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Cheap but horrendous delivery times

EzyDVD is an online retailer shop that obtains their products from the Uk, which is compliant with Australian devices. The prices are reasonably cheap and there are usually specials and coupons running, alluring you into their evil malicious trap. I had pre-ordered two items from them, both video games. The shipping date states that it would take about 3-10 days for shipping, which may be reasonable from the UK, right? Wrong, the first game took two weeks to be delivered to me. What is strange is that the item was shipped from Hong Kong...what? This would mean that the game was shipped from the UK, arrived in HK and then shipped again to Australia. Why would that happen? Additionally, the same game was found cheaper in a local store!

My second game that I ordered was placed into backorder, after being delayed by one week since their shipment was delayed...why would it be delayed by a whole week? The copy finally shipped after a week and got it 11 days after, once again after its determined shipping date. So I had to wait for 18 days before a copy of my game arrived. Absolute rubbish.

Be warned, the prices may be alluring and cheap, but the downside is the unreasonable shipping times, lack of communication and the frequent 'out of stock'/'backorder' statuses that most people are experiencing. If you want something reasonably fast and cheap this isn't it. It's just cheap, similar to their working operations!
Cheap Prices
Long delivery times, bad communication, poor service

Slow postage and expensive!

I bought season 5 of Breaking Bad. It took over two weeks to arrive! That was disappointing but even worse was that during the time I was waiting, I found it cheaper at 3 different shops! I bought online thinking that I would get a good deal while still getting it pretty quick. Neither was the case.

Postage speed was ridiculous... Over two weeks!

Don't pre order

I pre orderd a pc game and after the release date my order said it was on back order. Wtf. When questioned they said they can't get the retail version I orderd but could email a key to download it. Waste of time and missed out on pre order bonus because of them

False advertising

Very disappointed

I ordered a set of DVDs from them assuming that the item was in stock. I had looked a couple of different online retailers and them had "out of stock" on the item however I could have ordered it if I wanted. Having a new baby, I just wanted to get it done and sent ASAP so it was here for my hubbys birthday and I didn't have to think about it anymore. EzyDVD appeared to have the item. After 13 days I get an email from them saying my paypal payment was declined. Thats when I realise, they hadn't sent me an email saying the items had been shipped and that it was so long ago that I ordered them! (new baby!) Of course my payment didn't go through, silly me had thought that the DVDs were well on their way and I'd spent all of my money. So I sent them an email basically telling them how irritated I was and part of the reply read as below

"the product pages of these 2 titles said “Expected to ship within 7-10 days”, which means they were not in stock when you placed this order"......"Since you are new, you may not understand that the expression of “Expected to ship within 7-10 days” refers to out of stock."

No. I thought that I thought that "out of stock" means "out of stock". I saw the 7-10 days shipping but unfortunately I hardly took any notice. I will always take notice of this now. Fair enough they if they were upfront and said they are out of stock and will order it but I feel that the way they make it appear on their online store as if its available now is dishonest. They are essentially selling items they don't have. If I wanted to wait this long to get them, I would have just ordered them from overseas.
Its a good website
They sell items they don't actually have in stock

Very disorganised

Although they appear to have a good range at a decent price it soon becomes apparent that they hold insufficient stock. I ordered several DVD and they have all been shipped separately at different times and I am still waiting to receive 2 items. The movies I ordered were all released in the last year and popular titles available in all stores so I'm dissatisfied that they're still waiting on stock after 3 weeks.
Inefficient, slow,


I have been ordering through Ezydvd for about two years and have had no problems up until now, the automated delivery address on the website sent it to my old address, which I haven't lived at for four months and because there is no tracking number Australia Post wouldn't allow me to recover the order, also another part of the problem is that customer service doesn't get back to you in a timely manner. On the plus side the prices are good as is the selection that they have to offer, especially in regards to blu ray and video games.
Good selection of titles, good prices and specials
No order tracking through Australia Post, customer service is slow

Bad Service

I signed up and ordered the most recent season of Nurse Jackie. Not only did I not receive a confirmation email with my log in details and contact details for them, I have not received my DVD's. I've tried to log into the site but have had no success so I can't track my order or contact them.
No DVD's, no service, not happy!

I have now received an email to say that my DVD's have been dispatched from Melbourne. Quick service and dispatch my backside. I will never use this service again

No contact details, no service, have not received my product

Clearly Behind in the Online Movie Stores

They offer good prices, and they have a good range and specials, but they just don't have it when it comes to customer service. It doesn't matter how cheap their prices, or how wide the product range, if you're waiting for considerable times for your non international order to actually be delivered.

They're far behind JB on customer service and missing goods.
They have a great range, and good specials
Their Customer Service and website options. They can't chase a missing order until 1 month is out, and even then, they don't say what they'll do.

So slow

Ordered a game from there about 3 weeks ago now. I ordered the fastest shipping which cost an extra few dollars. I figured it wasn't that bad seeing as it was still cheaper then buying it in store. Took over a week and a half to finally dispatch and this is now the 3rd week waiting for the game and it still hasn't arrived. Customer service is horrible and the site doesn't even say whether or not something is in stock. All it says is estimated dispatch time and even at maximum I should have received the game last week. By the time it gets here in-store prices probably would have dropped.
Wide variety of games
Long wait time, no customer service phone number, misleading delivery times

Ruined Mothers Day!!! Product taken almost two weeks to ship.

Majorly disappointed... Waited almost 2 weeks for one product to be shipped. No phone number to call customer service, only email. Got a response telling me my order has been shipped on the day I emailed to complain but I can't use the tracking number as often Australia Post doesn't update it.. Hours later I received another email (an auto dispatch email I believe) telling me my order is ready for dispatch and that could take up to 48 hours longer to actually ship. This isn't what customer service said. Also the order status on my account didn't show up as shipped either.

Devastated my deserving mother won't have her gift on time for Mothers Day, when I ordered well in advance. If it's a matter of a few dollars or cents when you price match - don't shop here. The customer service agents don't even offer any form of compensation for the inconvenience or lack of communication. Can't believe the order took this long and I had to complain first before my order suddenly was sent to dispatch.

Huge delays, extremely slow dispatch, misleading product availability information

When a site revamp ruins a business

Most of us hate a site suddenly changing so when EZY DVD did, and I didn't like the new look or navigation, I waited a while to see if my opinion would change. It hasn't. I dislike the new site and find it harder to locate items I am interested in. I find that few DVD's are actually in-stock unless they are on sale and whereas previously your order would be dispatched same day if item was in stock and you ordered early in the morning, it became far slower. There's no loyalty system and they aren't the cheapest retailer so I have stopped buying from them. A shame as I wound up spending quite a bit and at one point after having problems I raised that with the woman from marketing and was told that many of their customers had been with them far longer. Talk about diminishing my loyalty and implying it was valueless. I used to regularly have problems and needed to request a tracking number which some competitors just offer as a matter of course. I also at one point spent ages helping a web person with faulty site aspects once the website was relaunched. Did they offer anything in response to my help...a discount off my next purchase or something...nope. I was just told how wonderful I was and then I was forgotten about I am sure. I wouldn't bother again.

Items rarely in stock, not the cheapest, dispatch a little too long, dismissive attitude towards loyal customers

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Looking back at other reviews..it seems back in 2008 etc most of us were really happy with EzyDVD and purchasing from them. Since the change in the company it's gone downhill and most of us have gone elsewhere. I spent so much money there at one point and when a customer like me no longer buys, something is wrong.

Very Slow Handeling Time

I ordered two box sets and received a dispatch notice the following day and was quite happy as it was a fathers day present and 11 days out from fathers day. Today I received another dispatch notice (7 days after the first dispatch notice) and when I re-read the initial dispatch notice I found out that only one of the box sets was sent the day after it was ordered the other will be sent in the next few days. Vey disappointed with how long it takes to ship items. Will shop else where next time.
Long handling time

Good service

I almost didn't order things from EzyDVD after reading some of the reviews on here, but I took a chance and was pleasantly surprised, so I thought I'd put a review up too. I didn't have any problems, and everything I ordered arrived quickly. Also I asked a couple of questions along the way and the email service team was prompt, friendly and helpful.
Quick, accurate order, good service

Terrible service!!

I ordered two weeks ago. There is no phone number to speak to anybody. i now wished i had review their webiste before making any purchases. I am going to my credit card provider to obtain a refund.

Poor service. You take the money but deliver nothing!

Good enough

Went looking for a season of a TV show; the bricks and mortar stores near me either didn't have it or only at full price. EzyDVD had it listed at a good price. Once I had ordered it, its status changed to 'Back-Ordered', and it was another two weeks before the item was sent.

I would happily use them again, but not if on a deadline.
Cheap, reliable.
Listing may be inaccurate.


I used to buy from Ezy Dvd all the time and even pre-order items. When it was take over by the new owners i only used it once more. There is no customer service anymore and prices have risen. I use it only for infomation now and then purchase from somewhere else. They oversell their up comming specials and you miss out, they cancel your order without notification and i was left expecting a tv dvd boxset thet i pre ordered 2 months ago and it never came. I had to log onto the website to find out that the order had been cancelled because the item had not been released. An email would have been nice explaining this.
Easy to use website. Great for using for infomation only.
No customer service anymore. Delivery can be very slow.

The one stop shop for many different DVD and Blu-Ray titles.

I used to order or buy DVD titles from EzyDVD, up until December, 2010. No real hassles, the prices were reasonable, and the staff per store I visited were most helpful.

Unfortunately, in South Australia, EzyDVD has gone; there are no stores left, I guess it had to happen sooner or later in these economic times, and the franchise (when it existed) was excellent - pity they don't exist anymore.
A range of DVD and Blu-Ray titles to suit most budgets.
The fact that there are no stores left in South Australia - they've all closed down. That's the only con I can think of at this point. I would recommend EzyDVD if it was still around, but it isn't.

Dvd store

I have browsed the ezydvd store many of times in search of dvds for presents or for my own use the thing that i have always found with them is that they just are not that cheap in comparison with actually going to a store the stores normally have much better deals but i suppose if you work unsociable hours and don't have the time to go to the store then it is a good site. They deliver right to your door without you really having to do anything. Personally i didn't buy anything from the site as i found the dvd's i wanted much cheaper online at a different store and also in a big name retail store.


I'm happy to use Ezydvd if I can't be bothered to go searching for a title in an actual store - so it's great for less common titles. Customer service is quick to respond to any issues.
Very convenient ; easy to find or look up titles, rather than physically going from store to store. Postage rates good, especially free delivery for pre orders. Securely shipped with signature required for delivery.
You can sometimes find better deals and specials if you are prepared to do to an actual store - but this takes time!


I made 2 orders to be sent to Italy in October - November 2010, and all was OK: the orders were sent by AIR MAIL and arrived in 20 days. I have now made a new order on 1 January 2011 of the Boxset Inspector Rex season 1-5. From the web site they say that you pay 20$AU for postage as international customer and you think the order will be sent by AIR Mail (it's lighter than 1,5 kg.)but the mail of shipping informs me that the boxset was sent by Australia Surface Mail - by ship: if it ever will arrive maybe 2 months, or more, will pass, and you can imagine, no aswers to e-mails ....
The web site is good overall and for information about new releases.
No customer service: in the last 2 months they never answer e-mails.

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What is the best site from which to order DVD box sets that are playable in Australia and not pirated? I'm thinking of TV programs like Downton Abbey, Madame Secretary.
2 answers
Ezydvd.com.au and www.dvdorchard.com.au. They are both very fast. I pre ordered Harry Potter collection box set from both places and they are both fast I also ordered a dvd from ezydvd and they said it would take 3-10 buisness days to send depending on my location and it took 7 instead of 5 now by regular post because mail is a bit slower but it still arrived.ezydvd.com.au in Melbourne Victoria Australia and dvdorchard.com.au in Queensland Australia are fast and only sell Australian DVDs, games, books and are not pirated they are in Australia.

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