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Engel MR40F

Engel MR40F

3.9 from 23 reviews

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Hasn't let me down. Yet.

Ours is 4 years old now and has done us proud so far nothing bad to report except a bit of paint coming off the metal inside the fridge. We've used it a fair bit and it works very well. If I have a negative about the fridge, it would be the ease of cleaning.

Purchased in March 2015 at BCF for $699.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Maybe we have a lemon?

This is our 2nd Engel. Our first one has a steel casing and is 25 years old, and still going strong. We purchased our 2nd Engel, Eclipse with the plastic casing, 5 years ago. It doesn't get alot of use except on camping trips. We have just replaced the circuit board at a cost of $400 12 months ago. Now the compressor is running continuously and not getting cold. We will not spend another cent on it. Sorry Engel, you have done your dash with us. We will be buying a Bushmans.

Purchased in June 2013.

Poor warranty service

Purchased MR40F model from BCF and latches came with loose tension. Referred the defect to engel and had a serviceman looked it. Their suggested solution was to remove shim under the latch bolt and bend the metal hook a bit. A cheap really effort from a reputable company. I was expecting at least they could try new latch or seal as the latch did not have tension straight out of box. After purchasing a new latch at my own cost i found out door seal is actually culprit. Maybe their compressor could be good (still have not tested yet, but now i am not sure if i can get something good out of them in case of problem) but can't say same for their warranty service. So just something to watch out. Probably no more engel for me. Terrible service.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Mr40 f evlipse review excellant

Brillant fridge ! Runs at least 4 days off 100ah battery!,gave up monitoring after that!
Hot thermometer on e bay $1 and small buttom lights from bunnings all u need ! Got internal tray for salad brill! Better quality than waeco ,they look cheap plasticy
Not got cover too expensive

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Great fridge but hope it doesn’t break down

Truly a solid build. Well made. Rugged like the Dometic. Draw back is the cooling plate inside some models sits away from the casing which is really hard to clean behind and the backup service from Engel is just terrible. Arrogant and belligerent customer service personnel for such a high end product. Shame. I would still buy one and take the risk as they are very good.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

3 years 3 months only!

I purchased this fridge to use for work and eventually touring Australia for a year. It was always kept inside a canopy or cab, never in direct sunlight. I found the dial to set temp would easily move if it was accidently bumped, mainly causing eveything to freeze. A simple dial that clicks between settings would fix this. The fridge compressor died at 3years 3 months so warranty was over and to repair would cost as much as a new one. The dial gauge has no temp inication so you have to constantly check if things have not frozen or that dial has not moved.Will look for another brand next time

Date PurchasedMar 2016

great fridge at a good price

the engel i got is great no friils just basic but could have a light inside but that is it . i set it between 1 or 2 on the dial and dose a good job .it allso came with 3 year warranty so engel back ther fridge up . I leave this on the back of farm ute them into wagon etc for shopping . It came with a cover which is not as thick as the older covers are it might not last like the old ones ?

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great Unit Great price.

We use this unit on the big trip every year, a couple of smaller long weekenders and the odd party. I also use it as my beer fridge in between. Its now been running for 13 months solid. I've only used it as a fridge and not a freezer but when travelling have cryovaced and frozen our meat prior, put it in the bottom in an Ikea Tupperware style container that fits perfectly in the wire insert then putting newspaper over this before I load the cheese/salad mixes/margarine/milk etc.

Even after a week the meat was still frozen running the fridge on 1.5/5 and the salads at the top kept cold without freezing. This set up obviously means a little unpacking (usually at lunch time so the meat defrosts) but given I have only one unit for cooling - it's a small price to pay in my opinion. I pop in a 6 pack in the morning and they're nice and chilled come beer o'clock. When at home I have it set at just short of 2/5 and the temperature sits around 1c.

Unlike the bigger and more expensive units it doesn't have a temp gauge. I've overcome this by purchasing a wireless temperature gauge off Ebay. It came with 2 sensors and a display unit that velcro'd nicely to the lower part of my dash. It also has an alarm that you can set for a hi/low temp. Saved me once when the plug either got knocked out or was shaken out on a corrugated road.

When out and about the fridge lives in the tray under the canopy and cops temperatures of 45c+. I do have the insulating cover though some doubt its effectiveness. Seems ok to me. The power draw seems to be pretty low and I've had it running 3 days straight of the dual battery without an issue.

Some have noted it is a noisy unit. I know from having it in the man cave that it makes a hell of a noise if one of the stubbies is sitting in the wire cage at an odd angle but it seems pretty quiet otherwise. I guess I'm not sleeping with it nearby though.

The unit isn't particularly heavy when unloaded - I can manage swinging it on and off of the fridge slide with ease. Loaded - you might want to bring in some assistance but perhaps that's just me.

For the price - this seemed to be the best unit I could afford and I am absolutely happy with it. Paid $850 with the cover from BCF in Jan 2017.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Not built like they used to be.

Bought this fridge 4 years ago. Worked well and lived in the back of the Prado for 4 years then electronic board died. Common problem apparently after doing some research. $380 to fix. Can't buy parts to do it yourself and save a few dollars either. Decided not to spend the money as other parts are probably on the way out. Bought another brand. Made in Thailand these days and I suspect QC isn't as it used to be. Still have 15 year old Engle in the shed going strong! I would recommend saving some more money and buying another brand. Will cost less in the long run.

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Very reliable fridge

Note: I have always used this unit as a fridge only, with the selector on “1” or a little under. On “1” the temperature I measured at the bottom of the compartment was 4 deg C. I never used the fridge as a freezer, so cannot comment on its freezer capabilities. I use it to store meats, vegetables, salads, butter and cheese, juices, cold drinks and any other stuff normally stored in an everyday fridge.

I bought my Engel Eclipse 4 years ago and went all the way around Australia with it in my van (over 20,000 km including over 2,500 km on rough dirt roads). Since then I have used it on numerous other camping trips, as well as for just keeping food and drinks cold after shopping or when going for a picnic. It has never skipped a beat. The compressor is audible when it turns on, but it never bothered me. With the basic dual battery system I have, I can normally get 2 to 2 ½ days of fridge life before needing to recharge the battery.

When I fitted out my Mum’s van last year I included the same fridge with an improved battery/charging system, and she is currently getting 5 to 6 days’ fridge life before needing to recharge the battery.

The only two minor issues I have are 1) it could do with a temperature gauge and 2) the rotator switch is a little too easy to turn on: on more than one occasion I have brushed against it and turned it on by mistake.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

So far, execellant

My MR40F has lived in the back of my work Ute since Brand new, and has never been turned off, it is a " no frills" unit with old fashioned reliable controls. If there are any draw backs it is somewhat noiser than my Waeco, but it is not a big one for me.I am not going to rave that it is any better than other brands, I have a Waeco that has not been turned off for 3 years, it also powers on.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Excerllent fridge

Great fridge. We use it in the hilux. Great price. Engel fridge's outlast most other brands. Keeps everthing cool and fits nicely on back seat. My husband has flattened the battery a few time by leaving the ignition on to keep his beer cold. Handy for a shopping trip when you have a long drive home.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Excellent fridge that's converted many Waeco mates to Engel!

This is one great fridge. A mate of mine and I bought two at the same time getting us both decent discounts from Carac. A year and a half later, and both are running like new. But I hear that even after 20 years it'll still run the same.
It cools from 25 degrees to 4 in under an hour.
The plastic external construction makes it lighter to carry than the metal ones, but I would buy metal version if it's in the back of a ute. (Mine is in a wagon.)
At first I only used it camping for cold drinks, cheeses, salads etc. but now it lives permanently in my wagon, keeping chilled wine and water cool for emergencies.
Handy for bringing cold shopping home on hot summer days.
The single best thing about it is it's energy consumption. Only one moving part means reliability and low power consumption. A few Waeco owner mates have been converts now.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

excellent fridge

Recently bought the Engel Eclipse from BCF at the 20% off sale with the cover thrown in $719, unbelievable price and an outstanding fridge. I have now had an early model Engel - excellent, a Waeco - good and most recently the Chinese made Eva-Kool - ordinary. My new Engel is outstanding, maintains 2 degrees with ease. Hardly uses any power compared to the Waeco and Eva-Kool. More than happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone. Incidentally they are now made in Thailand not China. On the noise issue mine is just as quiet as the Eva-Kool using the Danfoss compressor, the difference being the Engel cycles in and out, the Eva-Kool rarely stops runnning so it emits more noise overall. The best person to ask how good a fridge is, is the shop that does all the warranty work and repairs During a recent visit to have my 18 month old Eva-Kool repaired under warramty, I asked the question, As the repairman is the agent for all the well known brands he didn't really answer only saying he rarely sees an Engel in his shop for warranty work.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Engel MR40F

2 years ago, I bought an Engel MR40F. This portable fridge is fantastic. We took it around the Kimberly's last year and it coped with the parched heat. It did however consume more amps per hour but it functioned well. The Engle supplied us with cold beers in some of the most remote parts of this country. I had the fridge hooked up to a 60 amp deep cycle battery melded with a 120 watt solar panel. It didn't miss a beat. Within 30 minutes of starting up, this little ripper chilled my beers cold. This unit can handle a beating off the beaten track. Has all the perks of an Engle built in a plastic casing. Very

- Outer shell made out of plastic.
- the hinges aren't the best
- the compressor can be irritating at night.
- little heavy - 22 kg

Considering all these points, It's well worth it for $799.
My friends bought Waeco's and they had problems with them. Stay away from them.

Last Engel I will buy

After owning 2 previous Engels, and still using the 2nd purchased in 2001, I bought an MR40F to have as fridge and use the MRT45 as freezer. The MR40F is TOO NOISY to have in the van. The unit was replaced U/W and is now even worse. Engel has gone for cheaper iron magnets in the motors, where they use to use "rare earth" magnets. Waeco next time for the Danfoss compressor.


I have had my MR40F plastic model now for about 2 years and it lives in my ute and gets used every day and my drinks are super cold on setting 2, the Engel cover though has not liked the sun and has completely fallen apart, great fridge they just need to make a better quality cover..

Great unit. Go with Engel reliability.

Avoiding the temptation to get a cheaper (read: Waeco) unit, I went with this one, also because I couldn't afford the metal-cased Engels, which are VERY expensive.

This has been all over the place with us: off-road, on beach, camping. Beer and food as cold as you like, with excellent battery efficiency. It goes in the back of our Land Cruiser and gets a fair workout.

A really excellent unit.

I think the key to these things lasting is to continue using it when it's not 'away' on duty, we use it in the garage as a beer fridge, so that it is always in use. They're so efficient that I've unplugged the normal beer fridge and keep this one ticking over instead. WIth a 3 year warranty, it's a great buy!

Works great,right price

I already have the 40L steel cased model.Needed another one so i bought the plastic cased one at almost half the price of a metal one.
Plastic one works great.I bought a fridge/freeze thermometer from jaycar for $20 and the fridge has less than 1`C variation in temp when running.Better than the older steel cased one.
Wishing now i`d bought a plastic one in the first place instead of the metal one. 2 plastic ones are only about $200 more than 1 metal one.

Won't buy another one

Bought this when first came out, broke down within warranty, had to have entire internals replaced. Stopped working again, not reliable. Would not recommend.

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