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Hi, my 7 year old likes to put Euky Bear under her nose (not inside) to clear her stuffy nose. Does that cause any long term problems? Her skin is not sensitive to the menthol/eucalyptus oil.
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I have been using this just outside of my nostrils every night for years as it helps me to sleep. Now I have just read that it’s not supposed to be on face or even nostrils. How come? I haven’t had any problems since. Anything I should be aware of?
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Hi Pia We have never recommended Euky Bear around the nostrils or anywhere on the face. This is because the ingredients, including eucalyptus oil and menthol, can be irritating or inflammatory to the eyes or the delicate mucous membranes inside the nose. We are required to include these warnings on our product information. If you have no issues, and are happy to continue doing so that's fine - but if you do experience any discomfort or irritation please flush with water and discontinue. Kind Regards, Euky Bear

What to do if you get it in your eyes?
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Hi John Flush with water, and seek medical assistance if irritation or discomfort continues. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

I accidentally put out of date euky rub on my daughter. Will this harm her in any way?
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Hi Emma, It shouldn't be a problem. Euky Bearub is a gentle formula and if she never had skin reactions from Bearub previously, she is unlikely to show any new symptoms now, even if it is out of date. If you have any concerns you could always see a pharmacist or doctor, but it is highly unlikely there will be an issue. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

I've been using this product on my 1 year old twins chests when they are sniffly but have read some comments it's not suitable for children under 2. Is this correct? I'm hoping I haven't harmed them in any way?
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Hi Emily Euky Bearub is suitable for use from 12 months. Hope this helps! Kind Regards, Euky Bear

can I use Euky bearub on my 6 month old baby?
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Hi dmm, Yes, Euky Bearub is suitable for all ages. However, we usually recommend for babies under 12 months to apply it to the outside of their singlet, just because some small bubs can be sensitive to the essential oils directly on their skin. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi, just wondering if I can put euky bear chestrub on my son's feet every night even when his not sick will it effect him just thought maybe he won't get sick if I do it like that ?
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Hi Palagi, It would be nice if it worked like that! But Euky Bearub won't prevent colds.... no product can, as colds and flu are caused by viruses. It can only help comfort and soothe when he's already sick. We'd recommend frequent hand washing, a healthy nutritious diet, keeping surfaces clean at home and avoiding contact with children and adults who have colds as the best defence against illness. Of course, if your son enjoys the smell of Euky Bearub there is no reason you can't use it every night just for the nice aroma! Good luck & Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Okay thankyou, didn't think of that but also i have one more question how come im not recieving the email that it keeps saying that I need to confirm email, I've put the right one in but not recieving the email

Hi can it be used on a 3 month old baby ?
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Hi Shefali, Euky Bearub is suitable for all ages, however for babies under 12 months old we recommend dabbing it on the outside of their singlet rather than directly on skin, just as a precaution because some newborn's skin can be sensitive to the essential oils. Hope this helps, any further questions please give us a call on 1800 655 841. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Hi shefali you can use on baby dress which soothes them .. It would be strong to apply on their skin directly so better avoid on skin

Is this product available in Canada?
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Hi Shar, sadly no, we don't have distribution for Euky Bear in Canada and no immediate plans to. You may however, be able to purchase it through an Australian online chemist who offers international shipping. Try Chemist Warehouse... www.chemistwarehouse.com.au. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi, my baby girl who is only 3 weeks old is having a cough and running nose. Is the euky bearub suitable for babies of her age or too strong ? To apply on her clothes as suggested by many reviewers above ? No age gp limited indicated on the box of the chestrub..
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Hi Peiyi, Euky Bearub is technically suitable for all ages (and there's no requirement for an age recommendation on the box), however we like to think of ourselves as a responsible company and anecdotally,we've found some babies do find it too strong. Newborn baby skin can be very sensitive, so in all our website and marketing materials we usually recommend to use on baby's singlet under the age of 2. Ultimately it is up to you to decide, however for a baby that young, we would suggest a steam vaporiser is the best treatment for colds, Euky Bear has one which you should be able to find at your local pharmacy, or online at www.eukybear.com.au. It's a good investment and has a 5 year warranty. Call us if you need any more info - 1800 655 841. Hope this helps! Euky Bear.

My son is 4 months old and has already had this cold that's going around 3x. It stops him from sleeping cause he cannot breathe. I was wondering if it was ok to rub in a little bit on his back and feet but on his singlet on the chest?
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My mum used to make a Vicks sandwich using 2 layers of cotton and spreading Vicks between them, then pinning it to our pj's. It worked a treat. You can use eukybear rub in the same way. The "eukybear sandwich" can be removed if it gets too minty. Hope your son feels better soon :)Hi Ash - that's great advice from Pseudonorm above. A Euky Bear singlet sandwich! Love it. We don't recommend Euky Bearub be used directly on the skin under 2 years old, not necessarily because it's harmful but the product does contain menthol and essential oils and baby's delicate skin can be very sensitive. Ultimately it's up to you, but if using Euky Bearub on younger babies, please be sure to just use a small amount and observe carefully. Another option to help the sniffles is to use the Euky Bear Steam Vaporiser running in the room overnight. The warm steam helps open up the airways and make the mucous thinner so it's easier to expel - it's all natural and safe for all ages too.

I have never noticed this product before / which shops sell it? -as it appears I am coming down with something
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Hi brian, sorry for the late response - assume you're over your cold already! Euky Bearub is available at most pharmacies, or online at www.eukybear.com.au. It's also in Coles, in the medicinal aisle. Hope this helps :)

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