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Estée Lauder Youth-Dew

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I buy this every year to give to Grandmas at Christmas. They really enjoy it. The fragrance is long lasting without being heavy and overpowering, Thebottle is extremely distinctive and does not appear to have changed in many years. The bottle is also esy to open and use which makes it ideal for older users who have sore hands. I find the smell to be older in style but quite pleasant. I am not sure if it is stocked by all stores year round as my local only seems to have it at Christmas.
Light, Classic, quality name and fragrance.
It a bit old fashioned for my personal taste.


Beautiful sexy spicy fragrance. Not overpowering, but you know you have it on. I always receive compliments from strangers when wearing - which is every day now. It is going to be my "signature" scent, reminiscent of the 40's - mysterious, decadent and subtle. If possible purchase duty free when travelling, otherwise can be very pricey. Always on top of my "wish list" for birthday/Christmas
Lovely spicy fragrance. Classic bottle shape, easy to use.
only that it seems to be unavailable in Asia, was told at both Singapore and Hong Kong that it is not sold there, so can only purchase when returning to Tullamarine


i smell this this and i think of my mother immediatly, whilst i do love it, i would probaly only recomed it to anyone who is fourty and over.
it's a lovely scent and has stoo dhte test of time by being around for the last few decades.
it smells like a mum scent to me.

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Release dateDec 2007
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