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EvaKool Ridge Ryder DC42

EvaKool Ridge Ryder DC42

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ridge ryder 42l fridge

hey guys have only had my 42l ridge ryder fridge for 9 days,i bought it on speacial from supercheap auto for just under $600,which is a good price for a compressor fridge.tho so far ive notice a temp diffrence from the fridge display and my digital temp monitor it is about 5 degree out tho it may be the placement of the wireless monitor so ill continue looking into this one!...also the fans pretty noisy,deffinetty not quiet .one other thing it draws 4.5-5 amps on my meter which seems high...so far its keeping my beers cold but time will tell..cheers..

Purchased in April 2019 at Supercheap Auto for $589.00.

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Hi, Thank you for contacting EvaKool. Please can you email us at the office so that we can assist you further. The email address is warranty@evakool.com. Kind regards, Tracey - EvaKool Warranty and After Sales Manager

Terrible product

I was given a 42L Ridge Ryder as a gift 21/2 years ago. It was to be used as a freezer on our caravan trips. From day one it continually blew the fuse when operating on 12v. Rang Eva Kool, and as we were away and as it was a gift I didn't have the receipt, they didn't offer any solution. I finally fixed the problem by replacing the 12v plug. When not travelling the unit has been used as a second fridge at home. Up until 2 weeks ago it was operating well, but then it suddenly stopped cooling. I've had two quotes and it will cost up to $500 to repair, so it will end up as land fill.

Purchased in December 2016 at Supercheap Auto.

Value for Money
Hi Carol. I am the warranty and after sales manager. Please can you call me at the office on 07 5492 7777 or you can email me at warranty@evakool.com so that I can assist you. Kind regard, TraceyI would like to thank Evakool and especially Tracey who has been in constant contact with me. She has had the unit inspected and hopefully any fault will be repaired. I think both Evakool and Tracey deserve 5 stars for their service.

EvaKool Ridge Ryder 42l problem

Had an EvaKool Ridge Ryder 42l for about 3 yrs the last year I have been using it as a freezer @-18.
Today it wouldn't start and 3 flashes on the fault light.
A pressure differential problem.
But it ran fine on Turbo mode.
There was about 10mm of ice on the plate so I decided to defrost it.
That seems to have fixed the problem and is working fine now.
Just thought I'd share might save someone some dramas

Purchased in January 2016 for $499.00.

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Happy with it.

Was happy with Fridge. I thought it was very good value for money and worked well. But now it doesn’t get cold anymore, at all.. 12 volt or 240 volt.
I bought it in September 2015. So its 5 months out of warranty and it has stopped working. A real shame.

I sent the fridge back to Evacool. They repaired the fridge and sent it back free of charge. It’s a shame it played up but I do have to give them credit they fixed it for free even though warranty had run out.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

42L Ridge Ryder by Evakool Platinum fridge/freezer.

I purchased this fridge/freezer from Super Cheap Auto December 2016 and have used it with 12v standard 12v car lighter/power supply, 240v mains, and a basic set of alligator clips/12v lighter type socket to a Century 100ah deep cycle battery as well. And have been through rough,steep,uneven off road 4wd tracks using my 07 Pajero’s standard 12v lighter supply power and then camping 2-3 days at a time on the deep cycle battery and it’s kept working very well. It’s quiet,has compressor fan, lcd display with current temp and the temp u have it set at plus Turbo cooling mode,very bright internal light, and the elements go bottom to top which helps even cooling.
The few things that would be better changed is the lid holder string lace &/or location of it as the basket can catch on it when putting in/out.
And lid opening like a centre console would be better opening from side to help with roof clearance if not on slide etc
0c to -2 for keeping cold is best using top basket only but becareful getting it right or u might freeze some lower things esp at -6 to -8 bottom of top basket etc trial and error and always put on mains power to cool for at least 2/3hrs before heading off.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
A quick follow up to my review. Iv had the Fridge/Freezer running inside on mains power at -4c since December 21st 2017 as a drink fridge with lower section full of freezer blocks and it’s doing fine still. Keeps the drinks nice and cold and usually only cycles on once an hr for 9-10mins and it’s pretty quiet too.Still working good but only used a handful of times since last reviewmainly deep cycle batt use

Effective and affordable car fridge freezer.

We purchased one of these for a 6 week trip across the continent. The first one purchased from Supercheap Auto, stopped working less than a fortnight before we were due to leave. Fortunately the local Supercheap Auto store replaced the complete fridge on directions from Evakool.
After 6 weeks and 12000 ks, some of those on extremely corrugated roads, I have to say this mid size fridge freezer performed admirably. We used the bottom freezer area to freeze and keep ice bricks frozen which we transferred between the freezer and a daytime cold bag. The top compartment was surprisingly spacious and enabled us to keep all the essentials cold 24/7. Fragile salad items had to be kept in the top of the unit as they would freeze if placed towards the bottom.
The fridge operated equally well on both 240 volts at powered sites, car charging system when travelling, or 12 volt auxiliary 105AH, SLA deep cycle battery supported by a 100 W solar panel whilst stationary. We normally set the temp at around -3 to - 6 degrees depending on the outside temperature, and found that the actual temp would deviate between + and - 2 to 3 degrees. On one occasion the fridge was left in our tent in full sun and the surrounding air temp reached in excess of 50 degrees. The fridge took this in it's stride without a hiccup.The compressor noise was also not overly intrusive whilst sleeping nearby.
One annoyance was that the top opening lid had to be fully opened to greater than 90 degrees in order to remove the fridge basket and access the freezer compartment underneath. Because of space restrictions in our vehicle we could only do this with the fridge removed from the car which was tedious at times. Another annoyance was that the external zip cover which we purchased to complement our fridge tended to interfere with the lid closing at the front corners and had to be pulled away every time you closed the lid.
If this unit keeps operating as it has then we will be very happy customers.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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This is the Ridge Ryder 42 litre portable fridge / freezer.

Questions & Answers

Hi one of the walls seems to have stopped cooling. Any ideas?
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I think you’ll find only one side has elements which frost up at the top section and u hadn’t noticed before is all that is. Being summer you’ll have to adjust the temp to around-4 / -6 but test it ain’t freezing stuff in the rack over a 24hr period and adjust to suit. Good luck

We have just bought a 22 litre. When I adjust the temperature the blue bars don't change. Are they supposed to? It is difficult to tell the temperature. Any advice would be great. thanks.
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My DC42 won't work on the 12 volt side of things. Works well through a 300 watt inverter . Is there a part that I can replace to rectify this?
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Fuse in 12v plug lead may be blowns for a reply , The cigarette lighter plug on the original plug lead has from the start been replaced with anderson plugs,simply ciggi plugs don't do the job. The 12v side of electrics has checked out "dead". Is there a module or replacement board that can rectify situation.I would be getting in touch with Evakool Boyd. I think they still have a tech support number. Cheers - Dave


EvaKool Ridge Ryder DC42
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