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Engel MT45
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  • Energy efficiency

  • Study, durable steel-casing

  • Digital temperature display and readout.


  • Lacks tie-down points beyond the handles

  • Some reviewers said it was louder than other portable fridges


  • Build Quality
    4.0 (1)
  • Value for Money
    4.0 (1)
  • Ease of Use
    4.0 (1)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.0 (1)

BazCentral Queensland, QLD

disappointed about ruggedness and reliability


Gold edition 45l only gets moved for occasional defrost/clean.
Stopped getting cold, compressor still works.Told by service agent to replace cooling unit at half the cost of a new fridge.
Contacted Engel Australia,they wrote back and said how disappointing it must be for me.
Placed fridge on ground , inverted with compressor end upwards and left for a day in that position.
Fridge now working again, (thanks not, service guy and Engel Australia)

Purchased in January 2015 for $1,400.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money


  • 2 reviews

Great when working


I've had my engel for 8 years and have bad to replace the cooling system twice at a cost of $625 each time due to a blockage in the cooling unit which they tell me is a sealed unit. Not happy i could have bought 2 fridges for what I've spent



  • 5 reviews

Cooling Unit Failure at 7 years


I have used it off and on for seven years now with relatively little usage. In fact you could say it has had a very easy life. Turned it on the other day to stick some drinks in it only to discover that it doesn't cool. Authorised servicing agent has advised me that the cooling unit has failed due to a 'blockage' ~$625 AUD to repair and replace entire unit. So, not so bullet proof.

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Excellent but way too money


Three years ago I traveled to South Africa to buy a 4X4 and travel around southern Africa. I purchased a Engel MT45FP with digital readout and inerior light for $500 Au dollars from Makro. The fridge came with an Australian box, power plug and paper work. I see that today the same fridge is $700 in South Africa and $1400 in Australia. I had no problems with the fridge and love the power consumption but not the price of the Australian importer. looking at importing one from South Africa.
Low power usage



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It was good for a few years.

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Questions & Answers

Cary x

Cary xasked


My 40ltr engel fridge/freezer has recently started to drain most of my battery flat over night, seems to be running quite often. Have replaced my 100ah agm with a new 135ah agm and the problem is still on going. What could it be, on our way to the Cape and will need to have it sorted. Running engel as freezer at -11 which I've done for the past 6years.

1 answer

G'day Cary, I'm not sure if its the same issue -but I had a similar event while on Fraser a while ago. I run an Optima battery ( as the dual / 2nd battery) I would drive a few hours a day without topping it up on a solar panel. Thinking this would be enough to keep it charged. It is but not for a few days, the battery was slowly using more power than I was putting in. When it gets down to 10.5 to 11 volts while running the fridge it needs a good charge to get it up to speed again. Your freezer will draw a max of 2.5 a/h's per hour for memory. I thought I would fully charge my battery with a hour of driving, this is not the case I've been told it can take 4-5 hours of driving. A good quality 120a/h battery will drain to about 50%-60% meaning you'll get about 50 hours at 1 a/h , 25 hours at 2 a/h ( ballpark) . But that's draining it to the max.
The solution is not to let it drain that far down and try to recover by driving a few hours a day. Solar is needed as soon as you stop to keep it 80% charged plus at all times. I'm also off to the Cape again in June , can't wait.
So charge it up fully ( volt meter will be 12.8 / 13 v) and maintain a charge via solar ( or 240v) and see how that goes. And try not to discharge it to the max to often, they can struggle to recover - I could be wrong but that sounds that could be the situation in your case. Cheers Shane 0406 787473

Jeannie D.

Jeannie D.asked


We can buy a thermostat for $90. Is it able to replace our thermostat which is unable to turn itself off when it reaches temperature

No answers



My Engel cycles on for 4 seconds then off for 4 seconds and repeats this for as long as it is turned on.
It starts doing this as soon as it is turned on.

2 answers

G'day Russell,

Some thing wrong there, if you have set on ? say -5 , it will run for a while and turn off for short periods. After 24 hours or so it'll run less and be off longer as the fridge has achieved its desired temp.
It sounds like a thermostat or control setting issue. You'll need to get it to a Engel service agent to have it checked/ fixed. Might still be under warranty ? Cheers


It short cycles as soon as you turn it on , it never achieves temperature - it does not matter what number you set the thermostat to.

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Engel MT45


The Engel MT45 is a dedicated fridge and freezer combo, known for its durability and energy efficiency. It's able to be powered by 12V/24V and mains electricity. It has a sturdy, steel casing, an interior LED light, and a digital temperature readout and thermostat.

Reviewers appreciate the Engel MT45's strong build, and its ability to run in high temperatures and survive rugged roads. The digital thermostat is widely praised, as is its energy efficiency. Some reviewers considered it a little louder than other fridges, and saw its hefty price as a potential flaw.

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Engel MT45FL
  • Discontinued

Engel MT45FL

No reviews yet
CategoryPortable Fridges / FreezersPortable Fridges / FreezersPortable Fridges / FreezersPortable Fridges / Freezers
Price (RRP) $1,299.00$1,399.00$1,449.00
Type Dedicated Fridge + Freezer ComboDedicated Fridge + Freezer ComboDual Zone Fridge + Freezer
Can Capacity60 Cans60 Cans
Power SourceCar (Cigarette Lighter) and Wall OutletCar (Cigarette Lighter) and Wall OutletBattery and Wall Outlet
FeaturesDigital Display Panel and Interior LightDigital Display Panel, Removable compartment divider and Thermometer
Weight24 kg24 kg24 kg
Dimensions 508 x 648 x 364 mm508 x 648 x 364 mm508 x 648 x 364 mm
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Construction MaterialSteelStainless Steel
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