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Exelpet Capstar For Medium and Large Dogs

Exelpet Capstar For Medium and Large Dogs

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Good Job!

Wow!. Worked very well…the dogs got a little itchy and began to run around. I just brushed their coats and dead and dying fleas began to fall off. Good Job.

Great as long as you flea bomb the environment the dog lives in as well.

This isn't too bad a product cost wise and it does work however it only worked in conjunction with flea bombing the whole house and gave a second dose within a couple of weeks. it does seem to kill the fleas though just not for long.

Capstar does work if you know how to use it

Those people who have given Capstar a bad review have no idea about flea ecology—that doesn't mean that this product doesn't work, but people thinking it will stop fleas re-infesting the pets are simply ignorant.
Capstar is not a residual (long-action) treatment. It a knockdown treatment that works only for about 48 hours - and it does work, fast (about 30 minutes starts killing fleas) and completely. But put those pets back in the same environment and the fleas will just jump on them again after 2 days the capstar won't be working anymore (unless you give it evey day and it's too expensive to use in that manner).
For ongoing control - use one of the many products that give a month long control, and keep using them for at least 6-9 months. Then, if fleas can't come in from roaming or visiting animals or on your pets if you take them somewhere else, you can stop using them.
I have no fleas on my property due to using the monthly products for 9 months to eradicate fleas (cats must be treated too, though we have the occasional feral but doesn't seem to cause a problem). However, I have new dogs or visitors' dogs coming in occasionally and sometimes my dogs go somewhere where they might pick up fleas.
CAPSTAR is the ideal product for an introduction/quarantine treatment.
Ideally I give the dog a tablet at least a few hours before getting to my place - all fleas on the dog will be dead before arriving (alternatively treat on arrival and chain/pen up someplace away from your yard for a few hours (e.g. at a neighbours who has no pets, or out under a tree somewhere away from your yard). Then if it's a dog I really know has fleas it will also ideally get a bath if it's not cold weather (just soap and water) and get a flea powder treatment on arrival in case there are flea eggs on the coat. Then I give one more Capstar 24 hours after the first one just to be sure. That's it. I have over 20 dogs and despite incoming dogs I have had no fleas here since I eradicated them 13 years ago when moved to this property. I am also a registered vet (but don't work in vet practice). I also successfully did same on 2 other properties I previously lived on that had fleas there from previous owners dogs when we arrived.


never buy this product it dose not work at all my poor dog still has fleas waste of good money want my money back

Fantastic results for last 3 years.

I have 3 boarder collies all long hair have been using capstar tablets for 3 years mainly for fleas. Seams to also help with ticks. Must admit we do give the tablets every fortnight.

Ineffective Caused Distress

Dog was sick for 48 hours recovered well no apparent effect. Infestation increased over 7 days after administration of Drug. Will not consider reuse of the product.

May as well have flushed my money down the toilet

I purchased the Exelpet Capstar pack for medium/large dogs after using spot on and advantage products for many years. I thought they were marginally cheaper and may be more cost effective. Was I wrong! After the first day I thought it was great as the fleas had disappeared. By day 3 they were ALL back and the problem was only resolved by reverting to the tried and true products I have used in the past. I would never again buy any exelpet product as it was a TOTAL waste of money. I am very disappointed in this brand considering the fleas were gone for about 24 hours! Never again!!!


I bought this product to ease my poor dog who I noticed had fleas for the first time even though he's an indoor dog... I used this every other day for a week and he is scratching worse and still has fleas... I also used a flea powder and controlled his bedding and carpets, vacuumed etc but to no avail.. now off for a more expensive product as my poor pooch is scratching himself stupid..

Poison. Use wisely.

I've been up the half night because our greyhound has had very bad diarrhea from this product.
Inadequate info on packaging.
I'm really very annoyed. Poor boy :(

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12hrs later our dog is still unwell. He is a strong healthy dog otherwise, never have i seen him this unwell! I am so angry. NO possible side effects listed on packaging.

Question is do you want to waste money on a product to kill a flea?

I purchased from woolworths, exelpet flea tablets for around $30 for six tablets, as my little princess had become itchy from a flea.

When I was at the store I asked the store person how long the tablets lasted for once administered to my dog and they responded, we don't know as there is nothing on the packaging or on any instructions. They responded after I purchased the tablets, that they would ask the sales rep. The next time they saw him?????!!

So when I arrived home I gave the tablet to my dog and the next morning she had stopped scratching, here's me thinking "wow it worked", how ever the following day we went to the leash free dog park and guess what, she started scratching again and hasn't stopped since. I believe the answer is, don't waste your money on a product that doesn't display details and buy on that does, I believe the reason it doesn't state a "effective time" is because it is so small and you blink you will miss it?

Wonderful Product!

My 18month old LabXGolden Retriever came back from a relative's farm, after she stayed there while I was away for 2 weeks, covered in fleas. First time she's ever had fleas; and she was so miserable! I bought Capstar and gave it to her along with washing her with flea shampoo, putting flea powder on her and washing all her blankets. Having treated our old dog when she was still alive (with all sorts of different products, but not Captsar) I still expected to have to give her several doses over a few days to clear up the fleas. But I never had to give her a second dose! The very next day, I couldn't find a single flea on her! She was itchy-free and a lot happier!

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Questions & Answers

Does exelpet canstar for large dogs kill ear mites?
No answers

Can you wash your dog shortly after use?
1 answer
Capstar is given orally and not topically, so there should be no problem giving the dog a bath.

Can my dog eat after eating acostar?
1 answer
I'm not aware of anything prohibiting dog or cat from eating after being given Capstar. The tablet itself can be given with or without food so can't see that your dog couldn't eat with the exception of if the animal is unfortunate to have a reaction to the product itself.

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