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Exelpet All-Wormer Paste For Cats

Exelpet All-Wormer Paste For Cats

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Kitten foaming at mouth now lying on the floor traumatised hardly moving


Kitten started foaming at mouth rethink in pain.. I washed the product toff his neck immediately... now he is lying on the floor traumatised hardly moving . Rang a vet friend freaking out and friend says its the damn exelpet and it should be banned as some cats have died. WHY ARE THEY STILL SELLING THIS PRODUCT ??????? RSPCA DO SOMETHING

Don’t buy it


I decided to try from the supermarket to save a few dollars for my two cats and my poor young cat who is one years old had anfit and started foaming at the mouth!.. disgusting with so many bad reviews it’s still being sold.

it seems alright


Have to agree with everyone here that is was not a pleasant treatment experience. My cat was terrified just smelling the paste. I put it in by three times and he drooled a lot. But he didnt spit it out that much, just a little bit. It seems to work just fine, his poo looks normal at least. But I will try somethingmore peaceful next time.



Do not use. I put this paste on my cats fur as per packet instruction and he hated it, I had to bath him to get it off, and still a horrible yellow stain remains on his fur. My cat has not eaten anything for 2 days now, and is constantly meowing. This product is dangerous and poor quality, and I made a big mistake using it!

Dreadful product.


I wish I had read this review before giving this dreadful Exelpet all-wormer to my beautiful cat: she has been unsettled for 3 days now after the dewormer and has difficulty with defecating, her tummy is swollen and she keeps licking her 'behind' that looks very irritated. She is off her food, lethargic, clingy. This product should be banned worldwide.

Carpet stained and cat not impressed!!


I had not read any reviews before trying to administer this paste. Wish I had as not a pleasant experience for my cat or the carpet as the cat proceeded to run through the house flicking it off. I had put the paste on her leg so he could lick it off - as per instructions on pack but he hated the taste and ran around madly trying to get the paste of his body. Purchased at Woolworths



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Should be banned


I lost a kitty to that horrible stuff. My poor baby who i have has as a companion passed away from basically drowning in vomit i tried to catch her but she ran away and i found her dead the next morning with poo and vomit all on the floor this is horrible stuff and should be banned

If i could give less than 1 star i would.


Not even half the dose was given to my cat and within 30 seconds he was jumping 4 ft in the air foaming from the mouth and panicking to say the absolute least! The worst experience seeing an animal that distraught.
Never EVER will i purchase not only this product, but ANY from this brand.

It's poison. Just don't.


If you put something in your mouth and it was so bad that you went into a violent panic, foamed at the mouth and vomited for the rest of the night, you'd say it was poison, right? Both cats reacted this way without even swallowing any of it. This product should simply be banned.

Do not give this to your cats!!


This product made all 4 of my cats foam at the mouth, drooling and jumping 4ft high in panic. Worst experience ever!!! Take this off the shelves!!!

Remove From Shelves Immediately!!


PLEASE no one buy this product!!! I wormed my kitten for the first time with this product, I had the measurement for weight exact and within 24 hours my beautiful, beautiful fur baby was gone :'( !! Please remove this product from the shelves!!

Worst experience ever!


Worst syringe design in my 30+ years as a doctor. Made my cats vomit at first taste, rotten fish smell



This is crap and you can shuff it. I'm not happy at all, my cat is not well over your product.

Worked well


I didn't administer how you guys did, I mixed the dose in with my kittens food. They were hesitant at first but they ate their dinner and there was no traumatising experience for my babies - the only side affect I can report is that their poo went a little funny but nothing serious.

Thanks Exelpet


Thanks so much for your "trusted" brand name wormer. What essentially cost me $12 has now cost $300 in vet bills. Less than 12 hours after putting my baby of 5 months old through hell of administering less than 1ml, he was spewing and urinating blood. Will never buy your products again and I intend taking this further.

Turn Your Pet Cat Into A Monster With This Product!


I hate this product. My docile, loving moggy turns into a vicious, drooling, yowling monster trying to administer the paste.
And THEN he starts frothing at the mouth and drooling.
Had to wash all of my clothes, all of the cat (he thought I was drowning him because the mess was worst on his face), and then mop the laundry afterwards.

Literally the worst product I have ever bought.

Seems To Work, BUT...


I agree that it's a traumatic experience to try to get the cats to accept it - certainly is for my 3 cats and me. Someone suggested putting it on their legs, paws or somewhere else they could reach to lick it off and that does make it a bit easier, but i'm not too happy with that solution and i don't think my furkids are, either....will try something else now :(

It does work...


Brooke G

Brooke GSydney

Depends on the cat


I gave this product to four of my cats, two of them were very difficult and took a long time, one was downright impossible, she shook and flailed and frothed at the mouth and wouldn't have anything to do with it. And one just laid back, ate it and didn't have a fuss at all, had every last drop. I would recommend tablets instead.



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Exelpet: 2 - Me: 0


Second time I spilled coin for this! First time I added it to the cats food. Our cat would normally eat through fire, wind or snow. A cyclone wouldn't phase it during meal times! Then there's Exelpet all wormer paste. Added it to her favourite Dine food. Wouldn't go near it! Left it for a day. None taken!

Bought it again. Second try. I'll do it the other way I thought. Tried to inject it slowly and gently behind the back teeth as directed, cat freaks out, flicks it head around wildly trying to avoid the stuff, paste goes everywhere. Cat drools whatever went in straight back out again all over my lap! Cat takes off after dismembering my leg with its claws during the process. Cat hates me now.

Well played Exelpet, jokes on me!

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