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I recently bought this fan in new Zealand but it does not have the option to change the color to cool day light is there anyway this can be done as all the lights in the house are cool daylight so this is standing out like a sore thum?
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Hi DMH, without knowing the exact Fanaway you have purchased in NZ, I cannot say for sure. Lighting Direct in NZ do sell a Fanaway EVO1 with LED light that you can change the colour of the light by a flick of the switch located on the LED light module. it would best to ask Lighting Direct directly on which model you have purchased and whether you can change the colour, Debbie - Fanaway Customer ServiceHi. I am so sorry but I left all the details re the fan to the installation electrician. If the fan lasts long enough it would seem that the light globe would eventually need replacing, so one would presume that u could insert a different globe. Good luck

I saw here somewhere mention of the excessive clunking noise that the fans make on closing. The Fanaway respondent said there is a way to fix this. I've had an independent electrician and the electrician supplied by Beacon look into this and they've both said it is not fixable. Both agreed that it is terrible. If there is a solution that won't cost a fortune then please let me know. I'm at my wits end and cannot afford to replace these wretched fans. I have PTSD and it frightens the sh#* out of me!
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Must say now my fan only works has a light I no longer have that clanging noise I think it’s about time a product recall was asked for this useless productI got rid of the two fans. Very expensive lesson.Hi Cherie, there is a small clunking noise when the fan blades retract , this is not something that can be fixed. If your fan is new and the noise is excessive, I would suggest you contact our warranty team via this form https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/warranty-claims.html and they will get someone out to have a look for you and repair/replace. if the fan is an older fan, then the mechanism may have loosened and needs tightening. If you cold email us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au, I can supply some instructions for you, Debbie

Hi My fanaway came on full speed. Tried to turn it off with remote but to no avail. The fan is operating at full speed for the last 38 hours ! No isulation switch is there. Please Help how do I stop this FAN ! Jude
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HI Jude, if an isolation switch has not been installed, the only way to turn this off is at the mains. This has not been installed as per installation instructions or wiring regulations. You will need to get an electrician in to install a switch and see what the issue is , it could be a failure of the remote receiver, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Has anyone replaced a evo1 blade? I had a blade snap during operation and would like to replace it but can’t find any info on spare parts Thanks
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Hi Damian, spare blades can be purchased through any Beacon Lighting store, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceHow did you go replacing your snapped blades? I have 2 fans that have only recently done this, at full operational high speed. Lucky I still have my head!! I can’t believe it would be a cheap exercise, as you’d need the electrician to uninstall it, then reinstall it???

Hi I used my bedroom light / fan with my remote control. I went to use remote again but didn’t work have replaced the battery but it doesn’t work can only turn light on by power switch on the wall . Does anyone know what the four little buttons with the numbers 1234 mean ? I think we have bumped them and think it could be some form of sequence to operate the fan / light via the remote . I’ve checked the instruction manual it doesn’t talk about the remote at all . These were installed in our unit prior to our purchase have no idea the age or use of the fan . Please can anyone help ?
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Hi Belinda, the switches are called DIP switches and are used to change the frequency of the fan. The setup of these switches needs to match the setup of the same DIP switches on the receiver unit of the remote which is located in the ceiling canopy of the fan. The reason the instructions for this cannot be found in the instruction manual would be because the remote was a separate purchase. If you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au a picture of the remote you have, we can email you the instruction manual for the remote, Debbie - BL Customer Service

My light EVO1 has started speeding up and slowing down, the light is going on and off continously. I was told by Beacon to change the switch numbers, I found the switch inside the remote but cant find it on the light itself. Please help
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The DIP switches are found on the receiver unit which should be located in the ceiling canopy of the fan. The issue may also be that the receiver needs replacing if changing the frequency on the transmitter and receiver does not fix the issue, Debbie - BL Customer Service

Where is the reverse function switch on a Fanaway fan?
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The reverse switch can be found on the top of the motor housing near the rod, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceThe reverse switch is not obvious from an external look, nor identifiable from the manual. I cannot find it. Please can you show an image where it should be.

Hi i have a fanaway evo3. we have just replaced the circular light but it will not light up. I have been told from the lighting wholesaler that it might be the starter needs replacing. I have looked in the manual but cannot find any reference to a starter. Can anyone help please?
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We had Evo1. The problem when our light wouldn't work was the ballast.(And it broke down on our other Fanaway as well) Gave me a story about manufacturer not catering for the range of current we have in Oz. About $25 from Beacon. I've given up - not throwing more good money after badHi Sam, the item is called a ballast and these can be purchased through your local Beacon Lighting store, the product no. is 210008 and cost is $24.95, Debbie - BL Customer Service

Can the FANAWAY® EVO1 Prevail Ceiling Fan ( with LED Light & Remote ) also be operated using a hard wired main wall switch (in addition to the remote control)?
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Thank you for your question, this product can only be operated via a remote control. For all fans you cannot operate a fan via a remote, and have it wired up to a wall controller, this confuses the fan, and will cause the fan to malfunction and will void the warranty associated with the fan. Regards, BL Customer Service.

Hello, I have had my fan away fan for 3 years and whilst in operation one of the blades snapped off flying into the wall and damaging it. I understand the warranty is only 2 years however consumer law does say when purchasing something you should see the product last as long as reasonably expected; I am sure we would agree a blade snapping off after 3 years is not expected, could you please assist and inform me if you will replace these so I can have my fan back in working order. Thanks for your help
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Hi Slinds, I am sorry to hear about your issue with your fan. As this website is not our website and is run by a third party, could you email us directly on webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au with your contact details and the store purchased from so we can assist you, Debbie - BL Customer ServiceI have also had my fanaway for approx 3 years and had a blade snap off nearly striking me in the head. Surely this is can't be the norm for these fans a year out of warranty. Only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

How do I get the cover off to change the globe?
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Hi Judy What you need to do is with one hand, hold the metal above the light and with the other hand, turn the glass only in an anticlockwise direction, about a 1/4 of a turn. Sometimes due to the glass expansion (due to the heat fro the glob or if the glass has been put on slightly askew or too tight), the glass can stick, so you just need to give the glass a tap in the anti clockwise direction and it should turn. ,Sarina-Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi, we just purchased an evo3 asymmetric fan. Once installed the fan works on full speed from the main switch. However, the remote is unresponsive and won't change the speed of the fan. As a result the fan only works on full speed. The remote batteries are brand new and it seems to work, just unresponsive. We have checked the dip switch and should sync with the remote. We have also checked the cable connections and they are correct. Any help please? Thanks!
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Hi Ros, Could you please advise if you are operating this off just the remote control or via a wall controller as well. If operating via a wall controller as well this cannot be done and you will need the electrician to disconnect this. Can you please confirm by what you mean by Main Switch as if this in in your metre box this has been installed incorrectly as the fan does require an isolation switch closer to the fan ,if it has been installed the correct way as per the installation instructions then I would recommend you call our warranty department on 1800 602 243 , if you do have any further questions, please email webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au Kind Regards, Tina - BL Customer ServiceThanks for your help! It turns out the problem was with the wiring. The remote is of a different brand and the wiring in the connectors did not match (i.e. the way they were positioned the neutral did not connect to the neutral, the live did not connect to the live etc.). So we removed the wiring from the connetors and reconnected them individually to their correct counterparts - basically, we hardwired them. The remote came with wire nuts which was very helpful. Then the remote worked fine. The light connectors were also loose and needed some adjusting in order for the light to work. We used an electrical cable connector strip for this. I'm not sure what you mean about the wall controller - the pre-existing light switch still works but only as an on/off switch now. The fan's functions (speed, light, timer etc.) are all controlled via the remote.One more note: overall we are very happy with our purchase so far - it looks great and works very well now that all the installation issues have been resolved. The only issue now is that the colour of the bulb is way too "cool". We are trying to find a warm white replacement bulb but apparently this type of bulb is not common in Greece and it's proving to be a bit tricky.

I really love the look of the Fanaway LED Evo1 Prevail fan ... however am really nervous to go ahead after reading these reviews. Could you please tell me if you have resolved the issues ... or is this product really risky to buy? Thanks.
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Colleen, the reviews you have seen do not relate to this version of the Fanaway Evo1 LED Prevail fan, they relate to previous versions and not all the issues are an issue with the fan but with the installation or maintenance of the fan. As long as the fan is installed correctly and maintained, ie, cleaning etc, it will work fine. We sell hundreds of these fans both in Australia and internationally and the issues are small compared to the amount sold. The fans do have a 2 year in home warranty on them as well. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceWe've had 3 of them and they've all worked well - one did have a faulty power supply for the led light which was easily enough replaced for $40. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another if I had a need for one.

I bought a new fan and it worked for a week but now two blades are not retracting. When I turn it on it does spin but the other two blades won't open now. How can this be fixed? I cannot find my owners manual.
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You will have to call on warranty. Very common issue. That's why I will never recommend this product to anyone.Hi Rich, the issue you are experiencing is not a common issue, the fan has a 2 year in home warranty so if you call 1800 602 243 which is the Warranty line, they will be able to assist you with this, Debbie - BL Customer Service

We love our fanaway lights. We have 3. On one of them, the light has started to go off after a little while. Sometimes it comes back on again, but will again go off. Can you tell me what the problem is and what should I do?
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I had the same thing. If they're under warranty get Beacon to sort them out. Mine wasn't so I ordered a new LED driver from Beacon for $44 and fitted it my self - quite easy take the led cover off and you'll see a white plastic box with some wires attached. Make sure the mains is disconnected first, unplug the wires, unscrew the fixing screws and replace with the new one.Depending on the type of Fanaway you have, if it is one with a circular fluorescent tube in it, it could be the ballast that is not working. These ballasts are available from your local Beacon Lighting store. Make sure to tell them the model of Fanaway you have and when you purchased it to en sure you get the correct ballast, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer ServiceThanks very much. I'm off to Beacon

I am considering purchasing 3 Fanaway fans with retracting blades, but I am finding conflicting info on their dimensions and specifications. Can someone clarify the following for me please? 1. Are the Evo range suitable for use in a bathroom? 2. Which Evo model has the shortest ceiling drop height, and what is the shortest achievable drop height with adapters (if available)? 3. Which Evo model has the smallest blade diameter and what is it? Thanks in advance.
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The Fanaway ceiling fans are not suitable for bathroom use. They all have a 48 in/122cm blade diameter. The shortest Fanaway is either the Fanaway Classic or the Fanaway EVO2 with a drop from the ceiling of 270mm, the Evo1 has a drop of 315mm. There are no adapters apart from extension rods or remote controls available for these fans. These fans cannot be shortened anymore than what they come assembled. If you need more information on these fans, please contact us direct on 03 8561 1599 or webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au , Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi - We have replaced the remote control system but the speed is still the same for med and high so I have come to the conclusion we should change the capacitor? I found where the capacitor is located inside the fan and replaced it with the one that was attached to the optional wall control and this seems to work. However the new capacitor has two options for capacitance - 1mf and 2mf. The one I took out was a 1mf only version so I have used that option. Is there any benefit to using the 2mf option? I.e. greater speed variation? Thanks Geoff
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Hi GDWGEW, All capacitors need to be replaced like for like, therefore if you are replacing a motor capacitor you need to replace it with the exact same one that came out of the motor. (matching mf otherwise the speed will not be the same it is intended and designed to be) Kind Regards- BL Customer ServiceThanks for the info. The one from the wall control matched part numbers? but had two outputs 1mf and 2mf so I matched the 1mf balance which works fine. I wondered really what the second option was for?Hi GDWGEW - I think I need to replace my fan capacitor too - please could you tell me where on the fan to find the part you replaced and if possible the part number? Is it inside the little cup housing that goes over the mounting bracket to the ceiling? Did changing the capacitor sort the problem out in terms of speed and such? Thanks

Hello, I have two of this fans and they respond at once due to the same radio frequency. Is there a way you can change de radio frequency?
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There are channel selector switch on each receiver and in the back of the remote. Change the settings on one receiver and it's handset so they are both the same but different from the other unit.Thank you for your question, This is easy to change. All you need to do is place your controller in your hand, flip it over and remove the batteries. You will see 4 channels or dip switches. All you need to do, is set your remote to say channel 2, then you need to pull down the canopy of your fan (the canopy is the cover that covers the wires and mounting block). From the floor you will be able to see the fan's receiver- they are normally green in colour- all you need to do is set the receiver to the same channel as you have just set your controller. Regards BL Customer Service.

Hey there, Just wanted to know what type of signal is being sent out of the controller? I'm hoping the answer is infra-red. Cheers, Dylan.
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Hi Dylan, Thank you for your enquiry the remote controls for these fans have a Radio Frequency remote control. Kind Regards, Tina BL- Customer Service

Hi I have 3 Fanaway fans in a rental property they are approx 4 years old and i have just had a call to inform me that one of the fans wont turn off you can turn the light off with the remote but the fan itself wont switch off. Is there something my tenant is doing wrong or do i need to get an electrician out. Any help would be appreciated
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Hi David, the issue could be to do with the remote control receiver and it may need replacing. Without getting an electrician you will not know for sure. Your tenants should be able to turn the power off to the fan from the isolation switch which should have been installed nearby, possibly like a light switch on the wall, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

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