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Ergon Energy QLD

Ergon Energy QLD

157 reviews

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157 reviews
valeryDarling Downs, QLD3 posts

Ergon: the worst electricity provider in Qld!

Ergon is unfortunately the only electricity supplier in Toowoomba. Because of that, they give ZERO care about customers. Tried to contact them on the, phone after we installed solar. Waiting time: First time 1.2 hours, second time: 1.6h and the third time: 2h and disconnected by Ergon! Of course no call back service. Tried to log in,but couldn't site non responsive! Awful experience, awful reviews! How is it posible,that there are absolutely no consequences to this??? Show details
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kevin3 posts

Having power connected in Nth Qld is A privilege not a right

wanted power connected to new property , and found very slowly that Ergon will get to you when they are good and ready and not 1 minute before . Recieved a letter stating they still don't know what they are doing and must wait until they gain more skills and experience to handle their work load , solar here I come. Show details

Horrible phone service, website problems so you have to call them

Multiple instances of being on the phone on hold for 2+ hours and website has low accessability + impossible to log into so its not like you can sort your own problems. Show details
oilpondBrisbane5 posts

Phone downeys

A decent service let down by their inability to keep an appointment and down right rude and passive aggressive phone staff that play the on hold game #wantchange Show details
Customer Service
Rates and Fees
MelNorth Queensland, QLD13 posts

Ridiculous wait times

On hold for almost 2 hours! I had enough time to do all my Christmas shopping, wash and fuel the car, left the phone in car because i knew from last week's experience this would happen!! Absolutely disgusting! Show details
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Natasha L.
Natasha L.

I wouldn't even give them 1star if possible

3rd day without power in White rock cairns and the workers are sitting around drinking coffee and doing nothing to restore the power. Absolutely disgusting how they handled this tiny category 2 cyclone. People in 3rd world countries handle bigger crises better than these quacks. They're getting paid to sit around and do NOTHING!! They can't do anything until the little showers of rain stop. It's sprinkling outside. Show details
Trevor A.
Trevor A.

Pathetic supplier of an essential service

No power overnight again. No updates on their website. Literally left in the dark.we have underground power to the substation and still lose power at the hint of wind or rain. Workers no doubt tucked away with their power supply and apparently unable to attend. [Content Removed] doubt all of these complaints will be brushed off with the excuse that we had a cyclone, fact is there was less wind and rain than a typical summer storm. Show details
WayneNorth Queensland, QLD

Trying to disconnect power,leaving

Been on this phone now over 10 hrs.Today right on the DOT of 8am,Time now 12.15,SOMEBODIES GETTING OVER PAID.I' m in the green.but still can talk to anyone.Are you sure there is a customer service.
Better off having a robot.TELL ME HOW TO GET MY POWER TURNED OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Show details
Dexter D.
Dexter D.Darling Downs, QLD3 posts

ergon sucks

shutting power off on hottest day of year. No common sence but want top wages.
NO RESPECT! Show details
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Parkes79Far North Queensland, QLD

97 Minute Wait Time Estimate

Called Ergon to close my account as I'm moving. There is a 97 minute wait time estimate!!! How is that good customer service? Is it so long because I selected 'Close Account' option? That show's me how much they don't value me as a customer and I will not recommend or use Ergon Energy again. Show details
Lawrence4 posts

Waiting Time

Aside from Telstra - this is the worst Organization for being on hold. Is there anyone actually working there? Show details
Holly B.
Holly B.South East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Terrible service. Impossible to contact

Several attempts to contact by phone with VERY lengthy wait times (no call- back option, estimated wait time or place-in-cue updates). Impossible. Gave up waiting. Unable to create an online account, despite entering all details correctly. Just wanted a simple question answered, (it remains unanswered). God knows what high-needs customers go through with this terrible retail provider.
The local MP is my next stop, to lobby for alternative providers in the Wode- Bay Burnett area. Show details
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Terrible service

What's going on Ergon.
Can't log in, when I try to register I get a "timed out' notification.
Fix your rubbish asap.
Stuck on hold.
We need another provider in North Qld.
I would happily switch to another company.
Ergon is quite useless.!
I suspect that Ergon has had some form of a hack.
Because why all if a sudden can no one login.
This is exactly what happened in the latitude hack.
Still on hold after forever.
Can't log in.
No sneaky fees or hidden catches.
But doesn't answer the phone left on hold... Show details
Miss Q
Miss QWide Bay-Burnett, QLD10 posts

Absolutely frustrating

Still trying to call Ergon re my bill, I can’t pay if I done have a bill to quote the customer reference number, your site is still not working and does not recognise my account number, So what do I do ? Tried calling your number three times today, the wait time is overwhelming long I gave up after two half hours, call back didn’t work as can’t hang on to a phone while working, so two weeks trying to get on line, wasted a day trying to resolve this issues vie phone, so what do I do now? Spend another day ringing…you say your making changes for a better customer experience, I have an idea..hire more staff. Show details
Matthew H.
Matthew H.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts

won,t answer the phone

i rang Ergon the lady couldn't help me (all i wanted was to change the account into my wife's name) she said ring 131046 no one answered the phone 62 minutes i waited no call back service offered, so I rang 137466 she couldn't help me she said ring 131046 so i did still no one answered 30 minutes later, thx ergon your customer service is pitiful i wish i didn't have to do business with you Show details
unhappyWide Bay-Burnett, QLD6 posts

Wait time for simple request

Ive been waiting on the hold for 40 mins then says push 1 for call back in 45 mins no call back called again your wait time is 80 mins still waiting, cant log on to site cant reset my password doesnt recognise my email account, funny they send the bill to it. Poor service grt with the times Ergon. Show details
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GannaSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Terrible experience, lack of customer care

3 days without electricity. Thanks Ergon. Ergon don't care if their customers will loose their food in their fridge and freezer. They have more important thing to do, like to make sure they have their lunch in time. Who cares about customers. Show details
RegQueensland7 posts

Impossible to get someone on the phone

Ergon has an annoying chatbot answering the calls, it appears to be designed to deter people from calling.
The meter reader skipped our property so I read the meter and tried to call Ergon.
After a very annoying chatbot with long-winded greetings and its failure to recognise voice prompts it asks for.
I was then put on Hold for over an hour. Then briefly spoke with someone who said they would transfer me to Ergon Network to give them my meter readings. Then I ended up on the line again with the SAME CHATBOT and I am still waiting! Show details
Customer Service

Absolute terrible company

Ergon Energy is one of the most horrible companies to have to deal with. I have been a loyal customer for many many years only because there is no other company available for us to use and the communication is terrible. Telephone wait times well over the hour and staff have very poor customer service skills. Why can't we have other power suppliers in QLD? Ergon Energy cause people to become so frustrated and upset. Not to mention having to do their job for them. Hurry up and roll out the new metre boxes this may help with some of your issues such terrible service provided by Ergon Energy. Show details
AGCCentral Queensland, QLD9 posts

Wait time, huh?

Your wait time is '140min'. Now that's I call customer service! Show details
MeggieWide Bay-Burnett, QLD2 posts

Thank you

A big thank you to the Ergon employees who came out to our farm this morning and removed trees that were in the way of a power line. Great work Show details
Pipwoodjack2 posts

Woeful service

I'd like to know why no one turned up to turn my power on?? Wasted an entire day. Told would be there between 12-5pm. 5.20pm and still nothing. A professional service would notify you if they aren't coming or held up. So I have to have a FREEZING cold shower in the morning. I will charge you lot $250 for wasting my time!! You know, the $250 i was told you charge if someone isn't here. Absolutely woeful service. You'll be hearing about it tomorrow. Show details
tuija j.
tuija j.North West, QLD
Robert Williamson
Robert WilliamsonCentral Queensland, QLD2 posts
Kurtis O.
Kurtis O.4 posts


All their phone calls are automated that send you in circles and can't get to a real person F#$@ ergon Show details

i stupidly said i would accept email accounts .but i cant access them

its all my fault
going to emaila ccounts was stupid .
i rang to try and change it bust found the phone sequence pretty painful and a long wait .
its difficult to not be aggressive Show details
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Sarah J.
Sarah J.Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

Dangerous behaviour

They turned my power off without any warning, left a slip saying power disconnected, but are denying ever doing it. Send an unauthorised man to my home with new born baby. I don’t know who this man was. Ergon denying all activity at my house. Show details

Electricity supply

Props to Wayne and Holly and work mates for fixing our connections and power supply this afternoon in Maryborough. Much appreciated your professionalism. Sid and Diane. Show details
neveragainNorth Queensland, QLD8 posts
NunyaNorth Queensland, QLD3 posts

Absolute Crap!

Meter reader had our reading 5000 units OVER the actual meter reading, pushing our bill up to near 3000. Demanded the adjustment and it was brought down to 1300. Ergon, be ashamed of yourself and your lazy workers that can’t even read a meter correctly.

Nth QLD need better and more reliable power providers that don’t blatantly rip/or try to rip their customers off! The government need to do this, and shut these thieves down. Show details

Dawn R.
Dawn R.2 posts

Excellent and polite

I seem to be in a minority with this review,but the service is very good,call centre easy access and very prompt.Keep up the great work and thankyou. Show details
Top End M.
Top End M.Far North Queensland, QLD2 posts

Government owned asset ripping off all Queenslanders

This terrible excuse for a company has the power monopoly, provide terrible service, have the worst infrastructure and keep upping prices Show details
steves_pcs2 posts
Keith S
Keith SWide Bay-Burnett, QLD8 posts


Every time we get rain in Woodgate the power goes off. Surely in this day and age your systems should be robust enough to keep going, obviously not and you tell us power cost will rise by 52% in the next twelve months. You’re having a lend of us. Welcome to 3rd world Queensland. Show details
Darren P.
Darren P.South East Queensland, QLD

Don't use totally hopeless

Had natural gas for 5 years with this company never ever will I call them again found company for half their price after 3 times in 2 months they stuffed up my payment plan does not matter how clear you say the problem they don't listen avoid if you can Show details
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d3fau1t. posts

"We want to work with you..." BULLS**T!

An absolutely disgusting company. Not willing to work with their customers. Their call center reps are basically getting off on their customers misfortune and misery. Never calling back, demanding money they know people don't have, refusing to transfer to their supervisor or empty promises of having their superiors call back but never do. Just another shell of a company, with no accountability, that prays on the less fortunate. BURN. IN. HELL. Show details
Mick2 posts


Trying to get ergon to recognise our new solar installation, been over 3 months since our solar was installed, the installer done his job and reqested an EWR, had confirmation from ergon the upgrade was to go ahead and that's as far as it went.
Several phone calls later listening to crap on-hold music and some idiot telling me its all been sorted out, only to get a full power bill not recognising my solar contributions. They don't give a damn as long as you keep paying your bill. We are trying to do the right thing by the environment and using solar power, but it feels like ergon is not on board with this concept as its probably costing them money. Show details
Steven J.
Steven J.Far North Queensland, QLD2 posts

This is perfect! Can definitely live without it!

Ergon took six months to activate gas. Still charging me account fees two years on despite every bill stating zero gas used. Holding me hostage because heterosexual minority customer. Can't get new account in new house without paying old hostage fees for no services rendered. Show details

Terrible service. Power outages galore

Crikey. Moved to Mareeba for only a few weeks. Already have had multiple dropouts. Denied our morning coffee and breakfast today. This is just NOT good enough Ergon. Terrible service. Totally unreliable. Show details
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