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gorgeous natural products

I have multiple products that I love... lip tint, foundation, and the BLUSH! Omg the best.
Of course, the fact that they not only have beautiful branding... but they're also natural ingredients, without harmful bull* (to you and to the environment) makes me love it even more.

Product Quality
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Very Disappointing

Wish I had read the reviews here first. I bought a lipstick and mascara. The mascara is ok but nothing spectacular but the lipstick was really disappointing, worst I have ever purchased. It was cakey, dry and bled - used it once and had to bin it. I really wanted to love it because the colour was fantastic but if I have to muck around with pre-moisturising, lip-liner and whatnot to get the same result that my other lipsticks produce without fuss it isn't worth my time.

Ere Perez Waterproof Volumising Mascara Black - love it

I have finally found a natural alternative to chemical filled mascaras that is WATERPROOF! I've tried other natural brands and they were a waste of $30+

I have been using this mascara for the last 2 weeks and have done a lot of crying and I have not ended up like a panda!
I have not had it transfer to under my eyes from laughing either!
No flaking onto my cheeks.
The consistency is quite fluid for me, a few clumps but easily managed to remove them - I prefer my mascara when it's getting old and dried up lol. I don't apply a lot, just to colour my lashes really.
It is also easy to remove, I use make up removing wipes.

Waste of money

Purchased the Natural Almond Oil black mascara for $29.95 and used the product once. It smelt fantastic and glided on nicely but drops of black fibers landed on my skin under my eyes and the colour was hard to build up. It also smeared underneath my eyes within an hour. Would definitely not recommend. Too expensive and just doesn't do the job it should. Disappointing.

Beetroot cheek and lip tint

Ordered this out of curiosity, but beware it stains! Don't apply it on your cheeks without gloves and don't stuff it up because it stains so badly. Looks ok on the lips but ironically after eating it came off my lips. I found that rather amusing.

Expensive too. Nicely packaged but expected more for my money

Would not buy again

Mixed feelings

The natural almond oil mascara (black) smudged for me and was difficult to remove. It has a strong scent, not pleasant, which reminded me of a cleaning product. I won't re-purchase.
The amazing arnica concealer (shade- light) is the lightest you can get but it not light enough for me. It has a waxy and thick consistency. It didn't brighten my eye area. You really need to set this concealer because of the waxy feeling it leaves on your skin.
The natural rosehip oil lipbar (shad- love) worked well for me. Its a pink colour to look at but it doesn't add colour to your lips which I don't mind. I found it moisturising and would re-purchase this.
The clever carrot cheek and lip balm (shade-harmless) dries quickly on the cheeks so you need to blend fast, this could be annoying for some. I don't use this much as I prefer powder blush. I wouldn't re-purchase this because of how it worked for me.
The creative chamomile eye duo (shade-without clothes) has a minimal- moderate pigment, the lighter eye shadow colour is a bit too shimmery for my liking. Some may like this eyeshadow duo but it wasn't for me,
The translucent corn perfecting powder (shade-one for all) needs a light touch, its a pressed powder not loose. I found when using it around the eyes it would set into the creases. I never used it on the rest of my face as I don't wear foundation so not sure how it would perform in that respect.

Good but not blown away.

Let me start by saying that I love the simplicity of the Ere Perez packaging and they have great customer service, however for the price of their products I was just not blown away by them. I did purchase during their free lip product & free shipping promo so that was definitely added bonus.

The natural almond oil mascara was easy to apply, had nice pigmentation, didn't clump or flake, helped my naturally straight lashes hold a curl, didn't smudge when rubbed and it even smell nice - in other words everything you would want from a great mascara except for one thing - it didn't do anything for the volume and is more suited for those who want a more natural look. I would buy it again but only if it was on sale.

The real rose hip lip bar in nude.to be honest I was a little disappointed in this product, the colour looks darker and redder than the picture and the pigmentation was sheerer than I imagined. It's more a lot the lines of a glorified tinted lip balm, and I don't like the shape of it either. I also found it a bit hard and waxy, you have to apply a couple coats to almost warm it up so it'll melt on to your lips. On the bright side I did find it really moisturising and non greasy but I'll probably not purchase it again.

Just jojoba oil eye pencil - straight up I didn't like it, it's hard and not very creamy which makes it harder to apply. It seemed to do ok on till I rubbed my eye, a lot of product smudged but mostly just came right off on to my hand.

My free gift was the clever carrot cheek & lip balm in Holy, I actually don't mind it and found the pigmentation to be a lot better than the lip bar. It's moisturising and non sticky, applied well to the cheeks with nice colour, didn't look greasy or shiny either. The product looks better than on the website colour wise and I like that it was more a bright red hued plum shade not too brown or purplish. Overall not bad product but something I wouldn't normally purchase or use frequently.

So definitely not blown away by Ere Perez, and although they are good products, overall they just don't live up to the hype and not really worth the hefty price tag.

Awesome Product

I have used Ere Perez' almond oil mascara for the last couple of months and have been loving it, it makes my eyelashes look big and full! I have noticed my lashes have been falling out a lot less with this mascara, compared to others. You do have to reapply after about 8 hours but it doesn't give you racoon eyes nor does it flake.
It's not hard to remove, the secret is to use some coconut oil and rub it gently onto the lashes, within a couple of minutes it should come off without much effort.


Love the eyeshadow - it covers well and doesn't look caked on. At $27.95 It doesn't last long so makes it a very expensive purchase. I have only had it two months and it is nearly gone. The product is lovely but only lasting three months maximum I won't buy it again

I Really Wanted To Like It. For Years I Tried!

I love that the products are vegan and chemical reduced so less impact on our environment. The foundation is nice, not too heavy and not too light.
The thing is, the concealer is more sticky than petroleum jelly and the lightest shade comes in a dark colour which is nothing like the foundations colour equivalent (in the same name) and looks as though I've been punched in the eyes. Also the eyeliner doesn't have any smudge factor, so barely draws on the eyes unless your willing to pretty much jab your eye out.

Mascara too hard to remove from skin under eyes, had to stop using (black, natural almond oil)

It goes on nicely and looks fine.. but.. My eye make up remover is really good. One wipe with a cotton wool ball removes all other black mascara. But with this mascara, I just can't get rid of the black shadow, and have to really rub the delicate area under my eyes to get it all off. It takes so much rubbing and it's still there, so I don't think it's very good for my skin.

Foundation doesn't cover blemishes

Unfortunately the powder foundation in medium didn't live up to its marketing. It gives no coverage at all. After reading all the bad reviews where people have had similar experiences I have decided not to try anymore of Ere Perez and start looking for another brand.

Really disappointed in these products, will not purchase again

Like many reviewers I was really looking forward to trying some new natural make-up but upon using these products I have been left really disappointed. The oatmeal foundation does not go on smooth and feels almost like a face-mask to wear! I found it really didn't last and would leave my skin irritated especially around the eye area (note: I do not have sensitive skin). The mascara (waterproof) stayed put but I found I had to apply about 5-6 layers for it to give me any length or volume, even then it just didn't live up to other brands I normally use. I also tried a lipstick in nude, I had to apply this really liberally almost like a lip balm to see any colour on my lips. It certainly didn't last long.
It's a real shame when you spend good money on products which you want to believe in but they just don't do what you want them to! I won't be purchasing from this brand again. I will not be recommending Ere Perez.

Totally in love!

I absolutely love Ere Perez cosmetics, her products are so beautiful especially her olive oil lipsticks which contains only natural ingredients. If you're thinking of switching to natural/organic makeup, try Ere Perez, you'll feel like a goddess!

The worst lipstick i've ever bought

I bought their lipstick which is a natural colour in "me". Omg it was so dry when the first time i put it on then the lipstick was broken because it was so hard and dry to put on but i thought ok this is a natural lipstick maybr i should try it more. A few days after when i was about to put on my lipstick, the lipstick fell of the case and it was messy everywhere in the case. The most disgusting lipstick i've ever owned. I had 2 different brands lipstick with certified organic and they are much better than ere perez. Will not buy it again. Yuckkkk... They are plenty of natural brands have mush better quality than ere perez.

Perfect lipstick

I love the rich olive oil lipstick. The colour can last for a long time and it doesnt make my lip dry as other brands do. Highly recommended.

Ere perez liquid foundation

I really like the foundation, it doesnt clog my pores although it does feel like a mask to apply. I really like the mascara it stays on all day and I like the eye liner which is soft enough to smudge and make into an eye shadow. Looking forward to trying more of their products.
Its a natural product
Not convenient to buy

Won't order it again

I order the liquid foundation, compressed powder and mascara.
The powder is really nice but it arrived all broken and I lost almost half of it when I open it as the pieces went everywhere. I wrote to Ere Perez and they replied saying they will send a new powder to me, more carefully wrapped and that never happened.
Applying the foundation it's really difficult, it feels like you are applying a mask to your face and dries so fast you can't really spread it properly. If you have any wrinkles it makes them more visible.
The mascara is ok considering other natural mascaras smudge a lot and this one doesn't, but the product arrived a bit dry so I don't think it will last more than a few applications.

Almond oil mascara is the best!

Feel so glam with my ere perez mascara, gives me fluttery lashes naturally, it's a good mascara will continue to order it!
Gives glossy lashes, lengthens, its natural/cruelty free
Nothing really it delivered what it promised unlike other mascaras i have tried with their 300% increase etc….

A beautiful powder

I love using products that are made using flowers and herbs. This powder is light weight and provides good coverage.
fairly priced, organic, light weight, looks natural

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