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Face of Australia

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Translucent loose powder

I brought this powder not too long ago and tried it out . I applied only a very little and it turned an orangey yellow me and me look sick. It is supposed to be translucent. I could not find any lighter shades of this loose powder either.

Can’t submit my order

My order will not submit
It’s asking for a code????? There is no code to submit could you please help

Using every day

I use their tinted 50+ sunscreen every day and am impressed with the feel on my skin, not too heavy but good coverage. Also happy with their primer. Buy it from Big W which seems to be well stocked with Face of Australia products. Well priced too!

Lip crayons - must have

Love the texture & colors - will never use anything else on my lips again. Soft and moisturizing - great colors. Love it

Brilliant Product and Service

Face of Australia is an Australian cosmetic company selling high quality products for a really affordable price. The biggest thing for me is that they are 100% against animal testing and support Choose Cruelty Free. They sell through retailers and online at their website http://www.faceofaustralia.com.au/. Their Angel Glow Mineral Therapy Illuminator performs brilliantly, very water resistant, applies as shear or as full on as you like to apply it, the colour and product texture is so similar to Nars orgasm illuminator and is only about $10 AUD! Beautiful.

Eyebrow kit is perfect!

I was recently finding a nice eyebrow kit and was really turned off on other brands since some of their powder (used for filling) doesn't really stick to the skin. Luckily, I saw the face of australia eyebrow kit. The first thing I noticed is that they provide 2 shades of powder (which is really good since you have choices) that gives a nice quality shade when applied. For an affordable price, I couldn't be happier that I found this

Dont buy this, Poision

My Girl Friend bought 10 Face of Australia Lipsticks, It is inside a wrap, so you can not open before you pay the money, ( K-Mart). She bought them as gift for her Friends. When she went oversea, gave them to her friends, Friends open them. They are all mold. mildewed . "Face of Australia"" Biss off, Call up to Kmart, And after holiday I went back to Australia, Give them back to K-Mart, They said, they can not do anything,they wont refund, no return, or do anything about this. If anyone wanna see it, I will send you a photo. But if no return, then why put in wrap and dont let ppl see it before buy it??then after that no return, what< so BISSoff. if you need photo, send me your email. Dont call it Face of Australia.

Love the blush and the bronzers

I've used practically every blush and bronzer in every brand there is. I just can't get a blush or a bronzer that i like more then face of Australia. I have Latino roots, so have olive/tan skin and it's so hard to find a bronzer/blush that shows up nicely. My friends who have light/medium skin use the same bronzer and blush and love it too, it practically suits every one! In my opinion it gives a very natural looking glow with it going on very even and wont go blotchy. You can keep applying if you need when you are out and you never seem to over do it or underdo it somehow which i love.
Pretty much everything

Great Quality, Worth the Purchase :)

Face Of Australia is a fantastic brand because it is quite inexpensive and the quality is better than decent. You can purchase anything cosmetics from foundation to blush to bronzer to eye shadow to eyeliner! You can find the brand in most cosmetics selling places such as Priceline
Inexpensive, great quality


I would recommend this make up as being inexpensive and good quality, something hard to come by. There is a good range of colours available in foundations.
Face of Australia is owned by Australia so that is a plus. Not only that but their products are inexpensive and just as good as the dearer ones. I love their mineral powder and found a colour that suits my skin perfectly, after having tried lots of other brands.
The mineral powder foundation brush that comes with the powder is too harsh on the skin. It actually hurts to use. It can be difficult to find as not all shops sell it.

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I was lucky to be sent a colour max eyeshadow palette Gold Mine to test. i have used it, and i must say it's actually stayed on all day. the colours are great for my age, 59yrs, and i have mixed them to make darker shades. i would definitely buy this again. thankyou for choosing me to test this, just goes to show us oldies still like good quality makeup


This is a great make up brand which has a lot of products that can be tried out since they arent expensive. They are a bit hard to find sometimes, usually in Priceline and some chemists only. Overall, a great brand to try and see if any of the products click for you.
This is a great make up company which I can use without feeling guilty for spending a lot of money because they are really inexpensive. I have used the liquid eye liner and it works just as well as the expensive brands. I like the fact that it is an Aussie company and there is a good range of products.
Nothing I disliked about this product.


I have tried the liquid eye liner, liquid to powder foundation, numerous shades of lip gloss, pencil eye liner and blushes. I love the lip gloss shades plus it stays put for a lengthy time. The blushes are great i alternate from Outback Terra and Outback Primrose. Great product for a great price. I wouldnt suggest the foundations for anybody with sensitive skin thats prone to acne.
Affordable, most products are good quality, great range of products.
The foundation made my skin break out.


I am currently using their stick foundation and lipstick. They both have spf 15 which stops me from getting burt. I have fair skin and this is the first foundation that is the same colour as my skin. It is thick and lasts for hours. I dont have to use very much or reapply it. The best things are they dont test on animals and it is an Australian family owned brand for Australian women. As my other products start to run out i will definately be replacing them with face of australia products.
They dont test on animals, great price and great policy


I love this loose powder, I originally only bought it because I ran out of my regular MAC powder and didn't have extra money that week to buy it. I am so glad that I did, the container size is huge, does't go flakey on my skin at all and looks rather natural. I use it with a large powder brush and only use a small amount. I use this now as my daily setting powder and really I couldn't be happier with it!
Face of Australia Loose Face Powder is perfect especially considering the price
nothing at all


Good quality products at an affordable price and their Australian. What more could you ask for. Their eyeliners are fantastic I find they rarely smudge and are more then easy to apply.
Love their eyeliners, a great budget brand.


I have used these products for quite a few years> I like value for money and quality when I purchase makeup and these products are just that. I am fussy about what I use on my skin but have no hesitation in using this makeup. I have no allergic reaction which I sometimes do with other makeup.
Great makeup at a very reasonable price.
Nothing I dislike


It is an Australian brand for Australian women. I like their eyeliners and their lip glosses (even though they tend to be a bit on the sticky side). They have a great range of products and colours for a very reasonable price and quality. I really like that they are an Australian brand, are Melbourne based, do not so any testing on animals. Their make up lasts for a long time whilst wearing.
It is affordable, and is of a great quality considering the price. They are an Australian brand so I think that is great.
I can't think of any thing negative about them.


I didn't expect Face of Australia to be such a good brand. I love the lip glosses and the stick foundation. They contain things like Vitamin E and aloe in the products, so you know that it's good for your skin. I don't think that anything is too expensive, it's a perfect range of cosmetics for someone on a budget, or for someone who like high-quality things witout having to pay heaps.
The price is amazing for such high quality cosmetics. I love the stick foundation for my pimply days, it's so thick that it covers everything, and it's just over ten dollars! Amazing!
Nothing at all.


Face Of Australia is a great brand, I especially like their foundation primer which works fantastically and really helps my makeup to last for hours longer. Another favourite of mine is their sunscreen - its non greasy, doesnt use nanotechnology, and very well priced for people with tight budgets.
But the one thing I really love is that they are against animal testing. It is what makes me keep coming back to buy their products and ignore most other brands.
Reasonably priced, Australian brand, no animal testing, great range of products, one of my favourite brands!
Nothing! I love everything about it!


A good Australian brand of cosmetics that are extremely affordably priced. Widely available everywhere, you can get the products in Priceline or other departmental stores. I definitely recommend this brand. They have got a really good range of foundation and blush colours.
I loved using their eyeliner. One of the best eyeliners I have ever used. Easy to apply and it does not smudge off as easily or stain the bottom of my eyes. I am currently using the Face Base Primer and I absolutely Love it! There's no other face primer like it! It contains vitamin E and chamomile and leaves a cool refreshed feeling when I apply to my face. I love that it is oil free, it keeps my face (T-Zone) from getting really oily during the day and this primer is just the perfect base before makeup. I noticed since using it that my makeup does not run at all and lasts longer hours.
There is nothing I dislike about it.

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