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Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Candex

Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Candex

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Fab for IBS-D

My chronic medically diagnosed IBS -D (diarrhoea prominent) benefits highly from this probiotic blend which for a change is not put together for the more generic IBS -X. Saccharomyces cerevisiae (boulardii) strain is proven to work on travellers diarrhoea, LGG on inflammation and the more common probiotic
Lactobacillus acidophilus balances the gut health. It is not cheap by any means but while the individual strains can be found in other cheaper blends, the blend of help for diarrhoea as well as inflammation ... well I haven't found another one on the market.
This product is highly sensitive to heat so avoid buying except from a refrigerator at a chemist near you. Get it home and in the fridge as soon as you can. The live probiotics may not survive survive posting as they must be kept under 8 deg so this highly limits searching for a cheaper wsy to purchase. For me this probiotic is fantastic!

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Can you please update the picture of this product to the currently sold product. This picture doesn't look like the one on Aust shelves now. I can't find anywhere to attach new pic.

I cant live without it

I have suffered for years with systemic candida have have spent thouusands of dollars on 'cures' of natural and pharmaceutical treatments with only some short lived relief but nothing beats inner healths candex .the die offs on the 3rd day were scary i wont lie so i stopped for 2days then stared back on again as one captuale per day and it was fine all of my symptoms disappeared i took it regularly for 4 mths just to make sure the overgrowth was out of my syste m.i had candida albicans and candida galbrata(not sure if spelling is correct) positive on a viginal swab i also had through my mouth and digesrive tract i felt like i was so close to death .thank God for inner health plus creating this special bottle i wouldnt be alive today if it wasnt for this

False / misleading advertising

The Chemist told me this product is used for vaginaly thrush, but it had no affect on vagina.

As acidophilus is not able to affect the vagina if taken orally, only when used topically.

The only strains of probiotics that can affect the vagina taken orally are lactobacillus rhamnosus
lactobacillus reuteri

Which I have not been able to find in Australia. I guess this product may have some benefit if you inserted it. But I'm guessing the manufacturer would state that is not its purpose & im sure it has some benefit for gut health but not vagina health, which is what I was false told when I purchased it.

A strange active ingredient

I bought Candex (not to be mistaken for the more popular version under same name from US that has completely different ingredients) to treat leaky gut. Now, I'm a home brewer and am strongly considering the fact that brewers yeast was what bought on the condition in the first place so am suprised to see it listed as an ingredient within the product. I don't think there's sufficient enough evidence to warrant Sach yeast as a cure because it's linked to aceldehyde production which may contribute to leaky gut.

I don't know enough about yeast infection to comment but gut candida, I'm not convinced. Other two ingredients are simply the two most popular probiotics found in yoghurts and other probiotics on the market such as 'inner health plus'. So you could in reality take a probiotic while chasing it down with a nice hand crafted, unfiltered, non-pasteurised home brew for the same effect. Although I do hear food grade brewers yeast, while same strain are somewhat different somehow so maybe don't try that. It is, after all the entire reason I'm here in the first place

EDIT* I just had a thought. Maybe the brewers yeast is there to starve out candida by consuming sugars candida normally eat to reproduce(?) I've since found that it is not home brew that sets off my pompholyx, but alcohol in general (I know, how sad!) So mine is a reaction and probably not candida related at all. My bad. Most people talking about the candidiasis diet to kill of the fungi are starving it as well but the use of brewers yeast would help to iliminate dieting at all due to it's ability to digest simpler sugars down to 90% efficiency in a good environment. This would be less within the gut

EDIT* Well it's been a few weeks and I must say, the fingers have cleared up! It took a little while to 'grow' out but now there's no inkling of pompholyx whatsoever.. I did, however just a few days ago have really bad indigestion/heartburn that lasted for almost 24hrs (which I've never had for more that 1hr before) and a few off itches around different parts of the body but read that can be a byproduct of bacteria being killed off or over taken. I got scared and stopped for 2 days and only just now thinking about continuing on with the 1x pill per day. so far, so good. I'm still somewhat uncertain if it's alcahol related but have had a few drinks since with no reaction. Will update

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UPDATE. Well I'm glad to say all's still well. Great product!

Thrush in my ears

I want to say how beneficial this product is. I had itchy ears and doctors gave me so many ear drops and for 3 years I had this but once I started taking a Candex tablet every day I no longer have sore itchy ears and no more ear infections.

Did not help at all

I wish this worked for me as I cannot get rid of vaginal thrush. I've taken it everyday for two months and no sign of improvement. Very expensive too. $34 a bottle. Maybe thing to try is eating a low sugar diet plus seeing a Chinese herbalist


I used this product to treat candida in the gut over 30 days as suggested on the directions i.e. 1 per day. After taking the entire 30 capsules over 30 days the symptoms returned after 2 days so problem not eradicated.

Why use yeast if you want to get rid of it.

I used Candex in the believe it was a good mix of lactobacilli. However, I struggle with yeast infections and I am a strong believer that the additional dose of saccharomyces was not at help and causes additional irritation. Soreness and blood.

reoccuring vaginal infections

I have been suffering with reoccurring vaginal infections for months couldn't get rid of them. Tried everything i believe this product has really helped would highly recommend specially if your always on antibiotics like myself.

Can't live without it

Been suffering thrush for many many years. I have tryed all the remedies out there. Even hormonal pesseries with NO LUCK. A chemist advised me to take this product and i have not looked back. The relief is amazing.

Life Saver. I need a life time supply please!

It is like magic. I have tried multiple methods to try to get rid of my yeast infection ( tea tree oil, vinegar, over the counter medications, yoghurt application etc..) and eventually a health shop owner recommended me this little gem. It really works and you need to have it consistently everyday. After a few months I stopped taking it and tried a cheaper probiotic option but it came back.I am going to stick to this product until the day they stop manufacturing it.
Good results
Expensive, small bottle,

Worked perfectly for my condition. After many months of searching, I found the best probiotic produc

I've been searching for the best probiotic product to work for my health issue. I've tried many brands and wasted a lot of money in the process to learn eventually about Candex. It is specifically indicated to promote women's genetourinary health. I didn't have much confidence in it at first as I've tired some other products of the same brand in the past which did not work. This was completely different. If you are like me and looking for a good probiotic, try this one.
Easy to take vegecaps. Completely tasteless, can sprinkle on food
Price. It is quite expensive

If in doubt, don't be!

There's a few rules to this. You must take it EVERY day and it takes 2-3 weeks to kick in if you've been suffering for awhile with yeast imbalance, but it definitely works! There's been a couple of times where I've figured I could go off it, but within about a week, all the symptoms are back. Definitely glad I found this!
It works wonders!
Needs to be kept in fridge, expensive.

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I'd just like to give an update on this. After deliberating for awhile I decided to go off the contraceptive pill. About a month after that I felt a "change". So I decided to try going off this tablet as well to see how I go. I was very pleased to find out that I no longer needed to take this at all! I do find that when I have a lot of sugar every now and then I feel a tingle, but it never gets to a full blown yeast infection. So for anyone looking for a long term solution, I definitely recommend ridding yourself of the pill for a few months to see how you go! :)

Couldn't live without it!!

Works wonders for me and has relieved a few different issues I have been having! I was spending a fortune every month on thrush medication and since using this product I haven't had any further issues or the need for other medication! I would highly recommend it to anyone with the same problem!
Reliable! It works!
A little costly but well worth it!

Great product!

I never used that before and I decided to try it because I get vaginal thrush frequently! After few weeks I felt the difference!! No more ichy no more white discharges!!I did also the treatment with canesten 6 days plus I took 1 fluconazole tablet but often happen to me that it didn't work and I have to repeat it! This time with Candex I feel much better!Sorry guys for my English!!!I'm an italian pharmacist and we don't have such a good product in Italy so please start to sell it in Europe!!I will be the firsts who will reccomend it to my patients!!

inner health candex

an excellent product - just wish it was available in the UK....Used it while on holiday in Oz and was very impressed with it. - please market it in the UK.....we need more products like this over here. Would have brought some back with me - only it has to be refrigerated...so it was a no go on the plane.
Just a very good product
disadvantage was that it had to be refrigerated.

Candex Magic

Living in the northern tropics of Australia I'd been having awful trouble with vaginal thrush for months and was at my wits end with every other chemical thrush treatment under the sun, when a new pharmacist pointed out the Inner Health Candex in the little fridge. Within only a few days of starting them, the difference was great! On particularly hot and sticky days I may get a minor breakout, but thanks to Candex, no more week after week of expensive creams and tablets, and my relationship with my partner is back to normal :)
Helped when nothing else would!
A little expensive, but worth it

Questions & Answers

today I bought a bottle of Candex sb but didnt manage to get it into the fridge until About 2.5 hours later. It was a hot day 29 celcius. Kept it in the car under the seat in its silver foil package, any thoughts please
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Open a capsule & stir it into a cup of milk or coconut water & place a cloth over in a dark cupboard overnight, if it is still good it will ferment, turn like kefir or yoghurt in 24hrs if not the milk will go off

Hello, I have had vaginal thrush now for five months and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve been to my doctor several times and she just keeps referring me to over the counter medications (the six day creme, the pessary, the tablet, external creme)....but nothing seems to be helping at all. I’m sick of being constantly itchy and it’s beginning to affect me now and is upsetting me quite a lot. I feel like I’ll never be normal again! Not to mention the cost to keep buying the treatments each week is really adding up. I’ve been taking candex now for five weeks. I haven’t noticed a huge change, although mentally I’m feeling more hopeful/positive I might be able to get rid of my thrush. The bottle says to take one a day. Is there any harm in taking 2 a day until I can get on top of the symptoms? I feel like my body might need a stronger amount of bacteria to help fight the yeast given how persistent and high growth mine is. I think I’ll go off the pill as well.
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Hi I understand your pain,frustration. It takes over your life in so many ways to say the least. Candex is my first line but it's not going to work for all.so please try this and don't be afraid .I have tried and it works when candex hasn't. Blackmore woman's flora it has 2 strains of probiotics l.ruetri. and l.rhamminous (sorry about spelling )open a pill and put into 5ml of pre boiled water that is now room temp (to hot and it will kill them) squirt as high as possible into your u know what.do this again on the second day .and cut out sugar and starchy carbs(potatoes ect) from your diet.also between days put apple cider vinegar half teaspoon in 5ml water(same as above pre boiled water) u should get instant relief.do the flora for 3 alternative days and apple cider vinegar (has to have the mother on label or its useless) for 1 week.i would also invest in korlex gel tabs to have everyday .till all is clear which might be months .you will know if something is working itching and pain will go .don't skip doses of any kind or yeast will grow resistant quickly.if you would like further advise email me (not sure if this is allowed admin?)but she needs help! [email address removed] It helps to have support from someone who knowsHi. How awful for you! The most important thing to do ASAP is to ask for an immed referral to a GYNAECOLOGIST from your GP and don't take no for an answer. Your Dr is being pathetic and dismissive at the moment. Because unless you've had swabs done you do not know what you actually have nor are trying to treat. It may only look like thrush but could be anything or even multiple things. As for taking more than 1 capsule of Candex. No problem at all. I take it for my IBS-D and when it's bad I take 1 capsule morning and 1 capsule at night. CANDEX will help your internal GOOD flora increase and be more resistant to be able to fight for balance within. HOWEVER no probiotic regardless of who says what to you will EVER get rid of vaginal or any type of thrush or any other condition. It is NOT A CURE and it has never been marketed as such. Please see a specialist asap and best of wishes.Hello Joy, thank you for your message and we are sorry to hear your symptoms have persisted for so long. In regards to your query around the Inner Health Candex dosage, yes, it will be safe to take 2 capsules per day – we would recommend 1 in the morning and 1 at night (with or without food). As the overgrowth of Candida is occurring specifically within the genitals, you can also consider opening a capsule, mixing the contents with some coconut oil (which is also antifungal), and apply it internally 1 to 2 times per day. This will allow the Candex to work directly on the affected tissue, which may result in increased efficacy of the product and faster recovery. However, several elements can be at play that can cause chronic thrush to establish (with the Pill being one, which you mentioned). We would therefore also recommend that you consider seeking the advice of a Naturopath, as they will be able to uncover any underlying causes that have triggered and sustained your thrush, and create a treatment plan to address them. You can find a list of Practitioners available in your area by using our Find a Practitioner tool, which is housed on the website for our Practitioner Only supplement range here: https://www.metagenics.com.au/FindAPractitioner Our best wishes with your symptoms, we hope they resolve soon. Inner Health Technical Support

I suffer thrush in the mouth and throat could Candex help me?
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I think this will ..you would obviously have a heavy overgrowth of your intestines .i recoment using candex for your intestines.kolorex horopito new zeland herb ..google it .open gel caps and empty into mouth for instant relif .watch out for die offs this stuff only kills yeast/fungus .so extremely recommened also with candex .after course please invest straight away with 15strain probiotic 10 billion or more to take up space on mucus membrain surfuce of your esopghus mouth to stop it from being able to take up residents again.do some google homework on what im talking about.understanding yeast/fungus is the way to beat it .and iv given the the tryed and true methods iv used over the yrs and iv used so many thousands of dollords worth.good luck mateNo. These are not and were never made to cure thrush of any kind (or any other condition). You need to see your GP and get proper treatment. Probiotics like this are made to minimise you getting thrush again once you are cured. They help your body build up the good bacteria required internally to fight off and minimise all these various conditions. They have NEVER been marketed as a CURE for anything. If you have been told that they are you, have been blatently lied to. Start taking them with the meds the GP prescribes to actually cure your condition and then continue on aterwards.Candex has been formulated to suppress Candida (AKA thrush) and restore healthy flora balance. We would recommend to add this into your health routine and if the thrush persists to see a health practitioner. Team @ Inner Health

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