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benzaineyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Piece Of Junk!!! Read Other Reviews!


Bought this junk 2 years ago, used it a dozen times, then it started deflating from the pump. Got to a point where it wasn't lasting the night before you were on the ground. Tried to get a refund, but the bed only comes with a 12 month warranty, ended up throwing it out. 2 years later purchased another one due it being the only one available at Big W and we needed one that day for friends staying over, plus it said it was a new model and i assumed they may have fixed issues in the previous model. How wrong I was! unpacked it and starting inflating, pump had a loud whining noise and burning electrical smell then suddenly stopped. Literally blew up out of the box. I encourage anyone thinking of buying one to think again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Big W for A$199.00.


emerg93aGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 8 reviews

Not as good as I hoped


I have had this bed for some time now, it was ok for the first 3 uses nights used by one small and light weight person. Not use again for 3 mths, then it started to slowly deflation over night.. checked for material compromise, there was non. Brought from online for $220 and its now on its way to the tip

Purchased for A$220.00.


AleishaGungahlin 2912, ACT

  • 42 reviews

Too low!


Got this as a gift, it is comfortable however, it’s way and I mean way to low!
My grandmother found it difficult to get out so it might not be recommended for elderly people if they suffer with aches and pains or have trouble getting up off things. The reasons I wouldn’t recommend this is that it’s too low and smelt of new plastic throughout the night giving me a headache, too pricey and deflates slowly throughout the night giving you a sense that you’re sinking!

Purchased in March 2020 for A$159.00.

Global Shop Direct
Global Shop DirectGlobal Shop Direct

Hi Aleisha, the bed should definitely not go down during the night. I would suggest looking for a leak, or returning it to the place of purchase


Hi thank you for your reply but the slow deflating feeling has happened with three separate eurobeds... So I’m assuming maybe it’s just the way they are

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Waste of money x2


Both mine and my sons did not last long at all kept going down over night and sea nbn s split. This was with hardly any use I add. Waste of money and false interoperate advertised it was suppose to be strong and absolutely not.

Purchased for A$199.00.



We needed a quick extra bed for visitors and this was the perfect option.Its comfortable and easy to store away.Love that it is quick to inflate/deflate and packs neatly into the bag provided.


SleepyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Eurobed failed to reach expectations.


I left glowing reports at the time of purchasing the Eurobed, it was great for the first season however, this summer holes have started to form on top surface, two patches so far. Initial hopes for this product have turned to disappointment. The product has failed to live up to advertised strength and usability.

Purchased in February 2019.

Short term use only.


Due to lack of floor space while building my house air beds are temporarily my only option but am now on my third Eurobed as the first two each lasted about 1 year. Can't find any leaks but they keep deflating anyway. Unfortunately have been unable to find a professional repairer either.

Purchased at Australia Post Offices for A$150.00.

Mick G

Mick GGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Deflate a bed


Purchase a q/s Euro Bed from macpac in 2019 for family camping trip. First time worked ok. 2nd time we had our two children aged 7 and 9 sleep on it and they complained it was going flat. Upon returning home we conducted several experiments whereby we would inflate it and leave it overnight with nobody sleeping on it and it deflates. Even tried spraying it with water and detergent and were unable to find the leak. Do your own research but this product may work well once or twice but will eventually leak. 4 other families all purchased seperate Eruo beds and they all leak as well. Will never purchase another one.

Purchased in March 2019.


RayCentral West, NSW

Don't buy


Used it a few times and it was great. It was comfortable and quick to set up. After a bit of use they deflate every night leaving you on the floor don't buy it.

Purchased in August 2019 at Big W for A$160.00.

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Bulging, deflatable bed


Second time pumping it up, it made a huge bulge to the one side. It also deflated from the first night already. Called Eurobed who were extremely rude and unhelpful.

Purchased in November 2019 at Kogan.com.

Marti G.

Marti G.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Not worth $159


Deflation deflated used to.be good for a while bought x2 of these and they suffer the same problem after a bit of use they deflate every night leaving you on the floor don't buy it.

Purchased for A$159.00.

Waste of money


My brand new Eurobed when down every night and left my guest almost sleeping on the floor. On the 4th night we found a hole on the seam. Tried to patch it with a kit but didn’t work so left my guest with no where to sleep. Pretty disappointed with it.


JohnMurray Region, NSW

  • Verified purchase

Hit and miss


I have had 4 euro beds the first 3 lasted no more than 2-4 weeks and the 4 one was good for 3 years then it blew a coil. They are very comfortable to sleep on but a shame they don't last that long.

Purchased in July 2016 at Global Shop Direct for A$169.00.


KimmarieMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Extremely disappointed


My first Eurobed lasted 3 nights then deflated. I returned it for a replacement. The 2nd one went down on the first night. I returned it for a replacement and used it once. When I got it out to use again it went flat.

Purchased in September 2019 at Big W.

deflates in the middle of the night


I bought the mattress about a year ago. Used it as a guest bed for a couple of nights with one person using weighs about 60 kilos and it was fine, some deflation but not enough to make it uncomfortable. Stored it in a cupboard without trying to get it back in the tiny bag. A year later we've used it for the second time and it deflated on the first night. Elderly guest ended up on the sofa. Not happy, too late to get a refund.

Purchased in October 2018 at Australia Post Offices.

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LukeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Had my air Euro bed for about 3 years and just used it for the 2nd time as family came to stay... they woke up on the floor.... very disappointed. Will try and find leak but wont hold my breath.

Purchased at Global Shop Direct for A$169.99.

Casey I.

Casey I.South East Queensland, QLD

My bed deflates


Iv used my bed not even a hand full of times and Im noticing a slow deflating mattress half way through the night I went to see if I could contact them but theres no complaints line.

Purchased in December 2018 at Bigw for A$169.00.

Adrian B

Adrian BCanberra 2600, ACT

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Eurobed, great bed, great value.


My wife bought a queen sized Eurobed through a 1300 number. When we received it, we pumped it up to try it. So so good. We went away for the weekend and used it overnight. We both fell asleep straight away and woke about 7 hours later very well rested without any stiffness, aches or pains. We are around 60 years old. For the cost of a reasonable hotel room, we got a great portable bed.

Purchased for A$149.00.

Might as well sleep on the floor...


I have slept on multiple Eurobeds over the past couple of years Zand every single one is the same; it deflates during the night and you end up sleeping with your mid section on the floor and your head and feet in the air. Not to mention if youre sharing it with another person, which means youll just tip in to the centre and find it almost impossible to seperate yourself or get up! Save yourself some money and just sleep on the floor; youre gonna end up there in the middle of the night anyway.


LorenGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

The best blowup bed..EVER!


We have had our queen bed for over 6years....
Best blow up bed ever!!
Recently, only recently we are replacing it with same brand again. Started going down overnight.
Not bad considering we used it as our permanent bed for:
Six months!
Didn’t want to rush into buying a bed until we found the right one. Not bad at all. So that is why we are replacing it with same brand. Not going to bother repairing it, as in the past, repairs do not last. Love the fact that so easy to inflate and deflate!! Great product.

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What can i patch a hole up with well rhe seam has let go how can i fix it?

2 answers
Deidre L
Deidre L

We shouldn't have to patch it its suppose to be strong my son bought one same thing happened as mine waste of money


Agreed they run a quad over them without em breaking (apparently). Did you patch yours? If so with what?

Donna Macarty

Donna Macartyasked

I love my Eurobed, I have only used it half a dozen times and last night I tried to inflate it and it didn’t sound right,Then it started to smoke. I switch it off immediately and thought lucky that didn’t happen during the night whilst sleeping in it.
I have had the bed for 2 years the receipt has faded and not readable. Am I able to get it replaced.

1 answer
Donna Macarty
Donna Macarty

I am still waiting for an answer to my question????

Wendy B.

Wendy B.asked

Hi, my name is Wendy, do you sell the black plug that goes into the manual inflation valve? It is not sealing properly and letting the air back out through this plug. Where or how can I buy a new one. Thanks.

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