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Euroflex Vapour Floor Steamer EZ1

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EZ1-R and EZ1
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Tina M

Tina MMelbourne

  • 2 reviews
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2 years, still going strong and very impressed


Great machine that does an excellent job on my porcelain floors, leaving them shiny and glossy. I use the monster every week and it sure beats using the variety of mops I've tried over the years. My floors dry within seconds in warm weather, maybe a bit longer in colder weather. It's easy to manoeuvre. I've got 2 pads but generally only have to use one. If there's dirt stuck to the floor I usually give this spot a spray of metho before I start cleaning and by the time I get to this spot it's soaked and ready to come clean. Very happy with the monster.

Date PurchasedJun 2015



  • 3 reviews

Hate it. Doesn’t lift anything off the floor unless you go over literally 50+ times.


Cost $229. We have had it in total about 5 years but only use it every 2nd week. Alternate with a mop and bucket which is so much more efficient. To clean any mark off the floor I have literally gone over it back and forth about 50 times and in the end scrubbed it off. It was a bit of carott peel less than the size of a currant.

Date PurchasedMay 2012



The most annoying thing about this mop is the lock which holds the extended handle in place. It comes undone every 2 mins & you spend more time fixing this than actually mopping. My mop is 6 mnths old & already in for repair bc it is steaming on & off - I am now without a mop for 2 weeks while Harvey Norman get it repaired. Frustrating!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

PearlTraralgon, Victoria 3844

  • 6 reviews



I am very much satisfied with it . It got strong cleaning power and light in weight so easy to maneuver. I got 32,square house and I don't refill again, I use it only once. I don't replace the pads as well it's enough to clean with replacing but I clean every week. It drys very quickly and doesn't leave any spots

Date PurchasedDec 2016


knitinozGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 14 reviews

Made mopping so much easier


Well after reading the reviews on here I decided to buy it and love it well... as much as anyone who really hates housework could love a mop. I love being able to put the pads in the wash. the floor dries alot quicker than having to use a traditional mop.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


AngelleThe Mallee, VIC

  • 4 reviews


Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great value! i love my steam mop


Love the quick heating up, long usage with little water for cleaning (40min?), quick and easy to use, quick drying on floors, happy with the cleaning!

Improvements: the cord could be longer, its hard to get into small spaces because of the size of the head,

on a side note: the mop pads stops sticking after a couple of usages and curls up when moping (although have found a substitute product on ebay which is way better than the actual monster brand quality!)

Date PurchasedJan 2017


CarolynWestern Australia

  • 3 reviews

Not good


If I could insert a photo I would. I clean all the time my tiles are a cream colour. After mopping if I use a magic eraser on the tile it get black dirt off. You think your tiles look clean but they are not. I think there has to be a betters way to clean floors if anyone has the answers let me know. I feel like I'm wasting my time using steam mops.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


  • 2 reviews

Great so far, just used it for first time

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
Eagle Eyes

Eagle EyesPerth

  • 5 reviews

Too Good!


Fanatastic mop. So easy to use and maintain. Streak free clean, no chemicals needed just pure steam. Been using it for now nearly 2 years. couple of improvements needed. There should be a better way to gauge the water level especially when we are filling it up. Second, the replacement microfibre pads should be a bit cheaper.
Other than that - it is too good.

Date PurchasedJul 2015



  • 2 reviews
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Convenient and easy to use

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Lynne in the Sun

Lynne in the Sun

  • 7 reviews

Pretty good so far ................

Date PurchasedJan 2017



Not worth the money, after 6 months ready for the bin


I had the older model for many years, and had no problems with it,, so when it started to leak at the hose i replaced it with the newer model. Within days of getting it the catch to lock in the poles broke, then the wheel kept coming off. today it had a flare up and now completely ruined, within a year of purchasing it I now have no steam cleaner. Not worth the money.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Great mop but poorly made.


The mop cleans well but the catch to lock in the pole when extended keeps coming undone so the pole keeps shortening during use which is highly annoying. I would probably buy a better known brand next time around. The water reservoir always bubbles over when filling even when the tank is not full.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Terrible! Hard work


Doesn't produce enough steam which makes it a tough work out to push around. Takes multiple attempts to remove simple water and dog paw prints. It's like pushing a broom through mud trying to get it around a small kitchen and living area. Wish I hadn't brought it. Got it to replaced a a Shark which was far easier to move around tiled floors.

Do not waste money on this mop!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

markehemmingSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 19 reviews



Does exactly what is says. Cleans hard floors. I use it on our living/dining/kitchen and it works just fine. Very easy to use. Leaves no residue or streaking. Floors are like new. Really cannot fault it. As a bonus it freshens up our rugs too. One tank does the whole floor and the cord is long enough to reach everywhere.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

What a great run we had with this model.


Our great run of some five years of fairly constant use ended abruptly with an electrical short in the cord right near my hand!! Thank goodness for circuit breakers! I must say that the response I received from Denise at the 1800 number was professional and empathetic - as a result, we have now purchased a refurbished EZ1R. Thank you Denise you are a valuable point of contact for your company.


KeromaAdelaide, SA

  • 4 reviews

Almost perfect!


Fantastic service


Love this steam mop and thought i was going to need to replace it when the filler plug would no longer tighten. Decided to try the support line, no questions asked a new filler plug was mailed overnight and solved our problem. Wow what more could you ask for ?

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Euroflex A.Euroflex

Thanks for taking the time to review the steam mop Grant, we're thrilled you love your monster.


MelGold Coast

  • 3 reviews

Does its job.


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Questions & Answers

Laurie S.

Laurie S.asked

How does it do on carpets?

1 answer
Euroflex A.Euroflex

Hi Laurie,
our floor steamer (steam mop) is designed to wash sealed hard floor surfaces. The EZ1R replaces the mop and bucket and floor detergents when cleaning the floor. Steam mops are not designed to clean carpets, despite the fact that for many years people have referred to carpet cleaning as "having their carpets steam cleaned". Carpet cleaning uses an extraction method, whereby shampoo and water is injected into the carpet and then the excess water and dirt is extracted by a vacuum pump. There are dedicated carpet shampooers/cleaners to wash your carpets at home (eg Bissell has a great range of carpet cleaners.)

If your looking to clean your tiles , wooden floors or floor boards without the chore that mops and buckets use then the EZ1 Vapour floor steamer by Euroflex is great for that purpose. Having said that the EZ1 does come with a bonus carpet glider that attaches to the base of the floor steamer, but only to refresh carpets/rugs and to help kill dust mites for those with Asthma or other respiratory issues.

I hope that helps.
Euroflex Australia

Susie T

Susie Tasked

I love my steam mop but have not tried it on carpet. Does it remove stains? Can I use carpet shampoo in it?

1 answer
Euroflex A.Euroflex

Hi Susie T. Our Floor Steam Cleaner (steam mop) replaces mops, buckets and floor detergents , therefore the steam mop is used to clean sealed hard surface floors only. It is not intended to be used as a carpet shampooer. This is the case for all steam mops , they are not carpet cleaners. There are other products in the market that are dedicated for carpet cleaning/shampooing, but the steam mop is generally only used for hard surface cleaning in place of mops and buckets. The dedicated carpet cleaners do use shampoo because a detergent is needed when cleaning fibres (such as carpets), without a detergent, carpets will generally not come clean. For your convenience , here is a link to a brand that makes great carpet shampooers (I'm told) and can be found in most electric appliance retailers.

There is a bonus carpet sledge that comes with our steam mop that you can clip on to the bottom of steam mop but it is more to refresh carpet fibres and to help kill dust mites for those with asthma issues.

Only tap water should be used in the boiler of our steam mop, anything else introduced in the boiler will damage the product and will void the warranty.

I hope this helps, for any further questions you can contact our Customer Service Line on 1800 663 866. For future reference this number is found on the silver sticker on top of our steam mop. Happy steaming!!

Jenny J.

Jenny J.asked

I purchased the Euroflex Monster EZ1 Floor steamer yesterday from the Good Guys but when i used it for the first time, the whole floor was wet. I thought it dries up quicker? Is there something i am doing wrong?
I put floor cleaner as well as water... is that the reason why? Please help

1 answer
Euroflex A.Euroflex

Hi Jenny
As per the instructions and the bright yellow warning label on the boiler cap, only water is meant to go into the boiler opening where the water is inserted. No detergents, chemicals, oils, vinegars etc are meant to go into the boiler...only tap water. Using steam is about chemical free cleaning to avoid chemical residues and streaking on your floors.

You may need to flush the boiler a few times to remove any traces of the floor cleaner left in the boiler. Put about 300-400ml of water in the boiler and then tip upside down to remove the water from the boiler. Repeat about 3 times. Also the blue microfibre pads will need to be washed before the next use to remove the floor cleaner detergent. This should remove the floor cleaner solution from the boiler and floor pads.

When filling use 600ml of water with each refill, never more and this will ensure only a light film of moisture is left on the floors for quick drying. The instruction manual will provide further information on filling and refilling (while not over-filling) for the best results.

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Euroflex EZ1-R

Euroflex EZ1-R

Euroflex EZ1
  • Discontinued

Euroflex EZ1

CategorySteam MopsSteam Mops
Tank Capacity600ml600ml
Cord Length7m7m
Price (RRP) $289
Release dateFeb 2008
Replaced byEuroflex EZ1-R

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