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Fertile Mind Milkbar Twin

Fertile Mind Milkbar Twin

4.6 from 5 reviews

Best breastfeeding pillow!

Tried a few pillows prior to using the Milkbar and found they weren’t thick or wide enough to rest bub on. The twin Milkbar is perfect. I don’t have twins but preferred the curved shape. I bought it second hand cause I was hesistant that I would not find it comfortable, but I was wrong and would have been happy to have paid full price for it. The Milkbar twin pillow is worth it.

Doesnt function effectively for my newborn twins, but good once older

See my initial review below. I had trouble with this at the start, but now my twins are at 4 weeks, it's working well. The twins are at the right height to feed, and the pillow works well for feeding. I'm happily satisfied with it. The only improvement I could suggest is that the fill material be changed so that the babies don't roll off. I have to have my hands on both at once, because of the convex curve of the surface of the pillow. I think there are other feeding pillows made using foam fill (rather than a poly fill, such as this one) which have a concave surface, so that babies are less likely to roll off.

My earlier review:
I'm writing about feeding twins, since this is a twin breastfeeding product. I'm tall (180) and I have a long torso. This pillow is far too high, it brings the babies up too high on my body for feeding. Perhaps when the children are much heavier, they will sink lower into the pillow, to bring them to the correct height. However, considering almost all twins are delivered early and are much smaller than singletons, it's going to be a while before this pillow could be useful. I'm not sure how this product works effectively, and I can only find sponsored video reviews/demos of it online.


Bought this today as I've been struggling to feed with bub. This pillow brings bub right up to feeding height. It supports his bodyweight without being too firm. I can have both hands free and don't even need to hold him. He seems really comfortable on it. Have zero back and neck pain with it too which I was struggling with before. Highly recommend it.


I quite like the twin Milkbar. It's comfy & my bub seems much more comfortable on this than the very firm My Brest Friend pillow. The clip attachment is excellent as I often find her falling asleep while feeding so I can get up with the pillow still attached and pop her to bed. Easy.

milk bar pillow

I used the pillow with my first, and am now again with number two. I found it essential in breast feeding as it positions the baby up high so you don't have to lean forward and hurt your back. It is firm, and supportive and shaped to be able to sit right in close.
Washable slip
A waterproof payer on the pillow would be great.

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Milkbar Twin
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Release dateJul 2012

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