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Eulactol Cuticle and Nail Cream Gold

Eulactol Cuticle and Nail Cream Gold

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I'm constantly picking at my cuticle, causing them to bleed and my fingers just look terrible. I put this on 2 times a day and it's pretty much instant relief. I've been using this on and off for a while now but it definitely comes in handy when I need it. It stays on, doesn't grease up your fingers and surprisingly doesn't smell bad. Would recommend

The best cuticle and nail cream ever.

Hands down the best nail and cuticle cream ever! Strengthens nails and completely fixes dry problematic cuticles. I am forevrr picking dry and tough cuticles which leads to damaging my nails
This cream stops them from being rough and hydrates.

It Solved My Cuticles Problem

My cuticles are extremely dry and from time to time they split as well as my nails. Since I started using Cuticle & Nail Cream by Scholl, my cuticles and nails become soft and hydrated and thankfully I did not have any allergic reaction.

I wish the applicator tip were thinner to provide a precise application on my cuticles that's where my major problem of dryness are and I also consider the price a little bit high but the benefits are good.

P.S.: I have only used it on my fingers, not on my toes.

My Problem Is Now Solved

I have been a horrific nail biter for most of my 70 years. In the past 15 years or so, I have managed to let them grow but admit to failing from time to time. It is not only my nails but my cuticles are thick disgusting things that grow up with my nails. They take constant maintenance. I have been using this cream on and off for the past twelve months now and once I get through over and above the initial stages of my cuticles, I find using it on a daily basis is great. I still need to use a cuticle cutter when I do my weekly manicure but the job is so much easier now. My main problem is where I live nit all chemists stock it. I highly recommend this product and when used as instructed it does wonders or the cuticles. I have not noticed any such dramatic changes to my nails however my problem was my cuticles and that is solved.

Wonderful cream for problematic cuticles

I have scary looking cuticles that frequently split and bleed. I've been using the Eulactol Cuticle Nail & Cream Gold for several days and the improvement is visible. It is like a soothing balm on torn cuticles. I can't notice a lot of difference on my nails but they weren't problematic to begin with. I enthusiastically recommend the product.
Quick and effective treatment for split cuticles
I haven't used other products so unsure how it compares against other creams.

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Anyone know why we can't get this in South Africa anymore and if there is a chance of it being manufactured again???

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I have tried buying the Scholl Eulactol cutical & nail cream Gold locally but have been told you don’t make the Gold line anymore but it’s listed here, I’m confused as I prefer buying locally not online. Thank you, looking forward to your answer.
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Is lanolin a component of this product?
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What is the difference in ingredients between heel and finger nail cream?
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Cuticle and Nail Cream Gold
Release dateJan 2012

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