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Enviroswim ES3

Enviroswim ES3

4.7 from 53 reviews

Like swimming in a fresh lake (no salt, no chlorine, no magnesium)

Installed a new pool (concrete).
Researched for the best system to keep family healthy & safe.
Found Enviroswim.

Based on my background (engineer) & research on the web, this was by far the best way to go.

Installed & it's running like a dream.
No chlorine (good news as no chlorine health impacts & not smelling like chlorine even after scrubbing like mad in a shower).
No salt & no magnesium (which are similar, sodium chloride versus magnesium chloride).
Just fresh water that is purer than tap water.

I had a simple "ioniser" when I owned a house previously for 5 years
During same time, my sister & friends repeatedly had "black spot" and needed "chlorine shock treatment" then flocculation then you could not swim for a while. Plus the constant cost of chemicals.
Big hassle.

With Enviroswim.
I run the pump 3 hours a day (salt/magnesium needs 8 Hrs minimum).
I have a variable speed pump so costs very little to run at 1400 rpm.
Only thing to buy is acid ($3 a fortnight) to counter the alkalinity as concrete pools always make the water slightly alkaline for the first few years.

Why so few Enviroswim systems?
If you are a pool shop with palettes of chlorine, bags of salt, UV stabilisers for chlorine, why on earth would you sell Enviroswim?
One Enviroswim sale, 4 litres of acid & you do not see that customer for 8 weeks, at which time they drop in for just 4 litres acid (if concrete pool).
Conspiracy? No.
Just economics if you own a business.

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Thank you, your feedback helps us get the message out and cut through industry noise

False advertising- but works ok

Short version: The unit is falsely advertised as "no chlorine sanitising system" But, it works reasonably well as the "low salt/chlorine sanitising system"that it actually is.

I've worked in the swimming pool service industry for almost 10 years, my company services three pools with the Enviroswim, and I would like to shed a little bit of light on this product.
Firstly, the unit does produce chlorine, that is the function of it's ORP/Redox cell. It is a low salt, low output chlorinator cell. So while the unit requires less salt than a standard salt cell, and produces smaller amounts of chlorine, it still functions as a "salt water pool"

Secondly, just to address two points of the last reviewer- the acid you are adding is to counteract the cell's chlorine production. While concrete pools do require large amounts of acid during curing, the regular acid dosing is required if the cell produces chlorine (as salt water pool owners will all testify to) And also- the run times for any filtration system should be the same- regardless of the sanitiser type- as it is more to do with water turnover and filtration.

Finally, i would like to add that i do not intend this to be a bad review- the unit works fine as a low salt chlorinator combined with an ionizer- my only concern is that people are being misled by the marketing around this product. It is relatively straight forward to use, and it does it's job. 3/5- for being adequate, even if falsely advertised.

Dear Mick the Poolguy, Whilst we appreciate all feedback both positive and negative we should set the record straight for readers. Enviroswim is not simply a salt-water chlorinator/ioniser combination as you suggest. Enviroswim is a unique patented system that was developed with the assistance of substantial Federal Government funding under the COMET grant scheme to help commercialise the unique technology. Patents have now been granted in most developed regions around the world. The sanitising efficacy of Enviroswim together with the low chemical requirements is unmatched anywhere in the world that we know of. We are not aware of any “alternative” or “conventional” Australian sanitizing system that can match our efficacy or that have any independent testing or certification to back up their marketing claims. As long as a product meets electrical safety it appears you can make any claims you like. For our take on this see www.enviroswim.com/compare In contrast, Enviroswim has been tested by who many believe are the world leaders in water treatment product certification NSF. In 2009 NSF granted Enviroswim certification for use as a stand-alone sanitiser in both commercial & residential pools and spas in the USA Closer to home a government run NATA laboratory tested Enviroswim to the NSW Health’s Department protocol for the introduction of new pool and spa sanitiser. The laboratory compared Enviroswim kill rates on the protocols test bacteria with chlorines kill rates. Chlorine took 15 minutes to match Enviroswims 30 second kill rate which has suppassed any other sanitiser results we can find in the world. Enviroswim has never claimed to be totally chlorine free although it is clear from customer feedback and testimonials that some customers believe it to be as they have none of the associated chlorine issues, another good testament for the product. Enviroswim does eliminate the need to add chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, bromine, stabiliser (cyanuric acid), algaecides, high salt levels, flocculants, clarifiers and a whole myriad of chemicals sold in pool shops and by pool service technicians. It is not hard to see why anyone in the industry deriving an income from selling chemicals may try to “discredit” the system. Although you claim that you don’t intend your post to be a bad review. Posting a heading “False Advertising – But Works OK” is considered by us to be totally misleading to readers and we trust we have set the record straight.Dear Envioswim; From my point of view, I personally believe your product to be quite misleading to anyone with little-to-no experience with pools and water chemistry. I quote from p16 of your user's manual: "Enviroswim has eliminated the need to add chlorine to the pool by incorporating an electronic oxidising unit into the system. ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. In practical terms, it is a measurement of the ability to oxidise contaminants. ORP is the only practical method we have to electronically monitor oxidiser effectiveness. In some parts of the world, it is also known as Redox Potential. Using electrolysis the Enviroswim system produces the oxidiser in sufficient quantities to maintain an acceptable ORP." Yet you do not tell anyone that the aforementioned "öxidiser" is chlorine. Also, pages 22 & 23, as part of troubleshooting, you mention the need to shock dose using liquid chlorine or [Brand name] oxidiser, yet page 6, and your above satement says that you "eliminate the need to add chlorine" I'm not saying that there are better systems, and I'm not saying that any system is perfect, But I stand by my opinion- your product works, but your advertising and website material is misleading.Dear Mick the Poolguy In regards to your last comment Mick, Quote “Yet you do not tell anyone that the aforementioned "öxidiser" is chlorine” Absolutely, the oxidiser is not just chlorine, however, as highlighted in our faq page a little chlorine production is unavoidable. Despite having patents in place we never discuss our intellectual property but will provide you with a few pointers. 1.The oxidiser plates are only one of three processes used in the Enviroswim system. 2. Independent laboratory tests on the system conducted without the oxidiser plates installed showed exceptional kill rates on the bacteria pseudomonas. Zero chlorine. 3. A chlorine test also tests the redox of the water and an electronic orp metres test the orp (oxygen reduction potential) of the water as we highlight in the manual. If you want to test this out, take some non-chlorine oxidiser and mix with chlorine free water and conduct a chlorine test. You will get a chlorine reading despite the fact that the water is chlorine free. Are you also suggesting a non chlorine oxidiser is misleading because it shows a level on the chlorine test result. Mick, Quote: Also, pages 22 & 23, as part of troubleshooting, you mention the need to shock dose using liquid chlorine or [Brand name] oxidiser, yet page 6, and your above statement says that you "eliminate the need to add chlorine" Mick, you fail to mention that this is the last option in our trouble-shooting list if the pool has gone cloudy. Pools can go cloudy or green for many reasons not connected to the sanitiser system. Flooding, dilution, leaks, power failure, pump failure are some examples of why a pool might go green or cloudy. Enviroswim is designed and proven to keep a pool clean, sparkling & safe without adding any additional sanitiser. It is not designed to fix a green pool in the event of a system failure or excessive bather load. Once again, Enviroswim does not require the handling or addition of chlorine, shock or any other sanitiser additives if operated within our recommended parameters and instructions. The system was certified as a "stand alone sanitising system" meaning it requires no additional sanitiser, can't put it any more clearer. The vast majority of our customers have never added or “shock dosed” any chlorine in their Enviroswim treated pools as you seek to suggest. If visitors wants to read genuine feedback from existing Enviroswim owners and pool builders please see the following link www.enviroswim.com/testimonials.

No false advertising here!!

We have had Enviroswim on our pool since new and its absolutely brilliant, we love it.
Easy to maintain, inexpensive to operate and fantastic to swim in.
The post re false advertising?? I have reviewed all Enviroswims literature and no where can I find that they say NO CHLORINE.
The opposite on their website they highlight that it is unavoidable that small amounts of chlorine will be produced if there is any salt in the water and electrolysis present.
I would have no doubts about recommending this product to any pool owner.

Date PurchasedDec 2014
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Thank you for your valued feed back

Not exactly chlorine free!

I have found with the Enviroswim system that after leaving on the pool blanket for a while there is a noticeable chlorine odour, Spoke to my local pool bloke who has dealt with these in the past and that they do produce some chlorine,was not what I had hoped for, rather disappointed :(

Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Hi Terry. Sorry that you are disappointed that your Enviroswim is making chlorine with your pool blanket on. This could be expected as your pool water contains low amounts of sodium chloride and if the system is running with the pool blanket on and no bather load for long periods the levels will soon build up. Any device that uses electrolysis in water that contains even a low level of salt will produce some chlorine. We have never hidden this fact as this is basic chemistry. It has always been highlighted on our websites FAQ page. www.enviroswim.com/faq The bottom line is that we do not require the high chlorine levels, the production can be reduced by shortening the daily run time. The best advice would be to reduce the run time of your Enviroswim and pool pump, this will also save on your power costs. Also, we recommending checking how much salt is in the pool and the TDS of the actual pool water. If the salt level is too high the system will perform like a salt chlorinator and produce more chlorine. The biggest feedback we receive from our customers is the freshness of the water and the lack of chlorine smell and associated allergies. Not forgetting that in government laboratory trials Enviroswim's kill rate on their designated test bacteria in 30 seconds took chlorine 15 minutes to match. If you measure a chlorine residual level much above 0.4ppm in an Enviroswim pool it could have too much salt or be running longer than necessary. Our recommendations are to check the water balance as per Enviroswims operating instructions and correct if need be and reduce the run times of your filtration system and Enviroswim to maintain levels as per Enviroswims manual. This should be fairly easy to do and the end result will be far nicer swimming pool water and a huge reduction in your operating cost. Please visit www.enviroswimpoolschool.com for detailed help or if need be please contact us via www.enviroswim.com

Fantastic Pool Sanatising System

Installed the enviroswim system into pre-existing salt water pool when I bought my property two and a half years ago. I couldn't be happier with my choice of the enviroswim system, the clarity of the pool water and the ease of maintaining the pool water. The company has always willing to speak to me when I have contacted them for advice when I first installed the system and have been very helpful and friendly answering my enquiries. The staff at enviroswim are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

The only issue I have, and it's by no means a big issue as far as I'm concerned and that is I do get some dark staining on the pool concrete which the pool shop guy tells me it's copper staining and the product they've sold me does clean it but makes a bit of a mess of the water. However the enviroswim system cleans the water up beautify again after a few days.

As far as I'm concerned the enviroswim pool sanitising system is brilliant. I can't speak highly enough of it and would recommend it to anybody who has a pool.

Date PurchasedJul 2014
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Noel, Thank you for your comments and feedback, they are much appreciated. There should be zero staining due to copper at our recommended operating levels of 0.2 - 0.4 parts per million (ppm). Municipal drinking water supplies in Australia are allowed to have copper levels of 1.2 ppm with some states as high as 2.0 ppm. At 0.2 ppm Enviroswim levels are 10% - 20% of drinking water maximum guideline levels. There are many things that cause staining in pools. Pool shop shelves are testimony to this with a myriad of stain removal products. Copper stains are typically light blue or turquoise rather than dark stains so it may be due to something else. One of the best tips we can offer is to keep your pH between 7.1 & 7.5 as this makes all sanitisers more effective whilst reduce staining and scaling potential regardless of the type of sanitiser used.

Happy as with,love our fresh water Enviroswim pool.

My Name is Tony B.,I live 100kms north of Bundaberg Qld,The company has my phone no's and I am happy to talk to anyone they give my no to.

The system is easy to install.
It is also easy to use and understand,I personally like the manual control panel with no computer program to learn,and its easy to reset the time after a blackout,which we have plenty of in our area.
We are also subject to voltage fluctuation,which has had no ill effect on the system in the 21 months it has been in operation.

I have found all the support I needed was readily available either on the phone or on the website assist line.,and it was prompt in coming.
I grew up swimming in fresh water streams and the Enviroswim system produces the same effect,anybody that gets in the pool notices the difference to a chlorine/salt pool.
We have personal experience with someone in our family who has very sensitive skin and must shower after swimming in a salt pool,but after swimming in our pool several times the comment was "I dont have to shower after swimming in this pool",no irritation.
When you get out of the water you just dry off in the sun if you like,no sticky feeling.
We have a friend who was badly burnt in an accident,he he has swum in our pool and was so impressed that he is installing the Enviroswim system on his pool,apparently the silver is good for the burnt area.

In summary,I was a skeptic to begin with but have found the company has acted with total Integrity towards us as customers and this Integrity shows in the product.
It is not complicated and uses naturally occurring materials to perform the sanitation process.

The first the pool shop people say when I do go in for a test is "there is no chlorine in the water". Then I have to explain again that it doesnt run on chlorine.

The "feeling" of the water is first thing people notice.
The high temperatures and humidity in our area is not a problem either.

Date PurchasedApr 2015
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Thank you for your valued review.

Enviroswim does what it says.

In October 2016, our salt pool chlorinator died and i needed a replacement. The chlorine in the pool was stinging my eyes (I like to open my eyes under water) and making my skin itch. The pool guy that was servicing our pool suggested that I replace the chlorinator and add more minerals/chemicals to the pool to help with the chlorine level. This would have increased our monthly service from around $80 to over $100. I decided to do some research for an alternative.

I researched many different systems, but nothing sounded as good as the enviroswim system. I called enviroswim and talked to Carl who was very helpful, but i am very careful when it comes to splashing out $3,800 (the normal salt pool chlorinator replacement was only $1200). After much research, which involved calling a lot of the people in the testimonials on the Enviroswim website, i finally bit the bullet and found a pool shop in Cairns who had installed 3 systems already (the install only cost $130). Nearly all testimonials were positive, but the only issue seemed to be around whether the system was chlorine free. Carl explained to me that if there is residual salt in the pool, it will still make some chlorine but at a much lower level than a salt pool, so i felt like he was being honest and upfront.

There was also a guy from a pool install company based in Townsville that said he had installed 5-6 of the units and that when he builds his own pool, he is going to use an enviroswim system because he had 2 kids and he liked the chlorine free pool water and the low maintenance side of things.

I have now had the system for 4 hot months. I no longer have to pay a pool guy to come around (saving $45 p/m) and check the pool and the use of chemicals is now down to some ph reducer (acid), calcium (pebble concrete pool) and some phosphate eliminator, since i have a few painful (neighbour's) trees around the pool that blows lots of leaves into it (saving $20-25 p/m). I have only had to shock the pool once with chlorine because i didn't check it for the first 5 weeks and it started looking cloudy and a few spots of green (PH too high was main problem).

I can now open my eyes under water and they don't sting like they used to, and I don't have the dry itchy skin or the chlorine smell after I get out. I don't need to shower after I get out either.

It is too early to tell any long term damage to the pool that may happen, but none of the local pool shops are concerned with the chemical composition except the usual ones listed above (PH, calcium etc).

At this stage, I would certainly recommend this type of system if you have any issues with chlorine, but also over time, the chemical savings will end up paying for the system anyway (I assume may 2.5 to 3.5 years with my current savings). The water is very clear and I enjoy swimming our pool again.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
Thank you for your valued review.It is a pleasure. Winter time in Cairns and the maintenance of the pool is virtually nil except for all the leaves from the neighbours tree I've hardly spent any money on chemicals and very very happy with the resultAn update on our Enviroswim system. This system makes you lazy! Based in Cairns, we have just gone through a period of very high rainfall (293 mm in Feb and 847mm --that is NOT a typo---for March!!!!) and a hot summer. My upkeep of the pool was a little lax (especially with the PH -around 8) and a few times I had some algae growth but it took days to get even partially bad. I chucked in a dose of chlorine once and the algae was gone and the other times such as after 200+ mm of rain in 6 hrs, I just added acid and turned the copper knob higher for a day or 2. I did have to add one bag of salt to get the Total Dissolved Solid back to over 1000. One issue I have noticed is that the copper/silver producing bars are eroding unevenly which will mean a replacement slightly earlier than anticipated. I rotated the unit (at Carl's suggestion) to see if that makes a difference. Will report back on that in a few month's time. Other than that, this system has easily handled a full-on tropical wet season and I spent virtually no time in upkeep. Not to mention, I don't have to swim in chlorine, which is gold for me. Cheers Pete

Amazing results

The enviroswim has been life changing to our pool. After more than 3 years of minimal chemicals and using less power than ever it was worth the change over. Just swimming in virtually fresh water was worth it. Simple set up and continued maintenance anyone can do. Well done guys!

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Thank you for your valued review.

Great Investment works a treat within limits

We installed The Enviroswim system on the recommendation of our Pool Contractors.
The System works fantastic and keeps the pool water really nice and clear.

One small issue is we have started to get patches of black Staining on our Glass finish Jewels for pools so anyone encountered this and resolved would love to hear from them.

One other point has we had a big family gathering over Xmas and over a 3 day period the pool got hammered and we had to add Chlorine to help out the system as the water started to get murky however that was not what I would call normal use. beside that the unit works great and while there maybe a small amount of chlorine in the water you would not notice it at all.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Thank you for your valued review.Resolved issue why pool started to stain the fan was not working and the Enviroswim unit was operating at a reduced capacity to stop it overheating, The team at Enviroswim took the unit back diagnosed the problem with the unit and fixed it within 2 days. The pool now looks fantastic with all the staining nearly gone and the unit is working a treat. 10L of acid was used to treat the staining then added buffer slowly over 4 days to rebalance pool. Also, need to check the PH monthly we just add a small amount of acid is all it usually needs and occasionally some water hardener, however, that specific to our water.Hello, Thank you for your comments.

Very impressive advancement in technology...

I purchased a house with an 40,000 L in-ground, pebble mix pool in 2015. It had been a rental for 5+ years. The pool consisted of a cartridge filter, an old salt chlorinator that had stopped working years ago, substituted with liquid chlorine dosed manually. While it was labour intensive, it had its benefits as I could keep track of the levels and avoid needing to use "shock treatment" in the event that I woke up to a cloudy pool after a fun Saturday; potentially quarantining the pool on Sunday?! However, the post swim pain and anguish associated with kids opening their eyes underwater in chlorine pools is an issue.

When the time came to upgrade I did my research like anyone else and a sand/glass filter was the obvious choice. Sanitiser - pool shops, pool service technicians, websites; everyone suggested salt - sodium or magnesium depending on your... well budget really. We've used family and friends salt pools, and while the post swim pain and anguish for the kids is somewhat reduced, it still occurs. The kids also want to shower after swimming in a salt pool - whether that's a hangover from the beach I'm not sure, but the dripping through the house and wasted water from showers isn't ideal.

Then my physio recommended Enviroswim. He had it installed in his pool ready for last summer, and it performed as per the specifications, and no sore eyes for the kids. So I researched it - pool shops, pool service technicians, websites; most of them talked it down saying it wasn't suitable for warmer temperatures etc. etc. So I asked some more technical questions (BSc in Environmental Chemistry comes in handy), and it was obvious that (I was going to say most, but it was all bar 2 or 3) didn't understand the technology. So they classify it as an ioniser so they could understand it. Those few that did understand it provided the following feedback:
1. Enviroswim is more labour intensive compared to salt.
2. Salt water pools are more forgiving (i.e., they perform better with no maintenance) compared to Enviroswim.
3. Its more expensive than a salt chlorination system.
The first 2 points go hand-in-hand obviously, and the 3rd point I had already worked out for myself.

So I touched base with the Enviroswim team in Nerang and they were very generous with their time explaining the conversion process, and the ongoing monitoring and maintenance requirements etc. At no point did they talk down any other sanitisation system, they prefer to spend their time educating people as to how Enviroswim deals with the nasties (i.e., viruses, bacteria, parasites and algae) that sanitising systems are designed to manage.

So I bought an Enviroswim in April and it's great. Maintenance consists of pool testing (5 mins) every 10 - 14 days dependent on environmental factors (i.e., rain, leaf load, swimmer load etc.). Management includes 250 - 500 mL of acid every 10 - 14 days dependent on environmental factors. The pool is quite shaded in winter which previously resulted in green algal blooms, and heaps of chemicals (copper solution) and scrubbing. No more with the Enviroswim - just needed to adjust the controller when the copper levels started dropping and no algae.

More importantly, the swim quality is excellent - I cant stress this enough, its like swimming in a fresh water stream.

I am also recovering the backwash water for my garden - concerns regarding copper levels are mitigated as it is mixed in a 5000 L rain water tank.

You wont be disappointed.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Thank you for your valued review.

Fantastic low maintenance pool investment

I have had one of these enviroswim units installed in my pool for 7 years and it has been brilliant. The unit once up and running requires very little maintenance, just normal water tests to keep an eye on things. Buy a decent home test kit, a bottle of acid and some buffer and you are good for a year or so without visiting a pool shop.

Swimming in the water is like taking a bath in spring water, it has no smell or taste, doesn’t sting sensitive eyes, and you never feel like you need to rinse off or wash your hair afterward.

I have had to contact support a couple of times when the unit blew a fuse during a storm and another time when a contact became loose, and they were excellent. I was able to speak directly to the local guys that build and test the units in the factory and was sorted in no time.

If this unit eventually dies I will definitely replace it with another one.

Date PurchasedOct 2010
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Thank you, much appreciated.

Best and simpilest pool sanitation I have come across

Water looks Crystal clear. changing from a salt water system to an Enviroswim ES3 system was the beat thing we ever did. The cost of running the pool have dropped dramatically and it is a pleasure to swim in fresh water, there is a bit of Maintenance, but a lot less than salt water systems. we Love it.
I don't use a pool cleaner, use manual cleaning only.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
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Thank you for your valued feedback

Great system for low maintenance

When we researched our pool sanitising system we had to clear criteria - no chlorine and low maintenance. After 3 years we can say that the Enviroswim system has delivered. We also installed a Chemigem 10, which automtaically regulates high pH. It did take some time to get the system settings correct, and the various chemical readings consistent (ie pH, copper, TDS etc.), but I invested in a Palintest Kit (about $1k) and this did the trick. Whilst I still have the pool water tested at a pool shop every few months, the readings I'm getting are almost identical to the pool shop tests. The water is crystal clear with no smell/taste of any chemicals. The other thing I did learn is, if you need to add any chemicals (ie sodium bicarb, calcium chloride or salt) then do it over a couple of days. I found that this tends to help keep all readings stable for longer. All in all, we can highly recommend that Enviroswim system!

Date PurchasedAug 2014
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Thank you for your valued feedback.

Love this product

We have had our pool for 18 months now and love our environment.
Despite the criticisms from all our local pool shops or has been a dream product.
I never knew owning a pool could be so easy. We hardly ever have to add chemicals and the water is always sparkling clean.
We now just want one for our spa.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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Thank you Malcolm. We are currently working on a spa model which we hope to have to market mid 2018.

Best Pool sanitation system on the market & Equally as good after sales service! 5 Star

We took some time to work out exactly what we wanted with our new in-ground concrete pool, As always the pre-purchase experience was great and gave thorough information and product knowledge, so we decided to buy our enviroswim system, after setting it up it took a couple of weeks to get it spot on and the level of after sales service from enviroswim was second to none! You will not be left in the lurch trying to figure it out. Our pool has been operational for 12 months now and is so easy to maintain. When you get out after a swim you feel refreshed with no chlorine smell. Even with our old Salt water pool you got that chemical smell.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Thank you for taking the time to post a review. Much appreciated

Enviroswim EC3 best water quality system available

Prior to installing our pool we researched the type of sanitiser thoroughly primarily on the basis of the type which would deliver the most pleasant swimming .Having sensitive skin which is a family trait we were very keen to avoid the possibility of reaction to chlorine and salt chlorine .We were very pleasantly surprised to find the Enviroswim system and to read the supportive scientific testing data available .. I contacted the company to clarify a couple of questions as the local pool shops didn't seem to have much of an idea as to how good the system might be and was really impressed by the response .
Eighteen months on the water balance has been incredibly easy to maintain with little effort .It really is a low cost low maintenance system which has no obvious drawbacks . The company offered great support upon instillation and have provided an excellent resource bank if any questions arise .
frogs are regularly swimming in the pool which is testament to the water quality obtainable and what a great feeling it is to be able to keep your eyes open under water without them burning
Rob and Annette Pearcedale Victoria

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Thank you for taking the time to post a review. Really appreciated...

Absolutely love Enviroswim, wouldn't have any other system on our pool.

We installed Enviroswim to our new pool and absolutely loved it. It was like swimming in a mountain pool and you could drink the water it was so pure. To be able to finish swimming and dry off without a shower and washing hair is a huge bonus of this system. It would be very advantageous for councils to use Enviroswim in community pools. Recommend it 100%.

Date PurchasedAug 2005
Thank you for taking the time to post a review. These reviews really help us to get the message out... "there is a great proven alternative for pool owners wishing to minimise operating costs, chemical additives and last but not least swim in lovely fresh water."Thank you for your review. Really appreciated...

Enviroswim has turned us into pool water snobs

It's a miracle. 365 days of the most perfect, crystal clear water in any pool I have ever owned. Forget reducing the cost of chemicals, apart from acid after rain, I haven't spent a dollar on any chemical in 3 years. Chlorine and salt pools just feel sticky and dirty now. Recommend Enviroswim to EVERY pool owner I know. Don't think about it for one minute more, just get it, you'll be amazed, truly!

November 6th 2018 Update: After sales service second to none

After 5 years of flawless operation, the oxidiser started to misbehave. Emailed Enviroswim and had a call back 15 minutes later. Ordered new Oxidiser Plates. They arrived by Express Mail the following morning complete with replacement sealing ring. 2 minutes to fit and the Oxidiser current went straight back to 15A. Service so good it's like having an Enviroswim shop right here in town and I'm 400km away in regional Queensland.

Date PurchasedMar 2014
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Thank you for your review. Really appreciated...

greatest thing since sliced bread

I had my enviroswim unit installed with our new fibreglass pool just over 12 months ago . I have had chlorine pools in the past at other property's but they always made me itch I have a skingraft that's really sensitive .
After 12 months the pool is still crystal clear I usually only have to add acid every 2 weeks or so to keep the ph in balance during the summer I ran the filter for 3 hrs a day and two hrs a day in cold Adelaide.
I did a lot of research b4 committing to the enviroswim and despite a lot of people who don't believe or don't understand the science behind it I'm happy to report it's the best thing I've done pool wise between the little amount of time I spend on the pool and using a robotic pool cleaner looking after this pool is not a chore unlike my old pool making the whole swimming experience a pleasure and not hard work .
friends and family who have used the pool cant believe how nice it is to swim in without the chlorine smell or sting ..ive just almost used up my copper test kit and will order one soon ..
highly recommend anyone looking for a sanitizing system for there pool to really consider installing the enviroswim. im happy for anyone in Adelaide thinking of installing a unit to come and view my pool and see the unit first hand

regards dean

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Thank you for your review. Really appreciated...

I highly recommend the Enviroswim product

We have had an Enviroswim system in our new fibreglass pool for 4 years now. We absolutely love the system, and would highly recommend it to anyone researching what system to use. The water feels lovely to swim in, you don't need to shower afterwards if you don't want to, no residue left on your skin. Overall, the system is low maintenance and is easy to use. I had a few teething problems as a first time pool owner, but the Enviroswim staff have helped me solve any problems I had, their support has been amazing. I do use a local pool shop for testing the water, but I do need to resist them wanting to sell me multiple products that this pool just doesn't need. Just acid/buffer and a bit of salt annually. Thanks Enviroswim!

Date PurchasedSep 2013
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Thank you for your valued support and feedback.

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My chlorine levels are too low (struggling to reach .5) and can easily go to nothing within a day. How do I get the chlorine up and to stay up so that we can be confident about swimming in the pool. The ph fluctuates greatly and we add acid often. The copper is finally up around .3 but I have been running it more then the recommended amount. It is only 3 weeks old.
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Enriswim ES3 enables your pool to be chlorine free while also being safe to swim in. To ensure your water remains in balance does not require chlorine but as you are doing may require acid to be added.Hi Sam, Please give us a call in the office and we can explain why you don't require high chlorine levels to safely sanitise. 1300 888 457...press 1 for sales.

Hi - What is the Oxidiser that is produced during the electrolysis process within the Enviroswim ES3?
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Thank you for your question, In regard oxidation the system uses the oxygen in the water which is also assisted by the ultrasonics creating billions of microscopic bubbles, there is also a small amount of chlorine produced due to a low amount of chlorides in the water reacting with the electrolysis process as mentioned on our websites FAQ page.  What we can say is that our innovative technology qualified for Federal Government funding to help develop and commercialise the Enviroswim system. In government laboratory testing to the NSW Health's Department protocol for the introduction of a new sanitiser, the bacteria kill rate that Enviroswim was able to achieve in thirty seconds took chlorine nearly fifteen minutes to match during back to back lab testing. Similar testing and certification was done in the USA, we are not aware of any other Australian system that can offer the same amount of independent assurance. Please contact our office if you require more information. Kind Regards Enviroswim

Hello, we recently installed a new pool with enviroswim and are very happy. The pool is installed mostly under cover and a friend commented that enviroswim works best with maximum direct sunlight on the water. Can you please confirm if direct sunlight is necessary or we are OK? Thanks Ron
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Hi Ron, You are fine, the Enviroswim is fine indoors, outdoors and anything in between. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Fresh water Enviroswim pool. Please feel free to leave a review on your Enviroswim experience.


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