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Works great!

We purchased this or our daughter when she was 6 weeks with a severe head cold. Within half an hour of turning the vaporiser on, our daughter had already tarted to breathe easier! She was less congested and she also managed to sleep a little better too. My wife and I have used it for ourselves when we have head colds and it makes a huge difference! Great value for more and very effective!

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Hi Hayden Thankyou so much for the wonderful review! We're so glad Euky Bear has helped you and your family. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Lasted one winter

Used cleaning tablets every third time. Filled to correct level. One day it smelt really bad, almost electrical. We stopped using it. Expensive for one winter... will not buy again

Hi FiT, We're sorry to hear you experienced difficulty with your vaporiser after one winter's use. The Euky Bear Vaporiser has a 5 year warranty, so if you've kept some proof of purchase we're happy to exchange with a new unit if yours has developed a fault. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours, or email cservice@fgb.com.au to discuss. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Thanks I'll try to find the receipt (I imagine I won't be able to)

Super quiet!

I love this vaporiser! You can't hear it at all and the room smells fantastic from the inhaler. I love that it's made to use normal Aussie tap water and the room feels noticeably humid. It only has a tiny 'on' light too, so nothing to brighten the room, which is awesome.
The one thing I would change is the ability to switch on/off on the system. You have to turn off at the power point & in our nursery, that is under the cot and extremely hard to get to, so we need to run a power cord from another room & under the door.
Great vaporiser!

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Hi Amber Thankyou so much for your wonderful review! It has been passed on to the team & made our day. We're so glad the Euky Bear Vaporiser is helping you and your family. All the best & kindest regards, Euky Bear

Works fine

Purchased last month as bubs and ae coughing and he had a cold, stopped coughing on 2nd day, now we use this every night, find that we all have a good sleep, only problem is once turned on we have to open our room door as it gets abit stuffy and hot in the room, maybe cause our rooms small; i definitely recomend!

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Hi Evan, So glad to hear the Euky Bear Vaporiser has helped you and your family. Thankyou very much for stopping by and adding your review. Wishing you a healthy & happy rest of the year! Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

I would recommend it only if you're desperate and need one asap.

Had a horrible night last night as my 2 year old was congested with an annoying cough. Ended up running out at 10pm and purchased the euky bear vapouriser. Ive never used one before so wasnt sure what to expect.
Its okay. The steam is steaming out but its not very strong. My eldest son accidentally walked over it and he didnt even know he had walked over a vaporiser. Bubs still coughing and congested but its not as bad when its on, so it must be helping.
I bought the euky bear purely on impulse because there were pictures of teddy bears on it. But if I wasnt in a rush, I would have got the taav because of their on/off switch and bigger night light. Maybe in future these things could be added to the device and a stronger steam would be great!
Overall it does the job, its 'just' getting us through these desperate nights.

Barely a week old and replacement unit dead, no assistance from retailer - Chemist Warehouse.

Our unit seems to be a newer version than the one pictured here.
We swapped the original purchased unit on the first day, as we noticed heater had discolouration on the bottom of it (saw it when filling with water), girl at Chemist Warehouse swapped it. The second one was fine and worked just fine for the next week or so, then died unexpectedly, no burn smell, just stopped working, we quickly rang CW Friday evening as we desperately needed it (all down with the current deadly flu!), they refused to swap again, although girl recognised us she said she wasn't meant to swap in the first place and said that we needed to take it up with the manufacturer (I thought Aus. Consumer Law puts the onus on the retailer to replace or refund as a unit not suitable for purpose).
Be careful with your purchase and the service you expect from Chemist Warehouse if it breaks on you, let down way too early when most needed.

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Hi F1venezia, We're so sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience at the retailer trying to get your faulty vaporiser replaced. The onus is actually on the manufacturer to replace or refund faulty goods - however some retailers, depending on their policy, will do so and then recoup their costs from the manufacturer. We would be happy to help you direct, so you don't waste your money. Give us a call on Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours, or email customer service on cservice@fgb.com.au. Hope we can sort this out for you, and apologies again, it's especially frustrating for you if your family is ill. All the best, Euky Bear.

Great vaporiser but just need to ask a question

Is the water supposed to be a rusty colour and have a lot of gritty stuff floating in it each morning when I turn it off.
I have rinsed it out and ran it through with fresh water about 6 times this morning only to find there is still the brownish grittty stuff floating in the water. Please advise.

Hi Rhonda J, Thanks for the great review. Yes, the gritty sediment and rusty coloured water is normal, it's minerals that are present in your tap water. But it does indicate you might live in an area with "hard" water, which means you'll need to be extra careful to follow the cleaning instructions to the letter to prevent damage to your vaporiser in the long run. So flush out with water after each use, drain and dry all the parts before storing. Each new use, use one or two Euky Bear cleaning tablets every time. Put them in with the inhalant before you add the water. These tablets will help prevent the minerals from building up a crust on the vaporiser parts, which prevents it functioning effectively. Every month or so, you can also soak the heating module (the green, or blue part, depending on the model you have) in 10cm or so of plain white vinegar for a few hours, this will also help shift or loosen any deposits. Good luck and give us a call anytime you have a question, we're happy to help. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Many thanks for your very informative reply. The vaporiser has helped me greatly through this flu season. Regards, Rhonda

Was great when it worked

I've had the Euky bear vaporiser for about 2 years now. I found it did work well at the beginning nice smell only used Euky bear products. The lavender one was a personal favorite. We moved house nearly a year ago now. Went to use it worked for about 10 minutes then switched off. It doesn't work at all anymore. Unfortunately due to move we have lost receipts so even thou it's only 2 years old we can't be helped with warranty. Very disappointed did feel highly about the product until now. I will be purchasing a new product tomorrow but probably not Euky bear.

Loved the product until it started tripping out power

The product is great and I loved theat it would run all night and well, however recently every time I plugged in the vaporiser it would trip the power. I don't feel safe now leaving it running in bubs room

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Hi Schapman, Sorry to hear you had an issue with your Euky Bear Vaporiser. The vaporiser is designed to trip your home's power if it senses a faulty current in the unit - it's a safety feature, and you can be assured this is not a risk to you or your family. Having said that, it may indicate there is something faulty in the unit so if you'd like to activate your 5 year warranty and get a replacement, you can give us a call to discuss on Freecall 1800 655 841. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hardly any steam only the smell comes thru

Previous vapouriser (different brand) worked well with lots if steam and great eucalyptus smell. No longer avaiable so bought a Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser...next to no steam or heat. Did not do what I had hoped it would do. So disappointing.

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Hi Nora, We're sorry to hear you feel your vaporiser didn't work as you expected it to. If you feel it's actually faulty, give us a call on freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours so we can investigate. Your feedback has been passed on. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

It's okay

When I first purchased the machine it worked okay for my newborn, I used it with only water as the smell was too strong for both of us. I just turned it on tonight and it's much louder than usual, almost as loud as my kettle. It's still steaming so I assume it's fine, if I could go back I'd probably buy a different brand as I feel this vaporizer doesn't produce all that much steam.

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Hi Stacey, sorry to hear you were disappointed in your Euky Bear Vaporiser. The Euky Bear Vaporiser is designed to be whisper quiet, and definitely shouldn't sound like a kettle. So if you think it may be faulty, have proof of purchase and you'd like to explore a warranty replacement, please give us a call on freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Poor product

I bought the vaporiser to use in baby's room as he had a cold and thought it might help with the congestion. Worked well for a couple of days - was nice and quiet, then started getting a weird plasticky smell so used the cleaning tablet with no oil (in another room). Didn't get rid of the smell but the eucalyptus smell covered it so I kept running it. A couple weeks later I found the inside column burnt away and broke off. Parts of it were ash. That's pretty poor quality. Definitely would not recommend.

Hi Farah Thankyou for bringing this issue to our attention. This is concerning and we would like to investigate. Have you contacted our company yet to go through the warranty return process? If not, please give us a call on freecall 1800 655 841. Alternatively, email cservice@fgb.com.au. If you can return the burnt heating module for investigation (postage is free) we will send you a new unit promptly if it is found faulty (which it certainly sounds like!). We would really like to find out what happened so we can possibly pinpoint any issue. Look forward to hearing from you, and our apologies for your experience. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Hello Euky Bear, Thank you for your response, unfortunately I have thrown out the unit as I didn't hang on to the receipt. However this issue seems to be quite common judging from the other reviews/questions!

Also experiencing a plastic smell (like melted plastic?)

I bought the eucybear vaporiser from chemist warehouse for our baby's room. We used it on two nights and everything was great. Then I refilled the water as instructed and switched on again. My partner noticed the weird melted plastic smell and then it became really noticeable. Too scared to use it in the baby's room now. A shame because we did like it.

Hi there Amanda B, Thanks for your feedback. Do you have the Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets? We'd suggest running your vaporiser with 2 cleaning tablets and just water (no inhalant) overnight and see if this cleaning process fixes the smell. If you're still noticing this odour on your next use, contact us at our warranty centre and we will help you out from there. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Thanks for the advice. Just coming back to say that I think the plastic smell happened when we put the vaporiser inhalant in after the water. It seems to make a big difference to put the inhalant in first, and then fill up with waterHi Amanda, thankyou for the feedback. That is very valuable information and hopefully this can help others who may have this issue. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Very handy one for little ones steam vaporizer

I absolutely love it for 2 years used but its break down on me as I maybe did not do the proper care well I have read the reviews her myself and it got 5 years warranty just have to find the receipt if I can. Anyway its very useful and always bought a Euky bear Eukaptus oil to pair the thing it works really well before. Or will buy new one very handy for little ones noses and me mom.

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Hi Elz, It's so wonderful to hear your Euky Bear Vaporiser has been such a help to you and your little ones :). If you still have proof of purchase, such as a receipt or bank statement, we may be able to replace your broken unit under the 5 year warranty. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours if you can find this. Thankyou for the lovely review. Best of health to you and your family. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Great at first but stopped working within 3 months

Bought this product in April when my then 3 month old had a bad head cold with congestion. It was quiet and smelled lovely. And lasted the whole night. So initially we were really happy with it. We used it for the few weeks of her illness and then packed it away until this week when my toddler was sick. Unfortunately it wouldn't work. Not sure if we just got a bad one but wasn't impressed that we only got a few weeks out of it. Otherwise I would have recommended it to others.

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Hi Renee, We're sorry to hear this happened; how annoying. Glad to hear you did love it when it worked. Your Euky Bear Vaporiser has a 5 year warranty in place just for these types of issues. So if you can locate your receipt or other proof of purchase, we'll happily replace it for you direct. Give our customer service team a call on freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. Hopefully we can help you out :) Kind Regards, Euky Bear.


We bought the newer model the other day and it's amazing. We use it first in our 3yr too then in our room for our 11 week old. The room smells lovely with the vaporiser, it also warms the room up. We did put 3 caps instead of the recommended 2 for more smell. I love it on myself and you really can see the benefits with the kids. Recommend to all. Chemist Warehouse have it on sale at the moment.

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Hi Michelle rose, Fantastic to hear you purchased the new-look vaporiser and find it's working great for you and your family. We're glad you stopped by to add your review. Thankyou & all the best, Euky Bear.

Where is the aroma?steam?

Used it for the first time last night after recommendations. Couldn't smell the aroma at all (even after hours of having it on) and moved it next to bed, even through instructions say to have it at least 1.2m away from any person. Still had no effect. Hardly steamed. Where the humidity? Will try another inhalent tonight if no difference I'll be asking for a full refund.

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Hi Kat, Give us a call on Freecall 1800 655 841 (during business hours) to speak to our customer service people, they'll be happy to talk you through the issue and see if there's a problem with your unit, or if the steaming can be improved with any troubleshooting. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Not what I was expecting!

Needed a second vaporiser as bubba2 was also sick. We have the Tavv vapouriser that works great but they haven't made any of the solution for their product in a few months...so we opted to go this one Euky Bear.
First thoughts were it's smaller...but I dislike the fact it doesn't have an on and off switch just use the power point! And the fact that it doesn't have a safety cut off if the water evaporates to a certain level. Then we started using it. In such a large bedroom you can't smell anything nor does it feel like it does anything to help the phlegm. This product is definitely not worth the money. I wouldn't have purchased it if I knew it wasn't going to do much!

Very unhappy

Hi Grace We're sorry to hear Euky Bear didn't meet your expectations. We've noted your feedback in regards to the on off switch and will pass it on. It can take a few hours for the scent to fill a room, but if you're using the Euky Bear Inhalant you should definitely notice the aroma and increase in humidity, even in a large bedroom. If you believe your vaporiser may be faulty and have kept proof of purchase, you can give us a call on our warranty line to discuss on Freecall 1800 655 841. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Thanks for the comment. Yeh definitely pass it on about the on and off switch..or maybe even the cut off switch to stop it from drying out. Yes I am using the euky bear inhalant but seriously can not smell it in our room...which wasn't very helpful to our little one who at the time was just over 5 months who needed it because she was really sick and phlegmy and still is phlegmy but we haven't bothered to use it because it does nothing. It's abut hard for me to have a conversation on the phone because my toddler likes to be loud when I'm on the phone. So no point in talking on the phone..But I do still have my proof of purchase.Okay, you can also email us at cservice@fgb.com.au. If the vaporiser's found faulty we will be happy to replace it. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Works for me

First of all, I don't have this model but the round one, although I'm guessing they're pretty much the same thing. Second, I never used vaporiser before, so have nothing to compare it with, but I am satisfied with this product. I'm using it in my bedroom only as we're heating there for our little one, so the air gets really dry. So far so good! On the same day we first turn it on, my bub was sleeping better. Might be just coincidence but I'm assured it helps her breathing as it does help me. It's not like I'm all cured (as I have some medical issues) but it does make difference from when it's not turned on. I am using it with euky bear essential oil and also love it.

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Hi Deia, thankyou for adding your review and we're so glad to hear you and your baby are feeling the benefit. Wishing you and your family all the best of health. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Burning smell

So I bought this new from chemist warehouse as soon I used it for the first time there was a burning smell so I contacted te company to advise they said they would send me a new heating module well that was on the 19th June....I have contacted them twice since and they keep saying I will have it by the end of the week....well it's been almost a month and still no replacement...very disappointing

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Hi Danza, this is disappointing to hear and I'd like to look into this for you. Can you identify yourself in some way, a first or last name or the town you're from? Or email us at cservice@fgb.com.au. Usually replacements are sent out much quicker than this, and perhaps something has gone wrong at the postal stage. Happy to look into this for you ASAP, and apologies for the delay. Kind Regards, Carla from Euky Bear.

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Questions & Answers

I have recently purchased this and have used it For the past two nights in my sons room, I’ve been putting it on an hour before he goes to bed but I can’t even smell the euky bear inhalent when I enter the room! I have followed the instructions put two capsules of inhalent and a cleaning tablet in there and it doesn’t seem to steam much or emit a smell
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Is it safe to put in a 3 yr olds room I’m worried he may touch it
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Hi Jessica Around the steam vent can get hot, and like any heating device, care needs to be taken. Some tips we suggest: 1. Stress to your child not to touch - similar to a kettle or toaster. 2. Don't position it right near their bed - it doesn't need to be right up near them, as the therapeutic steam just needs to fill the room, not be in their face. A corner of the room is perfectly fine. 3. Put the vaporiser on after they're asleep, and immediately unplug and remove it when you hear them wake. We've also heard from other parents that a baby gate or barrier of some kind around the unit can be useful if your child is particularly curious. Please don't place it up high on a dresser or shelf because of the added possibility it may be pulled down on the child. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi i used your vaporiser for the first time last night and we love it however after 3 hours we hardly could smell anything...could it be because the fan was on or the window was open, could that affect the use? am i able to add more inhalant to the vaporiser then?
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Hi Van So glad you love the vaporiser! If there is no other reason to suspect it's not working, then it probably still is. It's just that after a certain time your nose does become used to the scent and it appears weaker. Having both the fan on, and the window open, will also reduce the effect a bit. We'd recommend only having the window open a crack, and the fan on low only if necessary. You do need to allow it to 'build up' the humidity in the room. You can add a little more inhalant if you like, that's fine, but just be aware that our senses do get used to it after a while (yet it'll still be doing its job). If you still have concerns, happy to chat through them - freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.


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