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Enviroswim ES3

Enviroswim ES3

4.7 from 53 reviews

Nothing but trouble

High Cooper levels made my
Daughters hair go green rang the pool builder several times he come out and check it and told me to empty half the pool the levels was like 4.8
Then we had trouble with the cell from the start it varies from 6-15 again when I rang the pool company he couldn’t help me he sold the business so he could care less

Date PurchasedMay 2015
Hi Gary, Thank you for your review, We are sorry to hear you have had issues with the copper levels and pool builder. In regards to your copper level issue, as per our manual our recommended operating level is 0.2 - 0.4 parts per million, very low when compared to traditional pool ionisers.. To put this in prospective municipal drinking/shower water in Australia is allowed to have 1.2 - 2.0 parts per million of copper depending on which State you are in.. Your copper level got to 4.8 ppm over 10 times higher than our recommended level and this has caused green hair and cell plate issues. The Enviroswim copper output is fully adjustable on the control unit, every pool differs in its copper demand depending on environmental conditions i.e. dust, leaves, bather load etc. Chlorine pools are similar, chlorine demand varies depending on environmental loads. In both cases these levels are dependent on the pool owner or their service tech maintaining the levels by testing the water as detailed in the manuals. In regards to the pool builder, we’ve supplied approximately 400 builders in Australia it’s impossible for us to offer any assistance unless we are contacted by the builder or pool owner in the event of an issue. We would be happy to assist you to get the pool operating correctly if you contact us directly. Regards EnviroswimI’ve had the cooper ironizer turned of for nearly 2 years now and it’s still reading .8 The old owner of narrellan pools sold the business and the new owner keeps on mucking me aroundHi Gary, Thanks for your comments. This is the benefit of copper it's not a gas and doesn't evaporate. If you email us at info@enviroswim.com with your contact details we a more than happy to assist you.

Cell kept clogging up with calcium immediately and company wouldn't replace control unit. Togs smelt

Bought with new pebble-crete pool.

We noticed that a bad smell (brackish water) in our togs after leaving the pool.

The freshwater means mosquitos are attracted and will lay larvae in the pool.

You have to really keep an eye on the copper levels or your pool gets stained or on it can be easy to get algae in the warmer months (mean a non-copper algaecide and/or chlorine anyway defeating the purpose).

After about a year (maybe less) the cell kept getting completely clogged with thick, grey (calcium?) build up. This shouldn't happen. The cells are supposed to be self-cleaning through the reverse polarity process. Initially I could handle it happening once or twice a year, but it got worse in the second year and started happing every month or two. I contacted the company for support and they took my control unit away for testing. In the mean time they gave me a loan control unit. While I had the loan unit, the self-cleaning worked perfectly. The company then told me my control unit didn't have a fault, so they removed the loan unit, reinstalled my unit and guess what - the cell stopped self cleaning. Each time I had to clean the cell, putting it all back together often resulted in tiny leaks because the o-rings deteriorated and needed grease or replacement.

We swapped to a salt water chlorinator (same filter and pump) and we've had a trouble free experience, no mosquitos and our togs don't smell anymore. Win-win-win.

I wouldn't recommend the enviroswim product due to poor support, low quality, high maintenance, the off-putting smell and the mosquito breeding ground.

Date PurchasedAug 2012
Hi AddictivKaos, Thank you for taking the time to post your review. Sorry to hear you have struggled to maintain your Enviroswim system and had a poor experience. Your experience is contrary to the majority of our customer’s feedback. Mosquitos need standing/stagnant water to breed, so it unusual for you to experience this unless your pool was left for extended periods of time without the pool pump running and water balance not maintained. (google search). Calcium scaling occurs when pH is left to run high for extended periods of time, even with the cell plates reversing (self Cleaning) this can still occur with poor pH management. Independent Government testing in Australia and the U.S.A. has verified that the Envoriswim is more effective on their dedicated bacteria testing than chlorine. Of course you will still need to manage your water balance. And as stated by N.S.W. government even chlorine is only 3% effective at a pH of 8.0. We are not aware of any other sanitiser in Australia or the world that has been tested to the same level as the Enviroswim. Envroswim has also been tested and accredited with meeting Drinking water standards in New Zealand. Enviroswim has also been selected by many 5 star resorts around the world that operate in climates that are high in average temperature and humidity, (climates that Mosquitoes thrive in) such as Thailand, Singapore, Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia just to name some. Most customers find controlling copper levels easier than chlorine as the ions don’t evaporate like chlorine does. We are sad to see you go after having the Enviroswim for 7 years but we wish you happy swimming in your salt water chlorine pool. To ensure this review is legitimate, would you mind PM your contact details.I replaced the system after about 3-4 years. I only just wrote this review because I was looking for a new robotic pool cleaner and instead I see an ad for enviroswim (I assume your response is also solely for your marketing) and I was outside near the pool pump noticed the old ES3 control unit was still near the pump. Regarding mosquitos, my pump ran twice a day for hours each time. With respect to the calcification, I wasn't struggling to maintain my Enviroswim system, I was doing at least weekly pool tests and adding the appropriate acid treatments and retesting. You don't explain how a different control system magically fixed the problem as I didn't change my pool maintenance habits over that time. Nothing I've said is false, it is a recount of my experience and I don't appreciate an accusation that I've posted a false review. Maybe my experience is linked to a faulty unit that should have been replaced. In any case, this experience was more trouble than it's worth and I won't buy your product ever again.Hi Thanks for your comments

Not exactly chlorine free!

I have found with the Enviroswim system that after leaving on the pool blanket for a while there is a noticeable chlorine odour, Spoke to my local pool bloke who has dealt with these in the past and that they do produce some chlorine,was not what I had hoped for, rather disappointed :(

Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Hi Terry. Sorry that you are disappointed that your Enviroswim is making chlorine with your pool blanket on. This could be expected as your pool water contains low amounts of sodium chloride and if the system is running with the pool blanket on and no bather load for long periods the levels will soon build up. Any device that uses electrolysis in water that contains even a low level of salt will produce some chlorine. We have never hidden this fact as this is basic chemistry. It has always been highlighted on our websites FAQ page. www.enviroswim.com/faq The bottom line is that we do not require the high chlorine levels, the production can be reduced by shortening the daily run time. The best advice would be to reduce the run time of your Enviroswim and pool pump, this will also save on your power costs. Also, we recommending checking how much salt is in the pool and the TDS of the actual pool water. If the salt level is too high the system will perform like a salt chlorinator and produce more chlorine. The biggest feedback we receive from our customers is the freshness of the water and the lack of chlorine smell and associated allergies. Not forgetting that in government laboratory trials Enviroswim's kill rate on their designated test bacteria in 30 seconds took chlorine 15 minutes to match. If you measure a chlorine residual level much above 0.4ppm in an Enviroswim pool it could have too much salt or be running longer than necessary. Our recommendations are to check the water balance as per Enviroswims operating instructions and correct if need be and reduce the run times of your filtration system and Enviroswim to maintain levels as per Enviroswims manual. This should be fairly easy to do and the end result will be far nicer swimming pool water and a huge reduction in your operating cost. Please visit www.enviroswimpoolschool.com for detailed help or if need be please contact us via www.enviroswim.com

Great System but doesn’t cope without adding chlorine.

We do actually love the concept of the Enviroswim, but the truth is it just will not work the way it is supposed to in our environment. At the height of summer we have to add 2.5L of chlorine every 5 days to keep it clear. In winter it is perfect - crystal clear with almost zero maintenance but too cold to swim in. As soon as the weather warms up the cloudy cycle starts. The water chemistry is always perfect so no one has ever been able to help us with it. The staff at enviroswim tried to help us for the first two years and we tried all sorts of different things, but nothing worked. We run the pump for 5 hours overnight in winter and 10-12 hours per day in summer (overnight if it hasn’t been used in the day). We bought a second set of filter cartridges so we can.do a quick and easy swap sometimes 2 weekly because we live under gum trees. We wash the cover as it rolls off and keep the pool clean with a robotic cleaner. It is the cleanest pool I have ever been in. It has never been green, the walls have never felt slimy - I don’t think we have ever had an algae problem. It just becomes increasingly cloudy in warm weather. If we don’t add the chlorine, it just progressively becomes more cloudy until it is like milk! It’s like the oxidiser just can’t keep up. Despite this major problem, it requires far less chlorine than a chlorine pool so we think it is still a better choice. Just disappointed that it is not exactly what we expected.

Date PurchasedNov 2015
Thank you for your valued review. Sorry to hear you are are needing to add chlorine to your pool. Please contact us info@enviroswim.com or 1300 888 457 so we can assist as you shouldn't have to add chlorine.I have contacted Enviroswim this morning - just waiting for them to reply to me.Thank you for your comments and it was nice chatting with you on the phone. Kind regards

False advertising- but works ok

Short version: The unit is falsely advertised as "no chlorine sanitising system" But, it works reasonably well as the "low salt/chlorine sanitising system"that it actually is.

I've worked in the swimming pool service industry for almost 10 years, my company services three pools with the Enviroswim, and I would like to shed a little bit of light on this product.
Firstly, the unit does produce chlorine, that is the function of it's ORP/Redox cell. It is a low salt, low output chlorinator cell. So while the unit requires less salt than a standard salt cell, and produces smaller amounts of chlorine, it still functions as a "salt water pool"

Secondly, just to address two points of the last reviewer- the acid you are adding is to counteract the cell's chlorine production. While concrete pools do require large amounts of acid during curing, the regular acid dosing is required if the cell produces chlorine (as salt water pool owners will all testify to) And also- the run times for any filtration system should be the same- regardless of the sanitiser type- as it is more to do with water turnover and filtration.

Finally, i would like to add that i do not intend this to be a bad review- the unit works fine as a low salt chlorinator combined with an ionizer- my only concern is that people are being misled by the marketing around this product. It is relatively straight forward to use, and it does it's job. 3/5- for being adequate, even if falsely advertised.

Dear Mick the Poolguy, Whilst we appreciate all feedback both positive and negative we should set the record straight for readers. Enviroswim is not simply a salt-water chlorinator/ioniser combination as you suggest. Enviroswim is a unique patented system that was developed with the assistance of substantial Federal Government funding under the COMET grant scheme to help commercialise the unique technology. Patents have now been granted in most developed regions around the world. The sanitising efficacy of Enviroswim together with the low chemical requirements is unmatched anywhere in the world that we know of. We are not aware of any “alternative” or “conventional” Australian sanitizing system that can match our efficacy or that have any independent testing or certification to back up their marketing claims. As long as a product meets electrical safety it appears you can make any claims you like. For our take on this see www.enviroswim.com/compare In contrast, Enviroswim has been tested by who many believe are the world leaders in water treatment product certification NSF. In 2009 NSF granted Enviroswim certification for use as a stand-alone sanitiser in both commercial & residential pools and spas in the USA Closer to home a government run NATA laboratory tested Enviroswim to the NSW Health’s Department protocol for the introduction of new pool and spa sanitiser. The laboratory compared Enviroswim kill rates on the protocols test bacteria with chlorines kill rates. Chlorine took 15 minutes to match Enviroswims 30 second kill rate which has suppassed any other sanitiser results we can find in the world. Enviroswim has never claimed to be totally chlorine free although it is clear from customer feedback and testimonials that some customers believe it to be as they have none of the associated chlorine issues, another good testament for the product. Enviroswim does eliminate the need to add chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, bromine, stabiliser (cyanuric acid), algaecides, high salt levels, flocculants, clarifiers and a whole myriad of chemicals sold in pool shops and by pool service technicians. It is not hard to see why anyone in the industry deriving an income from selling chemicals may try to “discredit” the system. Although you claim that you don’t intend your post to be a bad review. Posting a heading “False Advertising – But Works OK” is considered by us to be totally misleading to readers and we trust we have set the record straight.Dear Envioswim; From my point of view, I personally believe your product to be quite misleading to anyone with little-to-no experience with pools and water chemistry. I quote from p16 of your user's manual: "Enviroswim has eliminated the need to add chlorine to the pool by incorporating an electronic oxidising unit into the system. ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. In practical terms, it is a measurement of the ability to oxidise contaminants. ORP is the only practical method we have to electronically monitor oxidiser effectiveness. In some parts of the world, it is also known as Redox Potential. Using electrolysis the Enviroswim system produces the oxidiser in sufficient quantities to maintain an acceptable ORP." Yet you do not tell anyone that the aforementioned "öxidiser" is chlorine. Also, pages 22 & 23, as part of troubleshooting, you mention the need to shock dose using liquid chlorine or [Brand name] oxidiser, yet page 6, and your above satement says that you "eliminate the need to add chlorine" I'm not saying that there are better systems, and I'm not saying that any system is perfect, But I stand by my opinion- your product works, but your advertising and website material is misleading.Dear Mick the Poolguy In regards to your last comment Mick, Quote “Yet you do not tell anyone that the aforementioned "öxidiser" is chlorine” Absolutely, the oxidiser is not just chlorine, however, as highlighted in our faq page a little chlorine production is unavoidable. Despite having patents in place we never discuss our intellectual property but will provide you with a few pointers. 1.The oxidiser plates are only one of three processes used in the Enviroswim system. 2. Independent laboratory tests on the system conducted without the oxidiser plates installed showed exceptional kill rates on the bacteria pseudomonas. Zero chlorine. 3. A chlorine test also tests the redox of the water and an electronic orp metres test the orp (oxygen reduction potential) of the water as we highlight in the manual. If you want to test this out, take some non-chlorine oxidiser and mix with chlorine free water and conduct a chlorine test. You will get a chlorine reading despite the fact that the water is chlorine free. Are you also suggesting a non chlorine oxidiser is misleading because it shows a level on the chlorine test result. Mick, Quote: Also, pages 22 & 23, as part of troubleshooting, you mention the need to shock dose using liquid chlorine or [Brand name] oxidiser, yet page 6, and your above statement says that you "eliminate the need to add chlorine" Mick, you fail to mention that this is the last option in our trouble-shooting list if the pool has gone cloudy. Pools can go cloudy or green for many reasons not connected to the sanitiser system. Flooding, dilution, leaks, power failure, pump failure are some examples of why a pool might go green or cloudy. Enviroswim is designed and proven to keep a pool clean, sparkling & safe without adding any additional sanitiser. It is not designed to fix a green pool in the event of a system failure or excessive bather load. Once again, Enviroswim does not require the handling or addition of chlorine, shock or any other sanitiser additives if operated within our recommended parameters and instructions. The system was certified as a "stand alone sanitising system" meaning it requires no additional sanitiser, can't put it any more clearer. The vast majority of our customers have never added or “shock dosed” any chlorine in their Enviroswim treated pools as you seek to suggest. If visitors wants to read genuine feedback from existing Enviroswim owners and pool builders please see the following link www.enviroswim.com/testimonials.

Just love this pool. No rising after, save water, even wash my hair in it!

Living in Northern NSW, we've had the pool for over three years now. It was chlorine when we bought the house and I couldn't swim due to itching and sore eyes etc plus overall health concerns. Since installing the Enviroswim we couldn't be happier. To be honest it's MUCH less maintenance that I had been told. Almost set and forget once you've established the parameters and got used to the testing procedures. Despite torrential rains at times and then the recent sweltering drought conditions, very little adjustment is needed in my 65,000 ltr pebblecrete pool. The children swim underwater all the time with no red eyes, no need to shower after so saving on tank water. No chemicals being absorbed while we swim and I even wash my hair in the pool from time to time (no sudsing chemical free handmade shampoo) with no ill effect on the pool. Two sets of friends have installed the system since swimming in ours. There really is no comparison out there in the market as far as I am aware. Cuts cost dramatically on chemicals as little to none are needed. So I am 100% a fan. As an aside, the charming Carl from customer service was just able to give me some excellent advice with a question I had. I can't fault this system in any way and would highly recommend to anyone considering one.

Purchased .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Very quiet
Pool Size Large
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Hi Robyn, Thank you for your valued review, sharing your Enviroswim experience. It's greatly appreciated.

Great system! Chlorine-free and hassle-free.

We had our Enviroswim installed when we built our pool in late 2014. I was initially sceptical when our pool builders mentioned a non-chlorinated, non-salt system as a possible option, but they put us in touch with another client who'd had it running for a while and they were very happy with it. We decided to go with Enviroswim and are glad we did. Having grown up with a chlorinated pool that required constant attention and chemical adjustments (especially after rain when it would frequently turn green), I've been very impressed with how problem-free this system is. It doesn't need much attention to run smoothly and it doesn't require many chemicals (only hydrochloric acid, buffer and sometimes phosphate remover if leaf litter accumulates); the pool water doesn't smell of chlorine while swimming; you don't smell like chlorine after swimming and your hair doesn't turn green; the pool has never turned green (even after heavy rain). We initially had a pool maintenance man scheduled to visit once a month, then once a quarter, before we told him we no longer needed him because the pool requires so little attention. We don't hesitate to recommend this system to any friends who are building pools. The company has also been very good at answering any queries we've had over the last four years.

Date PurchasedNov 2014
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Hi Lachie, Thank you for taking the time to share your Enviroswim experience.

The perfect solution

We are very happy with Enviroswim, our daughter is a paid swimming instructor in chloride pools and loves a chlorine free pool. We have many visitors who are also very impressed that there is no chlorine. We are very relieved that it is just as effective in the shade. Thanks

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Ron, Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to share your experience.

With persistence, we are very happy with Enviroswim

After a few initially disappointing months working how best to maintain our 80,000 litre swimming pool with Enviroswim, we are extremely happy with our decision to replace our salt water chlorination system.

Initially we struggled to stop algae growth and we were concerned that we were told that we had to dose the pool with chlorine! However, since discovering that the cause for concern was high levels of phosphate, having since dealt with this, with non-metal phosphate remover and algaecide, we now have crystal clear water that is like stepping into a refreshing bath!

Thank you Enviroswim!

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hello Edward, Thank you for taking the time to post your Enviroswim experience. Happy Fresh water swimming


Fantastic product. My daughter has an intolerance to chlorine and couldn't spend much time in the pool. This has solved that problem. The additional bonus is that I haven't had to worry about the pool for months. Just remember to run the initial setup. we can now swim without goggles!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi Buzz, Thank you for taking the time to post your review. Great to hear your daughter is enjoying the benefits of swimming in an Enviroswim Fresh water swimming pool. Happy New year

Fantastic system and excellent customer service

We have had our Enviroswim system since 2009 and are extremely happy with it. Provided you keep your Ph neutral (which is impt with any pool) you will have no problems. We have let our water get out of balance a couple of times and ended up with some algae but if the Ph is neutral, it's fine. We recently replaced the rods so a good run. Phil and his staff return calls and reply to emails promptly and are a wealth of information. Highly recommend this product and company.

Date PurchasedJun 2009
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Hi Lisa & Eddy, Thanks for your valued review. Happy New year.

We love swimming in a freshwater pool

We live in Darwin and love the experience of swimming in a freshwater pool. No smell no chlorine and very few chemicals, sorry chlorine based swimming pool owners! We would thoroughly recommend enviroswim pool filtration system. We have found our pool works well throughout the year even during the wet season when chlorine based pools have a lot of problems requiring extra chlorine etc. We have had a saltwater chlorine based pool and now a freshwater pool and the there is no comparison. Thanks enviroswim for s great product.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Hi Julie, Thank you for taking the time to review the Enviroswim ES3. Happy New Year & Fresh water swimming.

Outstanding Product and Outstanding Support

We have had the Enviroswim ES3 installed and operating for three years and love swimming in fresh water! Being able to get out of the water without needing to rinse off chlorine and other chemicals is a real godsend and my friends that have chlorine and salt chlorination pools are always amazed at how nice our pool water is. Operating and maintaining the system is relatively simple (follow the user manual and you cannot go wrong) and to date has been hassle free. We encountered our first problem this week after 3 years with the control panel. Despite being out of warranty, the support we received from Carl Richards (General Manager) and Harry at Enviroswim has been fantastic. Great guys, proactive support and very quick turnaround - exactly what you need just before Christmas.

I judge a company not only by the quality of their product, but how well they stand behind it in the long term and respond to customers when things don't go right. Given this was a year out of warranty, Environswim could have taken me to the cleaners to fix it and given that it is a week before Christmas I would have probably had to put up with it. Instead they stood behind their product, bent over backwards to support it and had me back up and running in two days. As you can tell I am a very happy customer and I strongly recommend Enviroswim for having a great product and even greater support.

Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Hi Colin, Thank you for your valued review, we really appreciate your comments. Merry Christmas to you and your family and happy fresh water swimming. All the best for 2019.

Fantastic to swim in..

We installed our Enviroswim system 14 months ago after speaking with friends who'd had their's installed several months earlier. In the very early stages we had a few days of pool greening, but that was my error whilst setting the system up. Watertech Services, who we purchased our Enviroswim from, offered advice immediately. Since that time, for well over a year, our pool has been sparkling clean and a delight to swim in. We often dispense with showers, and diving into fresh water just before bed not only feels wonderful but saves precious tank water! Win, win!

A couple of days ago I made a rare visit to the local pool shop to check the TDS level, and noticed that every other customer there was spending $$ on chlorine, algaecide and flocculation chemicals. I walked out with a pack of Aquacheck test strips. After 12 years of juggling pool chemicals, we are so happy to have discovered this system. The initial outlay will be recouped over time, we spend very little on pool acid/bicarb once in a blue moon, everyone loves swimming in the water, and we feel better about our pool's impact on the environment.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Hi Linnie, Thank you fro your valued review. Merry Christmas and happy fresh water swimming.

Can’t beat Enviroswim !

We installed the Enviroswim system roughly two years ago. It’s absolutely amazing. I used to pump so much money into our pool when it was chlorine and it never looked half as good as it does now. It’s such a clean feeling when you swim, unlike our old pool when you smelt like a tub of chlorine and blonde hair became monster green. Carl is super helpful with any questions. I highly recommend this system and company.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi David, Thank you for your review. We really appreciate your Support. Happy xmas and happy Fresh water Swimming.

If your kids have allergies this is the system for you

My first pool and because my son is allergic to chlorine I couldn’t use the standard salt chlorinator. Did a fair bit of research and came across the Enviroswim. Excellent, easy system and with the added automatic pH doser there is honestly not much to do. With a normal pool my son could only last about 20 mins before he would start sneezing and have red eyes for hours. Now he swims for hours with no issues and our dog loves it. Would recommend it highly. 5 Stars.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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HI Andrew, Its great to hear your son can enjoying swimming again. Of course it's great to also hear your dog loves it. Merry Xmas and enjoy the summer.

There is no better way to go for sanitation

I just built a new pool about a year and a half ago. i investigated every possible sanitation system available in Australia and I do mean everything! I like ionizing but you still needed to add chlorine. i've had two salt water pools before so I knew what to expect there. I looked at ozone and it is expensive to run - very expensive and the pool that i used to go to for aquaaerobics was ozone and it was ok but not for me. Too much monitoring involved. Chlorine was out. there was no way I was going to lug those big containers around. I looked at mineral pools and there was no advantage to them and the mineral salts are expensive. Finally I came across Enviroswim and i recognised that this was it. it had ionizing, salt chlorination, but just a little so my garden beds were safe, and the ultrasonics. That was everything. I expected to need a pool guy but I had installed cyclonic pre filters on both pumps which are easy to back wash and keep the cartridge filter clean. I do my water test from time to time but I am not as careful as I should be. I finally got the pool guy to come around after a year just to help me clean the cartridge filters for the first time. they were dirty but not overly. I will do them every 6 months from now on. The Enviroswim just works. it is easy to turn the dials up if something is less than it should be or down if its too much. I LOVE THIS PIECE OF EQUIPMENT! It just does what needs to be done and anyone who uses my pool says its the best water they have ever experienced in a pool and they think I'm the clever one. Of course I take all the credit but I know where the credit REALLY goes.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi MFKK, Thank you for your valued review.

Outstanding system, 4 years of trouble free pool ownership

We installed this in our new pool in 2014 and its been excellent. In new pools you have to keep on top of the pH levels and make sure to keep a little amount of salt in it. Replaced electrodes around 2.5 years in (about $250) and new oxidiser cell plate needed now about $600, other than that and some acid to lower pH, no other costs. Support is excellent and the kids love swimming in it compared to other pools. Would buy it again.

Date PurchasedJan 2014
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Hi Chris Thank you for your review. Your support is greatly valued.

Absolutely amazing

I have owned this system for 2 years now and I cannot believe how little maintenance I have to perform on my pool. I installed the system myself and the initial setup was straightforward thanks to the excellent instructions it comes with. I have only had to add pool acid and nothing else! Guests cannot believe that I don't have chlorine or salt and I have lost count of the amount of times I've shown them the ES3. My kids all have asthma and chlorine really affected them in other pools but not this one. I did come across some negativety...at the pool supplies shop! Completely one eyed opinion of this system. Anybody who is considering this system would be advised to ignore those type of people and purchase an ES3. Technical support has been fantastic. I will build another home and pool again in the future and Phil will be my first contact so I can purchase another system... highly recommended!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Danny, Thank you for your valued review.

A game changer!

This is an awesome product - as a 3 time pool owner I have finally made my life easier; once you get the water in balance maintenance is a dream; no more 20KG containers of chlorine and filter time has been halved! Great support from the Enviroswim team! Thank you!

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hi Anthony, Thank you for your support and taking the time to post a review.

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Questions & Answers

My chlorine levels are too low (struggling to reach .5) and can easily go to nothing within a day. How do I get the chlorine up and to stay up so that we can be confident about swimming in the pool. The ph fluctuates greatly and we add acid often. The copper is finally up around .3 but I have been running it more then the recommended amount. It is only 3 weeks old.
2 answers
Enriswim ES3 enables your pool to be chlorine free while also being safe to swim in. To ensure your water remains in balance does not require chlorine but as you are doing may require acid to be added.Hi Sam, Please give us a call in the office and we can explain why you don't require high chlorine levels to safely sanitise. 1300 888 457...press 1 for sales.

Hi - What is the Oxidiser that is produced during the electrolysis process within the Enviroswim ES3?
1 answer
Thank you for your question, In regard oxidation the system uses the oxygen in the water which is also assisted by the ultrasonics creating billions of microscopic bubbles, there is also a small amount of chlorine produced due to a low amount of chlorides in the water reacting with the electrolysis process as mentioned on our websites FAQ page.  What we can say is that our innovative technology qualified for Federal Government funding to help develop and commercialise the Enviroswim system. In government laboratory testing to the NSW Health's Department protocol for the introduction of a new sanitiser, the bacteria kill rate that Enviroswim was able to achieve in thirty seconds took chlorine nearly fifteen minutes to match during back to back lab testing. Similar testing and certification was done in the USA, we are not aware of any other Australian system that can offer the same amount of independent assurance. Please contact our office if you require more information. Kind Regards Enviroswim

Hello, we recently installed a new pool with enviroswim and are very happy. The pool is installed mostly under cover and a friend commented that enviroswim works best with maximum direct sunlight on the water. Can you please confirm if direct sunlight is necessary or we are OK? Thanks Ron
1 answer
Hi Ron, You are fine, the Enviroswim is fine indoors, outdoors and anything in between. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Fresh water Enviroswim pool. Please feel free to leave a review on your Enviroswim experience.


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