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97 reviews
  • Build Quality
    2.3 (8)
  • Value for Money
    1.8 (6)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    2.0 (7)
  • Noise Level
    3.3 (7)
  • Power
    3.6 (5)

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smfWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

  • 7 reviews

Cleaning these is a nighmare !!




We love our fans although they are hard to clean. Also the light cover buzzes with the motor vibration which is annoying. Also fans retract with a loud clunk. Most worrying is one fan blade broke... Just spun off into the wall. No one was hurt but now we wonder how safe these units are!

Excellent product


No problems what so ever. I did have a slightly yellow cover, went back to the Munno Para store and replaced immediately. So happy with these fans. They have really good air flow, and the light is the brightest fan light I have ever seen.
so awesome! will defiantly return to the Munno Para (SA) store.

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  • 7 reviews

Love the Fan but reliability & Warraty Service Very Dissappointing


Can now confirm that the new receiver works really well. So no issues since then.

Customer S.Fanaway

Love them!


I'm a bit surprised by some of the negative reviews...I've had two for almost 4 years, no yellowing on the light cover, their still a lovely white and all I do is dust them. I've only had to replace the globe in one of them and that was after 3 years and only because the ballast went, this was an easy fix though. I find the fan speed work perfectly, the low or medium setting is all we use on a hot night so we don't need the aircon running all night. They look great in our small bedroom. However, unlike other reviewers, I don't have a remote but I'm perfectly fine with that (really doesn't take much to get up to change a switch!)


PaulcfWinmalee, NSW, 2777

  • 11 reviews

Fanaway next to useless


Have a Fanaway in our lounge room and the plastic light cover is now yellow but worse of all the remote just does not work properly. To start high does not work so start on medium but then find high, medium and low are all the same speed. Beacon lighting were useless in fact I had to point out to the store manager that the staff were too busy chatting about their social life to care about customers. They offered NO HELP despite being a loyal long term customer



Two fans, both failed after 2 years


A bit over two years after installation, both fans and lights started to operate unreliably, then not at all. i've come to the conclusion that the weakness in these fans is the Lucci remote control receiver. I replaced both receivers and both fans are operational again. Next time these fans die (and they almost certainly will), I'm going to source a different brand of remote control & receiver.


amanda.williams.75491856Gosford, New South Wales

  • 2 reviews

Bought 3 evo 1 secong hand '


My ceilings v low so thought they would look better. I bought 3 evo 1 .Electrician told me, two out of the three remotes have burnt out. So far a ballast needs replacing in the one we've got working. so I've no light at all in my lounge now! This was 3 rd bulb I tried until I discovered its a new ballast that it needs !! So far this is a shocker !! My daughter also had problems with her ballast oh and the blades don't retract properly and it clanks. & scrapes when it starts!!

Not without their problems.


Have two in bedrooms.
Very low use.
1 in spare bedroom.
Other in main, but in summer not used as air con is used at night.
Have needed Beacon to replace the remote units in each, twice in two years. Graciously both were under warranty each time. At $100 or so per unit I would hate to have them fail as regularly out of warranty.
The plastic dome on one was also replaced as it went from White to cloudy Yellow.
Neat units, easy to clean

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Great idea but they fail soon after warranty


I have 5 of these. 3 have had to have their ballasts replaced (not routinely stocked by beacon lighting so expect to be without a light for a week or two!) and one that has developed a serious wobble when the fan is on. In addition, the plastic that they make the lighting dome from spontaneously developed a crack - presumably it can't handle the heat and fatigues.

Very happy when we first installed them but extremely disappointed given the price of these unit.
Nice concept
Part fail soon after warranty

Mary, Mary

Mary, MaryMelbourne



Fan gave up just before the big heat wave, by the time the electrician who installed was able to look at the fan it was three days out of warranty, it wasn't really as we didn't receive it until about three weeks after we paid for it, but they won't honor the warranty, without delivery papers which we don't have,
I don't think the fan is much better than the cheap one we had before, looks nicer though.
I think more disappointing is the dealers attitude, they know it was delivered three weeks after it was paid for, and the fan has not been used much at all.
It seems to be a faulty receiver, we also have one of these fans in our bedroom, I hope that doesn't break down too, as they are not a cheap fan.
Looks good
Receiver broken ?


cait11Sydney, NSW

  • 8 reviews

Love it


Bought this fan because it looks so much better when off (no blades sticking out). I've found it great in my bedroom, especially with the remote control so I can turn it on/off without having to get out of bed - much smoother, less choppy air flow than my previous metal blade fan. I've had this fan for over a year now & love it-looks great & works brilliantly
Stylish, quiet and smoother air flow



  • 5 reviews

Fan works, some issues


Well my fan lasted 19 Month I mean it still works very good but I have to push it back and when I rang Beacon Lighting I bought it I just did not like her Replay very snobbish when I went there I told Her about it I mean I was still in there Computer System but She still says I had to bring the Bill my Problem was then I had nobody to Drive me there again I mean I had to wait 5 Month till I got it in the first Place so I just gave up very Disappointed other wise it does the Trick cools the Living Room
The Blades are going back in


NiveaNew South Wales, 2017

  • 15 reviews

Handy fan for living room


I have a rather small but open living room (with 2.4m ceiling height) and required proper ventilation to help cool down the area on warm days. I came across the Fanaway from Beacon Lighting and had it installed & has been working well. The light that come along with it is bright enough to light up the living area. It doesn't shake at the highest speed - so there's no disco-ball light effect. The blades are transparent and quick that you can't see them when the fan's switched on.
I can store my other stand-fans away now that I have the Fanaway. It's less energy consuming than an air conditioner.
The blades may need a little effort in cleaning.


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Looks great - doesn't push air!


I have a modern, small room that needed a fan. The look of the Fanaway suited me perfectly, however it just doesn't push enough air.
Looks great, love retractable blades.
Just doesn't push enough air.



  • 3 reviews

Not bad, but not great either.


We purchased three of these for the kid's rooms...one has failed just a couple of weeks outside of the 2yr warranty and Beacon didn't want to know.
Our main problem with them is that the low speed on them is inconsistent between the three when you just want a gentle breeze to keep the kids cool in bed. One fan is too slow on low but medium is too fast, another is too fast on low...so go figure. We never use them on high. At least they look good, but I'll replace the broken Fanaway with a Martec retractable blade fan as it has a 3yr warranty.

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Questions & Answers



Evo 1 / 2 / 3

I have a evo1 and had to have the led ballast replaced last year and now the light keeps switching itself off what would be causing this?

1 answer
Customer S.Fanaway

Do you have a remote on this fan, if so, someone nearby may have their remote on the same frequency as your so when they turn theirs own, yours comes on, Debbie - Fanaway Customer Service



Evo1 Prevail

Evo 1 the fan operates fine on high but has no low speed. There is no remote fitted, operates from hard wired controls on the wall. Please advise the likely fault with this fan unit. I am a electrician by trade abd would like to know if this fault can be repaired.


No answers
Kris O

Kris Oasked

Evo 1 / 2 / 3

Hi twice now I have purchased new remotes as the light section works but the fan does not. This solved the problem for a short time but now again I have bought two more remotes (more than $380 in remotes) to find I have the same issue as many other people here. It’s light on and full fan or off at the wall and no light.so either I am freezing or I am in the dark. New remotes work perfectly in the other rooms, so I know it’s the actual fan that is the issue. We are using a torch now in our bedroom. Our fans are about six years old now. How can I solve this problem. Is there a way to disable the fan?? So I’m not in the dark at night

1 answer
Customer S.Fanaway

Hi Kris
Thank you for your question, this really would be something that only a licensed electrician would be able to answer or carry out the works on , therefore my recommendation would be to contact your electrician and discuss this directly with him or her
Kind Regards, Tina - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

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