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Outstanding system, 4 years of trouble free pool ownership

We installed this in our new pool in 2014 and its been excellent. In new pools you have to keep on top of the pH levels and make sure to keep a little amount of salt in it. Replaced electrodes around 2.5 years in (about $250) and new oxidiser cell plate needed now about $600, other than that and some acid to lower pH, no other costs. Support is excellent and the kids love swimming in it compared to other pools. Would buy it again.

Date PurchasedJan 2014
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Hi Chris Thank you for your review. Your support is greatly valued.

Absolutely amazing

I have owned this system for 2 years now and I cannot believe how little maintenance I have to perform on my pool. I installed the system myself and the initial setup was straightforward thanks to the excellent instructions it comes with. I have only had to add pool acid and nothing else! Guests cannot believe that I don't have chlorine or salt and I have lost count of the amount of times I've shown them the ES3. My kids all have asthma and chlorine really affected them in other pools but not this one. I did come across some negativety...at the pool supplies shop! Completely one eyed opinion of this system. Anybody who is considering this system would be advised to ignore those type of people and purchase an ES3. Technical support has been fantastic. I will build another home and pool again in the future and Phil will be my first contact so I can purchase another system... highly recommended!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Danny, Thank you for your valued review.

A game changer!

This is an awesome product - as a 3 time pool owner I have finally made my life easier; once you get the water in balance maintenance is a dream; no more 20KG containers of chlorine and filter time has been halved! Great support from the Enviroswim team! Thank you!

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hi Anthony, Thank you for your support and taking the time to post a review.

Better than bath water

We have had our Enviroswim for 6 years now and have never stopped congratulating ourselves for spending the extra dollars when we put the pool in, because the water feel on your body is second to none. I personally hate the smell of chlorine and our last place had a saltwater system which was ok at best. The Enviroswim allows my boys to have a swim before bed and not bother with a shower......the water quality is that good.

Date PurchasedSep 2013
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Hi Jimmy, Thank you for taking the time to post your review. Happy Fresh water swimming!

I Love my new freshwater pool. Back to nature with my Enviroswim system!

About 3 months ago I purchased an Enviroswim ES3 Freshwater pool system on the recommendation from my local pool shop. The Enviroswim ES3 came highly recommended by Platinum Pool and Spa Centre and 4.8 star rating on product review at the time was enough for me to invest in this system. It was about twice the price of a salt water chlorinator but the water feels so light and fresh it was worth every cent. It feels like swimming in a dam but crystal clear!! I haven't added any chemicals (except for some acid) since it was installed even though I have tested my water 3 times now!!! If you have been recommended this system or just want to know more about the Enviroswim ES3 system I recommend calling the team at Platinum Pool and Spa Centre in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast as they are so helpful and informative and are passionate about the Enviroswim system.
Thanks again guys!

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Thank you for taking the time to post your review. It is great to see more Pool shops embracing the system. We have found the Platinum Pool & Spa team to be very professional. We have a long association with them and they service many of our systems on the Gold Coast.

Love our enviro pool

We recently purchased a 3 year old house that had a enviro swim pool and we are very impressed with it so far, the only thing is that in Perth it is almost impossible to find someone that can help you fully understand the system. Pool shops either don't know them or they don't like enviro swim obviously because they just want to sell you chemicals.So I guess what I am saying West Australia has trouble getting any correct information which is a shame as it is such a fantastic system but over here it does not get any publicity so we have to battle as best we can.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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Hi Jan, Thank you for your kind review. We do have good service coverage in Perth as well as a warranty centre in the rare event that the need arises. In the handover pack there is also an information sheet to give to pool shops so they have all the knowledge required for water balance testing. We will private message you the details. Thanks The Enviroswim Team

Hassle free pool maintenance

I have now had the ES3 system installed for almost 4 years now and it seems I take it for granted how well it works. Each time I speak to friends who have a pool and constantly complain of the effort and difficulty in maintaining their pool water as nice as mine, it makes me smile in the investment I made so many years ago. I invite them over to my place, show them what I have as this is the best endorsement you can have. Next thing I know they bought one too. It really does work like magic...

Date PurchasedNov 2014
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Hi Alf, Thank you for your valued review.

The best solution for pool maintenance

Fantastic, fantastic, what else can I say, we had a high maintenance 100,000 litre pool set in Australian bushland. Debris blew in ,overhanging trees shed leaves bark and gumnuts, it was a birdbath and wallaby drinking hole.
We were using 15-20 litres of chlorine a week ,with the solar on even more, with this much chlorine it needed acid and stabiliser, if not enough chlorine was added the pool went green, and needed algaecide. A very high salt content was as a result of all the chlorine ,this didn't help the painter surface. I put up with all this for over 20 years.
I read about Inviroswim ,what they said made sense ,no pool shop had ever suggested the product,now I know why,in the 12 months since installation ,I have added nil chlorine,nil stabilizer,nil algaecide ,approx. 8 litres of acid,and replaced one set of electrodes [to start with I had these set too high].
Now we have a very low maintenance trouble free,sparkling crystal clear pool,which every one enjoys including the wildlife

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Les, Thank you for your review ... Happy swimming.

Don’t listen to pool shops

This is an excellent system. I have had an Enviroswim pool in Brisbane for two years and my water has always been crystal clear. On the one occasion when we had to turn it off for a weekend because we had a leaking pierced pipe, the pool recovered from cloudy to clear within 24 hours without adding chlorine and just running it for longer hours. Pool shops love to tell doom and gloom stories or plain incorrect information about this system because they make very little money from Enviroswim owners. You do need to monitor the ph like with every pool. I photocopied the summary of recommended operating levels and the do not add any of the following and contacted it to my pool water test bottle so the pool shop can’t flog me stabiliser etc. I add about 500ml of acid every seven to 10 days. Alkalinity needs to be adjusted with sodium bicarbonate after storms from the east. Very occasionally I adjust the ioniser knob and that is it. My child suffers from eczema and skin irritations ...but not with this pool. Everyone loves swimming in it. Mr Poolman at Mitchelton is helpful and understands this product.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hi Hendos, Thank you for your valued review.Thank you for taking the time to post your experience with Enviroswim, much appreciated.

Exceeds my expectations of what I thought a swimming pool should be

Swimming in my pool leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. My eyes never hurt or sting. I run filter in winter for 1 hour per day & in warmer months when the pool is getting used, around 3-4 hours per day.
Easy as to control copper, pH, alkalinity levels. My water is always crystal clear.
I vacuum the pool twice a week manually.
I've called the Enviroswim help line on 2 occasions for some technical advice & their response was easy & very professional
I Totally love my Enviroswim fresh water pool.
I would thoroughly recommend an Enviroswim pool to anyone considering purchasing a pool. Minimum maitenance, minimum additions. Just enjoy the pool.

Date PurchasedDec 2013
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Hi Gazza, Thank you for your valued review. Happy Swimming!

Crystal clear Poolwater

I have been operating the Enviroswim for about 8 years My pool water is always crystal clear with a minimum effort and cost I am on my 3rd set of Copper/silver rods
Apart from normal testing PH /alkaline calcium occasionally copper do very little to the pool which is a concrete pebble in ground 60000 litres
Best of all is the no stinging eyes and salty chlorine smell
If your family use the pool and the kids are in and out on hot summers days you should have a close look at this product
Pool shops will not tell you about it

Date PurchasedMar 2010
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Hi Peter, Thank you for your valued review.

Perfect Water

After a lot of research we decided against chlorine for our outdoor 50 000 litre fibreglass pool in WA. I have sensitive skin and the Enviroswim product reviews indicated that the water treatment process was much kinder to the skin.
Enviroswim has exceeded our expectations. The water feels ‘soft’. My skin is not irritated, and hair remains unchanged even after long stints in the pool.

The cost to maintain the pool is confined to that required to balance the water (hydrochloride acid and baking soda), with minimal wear on the copper rods in that time. It works well with our heat pump. Last year we used our pool for ten months.

We run the filter for less time than would be required for a salt pool. Unlike chlorine, the treatment process isn’t affected by sunlight.
Actual maintenance required is more about monitoring levels rather than having to manage chemicals.
As far as service goes, any questions we have had have been addressed really promptly.

We are very happy with Enviroswim and recommend it to people who want a pool simple and cost effective to maintain, as well as being wonderful to swim in. Great service backup is also a feature.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Mark, Thank you for your valued review.

Great System but doesn’t cope without adding chlorine.

We do actually love the concept of the Enviroswim, but the truth is it just will not work the way it is supposed to in our environment. At the height of summer we have to add 2.5L of chlorine every 5 days to keep it clear. In winter it is perfect - crystal clear with almost zero maintenance but too cold to swim in. As soon as the weather warms up the cloudy cycle starts. The water chemistry is always perfect so no one has ever been able to help us with it. The staff at enviroswim tried to help us for the first two years and we tried all sorts of different things, but nothing worked. We run the pump for 5 hours overnight in winter and 10-12 hours per day in summer (overnight if it hasn’t been used in the day). We bought a second set of filter cartridges so we can.do a quick and easy swap sometimes 2 weekly because we live under gum trees. We wash the cover as it rolls off and keep the pool clean with a robotic cleaner. It is the cleanest pool I have ever been in. It has never been green, the walls have never felt slimy - I don’t think we have ever had an algae problem. It just becomes increasingly cloudy in warm weather. If we don’t add the chlorine, it just progressively becomes more cloudy until it is like milk! It’s like the oxidiser just can’t keep up. Despite this major problem, it requires far less chlorine than a chlorine pool so we think it is still a better choice. Just disappointed that it is not exactly what we expected.

Date PurchasedNov 2015
Thank you for your valued review. Sorry to hear you are are needing to add chlorine to your pool. Please contact us info@enviroswim.com or 1300 888 457 so we can assist as you shouldn't have to add chlorine.I have contacted Enviroswim this morning - just waiting for them to reply to me.Thank you for your comments and it was nice chatting with you on the phone. Kind regards

Excellent choice for our resort and our home in Perth

I bought enviroswim for my house in Perth 5 years ago and just loved it! as I managed a resort in an island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the name of the island is Fernando de Noronha. We installed Enviroswim about two years ago over there and the results couldn't be better . We received guest from all over the world and all of them are impressed with the water quality of our swimming pool.
awesome product , environmental friendly and most important healthy choice

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Thank you Marcelo

Freshest water you will ever swim in!

I have been in the pool industry for 28 years (now retired and a retail consumer) seen and used every sanitation device. This has by far exceeded my expectations. The water quality and the ability to maintain that water quality is impressive. It requires less running time and holds the water quality for longer.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Thank you for your valued post

The absolute best system

We have now had an Enviroswim System for in excess of 14 years. Our first was installed by Gary in January 2004. We could not believe the difference in the appearance of our pool, never going green with the rain and just how easy it was to maintain. The run time with the use of power was far less and chemicals needed is very minimal. We sold our home in 2015 and the new owners could not believe their luck, having this system and how easy it was to use. We have now had the newer model installed in our new pool at our new home and find it even better than our old one. We travel overseas regularly and it is so great to come home to a clean glistening pool and ready to swim in.
One of the main benefits of Enviroswim is the fact that if you have any questions at all , help is only a phone call away at no cost.. You do not have to get a pool expert out at an exorbitant cost.

Date PurchasedJun 2004
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Thank you, much appreciated feedback

Enviroswim FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely wrapped in my Enviroswim ES3 pool sanitizer. I have just got off the phone from a very helpful salesperson to order replacement electrodes after 5 years of making my pool a joy to have, maintain and swim in. It is my shower most days when at home and I visit a pool shop once a year only to buy buffer. Doesn,t compare to my previous salt water pool balancing act. No Chlorine smell or feel. Keep up the amazing service Enviroswim

Date PurchasedMar 2013
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Thank you for your post.

Awesome Pool Sanitising System

We converted our salt water, pebblecrete pool to EnviroSwim back in 2012 because the salt was eating away at our sandstone pool surrounds. We have been so happy with this system because the water feels and tastes so much cleaner and the maintenance of the pool is minimal. I've changed the electrodes twice in 6 years and the customer service from the EnviroSwim team is always exceptional. I can't speak highly enough about this product!

Date PurchasedFeb 2012
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Thank you for your post.

Can’t beat it

We used the system at our previous house for about ten years with no problems whatsoever. Service support was great. New house now and I decided to use the system already in place - but the chlorine smell really reduces the enjoyment of the pool. We will be ordering soon!

Date PurchasedJan 2006
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Thank you for sharing your experience with Enviroswim.

I highly recommend the Enviroswim product

We have had an Enviroswim system in our new fibreglass pool for 4 years now. We absolutely love the system, and would highly recommend it to anyone researching what system to use. The water feels lovely to swim in, you don't need to shower afterwards if you don't want to, no residue left on your skin. Overall, the system is low maintenance and is easy to use. I had a few teething problems as a first time pool owner, but the Enviroswim staff have helped me solve any problems I had, their support has been amazing. I do use a local pool shop for testing the water, but I do need to resist them wanting to sell me multiple products that this pool just doesn't need. Just acid/buffer and a bit of salt annually. Thanks Enviroswim!

Date PurchasedSep 2013
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Thank you for your valued support and feedback.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have been running my pool since September 2018. Had some initial bedding period as the pool builder shocked the pool with chlorine during the initial fill. Good intention, but maybe misguided. Took over a month to get the chlorine level below 3. I haven't added chlorine since (except in the form of pool salt to get TDS up to >1000ppm) and the pool has been particularly good and near chlorine free since early December. I have just this week had on odd reaction though. With falling temperatures I decided to put the pool cover on over the past week. When we went for a swim yesterday there was a chlorine odor and our eyes reacted badly. Just did a water test - results were Temp 27deg, Cu -0.2ppm, pH 7.4, Cl 5ppm. So Cl has gone up considerably - would have been < 2ppm previously. Total harness was a bit low at 120ppm and didn't measure TDS (my TDS pen failed) but last reading was around 1300. As a guide I was running filtration 10hpd and cut this back to 8hpd while the pool cover was on. Water temperate was down to 25deg before the pool cover went on. Pool is 40,000ltrs. The question I have - is it normal for Cl levels to increase while the pool cover is on? If so, should I cut back the filtration further to say 5 hours per day while the pool is covered? Thanks & Regards, Adrian
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I am in the process of getting an indoor fibreglass pool, but got told by my pool builder that if I use enviroswim, I will not be covered by their warranty as enviroswim will damage the gel coat of fibreglass pool. I'm in adelaide. Has anyone have problems with gel coat using enviroswim? Is it hard to control the ph?(the pool builders aid the fluctuating ph while using enviroswim contributes to the damage) did anyone in adelaide get told of no warranty cover if using it?
3 answers
Thank you for your question. The response from the builder concerns us greatly and we would appreciate it if you could send us a private message detailing the builder and suggest you ask them to put it in writing if they haven’t already, then we may be able to shed more light on why they have told you this. We have approximately 400 pool builder/suppliers on our Australian database, many of them fibreglass pools. Enviroswim provides far fresher water than conventional pool sanitisers and greatly reduces the harsh chemicals like salt and chlorine therefore logic would suggest this is less damaging to a gel coat. Gel coats are susceptible to high chlorine and high pH levels, unlike Enviroswim, salt chlorinators, magnesium and chlorine dosed pools have high chlorine residuals, chlorine pushes up the pH, in addition to other factors such as environmental conditions, water features and quality of pool fill water. In regards to warranty we would recommend you read the small print as most will void warranty if a detailed water balance history is not produced to support a claim regardless of which sanitiser equipment is installed. A quick google re faded fibreglass pool will also highlight the issue of faded pools is largely associated with salt chlorinated and chlorine dosed pools. Fibreglass pools should maintain their finish for many years but eventually they will all show signs of fade. The better they are maintained (good water balance) the longer they will last. We have also had Gel Coat Chemists look at our process and they are of the opinion our water should be gentler on gel coats. If you read some of the reviews on this site you will see there are many happy fibreglass owners. Hope this helps.Hi rosamummy. Had my Enviroswim ES3 for a year and no visible problems so far with gelcoat. Still have to dose acid regularly to maintain ph and pump up the total alkalinity maybe 3 or 4 times per year but the frequencies and dosage are no more than with chlorine. Suggest following advice from Phil at Enviroswim above but also keep in mind that your pool builder probably wants to sell you his default sanitising system which he makes a margin on.Thanks Derek for your reply, that makes me feel much better. I will search for other pool builders.

How does the enviroswim system cope with leaf matter in the pool. Is it more susceptible than chlorine systems due to alge due to the phosphates released? Thanks
4 answers
I don’t have many trees around , so no problems at allMY pool is enclosed to stop leaf matter getting in and it is perfectly cleanI only get a handful of leaves in my pool but from my limited experience, year round, it copes just as well or better than chlorine


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