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The light on our fan is flickering on and off while the fan is going. we have unscrewed the bulbs for now but would like to know what is causing this problem?
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Hi Brenda, if you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au the SKU number of the fan you have and whether you have a remote on this fan, we will be able to look further into this for you and get back to you with an answer. Debbie - BL Customer Service

I have a fanaway model 9-0003-07/wh can I get a new wall control as mine does not work? steve
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Hi Steve T, Thank you for your question , yes you are able to obtain a replacement wall control, to obtain this you would need to contact your closest Beacon Lighting store as they have access to a spare parts division and would be able to advise of the availability and costing for you. If you are not near one of our stores they could arrange to have this sent to you. Kind Regards- Tina Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Fan blades are coming out very slowley and when out fan runs slow. We do not have the remote option fan turns on from the wall. Is there something we can do to fix the issue?
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when cleaning the blades which I have done numerous times before one of the blades came off. is this repairable?
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If that blade comes off so easily aren’t you concerned it might come off while you have it on? We just had a blade, that had never been loose or come off while cleaning, fly across the room while it was on! Can’t put it back as fitting is broken, not that it would be safe to try.

Hi we have a fan away eco fan. It is controlled only through the remote. We have changed the batteries in it However it won’t switch off. We have turning power off to the house but it’s still on. Any suggestions please
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HI Liz, Thank you for your message , it sounds like your remote control is no longer communicating with the fan , meaning you will need to purchase a new remote ,to avoid the fan from staying on in the future (should this occur again) you will need your electrician to install an isolation switch as per the fan installation instructions. Kind Regards, Tina- Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi, My fanaway lights in all three of my rooms have never worked properly since new (could be an installation issue). The light and fan struggle to work at the same time, they will work together on low but when the fan is on medium or high the light turns off. It is a dome style with x3 led lights. Any suggestions on what the problem is?
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I haven't had that problem with my fan so can't help you. Strange that all three are doing that so you could be right about an installation issue.Hi Karl , Thank you for your message , unfortunately I have not heard of this happening before, my recommendation would be to have an electrician come through and look at this for you as it may have been installed incorrectly, alternatively if this is still under warranty which is 2 years from date of purchase, I would recommend contacting the warranty department on 1800 602 243 as they will then be able to arrange for a service person to come and have a look at the fan for you. Kind Regards, - Tina Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi mate I'm looking fanaway constant current led drivemodel es0363d e090. Can you plz let me know were can buy please?
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Hi R Kataria, Thank you for your message , my recommendation , would be to visit your closest Beacon lighting store with the SKU number of the fan, this number is found on the sticker which is on the fan motor. The store will be able to order a spare driver from that sku or even have one already in stock in the store. Kind Regards, Tina -Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I have 3 EVO1 Fanaway fans with remote controls. Each fan is on a seperate fan dip switch setting so each room can be controlled seperately. The owner of the Apt below us (1 floor, concrete slab) just recently installed the same/similar fan. Now when they turn on their fan, it turns on 1 of our fans. Can her fan be adjusted to a fourth dip switch setting? Or is there any other ways to fix the problem?.
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Hi Ken, one of you w ill need to change the DIP switches to another frequency, this needs to be done on the remote receiver and also transmitter. The transmitter DIP switches can be found behind the batteries on the transmitter and you will see the same DIP switches on the receiver unit which is housed in the canopy of the fan, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I have two Evo1 fans. The lighting domes have discoloured.(turned yellow) Are new domes available..?
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Hi Stede, thanks for posting your question. All spare parts enquiries need to be made through your local Beacon Lighting store where they can advise on an availability and costing. David - BL Customer ServiceI have had my Fanaway Evo 2 for 3 years without any discolouration so haven't needed to buy another dome. However I'm sure they must stock them.I have enquired at the Kotara Beacon Store a week ago and was told they would get back to me.....still waiting!!

We installed our EV01 2 days ago and find it way too bright. Considering it is called a ceiling fan with dimmable and colour shifting LED light, we thought we could dim the light. Is there anything we can do?
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Hi Kath, there are 2 types of Fanaway Evo1, one that comes complete with a remote control and one that you can purchases a remote separately for. if you have purchased the one complete with the remote, then you can dim the light via the remote by pressing the light button down and it will slowly dim. If you have have purchased the one which comes with a wall controller ( remote sold separately), then you would need to dim this using a wall dimmer, which your electrician would need to install. If you look at your receipt and find the SKU number ie something like 211036 and PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au this information, we will be able to advise which fan you have and how the dimming can be achieved. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceThank you so much! This isn’t in the instructions and we didn’t realize we had to hold down that button to dim the light. Thank you.

Can a Fanaway Fan have the motor replaced? OR serviced to remove noise. Oil them or find the cause of excessive noise and fix? Mine are very very noisy. Impossible to sleep or hear a TV. I have 3. Expensive mistake.
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Hi Annie, the Fanaways are not a noisy fan and there could be a reason, not the fault of the fan, that you have a noise. Can you reply back via PM to webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au with the following details: when they were purchased, which state do you live in and is the noise only happening in the evening or is it all the time. There is a thing could ripple signal noise and this could be what you are experiencing. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Serviceannieshanks, As Beacon Lighting are the sole distributors of Fanaway - my suggestion would be to get a reputable electrician to check it out for you. Good Luck!!!! Taurus

The LED has gone in my fan how do I get a replacement?
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Hi Skie, all of our fans have at least a 2 year warranty on them so if you call our Warranty team on 1800 602 243, they can arrange a service call for you. if outside of the 2 years then replacement parts can be sourced through any Beacon lighting store, you just need to inform them of the exact model you have to be sure you receive the correct part, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceAs Beacon Lighting is the sole distributor of this product - unfortunately, any replacement parts and costs are thru them.

Hi I have a fan that will only turn on at maximum speed when I turn it on at the wall. It is not the remote as I tried it on another fan in another room (after changing the dip switch). Any ideas? Additionally where do you find the fans dipswitch settings?
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Hi Cade, to be able to answer your question correctly, I would need to know some more specific information. If you could PM us directly at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au the SKU number of the fan you have have, and if a remote was purchased separately, the SKU number of this remote, I will be able to answer your questions, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi My names Rod, We have 4 Evo2 in our rooms & the one in my sons room the light stopped working, is most prob the globe I guess. Im sure I could possibly change it but Im not sure how to get to it. There is nothing in manual about how to get to it,Can you send me a diagram or give some tips please?? Thanks much appreciated, Cheers Rodney!!
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Hi Rod, what you need to do is with one hand, hold the metal part above the light and with the other hand, turn the glass only in an anticlockwise direction, about a 1/4 of a turn. Sometimes due to the glass expansion (due to the heat from the globe or if the glass has been put on slightly askew or too tight), the glass can stick, so you just need to give the glass a tap in the anti clockwise direction and it should turn, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi, I have 4 fanaway fans all with remote control. Worked perfectly yesterday and now only one works with the remote, I can turn two on with the wall switch and two won’t work at all. The remote shows the red light but the fan or light does not turn on. The fans are less than two years old, working fine one minute and not the next. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? AS
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Hi Tulip, thanks for your message and I'm sorry to hear about your Fanaway units that are not working. If your fans are less than two years old, then I would recommend submitting a warranty claim. This process can be started by either calling the Warranty Team on 1800 602 243 or by filling out the warranty claim form which can be found here: https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/warranty-claims. David - Fanaway Customer Service

I have a Fanaway fan that is about 7 years old. The light stopped working last week so I bought a new globe from Beacon but after installing this the light still isn’t working. Do I need a specialist Fanaway electrician to look at and repair this product or will my regular electrician be able to work it out?
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Hi Dee, if you use a circular fluorescent globe in your Fanaway, I believe all you will need is a new ballast. If in Australia, you can get these through any Beacon Lighting store, you will need to tell them if it for a 40 or 55W Fanaway. If you do not already have a "plugin" type ballast, then your electrcian can swap this over for you. If it is "plug-in" , you can do this yourself, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi I've had my fanaway for about 8 years. The globe blew for the first time recently. I cant get the cover off and Beacon Lighting where I bought it from dont know how either. Can anyone here assist?
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Hi Kylie, to remove the diffuser, you hold the metal part of the fan on top of the diffuser, with one hand, and with the other hand, turn the diffuser only, not the fan, in an anti-clockwise direction. The turn is only about a 1/4 of a turn, the diffuser will come off and you can then replace the tube, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I have a fanaway euro1 which is just over 2 years old, recently the led light has stopped working which is the only light in the room. Is this something that can be easily fixed by a licensed electrician? could you please forward on the fanaway service agents from adelaide. Thank
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I would try a new globe for starters. Only call the electrician that installed it if that didn't fix the problem. Hope that will help you. CheersHi Guy, the driver for this light can be replaced and this can be purchased through your closest Beacon Lighting store and it can be easily replaced as it is a plug in unit so you should be able to do this yourself. If you have any further questions, please PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au . Debbie - Fanaway Customer ServiceAs a qualified electrician I am surprised Beacon Lighting is advising their customers to do electrical work for themselves. I have had fanaway fans for 8 years and have had to change the electronic ballasts in them twice. Unfortunately I have four of them so its been an expensive exercise. The earlier versions had issues with the type of material the diffuser was made from and I have had to endure unsightly yellow diffusers that should have been white. They went yellow within twelve months. I priced replacement diffusers and it was going to cost 600 dollars to replace them. ......I dont think so. Never again. And I woldnt recommend them to anyone.

Evo1 model fan. Remote light comes on when buttons pressed but remote will not turn off nor adjust fan speed, only way to turn it off is the mains power light switch. Any suggestions?
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Hi Marg Has the fan been working fine up till now? If it has been working fine try a new battery in remote making sure you have the battery in the correct way. If it has not worked properly from day one get your electrician back. CheersHi Marg, from what you are saying, it appears that the receiver unit of the remote has failed. It also appears that the fan has been installed no in accordance with the installation instructions as there should be an isolation switch on the wall nearby so that the power can be turned off if the remote fails or the fan needs to be worked on. If the fan is less than 2 years old, it will be under warranty as long as it has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Can the rod be shortened? We have 250cm ceilings and the product specifications indicate the height is 370mm which will not allow the 210cm clearance
1 answer
Hi Cait, unfortunately the rod that is supplied with this fan cannot be shortened as it will disrupt the airmovement and the performance of the fan will not be the same, Debbie Fanaway Customer Service

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