them for half year I wonder what is she suggesting? I sent email to them regarding the refund she promised me and she never follow up and get back to me, a month later when I ask her about this she forgot it totally and saying it's been a month I can't refund it to you as your scratch is gone ! I contact their head office ,guess what? The administrator manager saying the scratch is normal ! And her attitude is just so perfunctory!

Just so surprise to see a clinic so not value their members and so not truth worth as they can deny what they said, and they can give you different answers, and their attitude is you should pay for their staffs mistake !


The worst clinic

Rude staff, not professional at all. I had a two laser sessions for my neck and ears. Not much changed. They missed spots in my neck so now have uneven neck.

The worst customer service! Ella Rouge Penrith.

Terrible service! Very disappointed. I paid for services that I did not receive because I wasn't aware there was an expiration date on the package deal which I purchased, they don't write it down on a card for you they just say it's on our system so you don't need to worry. BE AWAER! They are banking on you forgetting what you have actually had done then they turn around and say ohhh sorry it's now expired.. I was never told the service had an expiration date! When I tired to ask them to work out a solution they treated me awfully. The manager basically called me a liar because her staff would have told me it would expire. Guess what she didn't and she was just doing her best to sell as many deals as possible! So no!!!! The girl said I can come in whenever I liked to have the treatments. If she had told me it will expire after 12 months I would have made sure I used it all up because it was expensive!!!! Just disappointing. I spoke to their head office, they were more understanding, it just unfortunate as the hostTerrible service! Very disappointed. I paid for services that I did not receive, when I tired to ask them to work out a solution they treated me awfully. Just disappointing. I spoke to their head office, they were more understanding, it just unfortunate as the hostility was not need by the person I spoke to, who basically called me a liar.

Very rude unacceptable customer service provided by head office - the customer service manager-

I called the head office of Ella Rouge skin clinics to complain as follow; one of their salons (in West field Sydney CBD) has recommended me incorrect product and provide incorrect inforamtion when I was asking for the product I have been using for over a year.
The customer service manager at the Ellan Rouge Head office was externally rude over the phone. She said to me we did not force you to purchase the item. After the beautician explained about the product (but incorrectly) YOU did decide to purchase.. She should have addressed the issue as we except they have the product knowledge especially the product cost - a small bottle - $120 !!

They also made an error to post my online order parcel to incorrect address but they denied and blamed Australia post. They are VERY unprofessional organisation and have no manners.

Worst of the Worst- AVOID AT ALL COSTS

After reading other reviews and realising I have had very similar experiences, I am at a loss as to why this company is still trading.

My first experience was when I arrived for my appointment and was told by the rudest person that I had cancelled via text, as I don't own a mobile phone I advised that this can not be the case. After about 10 minutes of me saying I don't own a mobile, the delightful Manager offered to show me the text. To say I felt very uncomfortable with this confrontation is an understatement. And then the games really started, I have prepaid treatments that were secretly cancelled, which was discovered when I asked how many treatments I had left, this lead to another confrontation and to make matters worse it happened for a second time. I truly don't like making a fuss when I am in a store, but when I know I am getting ripped off, I wont just walk away. I finally decided when I was in store that enough was enough and asked for my money back on unused prepaid treatments, I was told that the Manager was busy and would phone me later in the day. Well after a few days I had still not heard a word so I rang and was advised that the Manager would phone me back. After my third attempt I finally spoke to the Manager and was told that I could not get a refund on unused prepaid treatments. I have been lied to in regard to pricing and treatments. I have experienced the worst waxing requiring a visit to another beautician.
OK sometimes you just had to concede defeat, so I have had to deal with this companies lack of just about everything.
Points to remember before buying prepaid treatments
* Staff turnover is huge, so you will not see the same person, even if you book a particular beauty therapist
* Make a note of appointments, as they may secretly cancel sessions
* Don't expect a good level of service, as most procedures are rushed through and are not done to a acceptable standard.
* Don't expect truthful advise in regard to procedures etc, as all they really want from you is you money and will tell you anything to get their hands on it.
*Don't expect to be treated like a valued client...you are not...its your money that is
Overall my experience with Ella Rouge Kotara has been VERY unpleasant and when my prepaid treatments are used up.....I WILL NOT BE BACK

Do Not Go Here. Complete Rip Off

I finished 10 laser sessions at Ella Rouge Macarthur a few months ago. All my hair has completely grown back. No reduction in hair at all. I told the manager and she said there was no refunds and nothing else they can do to compensate. They said I can buy a few more sessions which I knew would obviously be more of a complete waste of money and time. Do not do laser hair removal here.

Unauthorised transaction

Took $500.00 than the procedure cost. That was Dec 2016. Said they would reimburse my account. Still no money in my account. In Feb 2017 they told me they put it in my account. Still nothing. Do not go there.

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Has any one got ipl for lip and chin done at Ella rouge and had any problems?
2 answers
My Unty did the lip there and said that other then the slight pain coz she didn't use numbing cream, it was all goodlaser clinics australia, gives more permanent results.

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