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2,066 reviews
KMPPeel, WA3 posts
TinaSydney, NSW

Customer service

We booked a holiday stay in Ho Chi Minh beginning of June. We needed to downgrade for safety reasons. Shower was in bathtub which was leaking and flooded floor. Hotel refused to refund us for the downgrade difference. I contacted Expedia as booking was done through their website. They informed me that there is nothing they can do about it.
When we downgraded the room, hotels staff member told us we would be getting refund.

Booking was cancelled

Arrived at hotel that was booked via expedia.( Was booked for 8months) and hotel said booking had been cancelled. This was 4pm in the afternoon . Had to find accommodation on the spot for our 2 week stay. Will never use expedia again!!!!!
Nic M
Nic MMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts
mark p.
mark p.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts

Another bad review

Booked a day tour to a waterfall In Fiji with Expedia and New Dawn tours when we arrived. We waited in the lobby of our hotel 15 mins before pick up and then another hour to no avail - rang their office and sent a messagw with no luck. Contacted Expedia and they say they cannot do anything to get a refund from New Dawn tours! Why are they still listing New Dawn Tours on their website!! Surely they can help us with the payment of $240 given we spent over $4000 with our flights and hotel package! Never again Expedia!
Kay H.
Kay H.
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RicardoSydney2 posts

Expedia didn't book with the hotel!!!!

I have made a booking for a service apartment at Queenstown back in Feb 2023 for my family to stay there at the end of June 2023. Luckily I contacted the service apartment two weeks before arrival to confirm my booking. However, the service apartment confirmed they do not have my booking, but they did see my booking on Expedia. Fortunately I can still manage to book another service apartment in the last minute. Otherwise, our family have no where to stay while we are in Queenstown. Learnt my lesson, never book through any agents, such as Expedia again. Just book directly with the hotel/service apartment.
LeDon B.
LeDon B.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA


I booked accommodation. Cancelled within refundable cancellation period. Cannot get my refund. Expedia has not been helpful. They do not care. I will never ever use this shonky company again. EVER!
traveling turnip
traveling turnipGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC6 posts

Never disappointing

I don't know why people have reviewed this so low. I've been booking flights and accommodation from Expedia for at least 8 years now and I have never had an issue with them in fact they have always gone above and beyond to help and always provided excellent, efficient service.
Andy L
Andy LMetropolitan Adelaide, SA7 posts
SenthilSydney, NSW8 posts

Pricematch Guaranteed

I booked 5 nights accommodation at Gold Coast with Expedia. Costed me about $818 after discounts and it was non refundable. Turns out that if i had booked directly with the hotel it would have costed me only $730 (Screenshot attached) and they were also flexible with date changes, if i had gone through them directly.

When i contacted them for refund, they were happy to refund the difference straightaway.

Great Experience !!!

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MC M.Perth, WA

Terrible company

I lost $2,738.47 worth of flight credits with Expedia who does not want to know about it. Expedia shows no effort in helping me to recover my money and told me to deal directly with the airlines. I did try the airlines but they told me Expedia took my money so they should sort this out with the airlines. I asked Expedia to talk to the airlines, but nothing happened. Tried to phone Expedia and email it so many times including online chats but to no avail. I hit the brick walls.
David D.
David D.


Paid for extra luggage, after check out was told it couldn’t be booked, but was charged anyway. Customer service for an hour on the phone was no help at all
Bee2 posts
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Xiao Z.
Xiao Z.

Don't use

Very BAD customer service. Bought 2 checked baggages, but due to their website issue, there's only one showing. Contacted customer service many times, they agreed to reimburse the fee for the second baggage, but I have to pay for it again at the airport. After that, I sent through the payment receipt, but no response from Expedia anymore. Tried many times.
Aaron Z.
Aaron Z.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Expedia experience

They made the mistake of changing the order of my name, making my LAST NAME and FIRST NAME switched. Because of this I have missed a flight and have to wait 7 hours for the next flight.
ibbyk2 posts


ALMOST CERTAINLY THE WORST PLATFORM EVER. They change the dates of my reservation. I was searching for 11-14 may they changed it to 25-28 of may. Arrived at a fully booked hotel that didn't have my reservation. Expedia blames it on me. To make things worse I had to book another accomodation for triple the price. Not only did I lose on booking a much more expensive place out of my budget, they are not going to refund me for the first booking because apparently it's my fault their system is messed up.
not a sucker anymore
not a sucker anymorePerth, WA9 posts
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Want to waste your time & money? Expedia!

Avoid avoid avoid. Expedia has left me unable to use my flight credit where the airline has a clear published covid policy to state that my credit is valid. The call centre flooded me with a verbal barrage of justifying their inability to do anything and saying it’s a system issue. I can’t deal with the airline directly because Expedia is the middle man. Not a good experience and I will be swearing off them. Stings that they have left me hundreds of dollars out of pocket compared to booking directly with the airline, but I’d rather not waste more time trying to get it back. Avoid.
hozackcSydney, NSW5 posts

Expedia is the worst

Do not book any travel, hotels, flights through expedia. They are incompetent and will not reimburse you for their mistakes.

I cancelled a booking with 2 days notice, expecting to pay a 20% fee and get an 80% refund as per the hotel's conditions. Expedia put a request to refund the fee as well, but did not cancel the booking as requested.

I have been charged for the whole trip - and Expedia doesn't take responsibility for the muck up, despite me double checking in advance that it was done.

They are unethical, incompetent, and absolutely not worth the discount.

Vino V.
Vino V.

Can't believe that Expedia was this useless

Expedia is useless when it comes to helping you resolve an issue. They were unable to help me get a refund from airline after the company changed my itinerary without properly informing me or even updating my Expedia itinerary. They couldnt do anything because "the airline is a ticketless carrier" WHATEVER that means. And then they were even unable to get me a refund from my Hotel. Never using Expedia again.

Do not use!!!

Please do not use this service to book flights. We have encountered poor customer service and flight changes made with no way we could make connections. This has cost us dearly, financially.
TimPerth, WA

Hopeless agent

Expedia could not help anything if your booking have any problem, waste the time and money. I would rather pay more with other booking agents with fully support to customer as responsible agent. Easy with booking from expedia and pay but could not help if customer have the problem. I booked hotel with expedia and got the nightmare hotel.
Jim S.
Jim S.

Expedia: false economies

I booked a flight that appeared really cheap and I confirmed that baggage was included and actually took a screenshot of this inclusion
Checking my flight status I find that no, bags are extra and of course, more than the flight
Expedia refused to accept the screen shot as it was "not from their website" and denied any obligation to correct the issue
Apparently, I needed screenshots of the entire process to actually "prove" this
Eventually after over an hour at agent and supervisor level, refusing to rectify anything whatsoever, I was told that my only recourse is to do this
Now the flight AND baggage costs just $10 less on exactly the same flight
Go to some other agency for flights
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Philip W.
Philip W.

Horrible and would not recommend to anyone

Horrible service. I understand as a booking agent that you do not have much power but I have been provided false information by one of your users which was acted upon. I pointed this out and there was no acknowledgement of responsibility or willingness to discuss which resulted in me paying a large sum in excess of what was provided. I would take legal action but I have better things to do then to speak to your incompetent staff.
SharonPerth, WA12 posts
KarenCanberra Central 2601, ACT

Will never use again - Not above board

I booked a motel room in Australia only to find out when I got there and went to pay that the price of the room was in US dollars, not AU dollars. Nowhere on the Australian website did it mention that the prices were in US dollars. Not impressed!
SmeckeSydney, NSW4 posts

Tour Cancelled by Lokaf Inc. (Santiago)

Expedia, I want my refund! We booked a tour with you & the tour company cancelled our tour company (Lokafy Inc.), after changing the time to later in the day and then no one showed to take the tour. We sent a message via Whatsapp to the guide, then waited half an hour to call her, only to be told she was already on a tour. We contacted Lokafy twice and got an apology & was told we would recieve a refund, this was on the 16th March. I have call Expedia twice & have had three online chats & have been told I would be contacted with 72 hours everytime.......nothing. They feel that I should be dealing with the tour company, except I paid Expedia?
Mihail Stankov
Mihail StankovPerth, WA

Booked a flight to Europe and return - disaster

The returning flight was cancelled 3 weeks later and they want me to buy a replacement at the price of the full package. They say it's Turkish Airlines fault. I am waiting not 4 months for resolution. Nothing. All the refer is a refund. A new flight now cost 3x the original price.
Niraj V.
Niraj V.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

Scammers Expedia

Booked a hotel for night thinking costing me xxx amount of money but they debited hundreds of dollars higher. Inquiring about extra money they told price was in USD. I told them i booked from Australia for an Australian Hotel how can it be USD? After this realising i was scammed by them and asking for cancellation they refused to refund saying hotel denied for cancellation. Absolutely rude behaviour. I will never book from this scammers again.
Debbie F.
Debbie F.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Cancelled booking

I made a booking last year for a Brisbane hotel for 5th-8th May and Expedia have just cancelled it for no reason today (7th April)
Bill B.
Bill B.Sydney, NSW4 posts

Booking & paying is easy but if you encounter ANY issue GOOD LUCK, support non existent

Booked a trip to Europe the whole thing through Expedia, I decided to simply swap around two of the city stays I booked, didn't ask for refund or cancellation just a swap of the dates, because when booking the flights I realised it works better if the dates for those two cities were swapped around. This attempt was done literally 30mins after the booking.
Not enough space here to fully describe what they put us through, anyhow eventually we gave up and worked around the change.
So putting it simply, if you've the choice to book through another site do it, Expedia is not designed nor structured to offer after sale support, something that's crucial in the travel industry.
Billy R.
Billy R.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC


Absolutely disgusting service.
Booked a tour in Bali through Expedia, was up and ready at 4:30am to get picked up from the hotel and no one showed up. Emails and chats back and forth with Expedia and then was advised that they cannot do a refund because that's the suppliers T&C for cancellations I was trying to explain to these unintelligent life forms in Expedia that I have no dealing with them and my booking is with Expedia, also I did not cancel so I should not be penalised because they did not show up!
I just get the same moronic respond from Expedia and refuse to send me the T&C or speak to a senior/manager

I will be taking this further regardless of the cost as it's the principle of the matter.

Val S.
Val S.Perth, WA6 posts

Absolute shock of service

After using Expedia for over 15 years just recently they absolutely let me down and high and dry. Customer service is absolute joke. Hardly anyone speaks fluently or knows what they are doing no customer service in Australia. Will never ever use their services. All they do is just middle man money grabing. Find another travel agent people.
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Robert G.
Robert G.2 posts

NEVER use booking companies. They are heartless

My elderly mother made a booking error with Expedia. Click a wrong date. She realized immediately afterwards and we tried to help her get it changed but Expedia said it was up to the hotel. .... even though the hotel had not yet received the booking and had no record of it. Still expedia made us wait 3 days until they received it and then asked for a waiver. Not surprising the hotel, who don't know any of the personal reasons, said no. Booking companies are only good for browsing around and maybe checking availability. Always ring the hotel directly - they usually meet or beat the online prices.
Chris K.
Chris K.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts


Where do I start.
Booked accomodation in Portugal that said reserve now pay later. Pay full amount upon arrival. Not only was I deducted 50% of the total price I was then not allowed to get a refund. Still ongoing 2 weeks later. Absolute frauds. Use booking.com instead of these muppets. Gets even worse. They Expedia said to me they spoke to the hotel in question and they denied a refund. I have an email from the hotel direct stating they are happy to refund and are waiting on expedia. Currently being investigated. Last person i spoke to totally agreed with me and he could see on the booking that no payment was required upfront. I will continue to post a bad review on these guys until this has been rectified
Jessen G.
Jessen G.

Caution stay away

Expedia does not follow airline policies on refunds. They will just refuse and give you credit,
Peru S.
Peru S.

Worse service

Disgusting service
0 on 10
Never get your flight tickets via expedia
Waste of money
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