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Fanaway Evo3 Asymmetric

Fanaway Evo3 Asymmetric

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This product should be withdrawn from the market it is sooooooo bad.

We have had the fan in two bedrooms replaced twice and after 6 months the fans close with an almighty clunk. The light in one of the replacement fans would randomly turn off. Basically what you see in the shop is not what you end up with. The fan also buzzes constantly when turned on and even more annoyingly a louder intermittent buzz occurs at night when the electricity company send a ripple signal down the line. The expensive ripple control filter is useless.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Lucky if lasts 3 years

We bought 4 of these with remote controls 3 years ago. Paid $500 each plus $100 install each. In that time have had failed 3 ballasts and issues with remote controls not responding and now 2 of the fans are becoming noisy (too loud to sleep). Of course none of these problems occurred during the warranty period. We have attempted to see if a service can deal with the noisy fans however we have been advised by a Beacon Lighting recommended electrician that unfortunately with these units there is generally not much that can be serviced, the noisy sounds coming from these fan are likely to be caused by the bearings and/or motor windings. They have recommended to replace the fans rather than attempt to service. Great, that's an average of $200 per year to have a fan that is used for only part of the year.
We won't be buying one of these fans ever again. They look great but don't last. Assume that whatever you buy will breakdown as soon as the warranty period is over and buy something cheap that can be replaced.

Date PurchasedNov 2013
HI Richard, I am sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced with your fans. We sell hundreds of these a year both nationally and internationally with very few issues. If you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au your contact details, the store you have been dealing with, and when the fans were purchased and we can look into this further for you, kind regards Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceI would like to say thank you to Wayne the Store Manager at Beacon Lighting Chirnside Park Victoria who has provided us with amazing customer service and replaced all 4 fan/lights including remotes even though the units are out of warranty. We now have 4 fully functioning units and are very happy customers.

Superb air disperse / volume

I have purchase 4 of this fans for our bedrooms and thus far I'm extremely happy with my purchase the air disperse / volume displace is better than any other fans that I have had before and whisper quite. The light is also brilliant, I'd recommend it to my family and friends.

Hi Hank, thankyou for taking the time and providing feedback on your Fanaway Evo3 purchase, we think it is a great fan also, regards Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceHi Just wanted to say my opinion has not change, I have been using these fans in our bedrooms for just over 2 years and have had no problems with speed and or loose blades, I have had minor problem with remote transmitter which has not been a real bother,

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Questions & Answers

Hi i have a fanaway evo3. we have just replaced the circular light but it will not light up. I have been told from the lighting wholesaler that it might be the starter needs replacing. I have looked in the manual but cannot find any reference to a starter. Can anyone help please?
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We had Evo1. The problem when our light wouldn't work was the ballast.(And it broke down on our other Fanaway as well) Gave me a story about manufacturer not catering for the range of current we have in Oz. About $25 from Beacon. I've given up - not throwing more good money after badHi Sam, the item is called a ballast and these can be purchased through your local Beacon Lighting store, the product no. is 210008 and cost is $24.95, Debbie - BL Customer Service

Hi, we just purchased an evo3 asymmetric fan. Once installed the fan works on full speed from the main switch. However, the remote is unresponsive and won't change the speed of the fan. As a result the fan only works on full speed. The remote batteries are brand new and it seems to work, just unresponsive. We have checked the dip switch and should sync with the remote. We have also checked the cable connections and they are correct. Any help please? Thanks!
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Hi Ros, Could you please advise if you are operating this off just the remote control or via a wall controller as well. If operating via a wall controller as well this cannot be done and you will need the electrician to disconnect this. Can you please confirm by what you mean by Main Switch as if this in in your metre box this has been installed incorrectly as the fan does require an isolation switch closer to the fan ,if it has been installed the correct way as per the installation instructions then I would recommend you call our warranty department on 1800 602 243 , if you do have any further questions, please email webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au Kind Regards, Tina - BL Customer ServiceThanks for your help! It turns out the problem was with the wiring. The remote is of a different brand and the wiring in the connectors did not match (i.e. the way they were positioned the neutral did not connect to the neutral, the live did not connect to the live etc.). So we removed the wiring from the connetors and reconnected them individually to their correct counterparts - basically, we hardwired them. The remote came with wire nuts which was very helpful. Then the remote worked fine. The light connectors were also loose and needed some adjusting in order for the light to work. We used an electrical cable connector strip for this. I'm not sure what you mean about the wall controller - the pre-existing light switch still works but only as an on/off switch now. The fan's functions (speed, light, timer etc.) are all controlled via the remote.One more note: overall we are very happy with our purchase so far - it looks great and works very well now that all the installation issues have been resolved. The only issue now is that the colour of the bulb is way too "cool". We are trying to find a warm white replacement bulb but apparently this type of bulb is not common in Greece and it's proving to be a bit tricky.

My evo 3 suddenly no response (light and fan). May I know the fuse location and check the fuse is it work properly?
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Hi Tom, there is no fuse on this fan. Do you have a remote on the fan? If so, I would say that the remote receiver which is located in the ceiling canopy of the fan has failed and would need to be replaced, regards Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceThanks for the reply. I am the user in Hong Kong, may I know the contact of the supplier and I can ask them to repair?


Evo3 Asymmetric
Fan Blade Length1220mm
Blade Pitch15Degrees
Motor Wattage60W
Reversible FunctionYes
Retractable BladesYes
Price (RRP)$399
Release dateOct 2009
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