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Energy Matters
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Works well

We had system installed in 2016 following years of paying excessive electricity accounts. Installed a system promoted by local council. I don't need to know what the readings are because I can read the numbers on the inverter and can see that while I have the oven, the dishwasher, fridges, freezers and the washing machine and TV on my SMART METER is ZERO and light is not flashing.
I was encouraged to put the App on my phone so that I could monitor the system and a representative came to show me how - not my style though so I don't bother using it.
Initially after installation I noticed a damaged tile on the roof and they promptly sent a firm to repair.
My experience has been very positive.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased REC REC260PE-SLV (MC4) REC Peak Energy 260W
System Size5.2 KW

Fast installation

The team arrived on time and 5 1/2 hours later they were finished. I've had no issues with the company; the service is friendly and they do their best to answer your questions. Highly recommended.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
System Size6.6 KW
Purchase Price $7,000.00

Good Service

Good information given to me at the start and good follow up to ensure the installation happened as scheduled. After installation the setup was well described to me by the installing technicians and I received all of the required documentation the next day via email..

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Flext
Purchase Price $4,970.00

Faulty Inverters

Have had 2 inverters replaced because they were faulty, now the third one is leaking water, have tried to contact them, Energy matters, still no response as to what to do. Keep getting automatic emails saying they will contact within 2 days, NOT TRUE !

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Panel Purchased fronius inverter
System Size1.5 KW
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Is now a month but still no resolution to the problem, if you expect service I recommend you do not use Energy Matters as it seems the customers do not matter. !

Energy Matters

Yes, we paid a deposit back in October to go ahead with the installation which was booked for 14th January, this was cancelled on the day and since then we have heard they closed down, so what happens to our deposit.
Where should we go to try to re claim this.

Energy matters you don’t

The panel installation was executed in a professional manner after a bit of to and fro. However we cannot monitor the system and when looking manually it’s not performing as promised. We paid a high price in comparison to other companies even though we were assured there was a council initiative and the government concession. We don’t get over 4.5 on a 5.4 system and therefore pay for electricity from the grid on a hot day. Here’s the crunch. They simply stop replying to calls, messages and emails. Guess I have to try the Ombudsman but someone should let local governments know that they should look elsewhere for their recommended installers.

Waited for 3 months for installation

We waited over 3 months to have our solar system installed, the system was paid for, the installer arrived with the panels to install today and the clips supplied did not fit our roof. The installation can no longer go ahead before Energy Matters winds up the business. Communication has been extremely poor. This process has been a nightmare and we are left having to start the process all over again with another company. Energy Matters have not returned my calls. A very disappointed customer.
2 days later and still haven't heard anything, they are not answering their phone and they still have our money. Now seeking legal advice.

Don’t use this company

We’ve had an absolutely terrible experience with this company and don’t recommend anyone to use them. Our sales man gave us false information prior to signing up. We’ve had continuous issues since installation. It’s taken 10 months for us to actually use our solar and our bill is double what it was for the same time last year with just electricity. I’ve been on the phone to energy matters every day Monday to Friday asking for answers but I keep getting passed on to another case worker or told my currrent one doesn’t start till later and they will call me back which hasn’t happened yet or they are off sick. I’ve been doing this for 4 weeks now. It is beyond a joke. No one can tell me why this is happened.

Disappointed with the installation process

We were very disappointed with the whole installation process. Before we signed the contract we were promise the system will be installed in 4 weeks...it took 6 weeks until someone actually came to do it. The company send 2 inexperienced young guys that were not able to finish the installation that day (I was home so I could hear them calling their boss numerous times to ask how to do certain things), left all the solar panels in our garage (making it impossible for me to use the garage to park my car in for the next 2 weeks) and a mess in our electrical service panel. It took numerous phone calls from us and almost 2 weeks for someone to come back and finish our installation...I wonder how long it will take now until we will finally be connected to the grid and actually getting any benefits from it? Very disappointed and all they can say it 'sorry, we are busy'

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Hi Dinu, We’re very concerned to hear about your experience. This is certainly not the quality of installation that we want our customers to experience. Can you please provide your full contact details and customer number if you have it so that we can follow up. Please email customer@energymatters.com.au thanks, Energy Matters Community Moderator

Dodgy - Don't do it

In late August '18 I found this outfit on Google search, rang them up and asked for a quote for a newly built house, 2.8 kw system. Got a quote and paid the deposit, right there on the spot over the phone. Made arrangements for a technician to attend the site and organise the install, this happened a couple of times. Mainly because of site compliance, being a new build and all that. Advised them that I would call when it was okay for the tech to attend the site. Early September, we were ready. For a good 2 weeks I was trying to get a hold of these guys to organise the tech to attend the site, kept telling me that someone would call me back, nothing. Fed up, I asked for my deposit back. It's now early November and I'm still waiting, everyday I call them, not even exaggerating. Building and moving into a new home isn't cheap and with a young family, it's very stressful. On top of that, these guys have pretty much taken me up the garden path and left me there, out of pocket with no solar panels, stressed out and fed up. Don't go with these guys, read the reviews. There's some good ones but a lot of them have the same tone, all good until they get your money. - Update - 3 weeks after I wrote this review, I finally got my refund. 7 months after I paid the deposit.

Solar but no connection?

Installation went like a dream in spite of inclement weather. However after nearly 4 months I still don't appear to be connected to the grid, or getting any benefit!

Terrible Customer Service

The product seems fine, however the customer service is terrible. I have been waiting since August 2018 for a resolution to my issue and still cannot get a response and it is now mid November. Every time I am promised a response I don't get one and when I question why, I am simply told we are very busy!!!!! I have now even asked to speak to a manager and they have not even bothered to return my call even though i stated the reason for my call was due to a complaint. My system tells me it is exporting x amount to the grid and my bill is less than half that. i am simply trying to ascertain what is correct.

I recommend finding an alternative supplier, you will just be disappointed.

Great product, poor communication

The before sales service was very good, installation excellent but communication with the company prior to installation was very poor.

The Sun and me

I am surprised how efficient the system is,even in cloudy weather,and i
I am enjoying letting the sun make money for me

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That's great news Graham, thanks for the review. Scattered bright clouds can sometimes increase output above the system rating due to the higher radiation levels, and even in overcast weather you can often see reasonable output, so long as the clouds are not too thick.

great installation poor after sales service

My solar panels installed easily and with minimal fuss. My inverter wi fi stick not working so could not monitor the usage on my phone. Made a complaint about this in early August and the matter is still to be resolved. They take a very long time to get back to you. Have been told they will send me a new wi fi stick but this has yet to happen. Disappointed with the quality of after sales service. Have received the new wi fi stck but still can't check with the app - complained about 10 days ago - still no reply. Also put in a question regarding a reading on my inverter that says LIMbyVG but have still not received a reply from energy matters.

Hello Robyn, the inverter message: LIMbyVG means that inverter output power has been reduced due to a high grid voltage. If this is a frequent issue, then your electricity service provider may need to investigate and rectify it. Regarding your wifi problem, can you please supply your customer number, and I will pass your issue onto management to ensure that it is sorted out for you. Regards, GordonC380375 is my customer number - I do feel that queries should be answered more promptly or a phone number more readily available to be answered. I look forward to the matter being reoslvedAll resolved app now working and no longer seeing limbvg

No fuss

It's the second time we've used Energy Matters and, just like the first time, the process was seamless and carried out without any fuss or trouble.

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Thankyou for the great review Don. The Energy Matters team are happy to have been of service again, so that you can power your home with clean renewable energy.

Terrible customer service

My parents had their system installed by Energy Matters so suggested I do the same. Following 2 online enquiries no one called me, so I called only to be told you were too busy to give me a quote. I was booked in for a phone appointment the following day at 1.00pm - which I made sure I was available to talk. No one called, and I am yet to hear. I will be taking my business to someone who wants it.

What every home should have

The process worked. The plan was executed. Only problem is the inverter drops out on a regular basis. I suspect its all to do with the power reticulation and not my system

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Thanks for the review John! If the inverter is dropping out due to grid overvoltage issues (a relatively common problem) you can ask your retailer to monitor it and take the appropriate action to correct it. Also, you should be able to check your inverter for an indication of why it dropped out.

A well executed job.

An efficient job and carried out without any fuss and bother. As this project was part of an upgrade for our community library and in an heritage area it was important that all the necessary placements were abided by.

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Thankyou for the 5 star review Maldon Library. The team at Energy Matters are pleased to hear that you are happy with your new installation, and trust that the Library will enjoy the environmental and economic benefits of clean renewable energy well into the future.

Great Product and Price

The people were great to deal with. The installation team were efficient, helpful and very neat and tidy. I’m loving being able to monitor the daily efficiency of the system. I recommend them to everyone I meet. They can’t be beaten on value or quality!

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Thanks for the great review Martin! Being able to watch your system pump out clean energy is certainly a bonus for PV system owners, at Energy Matters we recommend monitoring for all systems.

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Questions & Answers

Can anyone advise on service received from the company based in Menai?
1 answer
I don't know about a company based in Menai. My experience was: 15 Solar panels installed after negotiations and payment to Energy Matters. The first meter malfunctioned and was replaced.our then providor 's accounts showed feed to the grid. November 2017 we changed providor to Energy Australia.we did not receive our 'delayed Account' until March.this showed no feed to the Gris since November. Almost a month later we are still trying to get proof whether the meter is faulty or the solar installation is faulty......we need this problem fixed and we are no nearer as at 16 April 2018. Janet Hay

Does a 7Kw solar system without battery cost $18,600.00+ to install?
3 answers
far lessWow! Nooooooo that's to Much. Geeze.For reference, my 5KW system was just over $10,000 to install high-quality monocrystalline panels. Without knowing the panel type, where they will be installed or the site specifics it is difficult to give you a definitive answer, but over $18,600 does seem a like a high quote if the panels are just being installed on an ordinary suburban roof.


Energy Matters
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Contact Number 1800 362 883
24-Hour Phone Contact No
Online Live Chat No
After Sales ServiceNo
Services ProvidedInstaller and Solar Product Retailer
Clean Energy Council Approved RetailerNo
Solar Connection TypeGrid-Connected

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