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Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs

Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs Questions & Answers

For Cats and Small Dogs and For Medium and Large Dogs
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i treated my cat with spot on then read it doesn't kill adult fleas.can she take capstar while she has the spoton on her?will it make her sick ?
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Thanks for the reviews. I was about to buy this online- have now cancelled my order?
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Does exelpet canstar for large dogs kill ear mites?
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My dogs just had pups can I dose her with exelpet tablets?
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I think you will find your answer at www.drsfostersmith.com/Rx_Info_Sheets/rx_nitenpyram.pdf

Can I give the flea control tablet to a pregnant cat?
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Sorry. I have thrown the packet out, so im not too sure!

can i give my 8 week old kitten a bath after giving him a capster tablet for fleas? if so what should i use and how long after taking the tablet should i wait?
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Bath in Dawn original blue dish soap. I work at a veterinary clinic and that is what we use on puppies and kittens. We bath straight after administering capstar as it's an internal treatment and doesn't wash off.

Can my dog eat after eating acostar?
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I'm not aware of anything prohibiting dog or cat from eating after being given Capstar. The tablet itself can be given with or without food so can't see that your dog couldn't eat with the exception of if the animal is unfortunate to have a reaction to the product itself.

My dog accidentally ate 2 cap star tablets (small dog). Please help
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I'd only be concerned if your dog shows any adverse reaction such as vomiting, lethargy or not responding. For most dogs, they do not have an adverse reaction, however I'd still recommend that you just call your vet to get some professional guidance.Thank you, I did call my vet and kept an eye on him and he was fine thank god :) (it'd be all out of his system by now I think, it's been over 24hrs) I was freaking out because I had been seeing that people's dogs were having seizures from them & the fact that he had a double dose :( Didn't even get rid of the fleas, won't be using it anymore

Can my 8 week pregnant cat take capstan?
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No, pregnant and lactating cats should not be given Capstar. There's anecdotal evidence that it may cause birth defects in the kittens which is why the company no longer puts on the packaging that it's ok to use on pregnant/lactating cats - if you're wondering why the package doesn't state "Don't use on pregnant/lactating cats", it's because the evidence is anecdotal only, so until it's actually proven, the company limits its liability by just removing the statement from packaging! Unfortunately, you'd have to treat the pregnant cat the long way, a flea bath, followed by a spot on treatment as well as cleaning anything that the cat lies/sleeps on and you would have to do this a few times to ensure that the flea cycle is broken. Hope that helps, good luck!Thankyou she gave birth lastnight so looks like baths it is i dont want the babies getting sick from capstar so ill leave them.

My cat is currently pregnant can i give her the exelpet tablet or will it hurt her babies in someway?
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With these tablets they are ingested into the blood stream and as it is a poison it could easily affect the kittens. So be very careful after she's had the kittens also as it will be in her milk. I don't like these tablets at all because these tablets killed my much loved cat and made my dog very distressed all within 24 hours. Try the spot on treatment my vet recommended it as it doesn't poison the cat or go into their bloodstream it targets the fleas only. In saying that try to check with a vet what is safest for pregnant and nursing cats and just hold off giving the tablet until your sure its OK. Good pet shops should also be able to advise you

I gave my cat a tablet yesterday morning (capstar) there were six in the packet. Do I have to use up all tablets to be effective or not? When should I give the cat another one? There is nothing on the package to advise.
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Be very careful do not GIVE another tablet for atleast 4 weeks. I would not touch this tablets again after it killed my much loved cat. My vet said these tablets poison the animal but spot on treatments poison the flea's & it can kill

I have 2 cats who have a flea problem the black and white semi long haired has pulled some of her fur out near her tail, I came across your product capstar cat flea tablets I have given them both half a tablet each how often do I need to give them a tablet to keep the fleas under control?
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You need to use a medication like Capstar in conjunction with a product that will interrupt the life cycle of the flea by rendering the eggs that are laid "unviable". One of the medications like Frontline, Advocat, Spot on etc should be effective. When administering any of these you must take into account the weight, age & general health of the animal. I would consult a vet for a professional opinion. Capstar seems effective at evicting fleas fairly quickly, but I would wait at least a week between doses as I'm not sure of withholding time in the cats system. Hope this helps.Thanks for the comment Alfie I will contact my vet.

How soon can you give the second flea tablet to your dog?
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I haven't treated dogs with capstar, just my 2 cats (1 year & 2 year olds). 1 tablet each crushed into food, repeated again 1 week later with half tablet each crushed into food. Results almost immediately, with cats reacting to affected fleas by scratching and some agitation, no ill effects noted. Hope this helps.

How to get cap off before using syring?
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The capstar I used was a pill. I haven't seen it in a syringe.

Not sure I think my small toy poodle eat the cats tablet as well as his.he weigh about 10 to 11 kilos will this hurt him and can I give him something to help he seems ok at the moment only been 1/2 hour?
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I don't know what that will do to your dog. Is there a help line on the packet? I'd watch out for panting.I'm not qualified to answer this question, it's one for the product manufacturer or a vet. They can be given daily, that's all I know. Just keep an eye on the dog, watch for anything different, but if you're worried, I think you should speak to the people who I have already suggested.

How often can u give a large cat a capstar tablet??? Doesn't say on the box....
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I was told by the vet it could be as often as daily or every other day. I wouldn't do that personally, just my choice.Once you kill the fleas with Capstar, you should start applying something to prevent re-infestation. Capstar only kills fleas already on the animal. Prevention is better than cure!

Hi would like too know, how long does a capstar last, cant seemed to find answer anywhere.?
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It's not like a flea treatment for on the bak of the neck that lasts a month. You can give them to a cat every 24hours from the info I've read. I give them to one of my cats when I see him scratch or I see fleas on him.As above, it's only a short term treatment, I can't really remember how long it lasted, just a couple of days I guess, seeing it can be applied so often. I've gone back to the spot on, on the back of the neck and find it much better.It only last for a couple of hours. It only kills fleas. It doesn't prevent infestation recurring.

I have been using capstar on my little 3.5kg maltese terrier on a 2=3 day treatment, kills fleas ok but she seems to be bruising and bleeding under the skin and is very lethargic I am very worried about her althoiugh the packet states to use whenever necessary. Please let me have your diagnosis asap!
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You should read this and stop using Capstar immediately! http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/drugInfo.cfm?id=63049

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