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Farquhar Kitchen Centre

Farquhar Kitchen Centre

3.2 from 10 reviews

My dream kitchen .

I recently had my kitchen completed. Best experience ever. Turned out so much better than I had dreamed.
Thank you!

Exemplary product and service

I can not fault Farquhar from design through to install. Everything done when (or before) they said it would be, trades meticulous hardworking and on time despite unexpected difficulties. Added some unscheduled cabinetry and replaced a door at the end which didn't quite fit despite the problem not being their fault. Some upgraded product at no extra cost due to unavailability of what I ordered. Would get them in again in a heartbeat. Kitchen looks terrific.

Promise broken for High quality and finish for Christmas

I was promised my kitchen finished for Christmas. Signing off in October this is not unreasonable. With 4 weeks left of trade this is still not unreasonable. Unfortunately I have paid over $20,000 for a kitchen that is unfinished and where the cabinet and benchtop (delayed install) finishes on a door frame???

VERY Professional and meticulous!

We have tried several Kitchen renovation Companies (We have had 6 kitchen's installed in various houses and Apartments over the years). We have found Farquhar an extremely professional Company that continue to amaze us with their attention to detail. We could not be happier with it and the very supportive follow-up service by everyone associated with Farquhar including every Tradie involved - but with special thanks to Christine (their designer) & Craig (Our Project Manager). The precision in measurements and co-ordination of all installation has ensured a very smooth & classy job. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking for "high-end" detail and finish.

Poor customer service post deposit, ridiculous delays

After consulting concisely and specifically about the need for a timely install I have been hit with delay after delay. It seems the experience over the years has not changed. If they were up front in the first place I would not be so angry. Delivery has just blown out again and then there are the added 6 weeks or so for bench top and splash back. Really unhappy, I just hope the cost and pain is worth the wait:(

After service help and repairs extremely good

We had our kitchen installed about 10 years ago! The adhesive used on the covering proved less then satisfactory and one day I called in to the showroom to ask about repairs. As a result, the whole kitchen was completely redone AT NO COST TO ME - NOT BAD EH! Thanks to all at Farquhar, in particular Craig , Bobby and all concerned who found nothing to hard. If I need another kitchen guess who I go to.

Terrible service and unbelievable wait for new kitchen

My little kitchen and laundry had better be worth the wait because they are due to be installed 6 months since I paid the deposit plus I will have to wait many more weeks for the stone top and glass splash back to complete the job. Had the company been honest about their capacity to complete the job in a more reasonable time when we spoke to them in the first instance I would have gone elsewhere !!!!

Awful customer service!

The sales staff are very Lazy - Takes over a week to return a call or email.
everything was too hard. I wanted a particular join was told they cannot do it. Only to ask further and then be told yes they can do it its just more difficult.

Wow! Our kitchen is amazing.

I have always wanted a Farquhar kitchen. We weren't disappointed. My husband and I have never renovated and found the whole experience really easy. The showroom is great and our designer listened to us and made the process really easy from start to end. We were even able to afford stone benches. All the staff and trades were helpful and professional. I can see why people want a Farquhar kitchen.

poor service and unacceptable delay for completion

After shopping around I found Farquhar kitchens too install my new kitchen. Reasonably expensive but had great products and helpful designers. The process up to installation was easy however after installing my kitchen there was several outstanding jobs to be done. For 2 months I had to chase this up. From the installation date to full completion date was 4 months! There was no communication with me. The end result is a lovely kitchen but very poor customer service. I did email a complaint directly but never received a reply.
nice helpful designers and nice end product
poor customer service and communication. unacceptable delay/time frame for installation

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