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We were staying at some relatives house when my mum got sick with a cold and they offered her some euky bear rub. Ever since then I have thought it is the best product for helping breath and sleep, great for kids as well as adults!
Great for clearing breathing by simply putting some on, normally before sleeping but can be used in the daytime too. It is very easy to apply, just rub on. It feels pleasant when rubbed on and works instantly, continuing its effect all night. Comes in a good sized tube and lasts ages if you only use it when sickness occurs.


I have used euky bearub on both of my children since they were 6 months old and have always found it to be gentle and effective. They now ask for it if they have a stuffy head or cold. Very soothing as well. The tube lasts for a long time and does not seem to go off, despite the hot weather in Queensland in summer.
Pleasant eucalyptus smell that really clears the head. Works very well for colds and flu, I have also found it effective for sinus. Very gentle and does not burn the skin. Does not stain clothing or sheets, even the oily mark washes out.


I never tried this until I gave birth to my daughter, and she caught a cold at seven weeks of age. Our doctor and our chemist both recommended Euky Bearub, and it really worked a treat to soothe her snuffly nose and rattly breathing so she could relax and get some sleep. I used it on myself, both to soothe my cold symptoms (as I didn't take cold medicines due to breastfeeding) and to help settle my daughter while I held her. I also gave some to my mother to use when she took ill during her extended visit to see her new granddaughter, and she felt like it was very effective. I'm a believer, can you tell?
Has a pleasant, fresh smell. Is very effective for all members of the family, from babies to Grandma! Doesn't stain clothing or bedding. Is easy to carry for travel in its tube.
Nothing, I love this product!


This rub is fantastic! I rub it on my baby when he has a cold. It makes such a difference.He sleeps better as it quickly clears his nose while gently warming his chest.It smells great and is not over powering like some other menthol rubs.It can be used for the whole family.Euky Bear rub is reasonably price and as a little bit goes a long,long way it works out to be much cheaper than other brands on the market.I thoroughly reccommend this product especially for use on babies and small children.
Value for money, smell


My aunty recommened this to me after she heard my daughter coughing, she said she used it for her kids and that was 15 years ago! I always place Euky Bearub around the edge of my daughters singlet before she goes to sleep to help her breathe better at night. It doesnt stain her clothes or her bed sheets either. The tube actually lasts a long time so its definatly worth the money, ive still got the same tube from last winter. I will continue to use Euky Bearub everytime my daughter gets a rattly chest or blocked nose.
Able to breathe easier during the night, it has a great smell. The price is also great, it actually lasts a long time.
Nothing at all, I love it.


I normally use Euky Bearub in conjunction with Vicks Vaporizer, as I have sinus problems and get blocked noses quite often. This product is the bomb; it has a fresh eucalyptus smell that I like, and it is so easy to rub into the chest. And this product has never failed to make me breathe easier. In addition, it does not stain clothes or fabric, which is really good because I do have fear of creams, ointments or rubs staining clothes. It is quite cheap and definitely cost-effective. I would recommend it to everyone with a stuffy nasal passage, but it is probably still best to avoid it in children under 12 months for safety reasons.
Good product for relieving blocked noses or chest congestion, cost-effective, nice smell, does not stain clothes or fabric
Nothing in particular

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Questions & Answers

Hi, my 7 year old likes to put Euky Bear under her nose (not inside) to clear her stuffy nose. Does that cause any long term problems? Her skin is not sensitive to the menthol/eucalyptus oil.
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I have been using this just outside of my nostrils every night for years as it helps me to sleep. Now I have just read that it’s not supposed to be on face or even nostrils. How come? I haven’t had any problems since. Anything I should be aware of?
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Hi Pia We have never recommended Euky Bear around the nostrils or anywhere on the face. This is because the ingredients, including eucalyptus oil and menthol, can be irritating or inflammatory to the eyes or the delicate mucous membranes inside the nose. We are required to include these warnings on our product information. If you have no issues, and are happy to continue doing so that's fine - but if you do experience any discomfort or irritation please flush with water and discontinue. Kind Regards, Euky Bear

What to do if you get it in your eyes?
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Hi John Flush with water, and seek medical assistance if irritation or discomfort continues. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.


Euky Bearub
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