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Did anyone get their certificate as soon as they'd finished audio assessment? I needed my RSA really quickly and have a job tomorrow.
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I like seeing all the 5 star reviews, but i have completed an online training course and still waiting for a marked audio assessment to come back. I have no contact number or email for this company and find that very strange. Does anyone know how I can contact them? I stupidly accepted a job and said id have my rsa and EOT claimed they could have me a certificate the same day i did the training....its now 3 days after, I've paid my money and still no certificate!!
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In the same boat buddy. All you can do is go to the complains and feedback section to message them but they have a number 1300 720 104 that I went and grabbed for you. Best of luck.Exactly. This company is a disgrace. You can get you white card cheaper elsewhere in under an hour. Never use this company.

Hi, I was just looking for RSA online courses and came across this site. I had also read in some sites that the online courses may not be acceptable in Some of the places in NSW. Is that right? Is it okay to do online course from this site? Has anyone faced any such issue?
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Don't use this mob. They're scammers and rip you off! They advertise as 'Pay when you Pass', which is an outright lie. Be very careful if you use these crooks!

Are overseas visiting students to Australia entitled to sit and qualify for an RSA certificate with EOT?
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Hi Team, My name is Brett Hannam, 10 Leibnitz Place Isabella Plains, ACT 2905. I have just finally completed your RSA online training course and paid for it as well. ($49). I have had my tax invoice emailed to my private email but not my actual RSA certificate. Does this take a couple of days to complete? Apologies if I have made a mistake in the overall process. Could you please assist with this query? Many Thanks. Regards, Brett Hannam
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I'm not associated with the business but just a heads up, if you've only received the invoice then you likely have two more segments to complete. The first is the audio assessment, where you essentially talk as if you were talking to a customer (e.g Refusal of Service, Eviction) The second is a simulated workplace, this only took me about 20 minutes. I hope I've been some help, Joshua

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