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93 reviews

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93 reviews
93 reviews
RobboSydney, NSW2 posts

22cm & 26cm Ceramic frypans

they are not non stick!

after 3 months of use eggs started to stick and within 6 months everything sticks.

Tried to take them back via the compay and was told to return to the store i purchsaed from. That store told me they would send them back and wait for company response. without replacing or credit.

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Sue2 posts

Handles on lids get too hot to touch

I purchased the 14 & 16 cm Per Sempre Saucepans in January from David Jones. Pots are fine...but the handles on the lids become too hot to touch or hold. Contacted customer service on the essteele au website - they replied back saying ‘ it is quite normal for the handles to get hot’. I have never heard anything so ridiculous. All my other pots & matching stainless lids (also of equal quality & price/different brands) don’t get hot handles. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this brand.

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M Johnson
M Johnson

Good until they fail

No issues with the product until the handles failed. they cannot be purchased as the product is 'too old'. The much vaunted 'life time' warranty is a joke.

Contacting their customer service is next to impossible, they simply ignore you. Yoy would get the same life time out of a product half the price.

Don't waste your money.

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Ded up
Ded upSydney, NSW7 posts

Best saucepans you could ever buy

We received a set of Essteele saucepans for our wedding 32 years ago, use them everyday, they are fantastic. They have a copper bottom and heat up quickly, the handles have never been damaged. They will see out my lifetime, could not recommend them high enough. Cooked healthy meals for my family, as l use the steamer for vegetables every day. Best investment in the kitchen for a lifetime, l love to cook and cook everyday.

The saucepans were bought in December 1984. The calendar does not go back that far. They all still look fantastic.

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davo3 posts
SueSouth East Queensland, QLD40 posts

Warranty of Essteele cookware

Purchased a set of Essteele saucepans 20 years ago and they were brilliant. In the last couple of weeks I had a problem with one of the saucepans. When contacting Essteele they asked me to give details of purchase, size, etc. and promptly advised me they would replace the saucepan. I was given a very generous amount of credit to purchase one of their new ones. Have always been very happy with their product and after the wonderful service by their representative Cathy I certainly will keep on purchasing their products.

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Daryl Kan
Daryl KanAU

Excellent customer service

Product works great. Easy to clean lid and skillet. Reasonably light weight. Maintenance free. Even heat throughout. Quick to heat. Maintains heat well. Great customer service. Prompt and quick response. Special thanks to Danni.

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GeorgiaCanberra Central 2601, ACT10 posts

Wonderful product, at least it was 40 years ago!!!

I inherited my set of Essteele saucepans from my mother-in-law 3 years ago. I didn't really want more saucepans but kept them anyway knowing they'd cost a lot of money about 40 years ago. They are the best saucepans, copper base, and still look like new. Today I left a bolognaise sauce simmering unattended for a couple of hours ( was deliberate) on solid hot plates that other saucepans would've burnt the contents. Perfect result!

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Peter  and Kim Taylor
Peter and Kim TaylorMt Martha2 posts

Brilliant product, brilliant customer service

My parents had Essteele saucepans in the 60's . I have them now , but we were also given a set for our wedding 25 years ago . Recently a handle fell off one of the pans - Danni from Essteele replaced the entire pan without any fuss!

I have always been impressed with the quality and efficiency of the pans , but the Essteele customer service is brilliant!

Yes the pans have improved since the 60's but these are always at the leading edge! I thoroughly and without hesitation recommend Essteele for their quality and their customer service.

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AnnetteCastlemaine, Vic

Customer Service and lifetime Guarantee

Essteele has an excellent customer service response in honouring of the lifetime guarantee of their products. I had an Australis 2000 cookpot which needed replacing but no longer had proof of purchase. I contacted Essteele though the customer service link and had a response within days and a new cookpot within a week. The other pans that I purchased at the same time as the item replaced are still in excellent condition after all these years, a very high quality product. Again, thank you Esteele for a top quality product and excellent service.

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so excited now so disappointed

My husband purchased this copper base non stick pan one year ago from Myer as my Christmas gift. He also purchased a very large pot which I am very happpy with but so very disappointed in the frying pan. Whilst having the wonderful copper base the result is now the same as all other non stick pans, everything sticks . Being Esteele I expected a quality product. I have nursed this pan like a baby as it was my pride and joy in the kitchen but now after only one year I will have to replace it. Honestly so disappointed.

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David S
David SSydney, NSW2 posts

Replacement pots... 23 years after the original purchase

I had an issue with the handles of two of my 23 year old Essteele pots. Replacement handles were no longer available and Meyer, without prompting, offered to provide me with two brand new Essteele pots to replace the old ones. Outstanding customer service and commitment to the Essteele brand. Could not be more impressed.

May2 posts

These products are the best

I worked at a company Colourfilm, was getting married so they asked me what we needed, told them saucepans etc. They bought me the whole Saucepan set and the frypan, that was in 1968

These saucepans are still going well, I even had an accident where the oil caught on fire my husband threw it outside to put it out, got my Essteele cleaner out, still have that frypan

So can recommend this product to anyone but use the cleaner and get years of use

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Happy Me
Happy Me

Best customer service ever!

I had a similar problem with the rubber on my beautiful Esteele saucepans and the handles and lids were replaced without question - how good is that? They are amazing saucepans and look like new after 15 years - would I buy them again - absolutely! but I think they will last forever

Danny3 posts

Whacko!! How good are Esteele

I had a problem with the handle of the top saucepan of a 24yo double saucepan set. Twenty Four years old and the saucepans are still perfect, except for the one handle. I can't tell you how the people at Esteele solved the problem (because they may not do it for everyone...or perhaps they would), but the problem has been solved. So their customer service on a handle for a 24yo saucepan was EXCEPTIONAL and far beyond reasonable expectations.. As I said the saucepans are still in A1 condition, even after all these years. So if I were you, I would buy Esteele saucepans...because they last and last. Would I buy another set of Esteele saucepans? it's really hypothetical, because the saucepans that we own will obviously outlast us!.

LittlegreenjodesAU23 posts

30 cm Bronze rimmed frypan

I bought this product 3-4 years ago. The Teflon has come off and gone rusty on the inside. No support from Essteel. Just ignore emails. Won't be buying Essteel again.

Ginny2 posts

Love the pots, hate the handles

I bought this set years ago and the stainless steele pots are fantastic. Unfortunately the rubber handles have split on one pot and have become loose on the others I can't tip the pot to poor out contents without the rubber handle slipping around the steele beneath it. Not safe when dealing with hot food.


Still Going Strong!

Bought mine in 1986 and they are still great! Have 'burnt' a few things but the saucepans come back brilliantly with baking soda and a bit of elbow grease. Handles still good and no loose screws either. Keep looking at replacements but never commit.......they're all too heavy!

MargaretEW6 posts

food catches and burns

I bought a large fry pan and a large saucepan several years ago, and they have always been disappointing, it's not just that they are very hard to clean, the worst thing about them is that the food burns every time I use them. I haven't thrown them away because they were so expensive and I can't find anyone who is interested in helping.

The only good thing about it is that I can put already cooked food in the oven as the handles are heat proof.

MoniAU2 posts
bellagirlPerth8 posts

Quality product

I bought my mother a set of Essteele saucepans from Myer in Fremantle forty-two years ago and they are going strong not one loose handle. I new they were good but never imagined they would still be going strong.I bought the Australis set about six years ago and unfortunately my faulty gas cook top turned itself on one day low only but my saucepan cooked dry for eight hours and with a little elbow grease and baking soda you would never no !!!

I dare any other brand to survive that cooking test .I highly recommend the Essteele brand

Kristy2 posts

Love Essteele but the non stick is terrible!

Bought this range 1 year ago and love it but the non stick is already unusable..I have Kmart non stick that works better! Really disappointed as the David Jones rep convinced us to buy it saying the 28cm normal version didnt exist (it does!) Non stick....was the worst investment and now I have a $200 useless pan! So disappointed.

Happy Jan
Happy JanSydney2 posts

Perfect pans

My 3 saucepans that I purchased 44 years ago are STILL amazing, the handles are perhaps a little " tired " but the copper base/stainless just keeps going on. I do add that I have treated them kindly and would recommend them to anyone.

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Dina3 posts

Bad customer service

I love my saucepans and have the whole set my big saucepans is damaged and the company said that if I could find my receipt they would replace it how could I find my receipt they are about fifteen years old so much for lifetime warranty.

RubyWSydney, NSW11 posts

Perfect ~!

I have a Essteele Australis - Saute Pan with Lid 30cm and i absolutely love it. It is a stainless steel pan and no matter what food i cook it is so easy to clean. To be honest it does require some oil but it is way much better than using non-stick pan. once a week i use stainless Steel clearer to give it a good clean and the pan back to brand new condition!

pb8Sydney2 posts

The best pots I've ever owned

I bought a couple of saucepans to try them out and I was so happy that I bought the rest of the set within a year. They are great for everyday cooking, stay shiny and are easy to clean.

I had a problem with one of the silicon handles that had a big crack in it, but they replaced this saucepan straight away. No more issues so far.

The only issue I have is that sometimes I find the biggest pot in this set just not big enough. But it all depends on what kind of cooking you do.

KathrynAdelaide, South Australia

Really does last a lifetime

These pots just never say die. Ive had them 30 years and ive used them in dishwasher, burnt the bottoms and the insides. They always clean up well. They truly are worth the little extra money. Id stick with brand forever.

Stephen G
Stephen GBrisbane
Janet6 posts

Extremely well made for my style of cooking

After having this set for a few years my daughter wanted some for Christmas. Unfortunately if bought her the 'top' German brand thinking I could go one better.

That brand does not measure up at all, the saucepans handles get very hot. Was told all this stuff by the consultant and none of it true apart from the thick base.

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Norma Aitken
Norma Aitken

Essteele saucepan . How do I replace my broken handles?

I love my Essteele saucepans. When I purchased them over 20 years ago, they had a life time guarantee. I now find I cannot replace any broken handles. As I use my saucepan and steamer set the most, I have started sacrificing parts of the rest of my set. I now have a steamer with only one handle and my smallest saucepan has a broken handle on the lid. What can I do?



Still using my grand mothers and I'm 50. What does that tell you. Just need new handles. Pots will last another 3 generations.

Home cook
Home cookSydney, NSW2 posts

So impressed

We've had the deep two-handled frying pan for 3-ish years now and continue to be impressed by it's quality. It heats consistently and cooks beautifully. Best part though is cleaning it - even if something has charred, we just leave an inch of water in it for 10 minutes once we've finished cooking and all the food just gently rubs off without any effort. Amazing.
Even heat and cooking, easy to clean
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SmokeyVictoria10 posts


Good Quaity, easy to clean but heavy cookware coz obviously its thick stainless steel and some copper in there too. My advice dont buy cookware which bolt screwed inside, its hard to clean. Buy the one which is plain inside, NO BOLTS OR SOMETHING WHICH IS CONNECTED TO HANDLES.

Easy to Clean

AppleBerryQueensland4 posts

4 years on and I could not be happier!

After a lot of research I bought a fullest (3 pots, skillet and sauté pan) online 4 years ago. So far nothing at all has gone wrong they are used daily and put in the dishwasher, they still look fabulous!

Make sure you season your pans by heating oil until it smokes, turn the burner off and let it cool completely. Wipe with paper towel. Don't use soap to wash it only water (or you need to season it again) this will make your pan non-stick.
Solid, look great, amazing quality, worth every cent
They are heavy so be careful of glass cooktops and be careful when you put them on stone bench tops - gently! Show reply

KateCentral West, NSW14 posts

Great quality

I've had the set of Saucepans for around two years now. They have been perfect so far. Food cooks so well in them and it stays warm. They look greats and seem great quality. I use mine a lot and put them in the dishwasher and so far haven't had any trouble.
Quality, works great, looks great
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Very generous company

What a very generous and consederate gesture... My 30( something) year old 'Stockpot' that had a bulge in the base,and would not sit flat on my hot plate,so whatever I cooked on it was not even cooking, or cooking efficiently like before..

A phone call to a lovely Meyer Rep. who advised me to return it for inspection..and a week later a Brand New Stockpot arrived.

I would like to thank you for your generosity and efficiency..

I have always loved my essteele ware.( I've had mine for well over 30 years.when my 3 children were married my advice to them was to purchase essteele,and you'll always be happy with your Cookwear..

My thanks again.. .. Yours truly.. E. Roach.
Reliable,efficient cooking
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