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4.5 from 30 reviews

A must have

Good value for money, It has been built to last! not only it looks good but is very functional as well and very easy to operate.

Great compartments to put all my baby necessities in and most important of all my baby is comfortable while in it! She falls asleep with no issues in this pram.

Good stroller a little bulky

I find this stroller a little builky. I ended up selling it and going for a lightweight MacLaren stroller when baby was about 6 months. Good storage underneath. Very secure stroller and easy to fold. Need a big car if you have one of these strollers. It is a good one but only for infant stage as I prefer a more compact stroller when passed the infant stage.


I was afraid to take a look at Emmaljungas when I first started researching prams, I was afraid I'd fall in love and not be able to let it go. I had a look at the Mountain buggy and the Buggaboo but thought both were too expensive considering they weren't ticking all my boxes. Eventually my parents offered to bring the pram from Denmark which cut the price in half, might be worth ordering overseas and shipping.
I wanted a pram that would suit my height, I'm 1.85m and most prams leave me bending over to reach the handles or kicking the wheel base when walking briskly. This one doesn't! I also wanted a good quality pram that will last a few babies, and one that my (very likely) tall baby would fit in for a long while. Finally I wanted the option of having baby face either way. Since I bought the pram Emmaljunga has also brought out a sibling seat, so I'll be ordering this when no. 2 is on the way.
I was worried that the puncture free tyres would be hard, but they're very soft and provide a very smooth ride, aided also by the suspension.
We bought the Babylift, so baby could use the pram from newborn. The lift lasted four months before baby was ready to use the seat unit, mostly because baby wanted to sit up and see the world. We had to move the bumper bar forward, to allow the lift to fit, but the bar then doubled as a stopper, securing the lift. I know of parents who have simply folded the foot rest up, so baby can't slide out, and have used the pram in this way for a newborn. The backrest reclines completely.
I use the pram every day and it hasn't missed a beat. The included sun and rain covers work a treat and I love how the sun cover is zipped into the hood (it is completely removable if necessary). The rain cover has taken a heavy downpour and kept the pram completely dry. The hood can also be pulled completely over to block out a low sun, when the backrest is in seating position, or if the hood is unhooked at the back.
Although you're not supposed to, I have on occasion changed the direction of the seat with baby in it, this hasn't been a problem as the handles make it perfectly balanced.
It folds very easily, just release two handles halfway down the base once the handle has been collapsed.
While the pram folds with either the lift or the seat clipped in, it provides less strain on the back if you take the seat unit off the pram before collapsing.
I'm so glad I bought this pram, I haven't got any issues taking it shopping as it's narrow base fits anywhere, and I can turn it on the spot with one finger. Compared to the Cerox, this is a much sleeker pram. I love it, I'm so glad I got to own it!
Suits tall people (185cm - also suits short) baby can face parent or the world, drives like a dream, easy folding, rain and sun covers included, puncture free tyres (which are very soft), no issues going through shopping aisles, four backrest positions, 2nd child seat available, fantastic quality.
Heavy to lift, pricey in Australia


This pram and the bugaboo were my final two when choosing however the
- was too fiddly to put up and down
- the brake was very difficult to manovour and
- the seat can only be tilted

- is so easy to put up and down
- has a foot brake
- the seat can be changed into many different combinations with the seat and footrest being able to be adjusted
- so easy to push
- so comfortable for baby
- is made in Sweden (not China!)such great quality
- is stylish
- is NOT a 'me too'pram
Love, Love, Love this pram!!!! After months of research and driving all over town to view and test many different brands and models this pram has everything. It's narrow yet comfortable for baby, easier to put up and down, has a foot brake which allows you to keep hands free and an adjustable handle to accommodate the varying heights betwen my husband and myself.
The shopping basket is smalll however I have a hook on the handle to hang lightweight bags. Therefore not such a problem.

Good quality

Easy to use, not too heavy for a large pram, fits through shopping centre isles well. I didn't have any problems with this pram.
Excellent quality


I would buy this pram again, and i will definitely be buying the toddler seat for baby 4. I have always loved the Emmuljunga brand of prams, and this is the best I have had the pleasure of pushing. My baby sleeps beautifully in it for long days out and about. His dad finds it easy to push and the adjustable handle suits everyone. My two big kids (12 and 9) find it very easy to push and we don't have the drama of the pram tipping (mostly due to arguing over who was going to push bubby around), as we tested a lot of the three wheelers on the market.
I take my pram walking most days and up steep hills, it's a bit of a push but baby is comfortable all the way around our trek. So no need for a walking pram.
If you can afford to purchase, I feel it would be the best money spent.
So be assured you will love it!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pram. It is beautiful to push, and turns on a fifty cent piece, using one hand. It has suited my baby from birth to present. I had the coronado for my two older children and this pram is sooo much better. It manuvoures through the supermarket and aisles with ease. Makes shopping with bub a pleasure.
It is a little heavy, but I figure it's a small negative. Also, the basket underneath is a little small but I use a bag hook on the handle for extra things. So it's not a problem

Gorgeous pram

This pram is so gorgeous and classy. Very comfortable and room for baby. Great suspension and great quality - will last for baby 2 or 3 if looked after.
Sturdy, suspension for baby and easy to take on any surface
Heavy and difficult to get in car, need a large boot

Worth every cent! Quality product!

The turning circle is awesome, maneuvers thru the tightest of corners! Very smooth ride for bub and a dream to push! Handles rougher terrain with ease and glides over footpath cracks and bumps. We also purchased the bassinet and my baby is very happy sleeping in it for hrs at the shops or at friends houses! Its very warm and cosy especially for the winter months in Melbourne!
Very well made and I honestly dont think its too heavy!? I can easily lift it in my boot and it can break down to 2 pieces if it was a problem lifting! Love that bub can face me!
I was so stressed before i bought this pram because it was quite a lot of money but trust me - its worth it! My little boy is 11 weeks old and we are so happy we spent the extra money and bought a quality pram! I have friends that have went cheapo on their pram and they really regret it!
Expensive - yes! But so worth it if you can afford it! Quite a big pram but in saying that, I have a Mazda 3 sedan and it fits in my boot with no probs :)

Best pram on the market

I absolutely ADORE my pram. It's a dream to push and has the tightest turning circle. When comparing my pram to my friends, this always comes out on top. It's narrow enough to take shopping, but big enough that baby has plenty of room. And it looks so plush and elegant!
We purchased the bassinet attachment which has been our daughters bed for the last 10 weeks. She will still get another couple of months use out of it before she is too big.
We are planning for our second very shortly and will be purchasing the toddler seat attachment. I have never through twice about buying this pram, and it is definitely worth every cent paid!
Tight turning circle, easy to navigate, narrow enough that I never have issues shopping, looks great!
It doesnt fold very compact and takes up alot of my boot space, and we have a large 4WD.


I would buy the emmaljunga nitro pram again and again, its tough and not flimsy and its a pleasure to push both on tough terrain and smooth surfaces.

It is a little pricy, but worth it.
I love my Emmaljunga Pram - its so easy to stear and can turn using one finger, its smooth on concrete and rough surfaces. I also love the sturdy construction and its non puncture wheels. This pram is built to last.
Its a little on the heavy side and takes up a lot of room in the boot of my medium size car, i'm using the bassinet at the moment but hoping the seat will take up less room.
And its pricy.

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I have a 12 year old classic emma pram can I use the seat and bassinette on newer frame
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Hi I’m looking for a capsule adapter for my super nitro Emmulunga. Have been told you can’t buy them. Would any others fit?
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Hay are you in the FB Emmaljunga Prams Australia they are great and very knowledgeable

Hello, We have nitro city and looking for wheels set for next summer! I contacted the retailer in Poland and so far no any answer! Can anyone advise if any other sets from emma website can fit on nitro city chassis ?
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Nitro City
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 15 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight16 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateDec 2009

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